10 Best Bottom Gallon Dispenser Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – As technology develops, electronic devices become more sophisticated, so it’s not surprising that there is now a bottom gallon dispenser. Compared to drinking boiled water, many people prefer to drink gallons of water because it is more hygienic and odorless. So, it’s no wonder that the demand for bottled water and gallon water is increasing.

Best Bottom Gallon Dispenser
Illustration of Gallon Bottom / Sharp Dispenser

In the past, you had to spend extra energy to lift a gallon and attach it to the dispenser, now you don’t need to lift the gallon high anymore because there is the best bottom gallon dispenser. In addition, this type of dispenser is usually also equipped with various beneficial features. Then, how do you choose it so that you get the product according to your needs?

How to choose a good bottom gallon dispenser

Being able to choose the right product is certainly everyone’s wish, right? So, the process of selecting good quality products must be done properly. So, here are some things to consider when choosing a good bottom gallon dispenser for household use.

1. Pay attention to the amount of electrical power needed

This one thing will affect monthly expenses so it would be better if you choose the best bottom gallon dispenser that is low wattage. Usually the amount of power needed will be different when in the normal position, heating or cooling water, and when removing water from a gallon.

Some of the recommended products in this article require around 100-300 watts of power. You can find information about the electric power of each dispenser in the product description and packaging.

2. Select the lower gallon dispenser model as you wish

In order to fit into various room themes, choose neutral colors such as monochrome color groups. Not that there are no other color choices, yes. Then, the design that has been chosen to make the best bottom gallon dispenser is usually simple, elegant and easy to use.

In addition, there are several dispensers that are equipped with a lid on the tray where the glass is placed so that dust, dirt, and other things that can contaminate the water can be avoided.

3. Make sure the size of the dispenser matches the location of its placement

Each product has a different size, as well as the best bottom gallon dispenser sold by various brands. Before you buy it, make sure that the size of the dispenser matches the size of the storage area.

Unlike the small dispenser with the gallon position above which is usually placed on the table, the bottom gallon dispenser is indeed placed on the floor because it has a fairly high size. It also makes it easier for you to install gallons without the need to lift them higher.

4. Consider choosing a product with better features

The price for a lower gallon dispenser is usually more expensive than other types of dispensers. Besides being able to facilitate installation, some of the best electronic brands have also equipped it with various features.

Some have a Safety Lock so that children cannot spit out hot water. Then, there is the Smart Saving feature to store water reserves so that the bottom gallon dispenser can still be used when the lights are off, and there are many other features that you can know about.

10 Best Bottom Gallon Dispenser Recommendations

Here we go

Now there are many electronic brands that provide dispensers with various specifications. So, here are ten recommendations for the best bottom gallon dispenser chosen by Ainun that can complement household furniture.

1. Panasonic Water Dispenser Bottom Loading WDB83MAK

Best Bottom Gallon Dispenser Panasonic WDB83MAK
Panasonic WDB83MAK

Water is an important part of the human body because it has many benefits, such as maintaining a stable body temperature, cooling the body temperature by producing sweat, being a source of energy, and many more. 
Therefore, drinking water should not be careless. Well, you can choose the best bottom gallon dispenser with 3 faucets to enjoy hygienic gallon water.

Panasonic has equipped its products with Ozone Technology to suppress 86% bacterial growth, eliminate bad taste in water, and maintain the pH of the water so that it remains safe for consumption. Another advantage that this best bottom gallon dispenser has is the use of stainless steel as a material for making a 4-liter capacity holding tank so it can minimize oxidation. Having the Child Safety Lock, Quick Hot, and empty gallon indicator LEDs is also very beneficial, right?

2. Sanken Bottom Gallon Dispenser DB-20G

Best Bottom Gallon Dispenser Sanken DB-20G
Sanken DB-20G

Making warm drinks during the rainy season will be more practical if you use the best bottom gallon dispenser from Sanken type DB-20G. 
That’s because of the fast boil feature which requires 400 watts of power so you don’t have to wait too long when you need hot water. Meanwhile, when it’s hot and you want to make cold drinks, the Comprecool Technology feature and 75 watts of power will speed up the cooling process. Under normal circumstances, this black dispenser is energy efficient because it only requires 200 watts of power.

The DB-20G dispenser measuring 33 x 34 x 105.5 cm is also equipped with a UV lamp that can kill germs in the tank. Another advantage that Sanken’s best bottom gallon dispenser has is the use of stainless steel as a tank material to avoid bacteria and corrosion. The place where gallons of water come out is more hygienic because of the QYA plastic pipe which is made from an anti-fungal and mildew-resistant material. There is a Safety Child Lock and Eco Sensor too, you know.

3. Sharp Lower Gallon Dispenser SWD-78EHL-SL

Best Bottom Gallon Dispenser Sharp Dispenser SWD-78EHL-SL
Sharp Dispenser SWD-78EHL-SL

Not wanting to be left behind from several other electronic brands, Sharp also innovates to make the best bottom gallon dispenser that has a variety of features. 
This product with a silver body is equipped with an LCD display to make it easier for you to know the current temperature and time. The material uses stainless steel so it looks luxurious, anti-corrosion, resistant to low and high temperatures, and easy to clean.

Amazingly, this product is also equipped with a self-cleaning feature to clean germs and bacteria in gallons of water to make it more hygienic. Another sophistication in the best bottom gallon dispenser from Sharp is the child lock feature to make it safer from the reach of children who are growing up and like to play here and there. However, this product includes electronic devices that use electricity to operate.

4. Polytron Bottom Gallon Dispenser PWC 778 LX

Best Bottom Gallon Dispenser Polytron PWC 778 LX
Polytron PWC 778 LX

You can also find various kinds of electronic equipment, such as the best bottom gallon dispenser at the Polytron store. 
There are three easy steps carried out by Polytron so that you can enjoy gallons of water from this type of dispenser, namely pull-put-push. What this means is that you have to pull the lid off the compartment, then place the gallon inside in the correct position. When it’s done, just close it again and try removing the water from the available dispenser faucet.

As with several other products, this best bottom gallon dispenser also uses stainless steel as its main ingredient and stainless steel sterile pipes. In addition, Polytron’s 33 × 36.5 × 113.8 cm dispenser is suitable for those of you who want to use an electricity-efficient dispenser. This is due to the Dual Heating Mode Selections feature with a Fast Heating option of about 5 minutes to heat water up to 85 ℃ and Low Wattage of around 160 watts.

5. Electrolux Bottom Gallon Dispenser EQAXF01BXSI

Best Bottom Gallon Dispenser Electrolux Dispenser EQAXF01BXSI
Electrolux Dispensers EQAXF01BXSI

The existence of an LED indicator with three different colors on the best bottom gallon dispenser will certainly make it easier for you to know a number of conditions, such as running out of water and the heating or cooling process is in progress. 
Usually there are a few drops spilled when taking water, right? If left continuously, it can cause stains. Therefore, the tray where the glass is placed is designed to be removed and cleaned.

The ease of removing gallons of water from the dispenser by pressing the button provided can sometimes cause problems. Moreover, if the children press the hot water faucet button. This is the reason for the hot water lock on this Electrolux best bottom gallon dispenser. If you are still worried, you can release the switch so that all the water in the dispenser becomes normal.

6. Modena Lower Gallon Dispenser DD 7181 L

Best Bottom Gallon Dispenser Electrolux Dispenser EQAXF01BXSI
Electrolux Dispensers EQAXF01BXSI

Have you ever believed that the human body can have toxic deposits from inside and outside the body? 
Therefore, it is necessary to detoxify so that the health of the body can be maintained properly. One way is to consume gallons of water from Modena’s best bottom gallon dispenser type DD 7181L. This is due to the BioPad technology to produce quantum waves by forming the structure of water molecules into hexagonal formations that bind lots of oxygen and calcium ions.

Well, hexagonal water is considered to be able to help the detoxification process, absorb nutrients in the blood to the maximum to produce energy, and increase endurance. Another advantage that the Modena DD 7181 L has, is the Smart Censor Compressor feature which will stop the process of heating and cooling the water when the tank is detected as empty. This product also uses food grade materials and has a stainless tank, you know.

7. Toshiba Lower Gallon Dispenser RWF-W1830BN

Best Bottom Gallon Dispenser Toshiba RWF-W1830BN
Toshiba RWF-W1830BN

The next best bottom gallon dispenser recommendation that you can choose to complement your household needs is the Toshiba RWF-W1830BN. 
This black product with a simple and elegant design can be obtained at the nearest electronics store or Toshiba’s official account on a trusted marketplace. If you don’t need cold water or hot water, then choose water with normal temperature which is still refreshing. That’s because this Toshiba dispenser is also equipped with 3 faucets with 3 different temperatures.

In order to distinguish them more easily, the Toshiba RWF-W1830BN has an LED display. You don’t need to worry because the best bottom gallon dispenser with a capacity of 4 liters doesn’t require a lot of electricity. The material used to make this product is the same as the majority of other product recommendations, namely stainless steel.

8. Denpoo Aquazone Filter Compressor Dispenser

Best Bottom Gallon Dispenser Denpoo Aquazone Compressor Filter
Denpoo Aquazone Compressor Filters

Another electronic brand that also provides the best bottom gallon dispenser is Denpoo, where the faucet is inside the lid. 
In order to store gallons at the bottom, Denpoo completes this dispenser with a special compartment. No need to worry about your electricity bills swelling up because this product only requires 190 watts of power to work properly. In addition, there are 3 faucets that can be used to dispense normal, cold and hot water.

This Denpoo dispenser is equipped with a filter system (T33 filter cartridge) so that the water coming out of the faucet can be more hygienic because it is protected from dust, viruses and other harmful substances. The design of the best bottom gallon dispenser is minimalist and modern so it can make the room more attractive at the same time. When you buy a low watt dispenser from Denpoo, you will get a one year warranty and a three year compressor.

9. Midea Lower Gallon Dispenser YD1135AS

Midea YD1135AS Best Bottom Gallon Dispenser
Midea YD1135AS

The last recommendation for the best bottom gallon dispenser is also a low wattage product, you know. 
The amount of electrical power needed is only about 190 watts to heat water and 100 watts to cool it. With relatively low power, this dispenser can still produce cold water in a short time due to the High Compressor Cooling.

Not only that, Midea YD1135AS also has a Preventing Overheating feature which can keep the water hot for longer. Of course this is supported by the stainless steel material used to make the water tank. You also don’t need to prepare a large space because this best bottom gallon dispenser measures only 35.8 x 38.6 x 112 cm.

10. Miyako Lower Gallon Dispenser WDP-200 H

Best Bottom Gallon Dispenser Miyako WDP-200 H
Miyako WDP-200 H

If you’re looking for the best bottom gallon dispenser at an affordable price, the Miyako WDP-200H can be the right choice. 
One of the factors that causes the price of this dispenser to be cheap is the material used in the form of plastic of the highest quality. However, the drawback is related to the need for greater electrical power than other products, namely 350 watts. If the amount of power is not a big problem, you can immediately enjoy the features of this dispenser.

One of them is being able to continue to use the dispenser even without electricity because of the Smart Saving feature which stores a reserve of 2 liters of water. In addition, this product with a capacity of 3.5 liters per hour is also equipped with a Safety Lock feature and two water temperature options. No need to worry, Miyako WDP-200 H has met the SNI criteria and is declared a Food Grade product.

How the bottom gallon dispenser works

In order to better understand how the best bottom gallon dispenser can work to meet your needs, consider the following reviews.

1. Before the process of releasing water, first of all it must be ensured that the lid on the gallon bottle is installed correctly and the compartment is tightly closed so that water can be pumped into the water tank above it.

2. There will be a hose that sucks water from gallons to be transferred to the main tank, cold water tank, or hot water tank. Usually the capacity of each tank will be different from each other. The material used to make the hot water tank is chosen specifically to keep the water hot, as well as the cold water tank. However, there is the addition of a small fan which will help the water cool down more quickly.

3. Usually there are several buttons available on the back of the dispenser, including on/off buttons, hot to heat water, and cold to cool. Meanwhile, several push buttons on the front function to instruct the dispenser to dispense water. Some are equipped with 2 faucets for hot and cold and 3 faucets for hot, cold and normal. If you want to dispense normal temperature water from a 2 faucet dispenser, you only need to turn off the hot and cold buttons.


There are several types of dispensers on the market today, one of which is the best bottom gallon dispenser with various choices. This tool can not only save your energy, but also provide more benefits through the features it has. By reading the previous review of the ten best gallon dispenser recommendations, you are expected to be able to find the product that is really needed. It would be even better if you know more about this type of dispenser so that maintenance is easier.

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