10 Best Dates Juice Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Currently, there are various good brands of date essence available that you can choose for daily consumption. As with dates, date juice also has a color that tends to be black, tastes sweet, and has good health benefits for you and your family. Usually, the rather thick date juice is added with additional ingredients, such as glucose and fructose.

The Best Sari Dates Brand
Illustration of Sari Kurma / Turkeyro

With several brands of date palm juice being sold in the market, you can still feel the benefits of dates without eating the fruit directly. Then, how do you choose the best brand of palm juice? Let’s look at the review of the following article.

How to choose a good brand of palm juice

Usually, when choosing a brand of date palm juice to buy, you are given a variety of sizes and price options. The larger the size of the selected palm juice, of course, it will be directly proportional to the selling price. Apart from that, there are a number of other things that you need to pay attention to when buying the best brands of palm juice so you can find genuine and good quality products.

1. Pay close attention to the packaging of palm juice

The first thing you will encounter when you see a brand of palm juice is the packaging. The majority of palm juice sold in the market is packaged in bottles, both plastic and glass bottles. Well, the packaging usually includes some important information about the product so you can find out directly.

The information contained on the packaging for the Sari Dates brand includes the product name, composition, legality, manufacturer, and product size. So, make sure the legality is clear so you can be more calm when consuming it. In addition, pay attention to the packaging of the brand of palm juice which is still in good condition and tightly sealed.

2. Pay attention to the content of date palm juice

Apart from packaging, another important thing that you need to pay attention to when choosing the best brand of palm juice is the content of the ingredients. That’s because the date palm juice will be consumed regularly or consumed only to cure various diseases. Make sure the ingredients are safe from dangerous preservatives, OK?

Usually there are several ingredients that are commonly added to date juice products, such as glucose, fructose, propolis, Angkak, guava, honey mixtures and so on. Well, of course, these ingredients can add to the benefits of the date juice you buy. So that the palm juice that has been purchased is not stored for too long, buy a brand of palm juice that is not too large in size.

3. Choose genuine date palm products

You certainly want to get the original brand of palm juice, right? Well, there are a number of things you can do to avoid being fooled by counterfeit products. The characteristics of the original palm juice product include a slightly thick liquid but dissolves in water and has a smooth texture. To be more certain, make sure the product has a BPOM, halal MUI, or P-IRT registration number from the Health Service.

If you want to buy palm juice online, first look for reviews from other people, namely people who have purchased palm juice products before. So, you can find that by asking the people closest to you, looking at the opinions of other buyers in the marketplace review column, reviews on searches on Google, or reviews on the YouTube channel. That way, you will be more confident in determining which brand of palm juice to buy.

Date palm juice, which has various health benefits, can be consumed by anyone, be it babies, children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, or other people. The many brands of dates that are sold can also sometimes confuse you in determining the right product. So, here are ten recommendations for the best date palm juice brands selected by Ainun, which can be used as an alternative when looking for date juice on the market.

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10 Best Sari Kurma Brand Recommendations

1. Sari Kurma TJ

The Best Sari Kurma Brands Sari Kurma TJ
TJ Date Sari

You are certainly no stranger to this one brand of palm juice, right? 
Apart from selling honey, Tresno Joyo, or commonly known as TJ, also sells date juice which you can buy in various places, such as minimarkets, supermarkets, pharmacies, and marketplaces. The types of dates used are dates from Saudi Arabia.

If you don’t want to get sick easily, then you can buy this brand of TJ date juice to be consumed every day. That way, your body’s metabolism can be maintained properly. Besides being consumed directly, you can also mix it with other food or drinks. Well, this method is suitable for those of you who don’t like excessive sweetness.

2. Sari Kurma Sahara

The Best Sari Kurma Brands Sari Kurma Sahara
Sari Kurma Sahara

During pregnancy, you will usually need more nutrition so that your health and that of your future baby are always in good condition. 
Apart from food, you can also add date juice to the list of products consumed. One of the brands of date juice that can be an option is date juice from Sahara. By consuming this one date juice, the rate of movement of your uterus can be well controlled.

In addition, this product can also help increase systole mass due to the presence of glucose, fructose, and vitamin B1. One of the brands of date palm juice produced by PT Sehat Prima Lestari in Bogor also has other benefits, such as reducing muscle and bone pain, reducing fever, increasing appetite, and many more.

3. Sari Kurma Amira

The Best Sari Kurma Brand Sari Kurma Amira
Sari Kurma Amira

Anemia is a disease that needs special treatment. 
Usually, people with anemia will feel dizzy when changing positions from sitting to standing. In addition, people with anemia will also feel headaches and weak concentration levels. If left continuously, of course, the health condition will worsen.

Have you also experienced something similar? Well, one of the solutions that can be chosen is to consume Sari Kurma Amira regularly. You can get this one palm essence brand easily, you know! So, there is no more reason to maintain health by consuming this brand of date essence.

4. Sari Kurma Al-Jazira

The Best Sari Kurma Brands Sari Kurma Al Jazira
Sari Kurma Al Jazira

Are you the type of person who often loses their appetite? 
If that’s the case, you can choose the Sari Kurma Al-Jazira brand as your appetite enhancer. By having a high appetite, the energy you have will also increase so that you can carry out various activities without feeling excessive fatigue. This one product is the result of a combination of dates, honey, Black Seed, and olive oil.

The quality and benefits are unquestionable, yes! However, one thing is certain, this brand of palm juice can be enjoyed by children to adults with different doses. If a child drinks one tablespoon, then the dose of palm juice for adults is doubled. Like taking medicine, this product can also be consumed three times a day.

5. Sari Kurma Arofah

The Best Sari Dates Brand Sari Kurma Arofah
Sari Kurma Arofah

The next recommendation for the best palm extract brand is Sari Kurma Arofah with various ingredients that are beneficial for health. 
This product, which has a honey-like texture, contains beta-carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, ascorbic acid, biotin, iron, calcium, and many more. So, its efficacy is unquestionable.

This brand of date essence is suitable for consumption by those of you who are recovering from dengue fever. If where you live is close to a pharmacy or herb shop, you can buy it there. However, another alternative that can be done to obtain this product is to buy it online through a reliable marketplace.

6. Sari Kurma HPAI

The Best Sari Kurma Brands Sari Kurma HPAI
Sari Kurma HPAI

Healthy dates are known as dates from the United Arab Emirates which have good quality and benefits. 
Of course this product is free from harmful preservatives, yes! Therefore, this HPAI palm extract also has good benefits for your health. This brand of date essence contains high potassium, antioxidants, and fiber.

For those of you whose sleep quality is still poor, this best brand of palm juice can be the right choice. By having good quality sleep, tomorrow’s activities can be carried out more pleasantly because you already have a good mood. In addition, your digestive health can also be maintained properly.

7. Sari Kurma Az-Zahra Platinum

The Best Sari Kurma Brands Sari Kurma Az-Zahra Platinum
Sari Kurma Az-Zahra Platinum

A nursing mother will usually need more intake so that the milk given to her child is of higher quality. 
Well, one of the supports for this intake is Az Zahra Platinum date juice because of the presence of iron and calcium in it.

In addition to meeting the needs of the baby, this palm juice brand can also replace the depleted energy of the nursing mother. That’s because this product contains calcium, iron, selenium, minerals, and antioxidants. Well, this one health product has gone through a processing process with modern and hygienic technology. That way, you don’t need to doubt the quality anymore.

8. Sari Dates Honey Angkak

The Best Sari Kurma Brands Sari Kurma Madu Angkak
Sari Dates Honey Angkak

Do you feel familiar with Angkak which is usually given to people with dengue fever? 
Well, you can also give Angkak Honey Dates Extract Plus Sweet Potato Leaves from Darusyifa Alami. According to the writing on the front of the package, this date juice is the result of a combination of honey, red guava juice, Angkak, sweet potato leaves, and propolis.

The composition has shown that this product is very suitable to be given to people who have dengue fever. By consuming this one brand of date palm product regularly, platelets will rise more quickly. Do you already know the bad consequences that will occur if the platelets continue to decrease?

9. Sari Kurma Al-Madinah

Al-Madinah's Best Sari Dates Brand
Sari Kurma Al-Madinah

A mother will usually feel anxious when she sees her child’s weight tends to decrease. 
Every effort has been made so that the weight can increase slowly. However, the child usually does not have the appetite to eat the various dishes that have been prepared. Do you also experience this?

Another effort that you can do is to give Sari Kurma Al-Madinah. This brand of date essence has a sweet taste so that the majority of children will like it. This product is believed to increase one’s appetite. But still give the dose according to his age, OK!

10. Sari Kurma Tamr

The Best Sari Kurma Brands Sari Kurma Tamr
Sari Kurma Tamr

The last recommended brand of date essence is Sari Kurma Tamr with a composition of water, dates, fructose, sucrose, and carboxymethylcellulose thickener. 
This product is made from good quality dates which are then dried and go through a modern and hygienic processing process. So, this product is safe if consumed every day.

Apart from being enjoyed by drinking it directly, you can also mix this brand of date palm juice with ice cream. You can also spread it on bread, you know! Another menu that is usually combined with palm juice is pancakes. Do you have any other ideas?

How to store date juice so that it lasts

Even though the brand of palm juice that you buy is of good quality, this quality can decrease as a result of not being stored in the right way. So, here are some ways to store date juice so that it lasts.

1. Pay attention to where the date palm juice is stored

The first thing to consider when storing your chosen brand of date essence is where to store it. Well, this one point includes several things, including temperature, humidity, and sun exposure. Each brand of palm juice has different characteristics and qualities. So, manufacturers will usually write down the recommended storage standards on the packaging or on the paper in the package.

However, in general, the proper temperature for storing this date juice is below 30℃. Usually this temperature will also be related to the sun exposure factor because it can increase the temperature of the storage area. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the humidity level in the storage place for the brand of date essence so that it does not reduce its quality.

2. Make sure the storage area is not easily accessible to children

Usually you will also be advised to store medicines away from the reach of children. Well, this also applies when you are going to store the best palm juice brand products that you have purchased. Children may really enjoy consuming date palm juice because it tastes sweet, but they don’t necessarily know the right dose.

Consuming anything in excess will certainly have a bad impact, right? Therefore, make sure that you have stored the date palm brand in a place that is difficult for children to reach. Be careful that sometimes children have their own way of getting to what they want.

3. Make sure the palm juice is closed tightly

Another way that you can do to maintain the quality of the best palm juice brand products so that they last longer is to reseal the packaging tightly. If the date juice is not closed tightly, dust or other microbes may slowly enter the package. If this happens, of course the quality of the date juice you buy can decrease.

Declining product quality will certainly also affect the benefits of your choice of date juice. The standard dose given will not have as good an effect as before the product was opened and closed tightly. So make sure you always close the packaging of the date palm brand tightly, okay!

So, that’s a review of the ten recommendations for the best palm extract brands that you can choose to maintain the health of you and your family. Which brand will you buy? Make sure the authenticity of the product before buying so you don’t get a fake product, okay!

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