10 Best Bread & Cake Softener Recommendations (2024 Newest)

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Best Blog Review – Making soft, fluffy and voluminous bread requires not only the best quality ingredients, but also the help of a bread softener. Several types of bread softeners can be used, including bread improver , shortening , softener , and cake emulsifier . This article will discuss recommendations for various good bread softener brands to maximize the results of the bread or cake you are making.

Best Bread and Cake Softener
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Bread softener is an ingredient added to bread dough and is composed by a combination of acids, emulsifiers, and enzymes. The main function of any of the best bread softeners is to increase fermentation to maximize dough development resulting in smooth and soft bread down to the deepest fiber.

Various bread softeners usually use the following ingredients.

  • Reducing agent to break disulfide bonds to make the bread structure less hard.
  • Enzymes to speed up the yeast fermentation process, so the dough can expand more.
  • Oxidant to strengthen gluten and keep the dough elastic even though it expands quite a lot.
  • Emulsifier to bind gluten, maintain the shape of the dough, and maintain the stability of the oil and water particles, so it will prevent the dough from becoming lumpy.

How to Choose a Good Bread Softener

When choosing a good bread softener on the market, you need to pay attention to the following things.

1. Choose the appropriate type of bread maker

First, the best bread softener is the type of bread improver which is made from a flour-based mixture that has been modified to develop bread. Bread improvers usually contain enzymes, gluten enhancers, emulsifiers, flour and minerals. Some of its main functions are to help yeast produce gas, make gluten maintain the shape of bread, make fiber and the texture of bread softer, and speed up fermentation.

Bread improver type bread softener can be used to make soft breads , such as white bread, torn bread, chiffon cake , and bluder bread. Actually, bread can still expand without bread improver , but the resulting texture is less soft than bread with bread improver.

Next, there is a type of softener that functions to soften the pores and texture of the bread, increase the elasticity of the bread, and minimize fishy eggs from the dough. The best bread softener, this type of softener, can also maintain the texture of the bread so that it stays soft. There are two forms of softener on the market, namely liquid and powder forms. Some manufacturers also add certain aromas to the softener products they make, for example the aroma of pandan, vanilla or even fruit.

The Best Bread & Cake Softener
Image Illustration of Bread & Cake Softeners Article / Yahoo.com

The next type is a cake emulsifier which has the ability to bind water and fat in bread or cake dough to make it more stable. The main function of the best bread softener of this type is to develop the dough, soften the texture, and extend the shelf life of bread or cakes. If in the market you find products of the SP, ovalet, or TBM type, these three are types of cake emulsifiers.

  • SP is usually added after the egg is beaten until it expands so that the egg doesn’t fall again easily.
  • Ovalet functions to stabilize the shape of the dough so it doesn’t become thick and makes the texture of the cake softer.
  • TBM is usually added to the dough where the butter and sugar are mixed first until combined, then the eggs follow.

The next best type of bread softener is shortening or shortening made from vegetable fat or animal fat. White butter is generally added to the dough for white bread and buns to soften and make the bread softer. For best results, you should choose shortening that contains an emulsifier to prevent evaporation of water during baking so as to produce soft bread.

2. Adjust to the type of bread or cake

The best type of bread softener chosen needs to be adjusted to the type of bread or cake you want to make. If you want to make buns that are white and fluffy , you should choose the type of shortening. But if the bread to be made is soft bread , you should use this type of bread improver.

If you want to make plain bread or stuffed bread that is very soft, then you should choose this type of softener . For cakes that melt in your mouth, like chiffon cake, you can use a cake emulsifier. Choosing a good quality bread softener will make the resulting cake or bread smoother, softer, and of course delicious.

3. Make sure the bread softener is scented or not

Most of the best bread softeners are made unscented, but some do have a distinct scent, such as vanilla, fruit, pandan or milk. Fragrant bread softener will make it easier for you when making bread or cakes, because there is no need to add essence, vanilla, or other types of cake aromas.

10 Best Bread & Cake Softener Recommendations

Here we go

Bread softener can be found easily at cake supply stores, both online and offline. The following Ainun, provides some recommendations for the best bread softeners to make the most of the bread or cake you make.

1. Spontan Cake Softener SCS

SPONTAN SCS Best Bread Softener
Brand Spontan Cake Softener Wysman SCS

Spontaneous Cake Softener not only functions to make cakes softer and more tender, but can also eliminate the fishy smell of eggs and extend the cake’s shelf life. 
This best bread softener can be used on all types of cakes or bread that are made. Usually it takes 5-10% SPONTAN SCS of the weight of the eggs used in the dough. For example, if you use 500 grams of eggs, you can add a maximum of 50 ml of SPONTAN SCS to the mixture.

SPONTAN SCS is made in two scent options, namely Wysman and Vanilla. This best bread softener can be stored at room temperature, as long as it is dry. SPONTAN SCS is packaged in a small 60 ml plastic bottle and can be found easily on Tokopedia for around 6,000 – 8,000 rupiah.

2. DIVA Cake Bread Pastry Softener

Best Bread Softener DIVA Cake Bread Pastry Softener
Brand DIVA Cake Bread Pastry Softener

DIVA Cake Bread Pastry Softener has many uses for the cake or bread you make, it can soften the texture, add moisture to the cake, and of course get rid of the eggy taste in the dough. 
This best bread softener has also obtained a halal certificate from the MUI and BPOM permission, so it is safe to add to cake or bread dough.

DIVA Cake Bread Pastry Softener has three scent variants to choose from, neutral, vanilla, and wysman. Packaged in a plastic bottle with a clean content of 60 ml, this best bread softener product is sold at IDR 20,000.

3. Bread Improver BAKERINE PLUS

Best Bread Softener Bread Improver BAKERINE PLUS 50gr
Brand Bread Improver BAKERINE PLUS 50gr

If you are not satisfied with the softness of white bread on the market, you can make your own white bread at home by adding Bakerine Plus as a softener. 
This best bread softener is made from a mixture of tapioca flour, gluten, antioxidant vitamin C, and amylase enzymes. The addition of Bakerine Plus to the dough will result in bread that feels soft from the outside to the innermost fiber.

Bread Improver Bakerine Plus is made in powder form and only requires about 2-4 grams per 1 kg of flour. This best bread softener product is only available in a neutral scent and is sold for around 5,000 rupiah per 50 gram pack.

4. Ibis Blue Bread Softener

Best Bread Softener Ibis Blue Bread Softener
Brand Ibis Blue Bread Softener

The function of Ibis Blue 
softener is to soften the texture of the bread, make the bread softer, extend the shelf life of the bread, and make the bread not harden easily even if it is left long enough in an open room. When stored in plastic packaging, the bread added by Ibis Blue can last up to 3 days even without preservatives. This best bread softener is a lesaffre product from France whose quality is guaranteed.

For maximum soft bread results, just add 10 – 15 grams of Ibis Blue for every 1 kg of flour. This best bread softener is only available in a neutral scent variant and is sold at around 8,000 rupiah for a 20 gram pack.

5. Parfait Crumb Softener

Best Bread Softener Parfait Crumb Softener
Brand Parfait Crumb Softener

Like the previous best bread softeners, Parfait Crumb Softener also works to soften, soften and moisten bread. 
So the bread will remain soft and not dry even if it is left for a long time. This product is most suitable for making white bread or torn bread which usually doesn’t run out in one sitting.

The need for using Parfait Crumb Softener is only 1-3% of the flour weight. For example, if you make bread with 1 kg of flour, then around 10-30 grams of Parfait Crumb Softener can give maximum results. This best bread softener is available in original 20 kg packaging, so many traders provide repackages of 100 grams, 250 grams and 500 grams. Parfait Crumb Softener is only available in a neutral scent and is sold for IDR 15,000 per 250 grams.

6. Puratos SOFT’R ALPAGA

The Best Bread Softener Puratos Soft ALPAGA
Brand Puratos Soft’r ALPAGA

Puratos SOFT’R ALPAGA is a type of 
bread improver which is composed of a balanced composition of enzymes and gluten softening agents. This best bread softener not only produces bread that expands to the maximum and is smooth, but also lasts longer and doesn’t harden easily. Several types of bread are suitable for making using Puratos SOFT’R ALPAGA, including soft bread, hamburger buns, bagels, toast bread, and flat bread.

Using the best bread softener is also easy, just add 5-7 grams of Puratos SOFT’R ALPAGA per 1 kg of flour used for the bread dough. However, this product is only available in neutral scents, so you will need to add more essences if you want to give your bread a specific scent. Puratos SOFT’R ALPAGA is sold at 20 thousand rupiah.

7. TBM Koepoe Koepoe

Best Bread Softener TBM koepoe koepoe
Brand TBM koepoe koepoe

TBM Koepoe Koepoe is usually added during the process of mixing butter and sugar that has expanded with eggs. 
TBM has the main function of improving the texture of the 
cake so that it becomes softer and melts in the mouth. In addition to cakes, this product can also be used as a softener for bread and biscuits. You also don’t need to worry about its safety, because this best bread softener has obtained BPOM, ISO 22000 and HACCP certificates.

TBM Koepoe Koepoe is packaged with a net weight of 35 grams and is only available in neutral scents. This best bread softener can be found easily in many cake ingredients stores and costs only 6,000 rupiah.

8. ANGEL Bread Improver 500 gr

The Best Bread Improver ANGEL Bread Improver
Brand ANGEL Bread Improver

The results of sweet torn bread can be even more delicious with the addition of ANGEL Bread Improver. 
This is because not only does it soften the texture, this best bread softener can also develop bread perfectly, so the bread fibers look soft when torn. Apart from torn bread, this product can also be added to various types of sandwiches and cakes.

ANGEL Bread Improver is only available in a neutral scent, so you need to add essences if you want to create a certain aroma on bread. This best bread softener is available in 500 gram packs and is sold at IDR 20,000.

9. Bread Cake Softener Soft Bread

Best Bread Softener Soft Bread Bread Softener
Brand Soft Bread Cake Softener Bread

If you need the best cake softener to make various kinds of bread, Soft Bread Cake Softener Bread can be the right choice. 
Both traditional breads, such as torn bread, bluder bread, combed bread, odading, and donuts, as well as contemporary breads, such as 
Korean garlic bread , croissants, and croffles , will get softer with the addition of these products.

Bread Cake Softener Soft Bread is only available in a neutral variant and the packaging is in the form of a sachet with a net weight of 10 grams. This best bread softener can be purchased at a cake ingredients shop or online at Tokopedia for only 4,000 rupiah.

10. Rich’s Crumb Softener

Best Bread Softener Richs Crumb Softener
Brand Rich’s Crumb Softener

Richs Crumb Softener can not only make bread or cakes soft, but can also make them more chewy. 
This best bread softener has a white creamy texture and can be added as much as 5% -8% of the total flour used in cake or bread recipes.

To maintain its quality, Richs Crumb Softener should be stored at -18°C. If you are going to use it, let it sit at 20°C for 24-36 hours before using it. This best bread softener product can last up to 1 year in a frozen state, so it can be used as stock if it is needed at any time to make cakes or bread. Richs Crumb Softener is sold at 30 thousand rupiah for 1 kg packaging.

Tips for Making Bread or Cake So It Can Be Soft

Apart from using the best bread softener, the softness of bread or cakes is also determined by other factors, such as the quality of the ingredients, the method of mixing, and the method of roasting. Some of the tips below can be followed to produce soft and delicious bread and cakes.

1. Choose the appropriate flour

If the flour used has a high enough protein content, the gluten will also be higher and the resulting texture will tend to be hard. Therefore, it is better to use flour with a very low protein content for making cakes so that the texture can be very soft. But for bread, you can actually use high protein flour and add the best bread softener.

2. Mix the ingredients properly

A soft and fluffy cake is produced by mixing cream , butter, sugar and eggs, then slowly adding dry ingredients such as flour. Only after that are added liquid ingredients, for example full cream milk or melted chocolate . During the dough mixing process, you can also add the best bread softener for softer bread results.

Another important tip for producing soft bread or cakes apart from adding the preferred bread softener is to preheat the oven before baking and pay attention to the chemical process of mixing the dough. This chemical process is a slow mixing of flour so that gluten does not harden, butter to break down gluten and create a moist effect , and sugar to break down gluten so that the texture of the cake remains smooth, and maintains a moist effect longer. Meanwhile, eggs that contain lecithin can be an emulsifier that mixes fat and water.


Bread softener will help produce soft bread or cakes down to the fiber and extend the cake’s shelf life. In this article, we have discussed recommendations for the best brands of bread softeners and some important tips for producing soft bread.

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