10 Best Cup Sealer Machine Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – It’s no longer a secret that cup sealers are sought after by almost all beverage manufacturers, both at home and abroad. This machine is also commonly referred to as a cup sealer machine so that it can secure drinks packaged in cups. That way, drinks can be safely taken anywhere without worrying about spilling. Apart from being safe, the appearance of the drink also becomes nicer and tidier.

If you buy a cup sealer machine with good quality, it means that you have invested in your business to make it more advanced. Currently there are three types of cup sealer machines on the market, namely manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. Then, how do you choose the best cup sealer to support your beverage business? Let’s look at the following article reviews!

Best Cup Sealer Machine
Illustration of Cup Sealer Machine

How to choose a good cup sealer machine

Every product is sold in new or used condition, including cup sealer machines. You certainly want to get a product with good quality, right? So, here are ways to choose the best cup sealer machine that you can do.

1. Pay attention to the materials used to make the cup sealer machine

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the material or material for the best cup sealer machine. This is important because it can affect its durability. Well, the material usually used to make cup sealer machines is stainless steel. This type of material is known as a material that is sturdy and does not rust easily.

In addition, cup sealer machines made of stainless steel can be resistant to corrosion. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other material choices, huh! You can also choose a mixed material between stainless steel and aluminum. To make it clearer and more certain, you can ask the seller about the materials used to make the cup sealer machine before buying.

2. Adjust the cup sealer machine to your needs

Of course every product is different, so is the best cup sealer machine. You only need to buy it according to your needs and abilities. There are machines that are sold in new condition, there are also used ones. If you want to buy a new one, then you can buy it directly at the store. If you choose a used machine with good quality, then you can buy it from someone else who used to own a beverage business.

In addition, another difference lies in the type of cup sealer machine, which is manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. If you choose manual, it means you have to run all the processes yourself. Meanwhile, a semi-automatic cup sealer machine only needs your help to insert and remove cups from the sealing area. It’s different with a fully automatic machine that will carry out its duties automatically from the beginning of sealing to the end.

3. Adjust the price of the cup sealer according to the budget

There are several things that affect the selling price of the best cup sealer machine, including the material, type of machine, and condition of the machine. Apart from that, other things that can affect the price are the size of the machine, the sealing capacity, the amount of power required, and the place where the machine is made. The better the quality, of course, has the potential to increase the selling price.

The size of the machine is small but the material is stainless, of course it will be more expensive than a large machine but the material is not as good as stainless. If you choose a machine that can seal more cups in one hour with less power usage, then prepare more funds. Usually cup sealer machines from Japan or other countries are more expensive than machines from China.

10 Best Cup Sealer Machine Recommendations

Here we go

Many culinary entrepreneurs are confused when choosing a cup sealer machine for their products because there are many choices offered. So, here, Ainun provides a list of the ten best cup sealer recommendations that you should consider to support your business.

1. Cup Sealer Automatic ATT-95S

Mesin Cup Sealer Assist ATT-95S
Cup Sealer Automatic ATT-95S

Are you a beverage entrepreneur who needs an automatic cup sealer? 
If so, the best Autata ATT-95S cup sealer machine is for you. Even though the price is much more expensive, it is comparable to the quality offered. This product has far more complete features than other cup sealer machines, you know!

There is a sensor on the side to read the code on the plastic roll, a small screwdriver to adjust the sensor as needed, rings for various cup sizes, oil as a lubricant, and so on. Remarkably, this machine has been tested working for three days non-stop and the results are still good. With all these advantages, this cup sealer machine only consumes 120 watts of power. It’s no wonder that this product is being looked at by foreign markets!

2. Cup Sealer Ossel ET-A9

Ossel ET-A9 Cup Sealer Machine
Cup Sealer Ossel ET-A9

If you are looking for a cup sealer machine for 12-22 oz cups whose price range is neither too cheap nor too expensive, you should choose the Ossel ET-A9 cup sealer machine. 
The best cup sealer machine on this one is a type of semi-automatic machine because you have to manually insert or remove the cup. Well, there are several buttons that can make it easier for you to operate this machine, namely the on off button and the controller.

When you press the on button, the heat light indicator light will turn green. You can only use this cup sealer machine when the temp light indicator lights up red. There are temperature options available from 0 to 250 degrees, yes! What you need to know is that this 340 watt machine has a sensor to read the code on the plastic roll.

3. Maksindo CPS 919 Cup Sealer

Maksindo CPS919 Cup Sealer Machine
Cup Sealer Maksindo CPS919

Maksindo is a brand that provides a variety of products to meet your needs, one of which is the best cup sealer machine. 
This machine includes the manual type, yes! The interesting thing about this product that you need to know is that there is a digital counter feature to help you find out the amount of plastic used. Apart from that, you can also calculate the right time to refill the plastic.

No need to worry because how to operate it is very easy. Well, you can use this machine to seal cups ranging in size from 12, 14, to 16 oz. The number of cups that can be sealed within one hour is between 300 and 500 cups. Meanwhile, the need for electrical power is not much different from other cup sealer machines, which is 300 watts.

4. Cup Sealer Eton ET-D8

Eton ET-D8 Cup Sealer Machine
Cup Sealer Eton ET-D8

The next recommendation for a cup sealer machine is the Eton ET-D8 with a power requirement of 300 watts. 
This type of manual machine can be used for cups measuring 12-22 oz with a capacity of up to 400 cups per hour. It is said to be manual because all processes must be done manually, starting from inserting the cup, adjusting the plastic so that it is just above the cup, moving the lever so that the cup can be sealed, to removing the cup from the machine.

Before operating this one of the best cup sealer machines, there are a few buttons you need to know. Surely this machine has an on and off button, yes! Well, there are two indicator lights that will make it easier for you to know the state of the machine when it is off, on or ready to operate. In addition to the on and off buttons, this machine is also equipped with temperature settings and a choice of rings for various cup sizes.

5. Cup Sealer Getra SC Q70

Getra SC Q70 Cup Sealer Machine
Cup Sealer Getra SC Q70

Are you looking for an automatic cup sealer machine but the price is more affordable? 
Well, this Getra SC Q70 can be the right solution for you. Starting from the guidebook to the buttons, they use Indonesian, even though this product is a local brand made in a Chinese factory. That way, you can more easily understand and operate this one machine.

The machine body is made using stainless steel, yes! So, you can be sure that the best cup sealer machine is not easily damaged when used properly. Interestingly, you don’t need to press any buttons when you are going to do the sealing process. Simply place the cup in the space provided, then the machine will do its job automatically until the process is complete and the cup is ready to be picked up.

6. Cup Sealer Modena CS 1016

Modena CS 1016 Cup Sealer Machine
Cup Sealer Modena CS 1016

Another recommendation for a cup sealer machine that you need to consider is the Modena CS 1016. This product is a manual cup sealer machine! 
So, you need to run all the processes yourself from start to finish. If you buy this product, you don’t need to buy plastic film separately.

Like the best cup sealer machine from Eton, this product is also equipped with an on off button and a temperature setting on the front that you can adjust according to your needs. In order to run properly, this machine will consume 300 watts of power. By using this cup sealer machine, the products you sell can look more exclusive.

7. Cup Sealer Advance SLC100

Mesin Cup Sealer Advance SLC100
Cup Sealer Advance SLC100

The recommendation for this one cup sealer machine also includes the type of manual machine. 
This product is quite affordable for those of you who have a beverage business. This Advance SLC100 can close as many as 300-500 cups per hour, you know! However, the cup sizes you should use for packing drinks are 12, 14, 16 oz.

So, there are several temperature options that you can choose from in this one of the best cup sealer machines. This can be adjusted according to the type of plastic in the cup of your choice. If you are using a cup made from PP, then the temperature you should choose is 170-200℃. However, if you choose a cup made from PS, PE, or PET, then the choice of temperature that should be chosen is also different.

8. Cup Sealer Manual PowerPack CS-M727i

Mesin Cup Sealer Manual PowerPack CS-M727i
Cup Sealer Manual PowerPack CS-M727i

This PowerPack CS-M727i manual cup sealer machine is equipped with a heating element or heater that can be adjusted by a temperature control component. 
This best cup sealer can be used for sizes, namely 12, 14, and 16 oz. The machine is designed with quality materials, making it more sturdy, modern and exclusive. The use warning that you need to pay attention to is if the engine has a problem, then immediately turn off the engine and check the engine in a normal temperature state.

Now by default, the Powerpack CS-M727i manual cup sealer can be used to seal 350 to 500 cups in one hour. The electric power needed is around 300 watts, the same as some of the other best cup sealer machine recommendations. If you buy this product, you will get a 1 year service guarantee.

9. Cup Sealer Received CSN-D8

Machine Cup Sealer Received CSN-D8
Cup Sealer Received CSN-D8

The next best cup sealer recommendation comes from a fairly trusted local brand, namely Nagako. 
Interestingly, this Nagako CSN-D8 cup sealer machine can be used for various cup sizes. So, these sizes range from 12, 14, 16, to a jumbo 22 Oz cup. It’s no wonder that this machine is the choice of many beverage entrepreneurs, especially those of you who are just starting a beverage business.

That way, your consumers can more freely choose their needs because you provide more choices. In addition, this best cup sealer machine can seal up to 400 cups of your product within one hour. As with other cup sealer machines, this one product requires 300 watts of power to operate properly.

10. Cup Sealer Carlton CT D8

Carlton CT D8 Cup Sealer Machine
Cup Sealer Carlton CT D8

The last cup sealer machine recommendation comes from the Carlton brand. 
The Carlton CT D8 machine is a type of manual cup sealer machine. If you have just opened a culinary business, especially packaged drinks, you should try buying this machine. This Carlton Cup Sealer Machine is perfect for beverage businesses, such as thai tea, bubble, soy milk, and other types of contemporary drinks.

The best cup sealer machine with 300 watts of power can seal cups of aqua glass sizes, and sizes 12, 14, 16 oz. Well, this one machine can at least seal 300-400 cups within one hour. In addition, this machine is also equipped with a digital counter that can automatically calculate the amount of plastic used. So, are you interested in buying this one product?

The advantage of having the best cup sealer machine

A cup sealer machine is a very useful tool for both sellers and consumers. The following will explain each of the advantages of this beverage packaging press machine.

1. Profit for the seller

If you already have the best cup sealer machine, the products to be sold can be easily recognized by consumers. This is because you can custom your logo or business name to be placed on the glass cover sealer. This marketing strategy is considered quite effective for today’s beverage businesses.

Not only that, you can also use the best cup sealer machine to make your product look more attractive and presentable. Of course, this is different from you just using ordinary transparent plastic as a cover for drinks. The lack of regular covers is not tight enough to make drinks prone to spills. You also need a lot of time to add plastic bags and then tie them tightly.

2. Benefits for consumers

Apart from benefiting the seller, it turns out that the best cup sealer machine also benefits consumers. As a consumer, of course you want to consume hygienic food and drinks. If your favorite drink uses a cup sealer machine, it can make a product that is sold more hygienic. In addition, when consumers buy beverage products that are properly “sealed”, they no longer need to worry if the drink spills or dust easily gets into it.

After reading the review of the ten best cup sealer recommendations above, which product is right for your business? Make sure the tool you choose meets your needs, especially if you don’t get confused anymore in choosing between a manual, semi-manual or automatic machine. Hopefully the product you choose can maximize your business!

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