10 Best Educational Toys Recommendations for 4, 5, 6 Year Olds

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Best Blog Review – The growth phase of children aged 4, 5, to 6 years is so important that you support them with various activities that actively encourage their thinking skills. You can choose educational toys that are targeted at users with that age group. There are lots of toys to choose from, but which one do you need the most to give your little one?

Don’t make the wrong choice! Each toy is designed to stimulate a child’s power and cognitive abilities. There are educational toys to recognize spaces, shapes, numbers, letters, and so on. This toy can be played alone to encourage imagination and creative thinking processes. While some others are played in groups so that children can mingle to start their experience of recognizing the feelings of losing and winning.

Best Educational Toys
Educational Toys Illustration Gambar

How to choose a good 4, 5, 6 year old educational toy

In this article, we will review specifically for you about children’s educational toys. Before choosing a product, we will explain how to choose educational toys for 4, 5, or 6 year olds. There are some important points that you need to know. Tune in to see more!

1. To develop expressive skills, you can choose letters and numbers toys

In preschool or about 4-5 years, children will begin to like the shape of numbers and letters. You can give the baby with this educational toy. Buy letter and number toys to support the intelligence of expression in the child’s brain. If your child is accompanied and trained to continue to recognize the shape of numbers and letters, you can see how he starts to be able to count up to tens or even hundreds at that age.

2. To improve communication skills, give children card games or board games

Board games or card-type games that involve multiple players will help your child recognize love for other than family members. When the child is 4 to 6 years old, you can invite your child to play in the play group to play in groups. When playing together, children directly train their communication skills with other children their age.

Toys in the form of cards, board games, or other types can teach children about the fun of playing together. Not only that, if the game being played requires rules or strategies, children also begin to learn to think logically in order to win the game. More importantly, children can experience winning or losing with this kind of educational toy.

3. To train children’s imagination and creativity, you can give them a toy like block brick

Block brick is the perfect toy for those of you who want to encourage your child’s imagination and creativity. This type of toy can be played by children aged 5-6 years. Unlike card games, this block brick toy can be played alone. This type of toy will develop children’s creativity and imagination in building various forms of buildings, objects, vehicles, and so on.

4. Buy a puzzle to train the child’s brain to recognize space

In addition to being able to recognize numbers and letters, you can start training your child’s big brain to recognize the shape of empty spaces from the age of 5 years. Toys such as 3D puzzles or silhouette puzzles can be given to your little one. Let him hone his intelligence by recognizing empty spaces. Don’t forget to guide your child so that the child’s learning process will be more fun.

After reading the reviews in the previous section on how to choose, have you understood what type of toy is most suitable for your child? You can also choose more than one type of toy so that when a child gets bored with one toy, he or she can replace the toy with another type of toy. Here, Ainun provides a list of the ten best educational toys for children aged 4, 5, and 6 years old.

1. Puzzlo Puzzle What Color Education Cards

Best Children's Educational Toys Puzzlo Puzzle Educational Cards What Color
Puzzlo Puzzle What Color Educational Card Toys Pictures

Of course you want a bright-brained child from an early age, right? 
To make it happen, we recommend that you give your child this educational toy. Puzzlo is an educational toy for children that has a complete circle shape with different vocabulary on each piece. Each circle puzzle piece has an interesting color.

This educational card toy is made of extra thick cardboard so it is not easy to bend and is more durable. In a set of Puzzlo available 15 pieces with 15 different colors. For each piece there are names of vehicles, animals, clothes, buildings, and much more. With this toy, your child will learn to remember shapes and names of objects with more fun.

2. Balance Shapes Educational Toys

Best Children's Educational Toys Balance Shapes
Balance Shapes Educational Toys Pictures

It is very good if you buy children’s educational toys that can encourage their brain’s ability to think logically and recognize shapes and spaces. 
The educational toys that we recommend are useful for training children’s intellectuals to think logically. Easy game mechanics will not make your son and daughter get bored quickly when playing this toy.

Your child will be invited to arrange the shapes of objects such as cubes and rounds. Each shape has a different weight. Children can place the 12 shapes of objects provided on the two sides provided. If the arrangement is correct, then each arrangement will produce the same weight from each side. The essence of this toy is to introduce the concept of balance to children.

3. My Family Doctor

Best Children's Educational Toys My Family Doctor
Gambar My Family Doctor

At school age, many children say their dream is to become a doctor when they grow up. 
If you want your child to grow up to be a doctor, then this educational toy is not to be missed. My Family Doctor is a toy for girls designed to introduce children to the medical profession.

There are 8 kinds of medical equipment available in one product package. Each tool is packaged in an adorable shape and comes in bright colors. While playing with this educational toy, your child can at the same time learn to communicate like a doctor explaining the condition of the patient being examined.

4. Funny Gear Bricks

Best Children's Educational Toys Funny Gear Bricks
Gambar Funny Gear Bricks
The game of arranging blocks will encourage children to concentrate more deeply. This educational toy provides 81 blocks which are equipped with 3 rotating wheels. Once all the blocks are in place, you or your child can turn on the toy with battery power. In an instant, the toys will come alive and your child is guaranteed to be delighted.

Funny Gear Bricks are classified as safe educational toys. Each block has a size large enough so it is very safe for children with high curiosity. There are various shapes such as boxes with serrations on all four sides to round pieces wrapped in rainbow colors. If you need a toy that can boost a child’s brain abilities rapidly, give this toy a try.

5. Sweet Shop Luxury Candy Cart

Best Children's Educational Toys Sweet Shop Luxury Candy Cart
Gambar Sweet Shop Luxury Candy Cart

Countless how many children’s educational toys are played with assembly mechanisms. 
If you are quite bored with the concept of toys that seem so casual, you need to try Sweet Shop Luxury Candy Cart. This is an educational toy that will teach children to assemble parts to form an ice cream cart and sweet candy.

There are 39 parts that can be assembled into a cart. This toy measures 33 x 20 x 38 cm, large enough for your child to push the cart when all the assembly is in place. This toy is made of plastic material so it is light and safe to play. If you want to train your child’s entrepreneurial spirit, immediately buy your child this toy.

6. El-Hana First Busy Bag

The Best Children's Educational Toys for Early Childhood El-Hana First Busy Bag
Gambar El-Hana First Busy Bag

Many details are listed in this child’s toy. 
At least, El-Hana First Busy Bag provides 6 types of toys with different play mechanisms, each of which can train children’s intelligence and creativity. Just buy this toy for your child, you can save more on your budget because you don’t have to prepare other toys with different functions.

El-Hana First Busy Bag can be played to recognize letters and numbers. Not only that, you can also randomize the order of letters to be arranged by your child which if trained continuously, the child’s memory can increase rapidly. In addition to sorting numbers and letters, there are also toys with functions of sorting shapes, colors, and even cards which then require children to think logically.

7. Rainbow Kulintang Educational Wooden Toys

Best Children's Educational Toys Kulintang Pelangi Wood
Kulintang Pelangi Educational Wooden Toys Pictures

There are not many educational toys that focus on its function to train children’s artistic spirit. 
If you want to introduce your child to the world of art, you can give this one toy to your child. This kolintang-shaped toy can make a sound when hit. There are 5 different tones on each beat that will train children’s hearing sensitivity to high and low notes.

To produce the tone, there are two beaters made of pine which are quite sturdy. The kolintang body is also wrapped with pine wood material to ensure the durability of the toy longer. This toy is not only attractive in terms of appearance, but is very useful for developing your child’s potential in the arts and music.

8. Mosaic Sticker Educational Toys

Best Children's Educational Toys Mosaic Stickers
Mosaic Sticker Educational Toys Pictures

Children are famous for their easily bored nature, including when it comes to playing educational toys. 
Therefore, you can outsmart this by choosing educational toys at low prices. These mosaic stickers include toys that are relatively inexpensive, but are still effective in training fine motor skills in children’s brains.

Only with a range of 10-15 thousand, you can already give this educational toy to your favorite baby. Each piece of the mosaic can be arranged to produce the perfect shape and picture. Don’t forget to accompany your child when you first assemble this mosaic sticker because this educational toy is quite difficult.

9. Drawing Board Funny Toys Studio Easel

Best Children's Educational Toys Drawing Board Funny Toys Studio Easel
Gambar Drawing Board Funny Toys Studio Easel

Not infrequently activities in preschool or kindergarten that maximize children’s creativity and imagination. 
One activity that is often chosen is drawing. If you want a child who is good at drawing, try this product. Drawing Board Funny Toys Studio Easel is a toy in the form of a tray table which can be filled with 66 pieces of toys. There are pieces of letters, numbers, and other symbols that can be arranged to form word equivalents.

This toy also provides a whiteboard that can be used to stick pieces together or be used to draw. In the beginning, your child may just scribble on the board. But over time, you’ll be surprised to find your child is starting to learn how to fit circles, squares, triangles, or other shapes.

10. Nobie Toy Econo Building Block

Best Children's Educational Toys Nobie Toy Building Blocks Ekono
Nobie Toy Figure Econo Building Blocks

Nobie presents wooden toys made of various shapes so that they can increase the imagination and creativity of every child. 
This educational toy with an economical selling value consists of 21 pieces of small wooden blocks. There are many kinds of shapes which, if arranged correctly, this toy will form like a palace with two pillars on the right and left sides.

When first given, your child may need a little time to get the results they should. However, you can play the role of a guide so that your baby is able to adapt faster. Although it looks simple, this toy requires extra concentration, you know! For that, make sure you let your child practice their creativity gradually when playing this toy.


We hope that some of the best educational toys for 4, 5, or 6 year olds on the list have caught your attention. If you don’t want to buy toys that are classified as difficult to play, you can try toys with an easy to medium level so that even children can be more enthusiastic when playing and don’t feel forced.

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