10 Best Cat Toys Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Cat toys are useful for training cat agility. In the market, you will find quite a lot of choices of toys based on their type, such as being bitten, chased, caught, and so on. Each cat has different characteristics so you need to buy a suitable toy for him.

If you don’t really know the characteristics of your favorite cat, you should buy several toys of different types. Below, we’ll take a look at the best cat toys you can buy to please your beloved cat. Before buying, we will tell you in advance how to choose it. Watch this interesting information to the end!

Tips and how to choose a good cat toy

Great Cat Toys
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Each cat toy is designed for different needs, depending on the breed. In general, cats like toys that they can bite and cuddle with to kick. In addition, the type of cat toy also affects how it plays. To understand further, you can read the following guide in choosing a cat toy.

1. Choose one that is easy to bite as a sports medium

Both puppies and adult cats, they generally like toys that can be bitten. Therefore, the first step you should take is to make sure that the toy can be easily bitten by your beloved cat.

However, some toys are designed with the characteristics of a chase game in mind and are impossible to bite. An example is a toy that emits light. The characteristics of toys like this are more appropriate to make the cat actively move so that it can raise his spirits.

2. Choose toys based on their type and characteristics

The main requirement of the cat toy that you provide must be liked by him. Your cat will be happy when he can play with the toys he likes. Even though many people buy toys of the same type, it’s not necessarily the right toy for you. That way, adjust the toy based on its type and characteristics so that it is suitable for your cat to play with based on his age and activity.

  • Teaser Paint Type . This toy has a shape like a fishing rod. There is an elastic wand with colorful feathers attached to the end to attract the cat’s attention. Some manufacturers add string to the end of the stick to tie small animals, such as toy mice, small insects, bird feathers, and so on.
  • Ball or Mouse Type . Toys that are round like balls can roll easily. Cat toys like this can make your pet cat free to move on its own. He can play alone without having to accompany you. If you choose this type, make sure the toy is not too small because there is a risk of accidentally swallowing it.
  • Doll Type . Although it can’t be generalized, the fact is that cats like to nibble on objects around them or even your fingers. To support the habit, give him a doll-type toy that he can bite comfortably. Stuffed toys for cats in the form of mice, fish or shapes wrapped in attractive colors will be loved by your cat.
  • Illuminated Type . This type of toy is suitable for your cat to play with without having to get you close to the cat. Generally, these lit toys are small physical shapes that can emit light, whether LED light or laser light. If you’re concerned that laser beams capable of transmitting light over long distances will hit your eyes and harm your cat, you can choose a toy that lights up only from an LED source.

3. Choose safe toys for your beloved cat

Your cat doesn’t get to choose which toys to play with. The control is yours. That way, you should prioritize toys that not only will your cat love and make it fun to play with, but that are safe for her as well.

If you buy a toy in the form of a teaser cat or a fishing rod, choose an additional part that hangs at the end of the stick that doesn’t come off easily, such as being pulled or bitten by a cat. While toys in the form of balls or dolls that can be hugged and bitten, you should choose ones that are not easy to swallow, either by paying attention to the size or material used.

Although not a cat-friendly country, Indonesia still produces a lot of things that are useful for cats, including toys. When it comes to places that sell cat food, you may be confused by the many choices. For this reason, Ainun has selected the ten best cat toys that you can buy or use as references. Happy choosing!

1. Squeaky Mouse Cat Toy

Best Squeaky Mouse Cat Toys
Squeaky Mouse Cat Toys

You can buy more than one stuffed toy for this cat. 
Marketed in various color variants, you can collect them to display in your cat’s room or house. Toys in the form of mice are not only present in attractive colors and shapes, but are also capable of making sounds.

Your cat will surely love this toy. He is not easily bored because there are sounds that are produced. In order for the sound to come out, you must first turn it on before throwing the doll into a certain area. This toy can support your cat to be more active so that his body becomes healthier.

2. Fish Stuffed Cat Toy with Catnip

Fish Stuffed Cat Toy with Catnip
Fish Stuffed Cat Toy with Catnip

If you don’t want to tire your cat out too much, this cat toy in the shape of a fish doll is worth considering. 
This fish-shaped doll that is quite large in size can not only be bitten by your cat, but also cuddled!

The size of this toy is about 18 – 20 cm so it is big enough and safe even though it is often bitten. You also don’t need to be afraid of the toy being tucked away and lost because of its rather large size. Inside this fish doll is catnip or scented dried plants that will make your cat addicted to playing with this toy for a long time.

3. Catit Play ‘n Scratch

Catit Play n Scratch
Catit Play n Scratch

This toy from Catit is incredibly versatile. 
Designed with many types of play, your cat will surely love it every time it enters its playtime. Catit designed this toy with types at once. There’s a game of chase ball and track, pom-pom fur attached to an elastic stick, and a special pad for scratching cat’s paws on it.

This toy also comes in an attractive purple color option. When you want to buy a toy that not only trains the cat’s agility or biting power, but also keeps the cat’s claws sharp, this Catit Play ‘n Scratch is an ideal choice.

4. 3 Tier Interactive Ball Cat Toy

3 Level Interactive Ball Cat Toy
3 Level Interactive Ball Cat Toy

The curiosity of a large kitten needs to be supported by the type of games it plays. 
If you have a kitten that is not yet actively moving, train its agility without having to make it move a lot with this toy.

This is a toy consisting of three stacks of circles in which each level has a slot for inserting the ball. Each time the cat touches the ball, the ball will roll to the other side of the circle. This toy can be played anywhere, even in a limited area.

5. Rainbow Ball Cat Toys

Rainbow Ball Cat Toys
Rainbow Ball Cat Toys

Interested in gifting your cat a toy he’s sure to love? 
Buy this Rainbow Ball. This rainbow-colored ball toy is sure to keep your cat happy. This toy is made of EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) which is safe, lightweight, and soft. In addition, the material is also quite durable even if your cat bites it very often.

Rainbow Ball has a diameter of 3.5 cm. On the one hand, its small size allows you to throw and roll the ball more easily. However, on the other hand, these toys are also at risk of being swallowed. Therefore, it is better to give this toy to a kitten whose mouth cavity is not too big.

6. Cat Toys with Bells and Ribbons

Cat Toys with Bells and Ribbons
Cat Toys with Bells and Ribbons

There are ribbons with beautiful colors and additional bells on the fishing line that attaches to the end of this toy stick. 
Whether it’s a kitten or an adult cat, they will surely love the activity of playing with this toy. You can also interact and play with your beloved cat at close range.

The fishing rod is 10 cm long with a fishing line made of flexible wire. You can hold this fishing rod easily. The fishing line from the wire is also not easy to tangle even if you roll it.

7. Kong Cat Wobbler

My Cat Wobbler
My Cat Wobbler

Take the cat to play and eat at the same time with this toy. 
Kong Cat Wobbler is a very interactive and unique toy. Its unique shape with the addition of simple details will please the cat you keep at home.

It is said that it can be used to play and to eat together because this toy has a closed part that can be used as a container for dry food. There is a small hole that will pop out the contents when your cat rolls the toy. That way, your cat will be free to play and eat his dry treats at the same time.

8. LED Laser Cat Toy

LED Laser Cat Toy
LED Laser Cat Toy

You can make the cat run here and there or even jump up and down the wall with this toy. 
In the shape of a laser with LED light, this toy not only attracts the cat’s attention, but is also safe for him if he accidentally hits his eyes.

This cat toy in the form of a laser will not make your cat or you as the owner bored when you invite the cat to play. The reason is that the laser light emitted has a variety of shapes, such as mice, fish, or cat paws. Make your cat run merrily after this toy lasered light spot!

9. Cat Mouse Toys with Remote Control

Cat Mouse Toys with Remote Control
Cat Mouse Toys with Remote Control

Your cat’s hunting instinct will be better trained with this toy. 
You can buy this toy if the cat at home is in the process of transforming from a kitten to an adult cat. This mouse-shaped toy can not only be bitten by your cat, but it can also move!

To move it, there is a remote controller that is powered by 2 AA batteries. While the mouse doll itself requires 3 AAA batteries to turn it on. As these mice move forward or backward, your cat’s hunting instincts will kick in.

10. Feather Cat Toys and Bells

Feather Cat Toys and Bells
Feather Cat Toys and Bells

Cat ears have a very high sensitivity to the sounds around them. 
This toy is not only paired with soft fur that attracts the cat’s attention because it consists of many colors, but is also equipped with a small bell that will always suck up the cat’s curiosity with a sound that is caught by his ears.

A teaser cat type, this toy won’t get bored even if your cat keeps playing with it until it gets tired. This toy is ideal for kittens and adult cats. If your cat is not in the mood, stimulate her desire for movement with this toy. It must have worked!


It’s pretty much not a cat toy you can buy, even at a fairly affordable price. You can buy more than one toy so that when your cat gets tired of playing with one type of toy, you can replace it with another type of toy. When choosing a toy, pay attention to how it plays. Prioritize what can be fun as well as train your cat’s agility, yes!

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