10 Best Electric Iron Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – An electric iron is an electronic clothes iron that everyone must have. You don’t have it yet? Buy now, come on! You can buy the best electric irons created by leading manufacturers. Panasonic, Philips, Maspion and Miyako are a series of brands that develop electric irons with various specifications.

You may have a little difficulty choosing an electric iron because there are so many choices. But you don’t need to worry because in this article, we will review how to choose the best electric iron in order to get the right product. After understanding the points that must be considered, you can buy an electric iron directly which we also recommend.

How to choose a good electric iron

Best Electric Iron
Electric Iron Illustration / LTDCommodities

Basically, to get the best good electric iron is not difficult. You just need to review a few points to consider when choosing. Here you can see what are the important points to pay attention to when choosing the best electric iron.

1. For a more even result, choose the best electric iron that uses steam

Today, steam irons are increasingly sought after. Steam irons are considered better than ordinary irons. The reason is, the plate on a steam iron can produce water vapor which heats evenly when used to dry and smooth clothes. In addition, steam irons can also work faster in tidying clothes. Suitable for those of you who don’t have much time to iron clothes.

However, behind all the advantages, steam irons also have disadvantages. The level of steam released is the main factor that affects the final ironing result. In addition, a steam supply that is too weak and the outlet unstable will result in water dripping and wrinkling on untidy clothes. It is important to pay attention to the consistency of the steam generator for those of you who are planning to buy a steam iron.

2. Choose the best electric iron whose temperature or heat can be adjusted

The heat of the electric iron determines how neatly the clothes are ironed. Therefore, check the temperature control feature on the electric iron you want to buy. Usually on the body of an electric iron there is a rotary panel which is useful for adjusting the heat level of the appliance. It takes a different amount of time for each appliance to reach the desired heat.

With the temperature control feature, you can more easily adjust the temperature level according to the material or the level of wrinkling of the clothes. There are strong materials rubbed with heat at a certain level. So that the material does not tear due to excessive heat, avoid leaving the scrubber in the active position so that the clothes do not burn due to human error.

3. Choose the best electric iron that is easy to use

On a household level, scrubbing clothes can be tiring work. Parents, for example, they have to scrub the clothes of all family members. If you want to buy an electric iron that is used to rub clothes, pants or other family members’ clothes, then choose an electric iron that is easy and comfortable to use.

The ease and convenience of ironing can depend on several aspects. The weight of an electric iron for example. Choose an electric iron with the right weight and not too light. The weight of the body of the electric iron is useful for pressing clothes that are shriveled so that they provide strength to straighten clothes.

Furthermore, the smooth plate will also help you to achieve neat clothes more. For this reason, the weight and smoothness of the best electric ironing plates are two aspects that you should check when buying. If necessary, also check the comfort by holding the electric iron directly. Choose an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold for a long time.

10 Best Electric Iron Recommendations

Below, Ainun has reviewed ten good electric iron products that are distinguished in terms of type, design, and other technical specifications. Choose and find the best brand of electric iron that is most suitable for your needs every time!

1. Panasonic NI-V100N Electric Iron

Best Electric Iron Panasonic NI-V100N
Panasonic NI-V100N iron

The Panasonic NI-V100N Electric Iron is made with a good steam spraying mechanism. 
You can get neat clothes more easily and quickly when you use this iron. Classified as a steam iron that saves electricity, you don’t need to be afraid to pay for electricity beyond the budget limit provided.

In addition, this electric iron has also been ergonomically designed to support comfort during use. The body shape is also modern so that it makes you happy when you push and pull it. Then, this iron is also equipped with a temperature control that you can use as needed.

2. Philips Diva GC122/37 . Electric Iron

Best Electric Iron Philips Diva GC122 37
Philips Diva GC122 iron 37

The plate of this Philips electric iron is coated with a non-stick Teflon material. 
Besides being ideal for conducting heat, the non-stick plates also don’t cause damage to clothes. In fact, the plates are also considered slippery so that not only does it not damage the clothes, but you can remove wrinkles more easily to get the neat clothes you want.

Philips Diva GC122/37 requires 350 watts of electricity consumption. There is a thermostat feature that can prevent heat from transferring to the body of the electric iron. An indicator light is also provided by Philips on this electric iron to indicate the heat level of the electric iron. Then, this electric iron is also tapered which is very good at reaching corners of clothes such as collars or between buttons.

3. Cosmos Dry Iron CIS438 Electric Iron

Best Electric Iron Cosmos Dry Iron CIS438
Setrika Cosmos Dry Iron CIS438

Half the price is cheaper than the previous product, you can already use an electric iron whose plates are also coated with a non-stick base. 
Type of dry iron, this electric iron can smooth clothes more easily. The reason is, Cosmos completes the jet spray feature that can make clothes slippery faster after being sprayed with lubricant.

You do not have to be overshadowed by the fear that the clothes will be perforated by the heat generated. Cosmos CIS438 has been equipped with a rotary panel to adjust the heat temperature. There is an indicator light on the back of the control panel that will light up when the electric iron is hot, which is a sign that it is ready to use.

4. Maspion EX1000 Electric Iron

Best Electric Iron Maspion EX1000
Maspion EX1000 iron

Troubled by budget? 
No problem! Maspion EX1000 is here to be a solution for those of you who need an electric iron at a low price. This is an electric iron that has been around for a long time in Indonesia. Many households use it as a mainstay to tidy up the clothes of the whole family.

Although the design looks backwards, this electric iron is quite powerful. In fact, Maspion completes this product with double protection in the form of a thermostat and thermofuse so that clothes are not prone to burning due to excess heat transfer from the base plate. Flexible cables and a comfortable handle make you feel at home when using it.

5. Turbo Dry Iron Electric Iron EHL 3018

Best Electric Iron Turbo Dry Iron EHL 3018
Setrika Turbo Dry Iron EHL 3018

The whole dry electric iron from Turbo is very eye-catching. 
On the body, which combines bright minimalist colors, it is also equipped with an ironing base with a beautiful floral motif added. Apart from its attractive design, the Turbo EHL 3018 is also accompanied by non-stick and scratch-resistant ceramic components that coat the base plate.

Not to forget, Turbo also adds a common feature in the form of a temperature controller which is very useful in controlling heat based on the material and type of clothes being ironed. This product has been tested to last for 600 hours. If you want to iron with a tool that can maintain your mood and maximize its performance, have Turbo EHL 3018 right now!

6. Tobi Travel Steam Electric Iron

Best Electric Iron Tobi Travel Steam
Setrika Tobi Travel Steam

Tobi Travel Steam can be taken wherever you want because it has a compact size. 
You can have this appliance available and iron clothes when there is a power source to turn it on. The interesting thing about using this electric iron is that you can iron it right away without needing an ironing board.

The reason is, this is designed in the form of a steam iron so that even if the clothes are hanging, you can still smooth out the scuffed parts of the clothes. Tobi completes this tool with a brush that can be used to iron mattresses, curtains, sofas and beds. The plates are coated with non-stick Teflon which is able to spray steam stably.

7. Philips Electric Iron GC1418

Philips GC1418 . Best Electric Irons Irons
Philips iron GC1418

Ironing activities are now easier when assisted with this Philips electric iron. 
Its attractive design is supported by a shape design that is able to reach the most difficult parts of clothes. Collars, between buttons, or narrow areas of clothing can be grabbed by the pointed ends of this iron.

Philips carries a steam spray system on this iron. The tank holds up to 145 milliliters of water, enough to scrub a few pieces of clothing. Besides that, you also don’t have to worry about your clothes being damaged because this electric iron has a non-stick coating. What’s even more extraordinary, this electric iron is equipped with a steam control button and without steam so that it is more flexible in its use.

8. Miyako EI-1000M Electric Iron

Best Electric Iron Miyako EI-1000M
Setrika Miyako EI-1000M

If you are looking for an electric iron that doesn’t require you to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, then the Miyako EI-1000M is the right choice. 
Although cheap, this electric iron has been equipped with standard features so that it is very useful for ironing your clothes every time.

Starting from the temperature control button, indicator light, and heat protection, making it a worthy choice for those of you who are looking for an electric iron at a friendly price. Then, Miyako also ensures that every garment that the electric iron passes through is not easily damaged because there is a non-stick coating on the plate.

9. Whizhome Steam Q G-665 Electric Iron

Best Electric Iron Whizhome Steam Q G-665
Setrika Whizhome Steam Q G-665

Even though it is classified as a steam iron, actually Whizhome has adopted the hybrid feature in this one product. 
In other words, you can rely on it as a steam iron or dry iron. When used as a steam iron, this tool will spray steam constantly and fast. Clothes don’t get wet!

If you want to use it as a steam iron, you only need to fill the small water tank. When operating this iron, your hands won’t hurt because the tool weighs only 600 grams. Attractive design, compact size, and complete features make it suitable for those of you who are used to traveling.

10. Maspion HA-110 Electric Iron

Maspion HA-110 . Best Electric Iron
Maspion iron HA-110

You will not experience sore and tired hands during the ironing process when using this product. 
Maspion designed this tool with a light weight so it doesn’t make your hands get sore quickly. In addition, this electric iron is also designed with a pointed tip so that it is easy to reach the most difficult parts of clothes.

Even though it has a simple design and is sold at low prices, this electric iron is equipped with a thermostat safety which is very helpful when you forget to lower the temperature on the panel that has been provided. The Maspion HA-110 has a 2 meter long cable which gives you more freedom to iron without having to be close to a power outlet.


Ironing clothes is certainly easier if you use the best electric iron, both in terms of design, features, and weight. On the other hand, it is also important to pay attention to the price. If you have more budget, we recommend choosing the best electric iron that costs hundreds of thousands. By using a quality iron, you not only find it easier to tidy up your clothes, but comfort is also the main aspect offered.

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