10 Best Cheddar Cheese Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Cheddar cheese is one of the first varieties of cheese created in England. Since its presence, several other countries have participated in producing the best types of cheese that are the same as their respective characteristics. However, the main characteristic of this cheese is that it has a sour taste that is soft and not excessive. You can use cheddar cheese for a variety of purposes, such as as a filling for sandwiches, salad dressings, or making pizza and omelettes.

The taste of cheddar cheese is so distinctive that many people like it. If you are interested in buying cheddar cheese, we will provide recommendations for the best products in this article. However, let’s first discuss the aspects that you need to pay attention to when choosing cheddar cheese. Don’t choose carelessly, but make sure the product suits your tastes and needs!

Best Cheddar Cheese
Keju Cheddar

How to choose good cheddar cheese

Before looking at the list of cheddar cheese produced by Kraft, Anchor, and Bega, what things should you know when choosing cheddar cheese? Although at first glance the appearance of all the products is similar, actually each cheddar cheese has a different level of maturity and appearance. So that you are not mistaken or confused, we will present some points to pay attention to when choosing cheddar cheese.

1. Choose based on the country where the cheese is produced

As well as being produced in England, this popular cheese is produced and sold in many countries. If you want a more authentic taste, of course you need to buy cheddar cheese made in England, because it was made there for the first time. Cheddar cheese that is actually produced in the UK should say “West Country Farmhouse Cheddar”. Look at the code to ensure product authenticity if it comes from the UK.

In other countries, such as Japan, Australia and the United States, they also produce cheddar cheese which is easier to find in Indonesia than the original British cheddar cheese. You can check the information on the PDO or Place of Origin Name Protection System, a system that guarantees a food product is processed and preserved using a method approved by the production location.

2. Check the maturity level by checking when you want to eat it

The Best & Tasty Cheddar Cheese
Illustration of Delicious Cheddar Cheese

What people rarely know when choosing cheddar cheese is that each product actually has a different maturity level. The ripe the cheese, the lactic acid bacteria in it will be more ripe and affect the sour taste. The length of ripening time is categorized into several types, namely mild, medium, sharp, extra, and so on.

Cheddar cheese which is categorized as mild has a mild level of acidity and a softer taste, in contrast to the medium and sharp categories which have characteristics of a stronger level of acidity and taste. Whereas cheddar cheese which is included as extra generally has been matured for more than one year, so the taste is different from other categories.

3. Choose cheddar cheese based on its color

If you notice, cheddar cheese has two kinds of colors, namely orange and white. Which one will you choose? For cheddar that is red, it doesn’t mean the color of the cheese is completely red. It is called red cheddar or red cheddar because it is made with a mixture of orange or annatto dye extracted from plants. Red cheddar is usually consumed as a dip for bread or salad dressing.

Then, white cheddar is the original color of cheddar cheese without added coloring. Those of you who want a natural impression can choose white cheddar. Don’t worry, about the taste, both red cheddar and white cheddar are still the same. The most important thing is that you have to confirm the ingredients by reading the information on the ingredients written on the packaging of each cheddar cheese.

10 Best Cheddar Cheese Recommendations

Here we go

Next, Ainun will display the ten best cheddar cheese just for you. Please make it a reference for choosing, and you can buy one of them easily at supermarkets or minimarkets, you know!

1. KRAFT Cheddar 175g

Best Cheddar Cheese KRAFT Cheddar 175g
KRAFT Cheddar 175g

The Kraft cheese brand is very familiar among Indonesian people, you are too, right? 
KRAFT Cheddar is one of the recommended products that has a savory taste so that the enjoyment is just right and doesn’t make you sick. In addition to the 175 gram content, there are also other 75 gram and 35 gram packaging options.

This cheese from the United States is processed cheddar cheese. That is, the manufacture is not from milk, but from cheese mixed with other ingredients. For this reason, we think it is important for you to take these points into consideration before you are sure to buy this product.

2. Diamond Keju Cheddar 180g

Best Cheddar Cheese Diamond Cheddar Cheese 180g
Diamond Keju Cheddar 180g

Diamond Cheddar is an imported cheese from Australia. 
According to many people, this cheese has a strong milky taste with a creamy sensation when eaten. Including cheese at an economical price, anyone might be able to reach it to be able to enjoy the pleasures of cheddar cheese.

Even though the price is friendly, Diamond Cheddar Cheese is still made from selected ingredients, namely superior quality cheese curd. The cheese content in this one product is also high so you can feel how the taste of the cheese is quite authentic in it.

3. Megmilk Snow Brand MEGcheddar Slice

Megmilk Snow Brand MEGcheddar Slice Best Cheddar Slice
Megmilk Snow Brand MEGcheddar Slice

Several manufacturers release cheddar cheese in sheet form, one of which is Megmilk. 
Thanks to its sheet shape, you don’t have to bother cutting or grating the cheese as you would with a cheese bar. This cheese is suitable as a filling for hamburgers, sandwiches, and the like.

For those of you who are busy enough in the morning that you don’t have time to prepare your own breakfast, make these cheese-stuffed buns without spending too much time. In one pack there are 8 sheets of cheese. Megmilk Snow Brand MEGcheddar Slice is a product from Japan that has been certified for its production process and materials.

4. Sukanda Djaya Perfetto Red Cheddar

Best Cheddar Cheese Sukanda Djaya Perfetto Red Cheddar
Sukanda Djaya Perfetto Red Cheddar

Perfetto Red Cheddar is a red cheddar cheese produced in Australia. 
It’s not difficult to buy this product, either offline or online, you are guaranteed to get it easily. This red cheddar can be a garnish on a serving plate or a decoration for dishes when you have a party at home.

In the form of cheese bars, you can make it as sliced ​​or grated cheese for various purposes. Want to make a fresh salad? Use this cheese as a dressing for a more luxurious look. In addition to its attractive red color, this cheese also has a special texture and taste.

5. Bega Cheese Bega Extra Tasty

Best Cheddar Cheese Bega Cheese Bega Extra Tasty
Bega Cheese Bega Extra Tasty

Next is cheddar cheese from Bega Cheese which has a richer flavor composition due to the longer maturation process. 
As stated on the packaging, this is cheddar cheese which is classified as “extra”, so the taste is even stronger.

Interestingly, even though it has gone through a long maturation process, this product still has a soft texture that can fill your mouth with a creamy sensation. Thanks to its perfect taste and texture, this cheese can be a complement to many types of cuisine.

6. Happy Valley Cheddar

Best Cheddar Cheese Happy Valley Cheddar
Happy Valley Cheddar

The product we recommend this time has a fairly high selling price. 
This cheddar native to Australia is known for its rich, delicious taste and non-sticky taste. Packaged very neatly to keep it fresh, Happy Valley makes sure everyone gets the best quality when buying it.

The texture of Happy Valley Cheddar is so soft that it is light in the mouth, and is definitely loved by children. Because it comes from milk, this cheese is also high in calcium which can support the health of your bones and those of children who are still growing.

7. Bega Cheese Bega Mild

Best Cheddar Cheese Bega Cheese Bega Mild
Bega Cheese Bega Mild

The cheddar cheese from Bega Cheese one is categorized as mild. 
For those of you who want to try a famous cheese product with a soft texture and not too strong a taste, you can try this product. Don’t worry, the texture and taste will be friendly to the tongue, especially for children.

Bega Cheese Bega Mild has a very mild and mild taste. When it enters the mouth, the texture will feel creamy and soft on the tongue. Suitable for adults who don’t like the strong taste of cheese, as well as children who want to continue to enjoy cheese at their growing age.

8. Fonterra Anchor Food Professionals Slice-on-Slice Processed Cheddar Cheese Coloured

Kerju Cheddar Terbaik Fonterra Anchor Food Professionals Slice-on-Slice Processed Cheddar Cheese Coloured
Fonterra Anchor Food Professionals Slice-on-Slice Processed Cheddar Cheese Coloured

If you are interested in using cheese as a melt in various dishes, we recommend this product from Anchor. 
Chosen because this cheese can melt perfectly when cooked. Similar to some of the previous products, this cheese is made in sheet form.

When cooked, the melting of each sheet is so beautiful that it is so tempting when poured as a dressing for various dishes. The soft texture when eaten will make it difficult for you to escape the shadow. However, keep in mind that this cheese cannot be cooked directly in a skillet or other cooking surface.

9. Emina Cheese Block Rich

Best Cheddar Cheese Emina Cheese Block Rich
Emina Cheese Block Rich

Emina Cheese Block Rich has a delicious taste and has been adjusted to the average Indonesian tongue character. 
The product, which is the result of a collaboration between the two Japanese companies, has received the MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council) halal label.

Guaranteed quality makes it a hot seller in the market, you don’t need to be afraid anymore to choose it! Besides tasting great, processed cheddar cheese is high in calcium, vitamin D, and protein. In other words, these products will meet your and other family members’ daily vitamin and nutritional needs.

10. Diamond Dairy Land Cheddar Easy Grate

Best Cheddar Cheese Diamond Dairy Land Cheddar Easy Grate
Diamond Dairy Land Cheddar Easy Grate

We recommend cheddar cheese from Diamond for those of you who are addicted to dishes mixed with cheese. 
With a volume of 2 kg, this one cheddar cheese is the right choice so you can eat cheese at any time. If you want to have a party, you can save money by buying this product.

Use Diamond Diary Land Cheddar Easy Grate as a topping for your various dishes, especially western dishes. However, if you want to make cheese martabak, this product can also be used as a main topping option that has a special taste. Diamond ensures that this product is easy to grate because it has the right level of density and softness.


If you want to consume cheddar cheese as a sandwich or salad filling, a product with a content weight of around 100 – 200 grams is sufficient. However, if you intend to cook cheddar as a complement to a dish, we recommend a product with more content, which is between 500 grams and 1 kilogram.

Regarding price, cheddar cheese is cheaper than blue cheese, camambert, or other types of cheese, so it is quite affordable for all people. Happy choosing!

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