10 Best Blush On Recommendations for Your 20s (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – One of the cosmetic items that can be used for those of you in your 20s to make your face look bright and radiant is blush. At this age, you need makeup that is appropriate for various situations and conditions. You can adjust the blush for use during office events, going on dates, or just shopping with friends.

In your 20s, it’s better to avoid blushes that give off color or have a glitter effect. We recommend that you switch to products that accentuate the impression of maturity. Blush on products from Emina, NYX, Canmake, or Bourjois to make your face look more mature and with character.

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Tips and How to Choose a Good Blush For Your 20s 

In this article on tomslead.com, we will outline the ten best blushes for women in their 20s. However, we will explain how to choose the right blush on for your 20s in this section.

1. Choose a soft color to come to the office

Differentiate the use of blush for every event or activity you want to attend. For coming to the office, for example, it is better for you to apply a blush that has a soft color. Do not dab blush on colors that are too flashy because it will make your face the center of attention.

The color coral or peach pink is the most recommended color for your daily activities while working in an office space. These color choices can give a natural look to your makeup. Then, also avoid applying thick blush so that you are not considered childish or even tacky.

2. Choose a romantic color to attend a date invitation from a partner.

For those of you who want to go on a date with a partner, either in the approach period or in the exploration to take it to a more serious level, the use of sweet but still simple makeup is very important. Even though it’s not a formal event, you are still required to look good but not excessive.

The use of blush that displays a sweet impression will make your dinner activities seem so romantic. Your partner will be happy to see your beautiful appearance. Therefore, choose a soft color blush to apply to your face.

3. Recognize the texture of blush on and the advantages of each.

There are two kinds of texture blush on the market, namely powder and cream. The texture of blush in the form of powder is considered the most practical for both initial use and retouching makeup. The powder blush will be suitable for those of you who want an end result that looks natural and soft. You can also rely on powder blush for makeup at the office.

While the other type, in the form of a cream, will be right for those of you who don’t have much time to apply make-up products. Blush in the form of cream will give a glossy finish. In terms of use, blush on cream is more difficult to apply than powder. However, the staying power of cream blush is longer, so you don’t need to retouch.

10 Best Blush On Recommendations for Your 20s 


From the previous section, you’ve learned quick tips on how to choose the right blush for your 20s. Now, tomslead.com will give you the 10 best blushes for 2’s. So, go ahead and check it out, and congratulations on choosing one or several products that interest you the most!

1. Emina Cheeklit Pressed Blush

Blush On Emina Cheeklit Pressed Blush
Emina Cheeklit Pressed Blush

Emina provides six color choices that can be adjusted to the preferences of each person. However, of the six available options, most people like the Marshmallow Lady series because the color looks like peach pink. This soft color will maintain the impression of youth as well as maturity.

For those of you who are just entering your 20s, Emina Cheeklit Pressed Blush is highly recommended. This product is one of the best-selling products in Indonesia. The texture of the solid powder in this blush will give a soft and natural finish to your face.

2. Blush On : Canmake Cream Cheek

Blush On Canmake Cream Cheek
Blush On : Canmake Cream Cheek

If you are looking for a blush that can last a long time, this Japanese brand’s product is worth choosing. Canmake presents a blush that is proven to last a long time. Not only is it a strong and long-lasting adhesion, but the resulting color is not easily faded, even if you are active in open spaces.

This blush has a creamy texture, so there is no need to doubt its durability. You can dab the product with your fingers or a separately purchased sponge. This product with luxurious packaging is perfect for semi-formal events such as a date or gathering with friends.

3. Blush On: NYX Ombre Blush

Blush On NYX Ombre Blush
Blush On: NYX Ombre Blush

ombre, which means you can also feel the color gradation in blush products. NYX issued a blush with an ombre function in this series. The pigmented color gradation is very attractive when it sticks to the skin of your cheeks. Not only does it give a beautiful appearance, but this blush will also make your skin look fresh all day long.

Designed in a cream texture, you will find it easier even if you don’t use an applicator such as a sponge or brush to apply it. Another advantage that is pocketed by this product lies in the results of the strokes that display new color gradations. You’ll love the end result!

4. ELF Beautifully Bare Cheeky Glow

Blush On ELF Beautifully Bare Cheeky Glow
ELF Beautifully Bare Cheeky Glow

Good makeup products don’t always promise a dazzling look. More than that, makeup products, including blush, that you should prioritize, should be able to maintain healthy facial skin. ELF brings a product in the form of a blush that has such characteristics.

This ELF-designed blush contains argan oil and vitamin E. So, the combination of these ingredients will help keep your facial skin moist. For those of you who are often approached by dry skin problems when wearing makeup, this blush will prevent this problem for the whole day.

5. Amorepacific Laneige Ideal Blush Duo

Blush On Amorepacific Laneige Ideal Blush Duo
Amorepacific Laneige Ideal Blush Duo

The recommended blush color for women in their 20s is a soft color. However, what if you want to wear bright colors but still look natural? Don’t be confused because Amorepacific offers blush products that will make your wishes come true. The reason is, this product is equipped with special gliding technology so that it will produce a natural bright color on your skin.

This blush is packaged in powder form. In one palette, there are two colors that can be combined with all skin types. The two colors are pink and coral. If you want to use them together or separately, this product makes it possible. So, you can be more creative with this product. In fact, the cross-linking binder system formula makes this blush hard to fade even when exposed to sweat.

6. Bourjois Aqua Blush 12H

Blush On Bourjois Aqua Blush 12H
Bourjois Aqua Blush 12H

The following products are quite popular with people. Formulated in a gel form, this blush can last up to 12 hours on your face. Bourjois welds the product into a tube with a cap. Thanks to the cap, the contents of the blush will be protected from the effects of oxidation.

The gel texture is so light and easy to absorb into the skin. These advantages are added to the guarantee that the colors displayed are natural. You don’t have to worry about looking a few years older when you use this product. With proper use, this blush will make your makeup look radiant and naturally blushed.

7. Urban Decay Naked Flushed

Blush On Urban Decay Naked Flushed
Urban Decay Naked Flushed

By buying Urban Decay Naked Flushed, you can save money because you no longer have to buy bronzer and highlighter. The reason is, in one palette there are blush, bronzer, and highlighter. You can also reduce the contents of the bag or makeup pouch that you carry every day.

This blush on all in one is formulated with jet milled so that its light texture will be easily blended into your facial skin. Urban Decay provides six shade options in this series. That way, you can customize the colors offered based on your skin tone and taste.

8. Bioaqua Smooth Muscle Flawless Cheek Cushion Powder – Blusher Glow Soft

Bioaqua Smooth Muscle Flawless Cheek Cushion Powder – Blusher Glow Soft
Bioaqua Smooth Muscle Flawless Cheek Cushion Powder – Blusher Glow Soft

Bioaqua provides an applicator sponge in the product packaging. Products that are marketed with a low selling value can be an alternative for those of you who don’t have a big budget. In one package, there is not only a sponge but also a mirror to make it easier for you to apply it.

Of the many colors provided, we advise you to choose a light pink shade because it can give a bright impression and a natural blush on your face. For those of you who want to travel, of course this one product is worth buying because it won’t bother you with too many makeup products.

9. Too Faced

Blush On Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow
Too Faced

Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Blush is not only good, but tempting. Every woman who wears makeup with a touch of Sweet Peach Glow by Too Faced will be the center of attention at various events. The soft and glowing peach glow color will exude charm and freshness on your face.

Another interesting thing about this blush is that it has a fragrant aroma like peach. Moreover, in one palette, Too Faced divides it into three compartments. So, in one blush palette, there are three parts, namely blush, highlighter, and bronzer.

10. Maybelline Color Show Blush

Blush On Maybelline Color Show Blush
Maybelline Color Show Blush

Hearing the name Maybelline, of course, you can already guess how good this product is. It’s true, Maybelline’s Color Show Blush is one of those blush products will make an unforgettable first impression on everyone you meet.

Maybelline presents this blush in four natural colors so that it is suitable to be combined with any makeup theme. Designed in powder form, of course you won’t be bothered when you want to leave it. In fact, even for beginners, this blush will give you perfect makeup results.


Blushing cheeks can now be obtained easily with the presence of blush. For those of you who are in your 20s, of course, you can no longer use products that give the impression of youth. Even so, that doesn’t mean you have to look old with a blush in your 20s. Because in fact, some manufacturers also provide color variants and final effects that still make you look younger.

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