10 Best Delicious Chocolate Block (Compound) Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Many people need delicious chocolate blocks because they can be used for various needs, such as cake-making ingredients, cake toppings and ice cream, and many more. Not only cocoa powder, this type of chocolate also has a variety of flavors, colors and sizes. Well, block chocolate itself consists of two types, namely compound and couverture chocolate which have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

The Best Delicious Compound Block Chocolate
Compound Block Brown Illustration Image

The main ingredient for making compound chocolate is cocoa powder with vegetable fat. Meanwhile, couverture chocolate is made from cocoa butter and cocoa mass . Then, what are the tips that can be applied in order to find the best chocolate block brand? Check out the following article review, OK!

Tips for Choosing a Tasty and Good Chocolate Block Brand

Of course, you want to find the best quality and most delicious chocolate blocks. Well, there are a number of tips that can be applied so that you can choose and find delicious block chocolate brands with the best choices.

1. Adjust the delicious brown block color variant to your liking

If previously known chocolate only had one color, this time the best compound chocolate consists of various colors. There are chocolates that are white, pink, yellow, green, and many more. This of course can support the creativity of making cakes and others.

For example, you are making a children’s birthday cake that also uses chocolate for decoration. Little children certainly love colorful cakes, don’t they? Therefore, you can choose a variety of colors that match the theme of the cake.

2. Choose a delicious block chocolate flavor according to your taste

Apart from color, the taste of each brand of chocolate block is of course different. However, this usually depends on the color of the product. For example, you want to buy chocolate with melon flavor, then the selected chocolate has a green color like melons in general.

Well, that also applies to other delicious block chocolate flavors. But everyone certainly has different tastes. So, choose the best chocolate block brand whose color and taste suit your taste.

The Best Delicious Compound Block Chocolate
Block Brown Illustration Image / AtlanteSRL

3. Choose the best chocolate block as needed

Each product has its own expiry date, as well as block chocolate or compound chocolate . You should not buy too many blocks of chocolate so that the product can run out before it expires.

However, you can just buy large portions as long as there are more dishes that require chocolate blocks as the main or complementary ingredient. That way, the money you spend will not be wasted.

4. Make sure the selected chocolate block brand has a permit

Of course, you want to consume delicious chocolate block products but still be safe, of course. If that’s the case, you should make sure that the chocolate block brand you choose has clear permits.

The license in question is the BPOM registration number, the halal logo and the LPPOM MUI number, or the P-IRT number from the Health Service. If one of them is listed on the chocolate block packaging, then the product you choose will be safe for consumption.

5. Adjust the price of chocolate blocks with the budget you have

This point is of course an important thing to pay attention to, especially for you cake business owners and other products who often need the best supply of compound chocolate . If you consider this carefully, then there is a possibility that you can purchase these block chocolate products on an ongoing basis.

That way, you can still maintain the quality of the product and the taste offered to customers. Then, what will happen if you can’t match the price of the best chocolate block with the budget you have?

10 Recommendations for the Best Delicious Chocolate Block / Compound Brands

Here we go

Now there are indeed many of the best chocolate block or compound chocolate products offered in the market with various prices. However, this can sometimes be confusing because of the many choices given. So, here are ten recommendations for delicious and good chocolate block brands from Ainun, hopefully they can add to your references.

1. Tulip Dark Compound Chocolate

Best Block Chocolate Tulip Dark Compound Chocolate
Tulip Dark Compound Chocolate

Are you going to make a tart decorated with chocolate blocks? 
If that’s the case, Tulip Dark Compound Chocolate is certainly a good choice. That’s because this chocolate block does not require a 
tempering process and melts easily, making it easier to create according to your wishes. Not only for decorating tart cakes, this best chocolate block can also be used for coating fruits, cake balls, ice cream toppings, and many more.

This delicious chocolate block recommendation is made from several ingredients, namely sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa powder, and vegetable emulsifier. You don’t need to worry because the chocolate block produced by PT Freyabadi Indotama in Karawang district already has a BPOM registration number. Not only is there a Dark Compound variant, the best delicious chocolate block brand whose taste is well recognized by chefs, pastry chefs and chocolatiers. It is also available in various variants, such as Milk Compound Chocolate, White Compound Chocolate, Strawberry Flavored Compound Chocolate, and so on. You can adjust it to your needs, yes!

2. WoCa Chocolate Original Premium

The Best Chocolate Block WoCa Chocolate Original Premium
WoCa Chocolate Original Premium

If you are looking for the best delicious block chocolate whose composition uses fruit, then you can choose WoCa Chocolate Original Premium. 
This product is originally made in Indonesia, you know! This chocolate block from Bali has been around since 2010, which now provides many chocolate variants that you can choose according to your needs. Then, weighing 40 grams can be an option for those of you who want to try it first.

This chocolate block is proven to be safe for consumption because it is made using good quality ingredients and does not use preservatives, so this product already has a distribution permit from the Health Service. You don’t need to worry about taste either, because the best delicious chocolate block has a taste that suits the tongue of the Indonesian people. There are variants of coconut, original, sea salt, durian, mangosteen, and many more.

3. Pasha Dark Chocolate Compound

Best Chocolate Block Pasha Dark Chocolate Compound
Pasha Dark Chocolate Compound

It cannot be denied that currently there are many types of chocolate being sold in the market, some are easy to melt and some are not easy to melt. 
Which chocolate do you prefer? If you like chocolate that melts easily, then Pasha Dark Chocolate Compound can be the right choice. You can make this chocolate block as a filling for bread or other dessert products, such as truffles, chocolate soufflé, ganache, and pralines.

Besides that, you can also make chocolate sauce that is smeared on fruit or various kinds of desserts and cake decorations of various kinds of cakes using this chocolate block. Well, the best delicious block chocolate is made using various combinations of ingredients, namely chocolate, vegetable fats, and sweeteners. Pasha Dark Chocolate Compound, which is produced by PT Sekawan Karsa Mulia, is also safe for consumption!

4. Lagie Flamboyant Chocolate Block Black

The Best Chocolate Block Lagie Flamboyant Chocolate Block Black
Lagie Flamboyant Chocolate Block Black

One ingredient that can enhance the taste of your homemade cake is the use of block chocolate. 
So, the recommended chocolate brand that you can choose is Lagie Flamboyant with a wide selection of flavors and colors. There are choices of Extra Dark, Dark Milk, Milk, White, Orange, Green Tea, and Tiramisu. Just choose what suits your taste or needs, okay! Apart from that, the best delicious chocolate block on this one is also a baking chocolate that is easily melted so that it can make it easier for you to be creative.

Not only can it be used as a food mixture, you can also make delicious chocolate drink creations when the weather is cold or hot. Well, the best delicious block chocolate that is included in the compound chocolate category is made from a mixture of sugar essence, lecithin, milk, and much more. Interestingly, PT Fajar Mataram Sedayu, which produces this chocolate in Bandung, has been operating for more than 30 years!

5. Colatta Dark Compound Chocolate

Best Block Chocolate Colatta Dark Compound Chocolate
Colatta Dark Compound Chocolate

The next best recommendation for delicious block chocolate is Colatta Dark Compound Chocolate which also has strawberry, white, and milk flavors. 
The block chocolate produced by PT Gandum Mas Kencana in Tangerang already has a BPOM registration number! So, you can be sure that this product is safe for you and your friends and family to consume.

If you have a business in the form of a cake shop that needs decoration, then Colatta Dark Compound Chocolate should be the right choice. The best delicious chocolate blocks can be melted and then molded as needed, shaved for dessert toppings, used as cake filling ingredients, and so on. That way, your customers can be more flexible in choosing the chocolate creations that you make.

6. Elmer Rhapsody Tropical Compound

Best Block Chocolate Elmer Compound Tropical Rhapsody
Elmer Compound Tropical Rhapsody

Are you tired of seeing the best delicious chocolate blocks that are the same color? 
If that’s the case, then you can choose Elmer Rhapsody Tropical Compound which has various flavors. Of course the brown color will follow the flavor variant you choose, right! Well, there are apples, melons, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, oranges, lemons and bananas to choose from. Which chocolate block variant do you want to choose?

This colorful chocolate block can be used for decoration, mousse filling, moulding, scraping, and chocolate cream. With the best colorful blocks of delicious chocolate, of course, you can have more freedom to make unique and aesthetic creations. Interesting to try, right? Don’t worry, this product is easy to get because you only need to visit the official account on your favorite marketplace.

7. Nesta Chocolate Compound

The Best Chocolate Block Nesta Chocolate Compound
Nesta Chocolate Compound

This recommendation for the best delicious block chocolate is specifically for those of you who are looking for products at economical prices. 
Not only economical, the chocolate block produced by PT Sekawan Karsa Mulia in Tangerang is also safe for consumption because it already has a BPOM registration number. Well, you can easily find this delicious chocolate block in 1 kg packaging on your favorite marketplace so you can buy it continuously.

This of course will be profitable if you have a business that requires economical chocolate blocks, right? In addition, the texture of the best delicious block chocolate is neither sticky nor too soft. That way, the results of this Nesta chocolate shavings will also remain stable and good. Then for the composition, this product is made using a combination of vegetable fat, sugar, cocoa powder, soy lecithin emulsifier, and synthetic vanilla flavoring.

8. Mercolade Premium Chocolate Compound

The Best Chocolate Block Mercolade Premium Chocolate Compound
Mercolade Premium Chocolate Compound

Have you ever heard of the best delicious chocolate block brand on this one? 
Mercolade Premium Chocolate Compound is produced by PT Mercolade Indonesia in Tangerang Regency. So, this 1 kg block chocolate product also has a BPOM registration number and an LPPOM MUI number, so you don’t need to hesitate anymore to choose it.

Not only available in dark brown, this product also has colorful brown variants like rainbow colors. You can make donuts with colorful toppings, mixes for making brownies and various kinds of cakes, and coatings for pastries using Mercolade chocolate. That way, your children won’t feel bored enjoying the special dish you’ve made.

9. Diamond Dark Chocolate Compound

The Best Chocolate Block Diamond Chocolate Compound
Diamond Chocolate Compound

The next recommendation for the best delicious block chocolate is Diamond Dark Chocolate Compound, whose composition is sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, vegetable emulsifiers, and synthetic flavours. 
Usually block chocolate is easier to make if the chocolate has been melted first. Well, how to melt it is very easy because you only need to cut it into small sizes and put it in a stainless or glass container.

After that, place the container over the hot water for some time on the team. This process doesn’t take long, huh! If you feel the chocolate has started to melt, you can remove it and place the container on the table. If that’s the case, you can start making creations using chocolate blocks that already have this BPOM registration number. Don’t forget to store the remaining uncut chocolate blocks in a cool, dry place with a temperature of 16-20 degrees Celsius so they don’t get moldy.

10. Pipiltin Chocolate Bar

Best Chocolate Block Pipiltin Cocoa Dark Chocolate
Pipiltin Cocoa Dark Chocolate

There is the best block of delicious chocolate from abroad, that’s normal, right? 
Well, Pipiltin Chocolate Bar is an original Indonesian product because the chocolate used is cocoa pods from Indonesia from Aceh to West Papua. However, the taste and characteristics produced from chocolate in each region will of course be different so that various variants are produced.

If you want to enjoy Balinese chocolate, then you can choose products that taste Fruity, Creamy, and contain 70% Balinese chocolate. However, Pipiltin Chocolate Bar, whose packaging says Aceh 73%, is for those of you who want to experience the pleasures of chocolate from Aceh. There are still other product variants too, huh! Well, the existence of the best delicious chocolate brand on this one shows that the selling value of cocoa from Indonesia can be increased.


So, those are ten recommendations for delicious chocolate block (compound) brands that you can choose for various needs. It is undeniable that chocolate is one of many people’s favorite product choices for various things, whether for cooking or baking for diets and others. In your opinion, what brand of chocolate is good? Hopefully you are satisfied with the product choices that you have set, okay!

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