10 Best Good and Cheap Mini Refrigerator Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The mini fridge is becoming an increasingly eye-catching electronic device because it has the same functionality as a large fridge, only from a practical point of view it is certainly higher than a normal fridge. Mini refrigerators or small refrigerators are usually chosen because they are easy to move. Generally, people buy mini refrigerators to take with them when traveling or portable. Even so, it’s not uncommon for a mini fridge to be purchased to be placed in the bedroom because it’s suitable as a substitute for a large refrigerator and even used by boarding children.

Best Mini Fridge
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The mini fridge can be used to store food or drinks. The difference is, the amount and type of food or drink cannot be as much as the amount in the large fridge. This is indeed the main purpose of using a mini fridge which is preferred for storing canned or bottled drinks such as soda and friends. For food itself, it is generally used to preserve snacks such as chocolate, fruit and other foods.

10 Best Good and Cheap Mini Refrigerator Recommendations

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In Indonesia, you can now find many good choices of mini fridges and are generally priced at low prices. Various features are offered by each provider alias manufacturer as an alternative choice for buyers. If by chance you are currently looking for the best mini fridge, that’s exactly right because Ainun will share recommendations for a small fridge that is suitable and can be used as material for your consideration in choosing the following.

1. GEA Mini Bar Refrigerator RS-06DR

Best Mini Refrigerator, Portable GEA Mini Bar RS-06DR
GEA Mini Bar RS-06DR

The electronic device that is considered the first innovative product that you can choose is the GEA Mini Bar RS-06DR refrigerator. 
On various well-known online buying and selling sites in Indonesia, this mini fridge is one of the most frequently purchased choices. In terms of low price and pretty good quality, the GEA Mini Bar RS-06DR is always in demand by people. What are the advantages of this refrigerator?

The mini bar fridge, priced at 1 million, is widely used in hotels to store snacks, drinks and fruit. The dimensions of the GEA Mini Bar RS-06DR refrigerator itself are 439 x 470 x 510 mm with complete components such as a shelf on the door which is sufficient to accommodate a number of canned and bottled drinks. While the inner shelf itself can be used to store fruit. This mini fridge can cool at a temperature level of 0 – 8 degrees Celsius.

2. Mini Refrigerator Sanyo Aqua AQR-D50F

Best Mini Refrigerator, Quality Portable Sanyo Aqua AQR-D50F
Sanyo Aqua AQR-D50F

A company producing electronic equipment from Japan, Aqua, always presents innovative products accompanied by maximum performance. 
Like the best mini fridge Sanyo Aqua AQR-D50F series, this mini fridge is touted as the best seller. Sanyo Aqua AQR-D50F has an elegant appearance and is suitable as a room decoration when placed on a table or floor.

This mini fridge from Aqua Japan can operate with low voltage, namely at a low voltage of around 160 V. The flat top of the fridge can be used to place some room beautifiers such as flower vases or carved glasses. Features that Aqua mentions on the Sanyo Aqua AQR-D50F include the ability to cool faster and save energy. There is no reason to refuse this product, everyone must have this mini fridge.

3. CHANGHONG CBC-100 Mini Refrigerator

Best Mini Refrigerator, Portable CHANGHONG CBC-100

Slightly different from the two previous products, the Changhong CBC-100 can be considered an ideal mini fridge because it has a capacity of up to 92 liters. 
Generally, mini fridges can hold up to 100 liters of food and drinks and the Changhong CBC-100 is the closest to that size. The design of this refrigerator tends to be vertical with two door color choices, namely gold and blue.

At the top of the door there is an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to open the fridge. Discussing the components in the refrigerator, there are shelves made of leak-proof tempered glass. This best mini fridge also has a freezer, aka space for freezing micro-sized food with a capacity of 9 liters. On the outside of the freezer compartment there is a temperature setting button to the lowest temperature of -7 degrees Celsius. The technology applied to the Changhong CBC-100 is a fluorine-free compressor, thorough cooling, and environmentally friendly technology.

4. PANASONIC Mini Fridge Refrigerator 1 Door NR-AK5ED-HPP

Best Mini Refrigerator, Portable PANASONIC Refrigerator 1 Door NR-AK5ED-HPP
PANASONIC Refrigerator 1 Door NR-AK5ED-HPP

From the body design, the mini fridge from Panasonic is different from the previous form. 
If the Changhong is designed with an elongated shape, the Panasonic extends to the side, so it is more ideal to be called a mini fridge because of this general shape. This 1-door mini fridge from Panasonic can be relied upon for use at home, room, office, or hotel room needs.

The dimensions of the best Panasonic NR-AK5ED-HPP mini fridge are 489 x 10 x 488 mm which has a capacity or store of up to 50 liters. The technology applied to this mini fridge is called the double rotation compressor which works to keep the refrigerator more reliable and durable because it can withstand unstable voltages. This mini fridge is also more economical and efficient because it only consumes 12 hours of electricity for 24 hours (running ratio of 50%).

5. Sanken SN-118KEG Mini Refrigerator

Best Mini Refrigerator, Portable Sanken SN-118KEG
Sanken SN-118KEG

Have you heard the term mini bar? 
If not, a mini bar is one of the usual facilities found in hotels where there is a small fridge provided in the hotel room filled with drinks and food for every hotel visitor. The good news is, you can also have a minibar at home by using this nice Sanken SN-118KEG mini fridge. You can use this mini fridge to preserve several types of drinks such as mineral, soft drinks, or snacks.

This small fridge from Sanken is the same as any other mini fridge which is portable, aka easy to move to another corner of the room. The design of the Sanken SN-118KEG is very minimalist so it looks elegant in the room. The capacity of the Sanken refrigerator is the same as that of the Panasonic refrigerator, which is 50 liters. While the cooling technology is a direct cooling system that can be used to cool faster than cheap mini fridges in general. The Sanken SN-118KEG is also accompanied by an even air flow control feature, a running ratio of 36% so it saves energy, and anti-bacterial features because the inside is made of quality PVC rubber so it is easy to clean.

6. Mobicool T08 Mini Refrigerator

Best Mini Fridge, Portable Mobicool T08
Mobicool T08

Not many people know this mini fridge brand. 
Even though not many people know about it, the Mobicool T08 is one of the most popular refrigerators because it has a different design and a fairly affordable price, which is under 1 million! This refrigerator is designed with a different design from the refrigerator in general. This refrigerator is more suitable for use as a food or drink cooler in the car for people who like to travel.

Mobicool T08 also functions as a support for outdoor activities such as barbeques, sports, camping, fishing, and of course long trips. You can store drinks such as yogurt, minerals, soda and milk or foods such as vegetables, eggs and sauces. This refrigerator is also a low watt refrigerator, it doesn’t consume a lot of energy, which is only 33 watts when used. The components of this refrigerator are very compact so they don’t move easily and are not easily damaged.

7. Midea Mini Refrigerator Portable Refrigerator HS-65L

Best Mini Refrigerator, Midea Portable Refrigerator HS-65L
Midea Portable Refrigerator HS-65L

Want a mini fridge with a design that looks luxurious? 
Choose the Midea HS-65L which is priced at 4 million. Midea’s refrigerator market price is quite expensive, so you can think again before buying it. Even though it is expensive, many people still choose Midea refrigerators as a minibar in their homes. The reason is, this mini portable fridge from Midea has superior features compared to mini fridges in general.

These advantages can be seen most easily in the body of the refrigerator which is very compact and minimalist so that its presence also won’t irritate the eye. For the features provided, such as the type D freezer room which makes the cold air flow faster and more evenly. Other features that make this refrigerator even more valuable are energy saving, reversible doors, adjustable legs, temperature control, and a separate chiller compartment that other mini fridges may not have.

8. Mini Refrigerator Toshiba XD7 GR-N9P

Best Mini Refrigerator, Quality Portable Toshiba XD7 GR-N9P
Toshiba XD7 GR-N9P

Don’t want to spend too much money to be able to have the best mini fridge? 
Relax, with only a budget of 1 million you can already have a portable mini fridge that will spoil your life. The Toshiba XD7 GR-N9P is our recommended refrigerator. This refrigerator will guarantee that your food and drinks will last and maintain their quality if placed in it.

The Toshiba XD7 GR-N9P is considered a good mini fridge in its class because with a relatively cheap selling price, you can already get reliable performance from this fridge. This reliability can be found in the ability to cool faster with the addition of anti-bacterial and silver ion features to maintain the quality of food or beverage products. Not to mention the electricity-saving features that won’t make your electricity bill swell, making this refrigerator the ideal choice.

9. SHARP Minibar Refrigerator SJ-50MB-WH

Best Mini Refrigerator, Quality Portable SHARP Minibar SJ-50MB-WH
SHARP Minibar SJ-50MB-WH

The dominant white color on the Sharp SJ-50MB-WH high-quality mini fridge will dazzle the eye in an instant. 
There is no doubt about the quality of this refrigerator from this well-known brand from Tokyo, Japan. As a well-known brand, Sharp takes good care of its products, including this mini fridge. No kidding, Sharp designed this refrigerator with a sturdy tempered glass material for its storage shelves.

The Sharp SJ-50MB-WH is equipped with energy saving features and a safety shield which will really help you save expenses. With a low electricity usage load and the ability to protect food and drinks with Japanese quality standards, this refrigerator is highly recommended. Luxurious, elegant design and compact and compact size, nothing else can make you refuse this electronic cooler.

10. DAEWOO DFR-80NBW Mini Refrigerator

The Best Mini Refrigerator, Portable DAEWOO DFR-80NBW

In the last order we recommend the best mini fridge Daewoo DFR-80NBW. 
Just like the previous product choices, this mini fridge is also one of the refrigerators with the most sales in most marketplaces in Indonesia. As for the specifications of this refrigerator, firstly, in terms of design, this refrigerator is wrapped in a glossy white dominant color so that its existence will please the eye.

Turning to the inside, this mini fridge is equipped with a capacity of up to 80 liters. Don’t forget about the dimensions, this fridge measures 48.6 x 71 x 54.2 cm. The material chosen for the inner shelf is metal deco which is well known for being sturdy and the floor of the shelf is smooth so that it will make it easier when you want to store food or drinks. This mini fridge also saves electricity because it only consumes 75 watts of power.


The considerations that you can pay attention to when you want to buy the best mini fridge from the list that we have listed before, include adjusting the capacity to meet your needs. See also the body of the mini fridge so that later it will be easy when you want to place it.

What is more important than the two previous considerations to pay attention to are the features provided whether there is a freezer or not, heat resistant or not, and other features such as anti-bacterial, anti-over-freezing, and environmentally friendly or not. The sound of the mini fridge also needs attention so it doesn’t disturb your comfort while in the room. In addition, choosing a mini fridge with a price according to your budget must also be considered because the price of a mini fridge ranges from 500 thousand to millions.

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