10 Best Cat Food Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Cats are one of the animals that many people keep. Of course cats need the best cat food to grow healthy. Cats are usually one of the favorite pet choices. Not only in Europe and America, on the plains of Asia there are not a few who make cats as pets and friends at home. The more people who keep cats, the more diverse kinds of cat food are available.

Well-known cat food brands such as Whiskas , Friskies , and Royal Canin to premium ones such as Orijen and Blackwood make it easier for people to choose feed for their pet cats. Have you chosen one of the best cat food from the many options available? If not, you can find out through this article.

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Tips and How to Choose Good Cat Food

An important key that must be considered in choosing cat food besides the price is the content stored in it. Protein is an important nutrient needed by cats. However, protein can be obtained from fish and chicken meat. Each part of the fish or chicken has different nutritional levels, so you must carefully read the packaging labels.

To make it easier for you, we will review a few points that need to be known in the process of finding cat food at pet shops or through online shops. Here’s an explanation!

1. Adjust the texture of the food according to the condition of the cat

Cat basic food which is classified into the main food consists of two forms, namely dry food and wet food. Dry food is most recommended for cats who are not having problems with a weakened bite. Dry food can also prevent plaque from forming on cat teeth.

Another advantage that dry cat food has is its longer shelf life. However, wet food is also widely chosen, especially to fulfill the nutrition of a cat whose bite is weakening. Wet food can be the main food for kittens or old cats. Wet food has more flavors than dry food, so when your cat gets bored, you can change the flavors.

2. Pay attention to the nutritional content, avoid products from whole grains

Cats will maintain their health if they get highly nutritious food. Therefore, make sure the main content stored in your cat’s food has quality nutrition. The main ingredients in the manufacture of cat feed are meat. Check what meat is used, whether fish or chicken.

It is also important to ensure that the meat used comes from a high protein body part. This is because some producers use offal or the remains of processed meat products such as beaks, feathers, combs, bones, claws, and even chicken or fish blood. Even though the product is declared safe by BPOM, it does not mean that the quality is good. Therefore, pay close attention to this one point.

In addition to knowing what basic ingredients are used, you must also check whether the product contains grains or not. Cat food made from grains will absorb carbohydrates into the cat’s body. As carnivores, cats don’t need carbohydrates because it will only make the digestive tract work extra and even cause obese cats. If possible, look for foods that are low in nutritional content, if necessary, grain-free, aka grain-free.

10 Best Cat Food Recommendations

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Indonesia is not yet an animal-friendly country, because it’s rather difficult to get the best cat food produced by local brands. However, you don’t need to be confused because now there are lots of cat food in dry or wet form. In the following, Ainun provides several choices of cat food that have proven quality. Please check the list below so you can choose the one that your favorite cat will like!

1. Equilibrio Adult Cats

Equilibrio Adult Cats Best Cat Food
Equilibrio Adult Cats Cat Food

Equilibrio is a Brazilian pet food brand. 
Adult Cats itself is classified as a favorite cat food for cat lovers in Indonesia. This one cat food is considered to be able to fatten cats in a healthy manner. The protein content of 35% and 20% fat contained in it will properly supply the needs of the cat’s body.

As dry food, Equilibrio explains that each kibble or biscuit is soft so it doesn’t make it difficult for cats to chew. Cat teeth will also be maintained because of the omega 3 and 6 in this food. Coupled with the extract of the yucca schidigera plant, this cat food will be digested easily without making cat litter too smelly.

2. Royal Canin Hair and Skin Care

Best Cat Food Royal Canin Hair and Skin Care
Royal Canin Hair and Skin Care Cat Food

Royal Canin is a world famous pet food manufacturer. 
There are many best choices from this brand, one of which is Royal Canin Hair and Skin Care. In accordance with its name, this product imported from France is useful for lengthening, widening, and beautifying your cat’s fur.

In fact, this cat food not only makes the cat’s fur thick and beautiful, but also prevents hair loss. You can give this food to domestic cats or domestic cats. So, by consuming this food, your beloved cat will have beautiful fur and you will definitely like it.

3. Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Feline

Best Cat Food Hills Prescription Diet id Feline
Hills Cat Food Prescription Diet en Feline

Cats can experience digestive tract problems due to a number of factors, such as an improper diet, food allergies, to a lack of digestive enzymes. 
If your cat is currently experiencing these problems, you can handle them by giving this one cat food. Presented in wet form, this food will improve a disturbed digestive tract.

Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Feline is very easy to digest. It contains electrolytes, vitamin V, and fiber which are good for the cat’s intestines. This one cat food can also reduce the risk of cats experiencing kidney stones. You can give this food to adult cats or puppies.

4. Blackwood Kitten Food Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Recipe

Best Cat Food Blackwood Kitten Food Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Recipe
Blackwood Kitten Cat Food Food Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Recipe

This product is recommended for cats who are entering a period of pregnancy or cats who are growing (kitten). 
There is 33% protein and 21% fat ready to meet the nutritional needs of your pregnant or growing cat.

Blackwood guarantees that every nutrient contained is of high quality. The reason is, this one cat food is processed using the slow cooked method so that the nutrition and nutrients of each ingredient are not decomposed or damaged. When giving this food, you will be more relaxed not because the cat is healthier and growing well, but also free from disease because this product is free of preservatives, flavors and artificial coloring.

5. Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain Free Morsels Tuna Nicoise

Best Cat Food Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain Free Morsels Tuna Nicoise
Merrick Purrfect Bistro Cat Food Grain Free Morsels Tuna Nicoise

If you don’t want to make your cat obese due to high-carbohydrate feed, you can try this one food. 
Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain Free Morsels Tuna Nicoise is grain-free cat food. This food does not contain artificial coloring, preservatives and flavors so it is safe for all ages of cats.

The presence of yucca schidigera in the composition of the ingredients can reduce the smell of excrement excreted by cats. This wet food is also rich in omega which is good for caring for skin and fur. Equipped with vitamins, minerals and taurine, the cat’s immune system will be well maintained so that it is not susceptible to disease.

6. Orijen Cat & Kitten

Orijen Cat & Kitten Best Cat Food
Orijen Cat & Kitten Cat Food

With this food, your cat can eat less but fill up quickly. 
The reason is, Orijen provides more than 40% protein content into the cat’s body through this output cat food. Those of you who are worried that your cat is overweight are advised to give it this one product.

Orijen uses raw materials in the form of fresh meat to produce this cat food. In fact, the meat they use is also suitable for human consumption. Thus, this Cat & Kitten from Orijen is not accompanied by a “by-product” label on the packaging which indicates the content comes from processed meat residue.

7. Kit Cat Premium Cat Canned Food

Best Cat Food Kit Cat Premium Cat Canned Food
Cat Food Kit Cat Premium Cat Canned Food

As a wet food, Kit Cat provides an abundance of flavors in its Premium Cat Canned Food offerings. 
Your cat won’t get bored easily even if they have to eat wet food every day. This product is also proven to be grain-free, so you can avoid worrying about your cat being overweight.

Kit Cat completes this product with taurine which is well known for maintaining cat eyes. Together with omega 3 and 6, the cat’s internal organs such as the heart will be maintained. In fact, your beloved cat’s skin and fur will turn thicker and more beautiful day by day.

8. Vitakraft Liquid-Snack

Vitakraft Liquid-Snack Best Cat Food
Vitakraft Liquid-Snack Cat Food

In one Vitakraft Liquid-Snack pack, you will get 6 sachets of one-time snack packs. 
Of course, this one cat food is not the main food. Make it a distraction so that your cat doesn’t get bored easily because it eats its basic food every day.

Even though it is in the form of a snack, this product will not cause problems for cats in the future. Vitakraft guarantees that this snack is safe for the digestive tract of cats because it does not contain artificial flavors, preservatives and coloring. The low calories from this snack will also keep cats healthy.

9. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Recovery

Best Cat Food Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Recovery
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Recovery Cat Food

Even though it is famous for dry food with complete variants, Royal Canin also provides food variants in wet form. 
One of the best sellers is Veterinary Diet Recovery. As the name suggests, this product is specifically for cats who are sick or after surgery to speed up the healing process.

This wet food is made from quality minced meat. The soft texture of the meat will be liked by cats. Not to mention the strong scent that is released makes the cat’s appetite increase. However, while this wet cat food is tasty and easy to digest, you must store it properly in the refrigerator so it doesn’t spoil quickly.

10. Pro Plan Adult Sterilized/Weight Loss with Optirenal

Best Cat Food Pro Plan Adult Sterilized Weight Loss with Optirenal
Cat Food Pro Plan Adult Sterilized Weight Loss with Optirenal

A cat that is too fat will find it difficult to move, you can’t even take it to play for a long time, can you? 
Therefore, if your cat is classified as fat, you can help lose it in the right way. Give this one cat food because it contains 25% lower fat than other products.

Not only that, this product is also suitable for newly sterilized cats. It contains a formula in the form of optyrenal which can maintain kidney function. The vitamins A, C, E, and omega 3 & 6 contained make it even better in providing balanced nutrition for cats. This product is preferred for those of you who have European cat breeds or indoor cats.


Well, isn’t there a lot of the best cat food available on the market? You can choose from one to more brands to find out which one your cat likes best. To vary the food consumed by your cat, you can also give it a snack every few days so that the cat doesn’t get bored easily because it eats the main food that tastes the same.

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