10+ Best Emergency Lamp Recommendations (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – Emergency lights are lights that are often used in emergency situations or under certain conditions. Such as when there is a rotating or sudden power outage, either for a short or quite a long time, this emergency light becomes important. Therefore, everyone is actually required to have at least an emergency lamp.

The Best Emergency Lights
Illustration of Emergency Light (AOKI Brand)

Emergency lights themselves consist of several types, such as flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, or stick lamps. Flashlights are one of the most common types of emergency lights because they have a greater practical value than other types of emergency lights. Even so, other types of emergency lights are just as important, especially for long-term use and require more lighting than using a flashlight.

To charge the battery for emergency lights takes about 6 hours before use. In order for the battery to last longer, you should avoid charging it for too long. This is because it will cause the battery to suffer damage caused by leakage.

10+ Best Emergency Lights Recommendations

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Currently on the market there are many choices of good emergency light brands with their respective specifications and types. The price range of each of these products is also relatively dependent on the quality and features of the emergency lights so that they can be adjusted to each individual’s pocket. If you are interested in having your own emergency lights, in this review, Ainun will share recommendations for the best emergency lights that you can choose.

1. MEVAL Emergency Lamp 16 LED Bright Emergency + 0.5W LED Flashlight

The Best Emergency Light Brand MEVAL 16 LED Bright Emergency + 0.5W LED Flashlight
MEVAL Emergency Lamp 16 LED Bright Emergency + 0.5W LED Flashlight

One of the best emergency lights that you can choose is the MEVAL 16 LED Bright Emergency + 0.5W LED Flashlight, this lamp from MEVAL is a multifunctional lamp. 
Apart from its function as an emergency light when there is a power outage at home, this MEVAL lamp can also be used as an LED flashlight. For the use of this emergency lamp from MEVAL, it can be hung on a wall or placed on a table.

With an 8 watt lamp power and white light color, this MEVAL lamp can last up to 13 hours when used as a flashlight and can last 2.5 hours when used as an emergency lamp. The shooting range of the light produced is also quite wide so that this MEVAL lamp can be used as an emergency lamp option for use at home when there is a power outage. Its compact size also makes it easier to hold and use as a spotlight. This MEVAL emergency lamp has pretty good reviews and has sold more than 1,000 pcs.

2. AOKI Emergency Lamp 26SMD USB Charging

The Best Emergency Light Brand AOKI 26SMD Usb Charging
Emergency Lamp AOKI 26SMD Usb Charging

The next best Emergency Lamp recommendation is AOKI 26SMD. 
Equipped with long-lasting LEDs, this lamp is energy efficient and also bright enough when used. In addition, the battery used is durable and can be repeatedly scanned for more than 500 times.

This emergency lamp uses a 26SMD LED and the battery used has a capacity of 1200 mAh leac-acid 4V so it can last quite a long time when used. Its practical design also makes this emergency battery easy to carry when traveling. Inside this light box you will get 1 unit of emergency light and 1 charger cable. This emergency lamp already has quite a lot of reviews and has sold more than 10,000 pieces in one of the marketplaces.

3. Emergency Light Mitsuyama MS-023

The Best Emergency Light Brand Mitsuyama MS-023
Mitsuyama MS-023 Emergency Lamp

The best emergency light Mitsuyama MS-023 is a type of flashlight. 
This lamp can be used by taking power from 3 pcs AA batteries. Currently on the market there are two color choices for this lamp, namely yellow and blue on the head of the flashlight. This one emergency light includes energy-saving lamps. Besides being useful as a flashlight, this lamp can also be used as a sitting lamp with 23 SMD LEDs on the body of the flashlight.

The light emitted from the Mitsuyama MS-023 itself is bright enough that you can rely on this tool to look for objects when there is a power outage. Mitsumaya’s emergency lights are imported products that are sold at market prices of less than 50 thousand rupiah. If you need a cheap and good emergency lamp, Mitsuyama MS-023 is the choice.

4. LinTrik Emergency Lights (Electric Candles)

LinTrik's Best Emergency Light Brand (Electric Candle)
Emergency lights – LinTrik (Electric Candles)

When the electricity goes out, it’s not uncommon for people to use candles as a source of lighting in the room. 
If you’ve done that too, now is the time for you to switch to using LinTrik Electric Candles. A new breakthrough that can be used as a source of lighting instead of candles. This product has a shape like a light bulb that has a holder so you don’t have to bother holding it like a flashlight or lantern.

This emergency lamp, which is sold at a price range of 35 thousand, can be used to keep you active when there is a power outage. This innovative electronic product works to emit light by taking a power source from a battery, which only amounts to 1 piece. Only with 1 small battery that is usually used in wall clocks, this emergency light can burn up to 8 hours without stopping. With a battery power source, this product does not need to be charged using electricity.

5. Lightspro Lamp Emergency Light – LP520

The Best Emergency Light Brand Lightspro Lamp Emergency Light - LP520
Lightspro Lamp Emergency Light – LP520

Need an emergency lighting lamp that has become the trust of many people? 
Lightspro Lamp Emergency Light – LP520 of choice. This LED emergency light from Lightstpro can be a helper when the lights go out. The light produced from this emergency light is very bright because it has 24 LEDs, each of which has an ideal brightness level.

Only with an emergency lamp from Lightspro, one room in your house will become bright. You can also take this lamp with you when doing outdoor activities such as camping and so on. If you want to explore a dark road, you can also bring this lamp as lighting. Long range will help you see the dark road.

6. Solar Emergency Lights SYT L101

The Best Solar Emergency Light Brand SYT L101
Solar Emergency Lights SYT L101

The SYT L101 Solar versatile emergency light is able to provide maximum illumination in dark conditions for various reasons. 
This lighting product has the name Surya SYT L101 because it consists of 10 SMD and 1 super LED lamp. The best emergency light that has an attractive design is operated using a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 900 mAh.

The battery embedded in Surya SYT L101 can be recharged more than 500 times. If you want to use it for the first time, this product needs to be charged up to 8 hours for use for months. In order to last longer, Surya SYT L101 needs to be recharged at least once every 3 months. When using it, you can adjust which light is on by sliding the button on the lower body of the lamp.

7. Kenmaster KM-560 Emergency Lights

The Best Emergency Light Brand Kenmaster KM-560
Emergency lights Kenmaster KM-560

If you’ve ever felt hot because of a fan or air conditioner that turns off when the power goes out, now you don’t have to complain anymore because of this problem. 
The reason is, now there is a Kenmaster KM-560. This product is an emergency lamp that is equipped with a medium-sized fan to blow fresh air when the house is dark and hot.

Besides being able to emit wind, the Kenmaster KM-560 can also provide lighting to some of the contents of the room with a fairly bright light. This product has a sturdy and modern design. Using it is very easy and this uniquely designed lamp can easily be placed on a table. The lights themselves are also made with an attractive design, namely forming a circle with 32 LED lights in it.

8. Tecstar LED Emergency Lamp TL – 660

The Best Emergency Light Brand Tecstar LED Emergency Lamp TL - 660
Tecstar LED Emergency Lamp TL – 660

Tecstar has an LED emergency lamp in the form of a lantern which is designed to blend with the times. 
This lighting electronic device from Tecstar can be relied upon in critical situations such as a blackout or when carrying out camping activities. The small size of the Tecstar TL – 660 emergency lamp makes it easy to carry and place anywhere.

Besides being able to put it in a sitting position, the presence of a hanging rope made of heat-resistant plastic means that this emergency lamp can also be installed by hanging it. Meanwhile, if you want to take it for a walk, you can also hold the hanging hook or the bottom of the lamp. With a weight of 2 kg and dimensions of 16 x 16 x 33 cm, it makes you more comfortable without having to be burdened with the weight of this lamp.

9. Emergency Meval Head Lamp

The Best Emergency Light Brand Meval Head Lamp
Emergency Lights – Meval Head Lamp

Headlamps are usually used for outdoor activities such as camping, night shooting, fishing, hiking and other nighttime activities in nature. 
Meval Head Lamp has an ergonomic and modern design that ensures ease and comfort when used. This most durable emergency lamp uses a battery that can be recharged for 12 – 15 hours.

For the duration of its use, the Meval Head Lamp can last up to 10 hours on low power usage and 2.5 hours on high power usage. This emergency lamp is equipped with a waterproof ring that makes it safe even when used when it rains. The light that can be produced by the Meval Head Lamp itself is capable of reaching up to a shooting range of 150 m and an angle spread of up to 90 degrees.

10. Idealife IL-283 lamp

Idealife IL-283 Best Emergency Light Brand
Emergency Lights – Idealife IL-283

Apart from the Kenmaster, there are also great alternative LED emergency lights with other fans from Idealife. 
The emergency lamp offered by Idealife has a compact design with a dominant white color. This electronic lighting is equipped with 25 LEDs which are capable of emitting strong light to produce maximum lighting in a room.

Idealife IL-283 emergency light can be used up to 4 – 8 hours. As for the fan itself, it can spin up to 8 hours. For simultaneous use, i.e. lamp and fan, this product can operate for about 3 – 4 hours. The power used to turn on the lights and fans from these electronics comes from the battery. This product weighs less than 1 kg. Its small size, which is only 16.5 x 7.5 x 24.5 cm, allows this tool to be carried anywhere.

11. HK 86 CMOS light

The Best Emergency Light Brand CMOS HK 86
Emergency Light – CMOS HK 86

CMOS HK 86 is an emergency light that is equipped with many features. 
Some of them feature LED lights that can last up to 100,000 hours. As the name suggests, this HK 86 CMOS has 86 LED lights that can burn brightly for up to 25 hours. This product can be used in a carrying manner, taped to the wall, or hung. If you want to use it on doors or emergency exit stairs, it’s also normal.

Usually these good and durable emergency lights are found in malls or plazas for such needs. As for other functions, this tool can also be used for camping or outdoor activities. The HK 86 CMOS which is sold at a market price of 250 thousand also has quite an interesting feature, namely the light automatically turns on when it is plugged into the mains and a power outage occurs.

12. Solar Light SQL-L2207

The Best Solar Emergency Light Brand SQL-L2207
SQL-L2207 Solar Light

Surya has been widely trusted by the Indonesian people as an electronics that produces bright light during emergency situations. 
Apart from the SYT L101, Surya also has a durable emergency lamp in the SQL-L2207 series which is no less superior in terms of performance and convenience for users. Solar SQL-L2207 is an emergency flashlight that operates on a 4 V/1200 mAh lead-acid battery that can be recharged multiple times.

SQL-L2207 Solar Lamp can be everyone’s mainstay when feeling the darkness due to power outages. This emergency lamp uses SMD LED which is very bright but still maintains an energy saving function and a longer lamp life. This product weighs about 240 grams with dimensions of 57 x 42 x 129 mm.

Conclusion of the Best Emergency Light Recommendations

Each of the best emergency lights does have its own advantages. Therefore, make sure you prioritize your usage needs, whether for emergency use when a power outage occurs or for activities in nature such as hiking , camping , and climbing. To get the best quality, try to prioritize choosing branded products that use LED lights because they have a much longer and more durable durability.

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