10 Best and Tasty Yogurt Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Yogurt is a food that contains a lot of good content for the health of the body. Besides being consumed by eating it, yogurt can also be used as a mask for facial care. Behind all the advantages, some yogurt also has an impact if the type does not suit the needs of each person’s body.

For this reason, it is important for those of you who want to get used to consuming yogurt every day, choosing the right product. In this article, we will describe a guide to choosing yogurt. After reading that section, you can continue to see the best yogurt products from the various brands we recommend. So, don’t miss this helpful article!

How to choose good and delicious yogurt

Best Yogurt
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Yogurt contains various good ingredients for the body, such as calcium for bones, vitamin B12 and folic acid which help improve blood circulation, and good bacteria in the form of lactic acid to improve digestion. However, there are not a few additional ingredients that have a bad impact on the body.

So that you don’t choose the wrong one, you must first understand the types of yogurt based on the shape of the packaging and the contents of each product. Especially for those of you who are watching your weight, pay attention to the sugar and fat content in the product you want to buy. Let’s understand more about this!

1. Big packs for you and other family members to consume

If you need yogurt that can be consumed by all members of the family (including you), buy yogurt that is packed in a large-capacity bowl. By buying a large size, you can save space as well as money because most yoghurts with large container capacities are sold at lower prices.

To be able to consume yogurt regularly, you need to prepare an additional container. Remember that once the packaging seal is opened, the air that enters the container can periodically reduce the quality of the yogurt. Therefore, large packaged yogurt is highly recommended for many people to consume in a short time.

2. Yogurt in small packages is more delicious and easy to consume

Besides being created with a large packaging size, yogurt also has other smaller container sizes. This form of yogurt is more appropriate to be consumed for one meal. You can easily eat it just by opening the packaging which is also practical.

In general, one-time yogurt contains 100 grams per pack. Besides being easy to eat, small packaged yogurt is also formulated with sweeteners so that the taste is more enjoyable. If you choose this type, then you may not be able to share a lot with other families because of their small size.

3. In the form of a drink that is easy to drink at any time

In the fridge at the supermarket or convenience store, you don’t just find thick yogurt in bowls. Currently, many yoghurt products have been produced in the form of drinks packaged in bottles. We recommend this type for those of you who want to consume yogurt without having to use a spoon or transfer it to another container.

Yogurt in the form of a bottle drink can also be drunk easily regardless of time and place. You can take it to work or educational institutions if you are still a student. Even so, pay attention to the ability of the lid to seal the bottle so that the yogurt contents don’t spill when they receive shocks when stored in a storage bag.

4. Choose low fat and calorie to maintain weight

Those of you who are on a diet must be selective in choosing yogurt. Why? Because to make yogurt delicious, it’s not uncommon for manufacturers to add sweeteners and fruit flavors to it. Automatically, yogurt food or drink has a high caloric value, causing weight gain.

However, even if you are not on a diet program, it is still important to always pay attention to the sugar and fat content of the yogurt product you want to buy. If you want to get the maximum benefit, we prefer plain yogurt which contains little or no sugar.

10 Best, Delicious & Healthy Yogurt Recommendations

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Next, Ainun recommends the best yogurt products from well-known brands, such as KIN , Elle & Vire , Cimory , and so on. Choose yogurt based on the size and purpose of consumption you need!

1. Yummy Skim Plain Yoghurt

The Best Yummy Skim Plain Yogurt
Yummy Skim Plain Yoghurt

The probiotic content in Yummy Skim Plain Yogurt has been proven in various studies to be good for the body’s digestion. 
Made without fat, this product is ideal for consumption by those of you who are on a strict diet. The taste is, of course, bland, so you have to adapt first.

However, you can still enjoy eating this yogurt. Use yogurt with your favorite fruit as a complement. That way, you can swallow every spoonful of yogurt without having to force yourself. Or, you can also eat it as a smoothie or ice cream.

2. KIN Bulgarian Yogurt

Best Yoghurt KIN Bulgarian Yogurt
KIN Bulgarian Yogurt

KIN Bulgarian Yogurt is a health drink in the form of yogurt imported from Bulgaria. 
This product has long been consumed by the people of the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria, who are known for their longevity and youth. In other words, this yogurt is their secret to eternal youth!

Consume KIN Bulgarian Yogurt every day so that the benefits it offers are truly felt by the body. This product contains the good bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus as bacteria to ferment milk. As a result, yogurt that is processed with these bacteria provides extraordinary benefits.

3. Yummy Yofit

Yummy Yofit's Best Yogurt
Yummy Yofit

Problems with digestive disorders can be overcome by drinking this yogurt. 
Yummy Yofit is also made without fat so it is suitable for those of you who want to maintain your weight or are doing a weight loss program. Using Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria, this yogurt brings other benefits.

The benefits in question include relieving flatulence, repairing the digestive tract damaged by antibiotics, preventing bad breath, and maintaining intestinal hygiene and health. Because it is formed as a drink, you can eat this yogurt whenever and wherever you want.

4. Elle & Vire Dairy Desserts with Fruits 0,1 % Fat

Yoghurt Terbaik Elle & Vire Dairy Desserts with Fruits 0,1 % Fat
Elle & Vire Dairy Desserts with Fruits 0,1 % Fat

The lactic acid bacteria that this yogurt sends out and live in your intestines obtain food from the pieces of fruit in it. 
That’s right, this is yogurt that provides pieces of fruit at once in the package. Apart from being a prebiotic, 6% more fruit pieces than other products is one of its uniqueness.

If you are used to consuming yogurt with fruit, of course you will like this product. Elle & Vire designed this thick meal with a fat content of only 0.1%. So, for those of you who care about your weight, drinking yogurt every day will not cause you to gain weight. On a diet? There’s no problem eating this French yogurt!

5. Heavenly Blush Yo! Yogurt

Yoghurt Terbaik Heavenly Blush Yo! Yogurt
Heavenly Blush Yo! Yogurt

Children are more susceptible to disease because their immunity is not as strong as adults. 
If you don’t get enough vitamins and minerals from your daily diet, bad bacteria can easily attack your body.

For those of you who have difficult children or rarely eat fruits and vegetables, give Heavenly Blush Yo! Yogurt. Made from fruit and vegetable fibers with a naturally sweet taste, this product is sure to be loved by kids. Does not contain artificial preservatives, flavors and coloring, this product is guaranteed to be safe for your child to consume every day!

6. Heavenly Blush Yogurt Drink To Go

Yoghurt Terbaik Heavenly Blush Yogurt Drink To Go
Heavenly Blush Yogurt Drink To Go

Heavenly Blush has a large collection of yogurt for the world community. 
In addition to the variant Yo! Yogurt that is specifically for children and adults, you can also choose other variants. Yogurt Drink To Go is a yogurt drink that you can easily take anywhere.

Packaged in a box, you are advised to spend it immediately when you open it. In each package, there is a prebiotic in the form of inulin fiber and oligosaccharides which will work well in the intestine. This one yogurt is high in calcium, but low in calories and sugar, perfect for your daily intake.

7. Diamond BioKul Set Yogurt Plain

Yogurt Terbaik Diamond BioKul Set Yogurt Plain
Diamond BioKul Set Yogurt Plain

Want to make frozen yogurt with your own recipe creations? 
Buy this plain yogurt from Diamond. Already pocketed the MUI halal label, those of you who are Muslims will be more comfortable consuming it. Can be used as ice cream or smoothies too!

In fact, BioKul Sel Yogurt Plain can also be used as a scrub and mask for your facial skin care. If it is consumed as a complementary food to a diet, it can also be because the product is low in calories. If you want to consume it practically without freezing it, you can also eat it with cereal or fruit.

8. Yummy Original Greek Yoghurt

Yoghurt Terbaik Yummy Original Greek Yoghurt
Yummy Original Greek Yoghurt

If you don’t know, Greek yogurt refers to yogurt that has a thicker texture, lower whey and lactose levels, and contains twice as much protein. 
However, Greek yogurt has more fat and calories and less calcium, so it is more advisable to consume it for those of you who have infections due to certain diseases.

However, thanks to its thick texture, you can use Yummy Original Greek Yoghurt as a spread for bread or as a salad dressing. Besides that, this product can also be consumed as energy intake after you exercise. Even after strenuous activity, you can recover your energy by eating this yogurt.

9. Cimory Yogurt Drink

Best Yoghurt Cimory Yogurt Drink
Cimory Yogurt Drink

Cimory Yogurt Drink is the right choice for those of you who want to enjoy yogurt with a rich taste. 
It is said that this product has high sodium and potassium values ​​so it can help maintain immunity.

Cimory uses lactic acid bacteria from Bulgaria which are able to break down lactose and control cholesterol levels in the body. Present in many flavors and forms that are practical for consumption, you can freely switch between variants when you get bored with one of the variants without having to stop drinking it.

10. Cimory UHT Yogurt Drink

Best Yoghurt Cimory UHT Yogurt Drink
Cimory UHT Yogurt Drink

In the previous product, Cimory packaged drinks in plastic bottles. 
However, in UHT Yogurt Drink, paper packaging is used which is more environmentally friendly. The Cimory yogurt series is also in great demand by the public, from young people to teenagers.

Available in fresh and delicious fruit flavors, everyone will love it. Apart from fruit flavors, there is also a plain flavor variant for those of you who don’t like too much sweetness. At an economical price, you can drink this yogurt on an ongoing basis to get the benefits more often.


After getting the best yogurt that you want to consume, you will get optimal benefits if you pay attention to how to consume it. When eating yogurt, you can do it before or after eating. If you want to lose weight, eat yogurt before your main meal so you can reduce your portion sizes.

Conversely, consuming yogurt after eating can deliver lactic acid bacteria to digestion which then play a role in killing bad bacteria in digestion. Therefore, so as not to get confused, first determine your goal of consuming yogurt so that you can reap all the benefits.

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