10 Best Baby Hanging Toys Recommendations

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Best Blog Review – Babies do not yet have optimal grasping power. To stimulate it, parents can put hanging toys in the bedroom or sleeping basket. To be more liked, the choice of various designs, colors, and motifs can be prioritized so that the baby’s brain development gets stimulated.

It is not difficult to find hanging baby toys. Manufacturers such as IKEA, Playgro, and Fisher Price create various models of hanging toys that you can choose from. Before choosing, it helps you understand the considerations that must be made so as not to be mistaken and most importantly, your baby will love it!

Best Baby Hanging Toys
Baby Hanging Toy Illustration Gambar

How to choose a good baby hanging toy

How should you choose hanging toys for babies? What factors need to be emphasized so that the baby feels comfortable and you as a parent are not anxious when leaving the child looking at the hanging toy. You can know these things easily, just read this section carefully!

1. Prioritize colorful toys

According to a number of studies, babies will be happier and more focused when looking at objects that have vibrant colors. In addition, at an early age, babies can only recognize objects in black, white, and colors with low brightness intensity.

That is why, when choosing a hanging toy, it is preferable to buy one that has many colors. If possible, in one type of toy there are more than 3 color combinations. Also prioritize the selection of bright colors so that it stimulates your baby’s curiosity.

2. Choose based on the type, which is asymmetrical or symmetrical?

If you look closely, in general, hanging toys only have two types based on their structure, namely asymmetrical and symmetrical types. Due to the difference in the structure of this arrangement, the movement of each toy is also different. For example, the asymmetrical type generally hangs several toy objects of different sizes. The order of sizes is different, but made to keep the toy balanced but richer to produce dynamic motion.

Unlike the case with hanging toys whose chains are made symmetrically, for example in the form of a tree that tapers to the top. This type usually offers the appeal of the ornaments. However, to be able to move this type needs to be shaken first. If you want to always accompany your child to play and at the same time decorate the room, this type of hanging toy can be an option of choice.

3. Check the material of manufacture, choose the most comfortable and suitable

Hanging toys from babies are usually made of plastic, thin paper, thick cardboard, flannel, and wood. Only a few manufacturers make hanging toys from iron material because it poses a dangerous risk when the toy falls and hits the baby’s body. You should understand the characteristics of each of these manufacturing materials.

  • Plastic . Usually composed of acrylic or nylon which lasts a long time. Toys made of plastic are generally clear in color so they are suitable for beautifying the room. However, many are colored even though the material is plastic so that children still love them.
  • Thin Paper . The price is cheaper, but does not last long and is vulnerable when exposed to water. However, toys made of thin paper are lighter and do not harm the baby. There are also many choices of motifs, although the average is simple. Suitable for those of you on a limited budget.
  • Thick Cardboard . This hanging toy seems to be more difficult to find in Indonesian stores. Thick cardboard makes toys stronger and more durable than thin paper. The price is also cheaper than plastic material but slightly higher than toys made of thin paper.
  • wood . Wood material is usually used as a hanger because it is stronger and looks warm. It is very comfortable when the baby looks at it if the color of the wood is natural. For some products, this type can stimulate hearing because when the toys touch each other, there will be a “tuk” sound and the like which can encourage baby’s hearing.
  • Flannel . The characteristics of flannel toys are richer in color and soft to the touch. This type is also lighter so it does not harm the baby and is easily exposed to gusts of wind. It’s just that you have to be careful not to get the toy exposed to oil or wet because it is easily damaged.

After choosing based on the material used, the last step that needs to be done is to choose a product with the right size so that it is comfortable when viewed by the baby. Choose a toy motif that can stimulate his brain to recognize new objects.

10 Best Baby Hanging Toys Recommendations

Next, Best Blog Review will present ten choices of baby hanging toys. Choose the best quality materials so you don’t have to buy toys often because they are damaged or malfunction.

1. Musical Toy Instrument

Best Baby Hanging Toys Musical Toy Instrument
Musical Toy Instrument

Musical Toy Instrument is one of the legendary hanging toys in Indonesia. 
Products that have received SNI certification are not only easy to obtain, but also cheap in price so you don’t need to prepare a lot of funds to buy them.

The plastic material used in this hanging toy is proven to be safe. To play it, you need to turn some kind of lever so that this toy spins like a fan, only objects that are rotated are uniquely shaped. Fun again, this toy can make sounds without requiring batteries.

2. Baby Hanging Toy Set

Best Baby Hanging Toys Set Baby Hanging Toys
Baby Hanging Toy Set

You can use this hanging toy with other rotating musical instruments as an option. The sound that comes out will trigger your baby’s hearing so that he is more focused on the toy when it moves. In order to move, you don’t even have to move it by hand. Because it is made of flannel, of course a gust of wind is enough to make this toy move.

In addition, you can interact with the baby by making him try to reach the car or boat that is hanging. Besides being safe for babies, the lively design and attractive colors used will help babies recognize more colors.

3. IKEA HIMMELSK Hanging Toys, Multicolored

IKEA HIMMELSK Baby Hanging Toys, Multi Colors
IKEA HIMMELSK Hanging Toys, Multicolored

This hanging toy made by IKEA includes objects in the form of cute-faced animals, clouds, and stars with interesting color combinations. Not only that, each object is also made a little thick so that it is easier for the baby’s eyes to see. The soft material will give a warm impression.

IKEA HIMMELSK can prevent your baby from crying when you go to the kitchen. The reason is, the soft movement of this toy seems to invite the baby to continue playing. Because the soft cloth material used can get dirty for various reasons, you should keep it clean regularly, such as from dust and sticking stains.

4. Fisher Price On-the-Go Stroller Mobile

Fisher Price's Best Baby Hanging Toys On-the-Go Stroller Mobile
Fisher Price On-the-Go Stroller Mobile

Fisher Price is known by people as a brand that produces a lot of children’s products. Starting from bath tubs, baby bouncers, swimming floats, baby dining chairs, to baby hanging toys. One of our recommendations for you is the Fisher Price On-the-Go Stroller Mobile. This toy offers attractive transparent colors.

Because it is designed to be transparent, this toy will reflect a beautiful impression when exposed to sunlight so that the color looks shiny. Then, the monkey-shaped hanging and some rattles will stimulate the baby’s sense of hearing.

5. Shiloh Baby Crib Musical Mobile (Blue Plane)

The Best Baby Hanging Toys Shiloh Baby Crib Musical Mobile (Blue Plane)
Shiloh Baby Crib Musical Mobile (Blue Plane)

If you want to give a safe hanging toy, this Shiloh Baby Crib Musical Mobile (Blue Plane) is made of soft and non-toxic material. Many cute dolls with soft colors will accompany your days in bed.

Because the material is safe, you can also release several dolls for the baby to play with. In other words, this toy can provide stimulation so that the baby is able to grip objects properly. In addition, there is a musical instrument that can play up to 20 songs, making your baby play while enjoying the strains of the song.

6. Tololo Large Mirror Mimi Mobile Rainforest

Best Baby Hanging Toys Tololo Large Mirror Mimi Mobile Rainforest
Tololo Large Mirror Mimi Mobile Rainforest

The Tololo Large Mirror Mimi Mobile Rainforest can be a means for babies to play and recognize their own faces. That’s right, in this toy there is a flat mirror hanging and facing down so that your baby’s face can reflect while seeing the objects hanging on this toy.

Not only the mirror, the baby’s sense of hearing is also stimulated by the rattling sound of touching toys. Every animal, cloud, and sun object that is hung has a bright color and looks cute because of the touches of smiling expressions on each object.

7. Playgro Musical Travel Mobile

Best Baby Hanging Toys Playgro Musical Travel Mobile
Playgro Musical Travel Mobile

This musical-type hanging toy will delight every baby. In addition to stimulating hearing, baby’s eyesight can also be focused on looking at objects of tiny winged animals that “fly” right above his bed.

Of course, Playgro designed this toy with quality materials with a sturdy hanging pole. The colors on the animals and other complementary ornaments will give a cheerful impression which will certainly make your baby’s mood always happy.

8. IKEA LEKA Hanging Toys, Multi Color

Best Baby Hanging Toys IKEA LEKA Hanging Toys, Assorted Colors
IKEA LEKA Hanging Toys, Multicolored

IKEA LEKA is designed to encourage baby’s sensitivity by combining contrasting colors on each object. For example, for a bee object, a yellow-black striped color with blue wings is made which gives the impression of being cute and happy.

In addition to having contrasting colors, this hanging mianan also has a movement that is so dynamic that it invites the baby’s attention. Baby’s learning process to recognize colors and objects will not be boring because of this attractive design!

9. NoJo Little Love Aztec Ceiling Mobile

Best Baby Hanging Toys NoJo Little Love Aztec Ceiling Mobile
NoJo Little Love Aztec Ceiling Mobile

This hanging toy is made of wood and is classified as a series of motifs. It doesn’t look too crowded, but it doesn’t get boring to look at because of the combination of colors provided. If you are looking for a toy that gives a warm feel, Nojo Little Love Aztec Ceiling Mobile is the choice.

This toy will produce a gentle movement when you shake it. Triangular-shaped objects arranged at a balanced distance will rotate freely so that they become the center of attention for babies. Besides being suitable as a hanging toy, its attractive and minimalist design will beautify your home.

10. ELC Make Your Own Butterfly Mobile

Best Baby Hanging Toys ELC Make Your Own Butterfly Mobile
ELC Make Your Own Butterfly Mobile

Get to know your baby with a beautiful butterfly, come on! ELC Make Your Own Butterfly Mobile is a hanging raft butterfly toy. It’s called “raft butterfly” because you have to put the butterfly ornament yourself on a hanging rope that is connected to a sunflower as the center of the hanging.

The installation process is also easy so you will not be frustrated when assembling it. Once installed, hang this toy above the baby’s body. Due to its asymmetrical structure, this toy will create dynamic motion that will attract your baby’s eyes to keep looking at it.


After buying a hanging toy, you want the toy to fit perfectly and securely when placed right above the baby’s crib. As a suggestion, you should place the toy on the top of the baby’s stomach. Do not install it directly above the head so that it is easier for the baby’s eyes to see and even if it falls, it will not hit his head.

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