10 Best Blender Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – One of the electronic counters for vegetables and fruits that is often used is a blender. Although in terms of physical appearance they look the same, in fact there are different differences between food processors, juicers and blenders. Blender has the power to work by utilizing rotational energy to destroy food by cutting it into small pieces first.

The models and features of each brand of blender-producing manufacturer also vary. If you have trouble choosing one, this article will discuss how to choose the right blender by paying attention to a number of elements. After understanding it, we continue writing by sharing the best blender recommendations from trusted brands. Happy reading!

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How to Choose a Good Blender for Juices and Food

Blender will help your daily work. Not only useful for making smoothies, juices, or other delicious preparations, a blender can also be used to grind spices. However, the fineness of the processing results depends on the electric power, the type of blade, and the capacity of the tube. So, let’s look at these points first.

1. Pay attention to the electric power released when the blender is working

In order for the motor on the blender body to work, it needs energy obtained from electricity. Although several types of blenders are made portable and can operate on batteries, for family needs it is better to choose a blender that consumes electricity directly from the source.

In this case, we recommend that you choose a blender with low power. Generally, blenders require electrical power consumption between 180 watts – 900 watts. If the electric power is large, the motor rotation will be faster and the process of refining food will be faster. Vice versa.

2. Check the type of blade used

The blade is the main element of the blender which is directly related to the vegetables and fruits that are put into the tube. In general, blenders are equipped with blades in two shapes, namely flat blade cutters with straight or flat blades and wave blade cutters that are made wavy.

Flate blade cutters provide better cutting performance for foodstuffs such as vegetables. In addition, this straight blade is also capable of stirring ground beef. Usually, flate blade cutters are removable so you can sharpen them to keep them sharp.

For another version, namely the wave blade cutter type, this kind of formation is capable of destroying even hard food ingredients. Ingredients such as nuts, ice cubes, etc. can be chopped and stirred perfectly until smooth. Choose blades made of stainless steel so they don’t rust easily and are easy to clean.

The Best Blender Brands
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3. See also the capacity of the blender jar

Blender jars usually come in two sizes. The small size is used to process spices, while the large tubes are usually used to make juices and smoothies. The important point in this case is not limited to the size provided, but the capacity of each of these tubes.

To make it easier for you, do a calculation in advance of your need to serve preparations in one process. As a reference, the smoothies consumed by each person for one drink range from 150 – 200 ml. So, if you want to make smoothies for 2 people, buy a blender with a cylinder capacity of around 400 ml and above.

4. Choose one that is equipped with a safety guard and is not noisy

Electronic manufacturers have created blender products with advanced technology and safe features. One feature that gives users peace of mind is the automatic motor deactivation when the blender lid is not tightly closed. This will certainly minimize the occurrence of accidents due to malfunctions and negligence of users.

In addition, blenders also use motors that move with different noise levels. In order not to disturb the whole household, choose a blender whose motor is not too noisy. If you buy online, first read testimonials from buyers who have used it.

10 Best Blender Recommendations

Here we go

The Ainun has summarized the ten best blender products from major manufacturers. If you want to buy a blender to use at home, buy one that has low power. However, if you want to juice on the go, there are now many mini blenders that are portable. So, just choose based on your needs!

1. Cosmos Blender Plastik CB-180 Trinity/F

Best Blender Brand - Cosmos Plastic CB-180 Trinity F
Cosmos Blender Plastik CB-180 Trinity F

The first product we recommend is Cosmos CB-180 Trinity/F. 
This electronics is made of plastic material so it is lighter and durable. The plastic material used is also not arbitrary, but is labeled food grade so it is safe to use for various processed foods and beverages.

The blades in this beautifully designed blender consist of three layers of blades. Thanks to the design of the blade, you can finely grind food more gently. If you want to grind nuts and seeds, the cone of the blender will maximize the grinding results.

2. Shake N Take 3 Blender

Best Blender Brand - Shake N Take 3 Blender
Shake N Take 3 Blender

Bringing smoothies to drink in the office is no longer a hassle. 
Shake N Take 3 Blender is here to answer the needs of people like you. This blender is designed to be portable because the tube section can be used as a drinking bottle to accommodate the juice results.

Of course, the built-in water bottle on this blender makes doing less of your dish washing. You even feel happy every time you want to drink because the bottles in this blender have a sporty and cool color design. There are many color choices, you can choose based on your taste.

3. Philips Daily Collection Blender Tangan HR1603/00

Best Blender Brand - Philips Daily Collection Hand Blender HR1603 00
Philips Daily Collection Blender Tangan HR1603 00

Philips is a brand that is in demand because of the quality of its electronic products. 
One of the phenomenal collections of blenders created by Philips is the Philips HR1603/00. This is a hand blender which is easy to operate. Simply install the cutting knife, the tool can be used by simply pressing the button.

If you want to feel complete control when processing food, Philips has embedded ProMix technology which allows the blade to rotate smoothly and cut faster. We recommend this blender with 500 watts of electric power for those of you who want to change the role of the mixer when making cakes.

4. Oxone OX-864N Ice Blender Oxone – White

Best Blender Brand - Oxone OX-864N Ice Blender Oxone – White
Oxone OX-864N Ice Blender Oxone – White

Oxone products have also been crisscrossing the country. 
One of the famous Oxone flagship blenders is the Oxone OX-864N. This blender is made of quality material. The blades inside are made of stainless steel so they are durable and long lasting.

A sturdy container also makes this product last a long time even if it is used with high frequency. For the motorbike itself, Oxone provides extra power so that it is not only able to grind meat, but crush ice finely. With a capacity of 1.5 liters, enough for you and your family’s needs.

5. Sharp Blender Libre Premium Series EM-TI15LP(K)

Merk Blender Terbaik - Sharp Blender Libre Premium Series EM-TI15LP(K)
Sharp Blender Libre Premium Series EM-TI15LP(K)

Sharp EM-TI15LP(K) is manufactured with the latest technology so that its structure is truly optimal. 
Starting from thick glass jugs to cutting knives made of stainless steel, everything is guaranteed to be strong and durable even though it is often used.

Sharp also designed this blender with a classy and elegant appearance. So, apart from acting as a fruit and vegetable counter, its presence will decorate your kitchen interior. With a capacity of 1.5 liters, this blender allows you to make a variety of preparations, from smoothies to soft milkshakes.

6. Sharp Blender EM-121-BK

The Best Blender Brand - Sharp Blender EM-121-BK
Sharp Blender EM-121-BK

Still struggling with Sharp’s blender, at this point we recommend you the Sharp EM-121-BK. 
This product is an alternative option at a more affordable price. It doesn’t require a lot of energy, which is only 350 watts, this blender will work to cut all the ingredients that enter the container.

Take it easy, apart from preventing additional electricity bills, Sharp has equipped this blender with a safety lock function. This feature is useful so that consumers like you get double security. So, the machine will not work if the blender is not installed properly.

7. Mrs. Nutri Blender

Best Blender Brand - Signora Nutri Blender
Madam Nutri Blender

Signora Nutri Blender is designed to be able to produce healthy preparations. 
Did you know that the nutrients in vegetables and fruit can be reduced if crushed with great force? With a speed control on this blender, you can adjust the texture you want yourself without losing its natural nutrients.

For the greatest power, this compact and compact sized blender requires 700 watts of electricity. Even though it is relatively large, the grinding process takes place faster because of the powerful motor. Interestingly, Signora adds a high speed feature if you’re in a hurry.

8. Shake n Go Portable Juicer Blender

Best Blender Brand - Shake n Go Portable Juicer Blender
Shake n Go Portable Juicer Blender

Shake n Go Portable Juicer Blender also enliven the electronics market in Indonesia. 
Apart from being economical, this blender that is suitable for those of you who are mobile is designed with a casual but sweet impression thanks to a touch of beautiful colors.

Even though it doesn’t provide a motor speed control button, this blender, whose container can be used as a drinking bottle, is still able to produce juices and smoothies with a soft texture. To operate, a rechargeable battery is required which, when fully charged, can be used to blend up to 10 times.

9. Philips Daily Collection Blender HR2106/00

Best Blender Brand - Philips Daily Collection Blender HR2106 00
Philips Daily Collection Blender HR2106 00

The collection of blenders issued by Philips is indeed not small. 
But don’t worry, we only recommend those with superior quality for you, one of which is Philips HR2106/00. With a price of less than half a million, you and your family members can enjoy smoothies together thanks to the 1.5 liter capacity container.

Philips chose glass material in its container so that it is not only beautiful and looks classy, ​​but also makes the finished product odorless and the glass is easy to clean. The blender with the ProBlend 4 blade inside is also effective for chopping and mixing ingredients.

10. Philips Daily Collection Blender HR2057/03

Best Blender Brand - Philips Daily Collection Blender HR2057
Philips Daily Collection Blender HR2057

The last recommended product is closed by Philips HR2057/03. 
This one is another collection with a much more affordable price than the previous product. Philips HR2057/03 only requires 280 watts of electrical power. With blades made of steel, grinding results are more optimal and the knife blade is more durable.

Philips ensures that users get convenience when they want to clean blender components. Starting from the tube to the knife blade is easy to remove and install. Uniquely, at the bottom of the blender, there is a small space that is deliberately made to store cables. Practical to use, practical to store!


Currently, blenders can be said to have become part of the lives of many families. The urge to start a healthy life also increases the market’s desire for blenders. You can serve juice to be consumed alone or with other family members. Apart from that, blenders can also be relied upon for other needs, one of which is making spices.

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