10 Best Dressing Table Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog ReviewThe Best Dressing Table beautiful all day long is important for most people, especially women. No doubt, many use makeup before going to important events or daily activities. For that, the dressing table will be very vital for those who like to wear makeup. The best vanity products definitely have a mirror and a cosmetic storage drawer, making it easier for you to make up. In addition to making it easier, using a dressing table also makes you feel comfortable.

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For those who want to buy a dressing table, it is highly recommended to choose one that fits the room. Try to make the dressing table fit in your room and match the theme of the room. In addition, you should also choose a product with a drawer that can fit all the cosmetic tools you have. With this in mind, you will be comfortable when wearing makeup in front of the dressing table.

10 Best Dressing Table Recommendations

There are many good vanity brands, such as iFurnholic, The Olive House, and many more. These brands offer a wide variety of different types of dressing tables. You can be confused if you do not understand the specifications of these products. To help you choose, tomslead.com provides recommendations for the best dressing tables below.

1. iFurnholic Jennifer Storage Mirror

Best Dressing Table iFurnholic Jeniffer Storage Mirror
iFurnholic Jennifer Storage Mirror

The iFurnholic Jennifer Storage Mirror is a dressing table with a long mirror and is equipped with 2 drawers. With its long mirror, it allows you to make up in a standing or sitting style. The mirror is 1.22 meters high and 0.38 meters wide. At this size, the mirror is able to display your entire body, making it easier to organize yourself. In addition, there are also two drawers with wooden rails underneath, which you can use to store makeup tools and magazines.

The materials used to make this dressing table are mahogany and MDF (medium density board). Thanks to these materials, this product has more value in terms of smoothness and strength. What is unique about this table is that the table and mirror can be separated. So you can put it in a different place. With an elegant classic design, this product will be suitable for being placed in your room, including a minimalist concept room.

2. iFurnholic European Dressing Table Set

Best Dressing Table iFurnholic Eurosian Dressing Table Set
iFurnholic European Dressing Table Set

The iFurnholic European Dressing Table Set is a multifunctional table that can be used as a study table and a dressing table. In the middle of this product there is a mirror that can be opened and closed. So, you only need to open it to make a dressing table, then close it if you want to use it for work or study. When the mirror is opened, inside there is an insulated space that can be filled with cosmetic tools. In addition, on the right and left sides, they are also equipped with storage drawers, so you can fill them with books or makeup tools.

The overall dimensions are 100 x 40 x 75 cm, with a mirror size of 50 x 40 cm. If you buy it, you will get a soft bench with a size of 35 x 30 x 42 cm. The materials used to make it are mahogany and MDF, so they are strong and smooth. With a luxurious Scandinavian design, this product with two color choices can decorate your bedroom. The two colors are ivory and brown ivory, which are both beautiful.

3. The Olive House Dressing Table Set Helsinki Console Set

Best Dressing Table The Olive House Biella Console Set
The Olive House Dressing Table Set Helsinki Console Set

The local brand of Indonesian furniture, The Olive House, is a well-known furniture manufacturer in Indonesia. Their products are known to be good, and the Helsinki Console Set dressing table is no exception. This product offers a table with a modern minimalist design to beautify your room. There are two color choices, namely wenge and beech. It has a size of 90 x 42 x 124 cm, making it still suitable for decorating small rooms.

In this best dressing table set, you will get a table complete with a mirror and also get a stool measuring 30 30 x 35.8 cm. This dressing table is also equipped with drawers. There are even four drawers that can be used to store various makeup tools. This product has good durability with materials in the form of MDF and PVC sheet. Those of you who want a dressing table with a minimalist size are perfect for using this product made by The Olive House.

4. Queen Anne Dressing Table

Best Dressing Table Queen Anne
Queen Anne Dressing Table

The Queen Anne Console Set is another vanity product produced by The Olive House. This product has a Victorian-style design to beautify your room. To help you apply makeup, this table uses three mirrors that you can adjust the position of. It is also equipped with five drawers that you can use to store your make-up needs. The existence of this certainly helps you when wearing makeup.

When you buy this dressing table in one package, you will also get a stool so that you can sit more comfortably. The materials used to make it are also good, namely wood and selected MDF, so that it can be used in the long term. The product, with a size of 106 x 45 x 144 cm, will be very suitable for you to use. At the same time, you can make it an interior design project at the same time to beautify the room.

5. The Olive House Biella Console Set

Best Dressing Table The Olive House Biella Console Set
The Olive House Biella Console Set

The next product made by The Olive House for the dressing table category is the Biella Console Set. The dimensions of this product reach 90 x 40 x 145.5 cm, due to the relatively large size of the mirror. In addition to getting a dressing table, you will also get a chair with dimensions of 40 x 36 x 38 cm. To make it easier for you to apply makeup, this product is equipped with five drawers, including two large drawers, two small drawers, and one wide drawer. With the various drawers, you can store various types of makeup tools there, including hair spray.

In addition to having quite a lot of drawers, this dressing table also has six shelves on the right and left of the mirror. The shelf can not only be filled with makeup tools, you can also fill it with accessories, calendars, and clocks. In fact, there are three shelves available behind the mirror, because the mirror can be opened and closed. The existence of many shelves and drawers makes your things more organized. For those of you who have a lot of makeup tools, buying the Biella Console Set is a wise choice.

6. Wardrobe 3 Doors + Dressing Table LPT 311

Best Dressing Table Meja Rias LPT 311
Wardrobe 3 Doors + Dressing Table LPT 311

In addition to a dressing table that can be used as a study table, there is also a dressing table that also serves as a wardrobe. The product in question is a 3-Door Wardrobe + LPT 311 Dressing Table. In one product, you will find a wardrobe that can fit several clothes and a dressing table with a rising mirror. Behind the mirror there is also a shelf, so it can be used to put clothes or cosmetics. As a multifunctional table, for those who live in a small room or apartment, choosing this product is the best thing.

Not only will you get a cupboard and a table, but you will also get a chair when you buy it. This best dressing table design adopts a classic style with a distinctive wood pattern around it. The material used is particle board, which is good enough to be used for a long time. Although its size reaches 120 x 43 x 182 cm, this product is perfect for those of you who live in small spaces.

7. Pro Design Romanov

Best Dressing Table Pro Design Romanov
Pro Design Romanov

Pro Design Romanov is a dressing table that has a door, so it looks more like a cupboard or cabinet. With a door, you can cover your makeup tools and hide them if they look messy. Inside this wardrobe, there are four storage drawers located at the bottom, two open drawers at the top, and a mirror that you can use to apply makeup in the middle. At the bottom, there are also two open drawers that can be filled with items. Even at the bottom, there is also an open space, so it can be filled with shoes or shoe boxes.

The material used to make it is a strong particle board. With these materials, this classic style dressing table will be suitable to be used as a room decoration for the long term. But before buying it, know, if the dimensions are high enough and long enough, it will reach 111 x 50 x 200 cm. So, you have to stand when you put on your makeup, because the mirror is quite high up. Also, make sure your room fits if you want to buy this one dressing table.

8. Portable Minimalist Dressing Table

Best Dressing Table Minimalis Portable
Portable Minimalist Dressing Table

For those of you who want a portable dressing table or one that is easy to move, choosing a portable minimalist dressing table is the solution. One product with such specifications is the PRO-YEARN Makeup Dresser Dressing Table manufacturer. Besides being able to be moved easily because there are wheel-shaped legs underneath, this one product is also able to accommodate many makeup tools. That’s because there are many drawers of various sizes that you can use as storage drawers.

Even though it has many drawers, this dressing table is still compact, measuring only 65 x 65 x 80 cm. With such specifications, you, who are a makeup artist, are very suitable to use it. Those of you who have a lot of makeup tools can also use it, because it can store a lot of makeup tools practically. This product is also quite good in terms of materials, because the selected MDF material is the main material.

9. iFurnholic Jodie Vanity Sets

Best Dressing Table iFurnholic Jodie Vanity Sets
iFurnholic Jodie Vanity Sets

For those who want a minimalist dressing table, choosing a product called iFurnholic Jodie Vanity Sets is the right choice. Although it is only equipped with one drawer, the drawer is quite large and has several partitions. The bulkheads are four in number, with three of them having a rather small size. With such a drawer, you can store your makeup tools more neatly and make it easier to find makeup tools.

The design of one of the best dressing tables is fairly minimalist. Even so, an elegant impression still emanated from it. The size itself is 100 x 40 x 75 cm with a beautiful ivory (bone white) color. When you buy it, you also get a chair measuring 35 x 35 x 42 cm, which is comfortable to use. You are highly recommended to buy this product because of its simple and fairly durable shape, because it is made of mahogany and MDF.

10. iFurnholic Halfmoon Vanity 120

Best Dressing Table iFurnholic Halfmoon Vanity 120
iFurnholic Halfmoon Vanity 120

The iFurnholic Halfmoon Vanity 120 is a vanity table with a unique shape, which is in the form of a semi-circle for the mirror and table. Apart from the shape, another uniqueness of this product is the absence of a drawer to store makeup tools. Instead, in front of the mirror there is an elongated shelf that can be filled with several makeup tools. In addition, the shape of the table is also quite large, so it can be used as a surface to accommodate makeup tools.

Besides being able to be used for makeup, you can also use this dressing table for studying or reading. That’s because this table is quite large, with a size of 120 x 60 x 135 cm. If the table is too big, you can also buy the Halfmoon Vanity 90, which is a similar product with a smaller size. Its unique and simple Scandinavian design makes it very suitable to be used as a room interior. The color is also good, there are even two choices, namely ivory and nature, so it can be adjusted to the theme of your room.


Using a dressing table is the best solution for those of you who like to make up. Besides being able to be used to check the appearance of the face, it can also be used to store makeup tools more neatly. For this reason, this device is a must-have.

For that, you can choose the best dressing table products that have been recommended above. Most are local products with cheap to expensive prices depending on the quality of the wood material used, if you are interested in a dressing table that has the best quality maybe you can prepare a little more budget to buy it. But usually the quality will be directly proportional to the price offered.

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