10 Best Cat Litter Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – How should you choose cat litter? This question always haunts cat lovers because there are so many choices. Matching the price with the contents of the wallet sometimes leads to disappointment because of the poor quality of cat litter. Therefore, you need to consider a number of things before buying cat litter or cat litter.

Even though Indonesia is not yet a cat-friendly country, it is not difficult to find products for cats, one of which is cat litter. Catsan, Yihu, Cubs n Kit , and others are manufacturers that are expanding their marketing to Indonesia. We’re going to show you the top ten cat litters. However, first consider the following guide to choose it, yes!

The Best Cat Litter
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How to Choose Good Cat Litter

Even though it’s called cat sand, not all of it is made of sand, you know! Each material has different characteristics, especially regarding absorption. You will not choose wrongly if you are guided by the following important points in choosing cat litter or cat litter.

1. Make sure it has good odor absorption

Everyone certainly doesn’t want their beloved cat to poop carelessly. That is why, litter boxes and cat litter are designed as toilets for cats. Sand will provide comfort for cats to relieve themselves. When choosing cat litter, make sure you check whether the product is able to absorb the bad smell caused by cat litter?

Cat urine has a more pungent smell than pets because it contains the protein cauxin which is secreted from the kidneys. Nowadays, it’s easier to find cat litter that can remove the pungent smell of cat litter. You also don’t need to change the sand all the time. However, keep the litter box clean!

2. Focus on products that are easy to clean

It will be very troublesome if the cat litter that has been purchased has a small clumping power. Clumping cat litter will make it easier for you when you want to clean the litter box. So, make sure the product you buy is labeled with the description “can clot”.

Even though this information is stated, it is also not the least that in fact, the cat’s sand cannot clump. If you have already bought it, you need to wait for the cat litter to clump together with the sand for a while. Don’t forget to make sure the cat litter you pour is evenly distributed into the litter box.

3. Choose by material and check its characteristics

The raw materials for making cat sand vary, some of which are paper, mineral stones, wood, soybean dregs (okara), and silica gel. The five basic ingredients of cat sand have various characteristics. You better choose based on comfort and ability to absorb the smell of sewage.

  • paper . The raw material in the form of paper has very good absorption and can be thrown into the toilet. This type is suitable for those of you who want to keep the house clean. Paper cat litter is also lighter and easier to transport so you can buy in bulk without worrying about the weight.
  • Mineral Stones . Cat sand that comes from mineral rocks provides comfort for cats because of its soft texture and resembles the original shape of sand. Despite their amazing absorption, this breed is easier to scatter around the litter box when your cat wants to pile up his litter.
  • Wood . The main material of wood is considered to be more environmentally friendly and does not emit an odor like other cat sand materials. Choose cat litter made of wood if you don’t want sand scattered around the litter box.
  • Soybean Dregs (Okara) . Soybean dregs are one of the most chosen materials for making cat litter. This type of sand is not dusty and pollutes the area around the litter box. The ability to absorb and remove odors is also very good, but this type is slightly scented.
  • Silica Gel . Silica gel is also used as the main ingredient in cat litter. This type of cat sand is safer because it comes from natural ingredients and resembles quartz so it is not toxic. Even if your cat accidentally swallows it, the silica gel will come out intact, meaning it won’t be absorbed by the body.

10 best cat sand recommendations

Here we go

In the following, Ainun will present the ten best cat litter products in various sizes. Please choose based on the size of the litter box and how many cats are in your house. Don’t forget the aspect of cleanliness and absorption, OK?

1. Catsan Ultra Odor Control Formula

Best Cat Litter (Cat Sand) Catsan Ultra Odor Control Formula
Cat Sand – Catsan Ultra Odor Control Formula

You want cat litter that quickly clumps together with cat litter? 
This Catsan-inspired product must be included in your list of choices. This product that is commonly found in the market is made from sodium bentonite which has a sand-like shape, making cats very comfortable when using it.

Besides being comfortable for cats, Catsan Ultra Odor Control Formula also makes it easy for you to clean the litter box. This is because this product, apart from clumping quickly, is also light to lift and throw away. It’s convenient for the cat to perform its natural rituals, and you don’t have to bother caring for it.

2. Yihu Sumo Cat Round Shape Cat Litter

Best Cat Litter (Cat Sand) Yihu Sumo Cat Round Shape Cat Litter
Cat Sand – Yihu Sumo Cat Round Shape Cat Litter

One of the complaints of cat lovers from using cat sand is that there are grains of sand that stick to the cat’s fur and nails. 
This is caused by small particles of sand coming into direct contact with the cat’s body. If you don’t have much time to pay attention to this, you can choose this product from Sumo Cat.

This cat sand deserves a thumbs up because it is made in the form of small balls. Thus, this sand is not easily scattered when the cat hoards its feces. In addition, you also don’t need to worry about the cleanliness of your beloved cat.

3. Qingdao Da An Industry Kitty Sand Cat Litter

Best Cat Litter (Cat Sand) Qingdao Da An Industry Kitty Sand Cat Litter
Cat Sand – Qingdao Da An Industry Kitty Sand Cat Litter

Some manufacturers add their own scent to help get rid of the pungent smell of cat litter. 
Unlike the case with Kitty Sand, this artificial sand actually works with a deodorant effect to completely remove odors from the source.

Sand with a size of 7.6 liters is available in two forms, namely small pieces such as sandstone and spheres. You can choose taking into account the cat’s reaction to it. Make sure your cat is comfortable so you don’t have to bother looking for cat litter that suits him.

4. Eco Clean Tofu Cat Litter

Best Cat Litter (Cat Sand) Eco Clean Tofu Cat litter
Cat Sand – Eco Clean Tofu Cat litter

Eco Clean Tofu Cat Litter is a brand from Japan which is made from the main ingredient okara or soybean dregs. 
This product is claimed to have very good absorption. A house that is free of the smell of urine from cat urine will make you feel at home and comfortable playing with the cat.

In addition, this product is also claimed to be good at getting rid of cats while spreading the delicious aroma of corn and green tea. There’s nothing wrong with buying this product if you’re looking for cat litter that features the scent of Japanese nature.

5. Yihu Aristo-Cats Natural Pine Cat Litter

Best Cat Litter (Cat Sand) Yihu Aristo-Cats Natural Pine Cat Litter
Cat Sand – Yihu Aristo-Cats Natural Pine Cat Litter

This Natural Cat Litter from Yihu offers a natural scent obtained from Russian pine tree wood. 
The selection was not arbitrary, but only from fresh pine trees that were still wet. Thanks to this, the aroma that is released is very fresh and comfortable to breathe.

Besides having a pleasant smell, this cat litter is also highly absorbent, especially for eliminating the smell of cat urine that is fast, including solid feces which also smells bad. This product is certain to be safe for cats or humans because it is chemical free.

6. MCCN&LOVE Plant Tofu Cat Litter

The Best Cat Litter (Pasir Kucing) MCCN&LOVE Plant Tofu Cat Litter
Cat Sand – MCCN&LOVE Plant Tofu Cat Litter

Another cat litter made from okara can be an ideal option for you. 
MCCN&LOVE mentioned that this product clumps easily so it’s not a hassle to clean. You can keep the house and litter box clean regularly when the cat’s sand is wet with cat feces.

No need to throw it in any place or special disposal site, you can also directly pour sand filled with feces into the toilet. Just rinse it, the sand and dirt will dissolve without worrying about clogged drains!

7. JRS Pet’s Dream Universal Hygienic Litter

The Best Cat Litter (Cat Sand) JRS Pet's Dream Universal Hygienic Litter
Cat Litter – JRS Pet’s Dream Universal Hygienic Litter

Who is not familiar with this one brand? 
Pet’s Dream presents litter products that can be used not only by cats, but also by other pets. You can use this sand as a litter for hamsters, rabbits, or even birds in cages.

According to some sources, Pet’s Dream Universal Hygienic Litter can also be used as plant compost. The material, which is composed of cypress wood, makes this product natural and harmless, both for humans and other small pets.

8. Best In Show Cat Sand Clumping Cat Litter

Best Cat Litter (Pasir Kucing) Best In Show Cat Sand Clumping Cat Litter
Cat Sand – Best In Show Cat Sand Clumping Cat Litter

The main ingredient of natural bentonite rock which has a shape similar to real sand provides extra comfort for cats when disposing and hoarding feces. 
The raw material is taken from Australia so it has good quality.

Best In Show Cat Sand Clumping Cat Litter can clump easily and harden quickly. You don’t bother scooping up clumps of sand when you want to throw it away and replace it with a new one. Comes with various variants of fruit, flower and coffee aromas, you can choose based on your preferences.

9. Bento-nit Premium Cat Litter

Best Cat Litter (Cat Sand) Bento-nit Premium Cat Litter
Cat Sand – Bento-nit Premium Cat Litter

Bento-nit Premium Cat Litter can be used for all types of cats. 
This product made in Indonesia is composed of natural ingredients that are free of toxins. If you want to maintain the health of your cat as well as yourself, you should pay attention to the advantages that this has to offer.

Hazardous chemicals are also ensured to be absent in the manufacturing process. Even so, this premium cat sand is still able to quickly absorb the unpleasant smell of cat litter. Buy these bentonite products if you want to keep your home, your cat, and yourself clean and healthy!

10. Cub n Kit Cat Litter

The Best Cat Litter (Cat Sand) Cub n Kit Cat Litter
Cat Sand – Cub n Kit Cat Litter

Cub n Kit Cat Litter is sold at an economical price, suitable for those of you who need cat litter in large quantities, but don’t have a lot of money. 
Products that can save your budget.

Behind its economy, Cub n Kit still prioritizes the performance of this product in controlling odors. Of course, this cat litter also clumps easily. You don’t have to worry about the drain breaking because the lumps are hard.


Based on the information we have provided regarding the guide to choosing cat litter, have you got the cat litter you want on the list above? Purchase cat litter emphasizing the issue of its absorption. In addition, fine-grained sand is considered more comfortable for cats, but also think about whether this type easily scatters around the litter box, making it a hassle for you because it has to be cleaned.

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