10 Best Hand Mixer Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A hand mixer is one of the best kitchen tools that is usually used to mix cake or bread dough. Not only does it function as a dough mixer, but a hand mixer can also be used to develop egg whites and make liquid mixtures such as crepes and pancakes.

This one product is suitable for those of you who have a hobby of making cakes, why? Because it can make it easier for you to mix the ingredients in the cake. However, it cannot be denied that there are many brands and manufacturers that produce the best hand mixers by providing their own advantages, starting from the design to the pretty good features, such as the Philips, Miyako, Cosmos, Bosch, and Maspion brands.

Best Hand Mixers
Illustration of a Woman Using a Hand Mixer

This makes you confused in choosing the product you are going to buy. Well, but do you know what kind of hand mixer you should use? In this article we will provide a way to choose the best hand mixer that is good and right as well as helping you find the best hand mixer brand. Let’s see the explanation.

Tips on How to Choose a Good Hand Mixer

Before choosing the hand mixer product that you are going to buy, it would be nice if you first looked for ways to choose the right product so that you don’t feel at a loss when buying the product. So, here are ways to choose the best hand mixer that can certainly help you. Listen, yes!

1. Setting Features

Usually, a hand mixer is equipped with several rotation speed control buttons. So you can set your own speed according to your wishes. Well, if you want to make dessert, we recommend choosing a hand mixer with 3 levels of rotation speed, why? Because a mixer with 3 levels can break up lumps and mix your dough.

Meanwhile, to make dough with a smooth texture, such as making whipped cream, use the best mixer product with 5-10 levels of rotation speed. What you also need to pay attention to is the ease of use of the speed controller, make sure you can easily change levels with just one hand without feeling difficult.

2. Pay attention to size

It’s good before buying the best hand mixer, pay attention to the size and weight, why? Because it is very inconvenient if you have difficulty using a hand mixer. Try to choose a product that you can use with one hand only.

Therefore, choose a mixer that is compact in size and weighs approximately 1 kg. Apart from the weight, you can also pay attention to the design and ease of holding the handle on the mixer. For that, choose a mixer that has a length of approximately 20 cm with an easy-to-use speed control button.

3. Pay attention to the beater material and shape

Baeter is a tool found in a mixer that functions as a dough mixer. The material and shape of the beater can determine the ease of cleaning and comfort when using it.

So for that, choose a hand mixer with the right beater. If you want to find a beater that is durable and long lasting, then use a beater made of stainless steel. Not only durable, the resulting dough is better. Not only made of stainless steel, but the beater can also be made of plastic. However, this material is not good for kneading and is prone to breaking when used.

4. Choose Products That Are Easy To Clean And Store

Usually, most mothers have a lot of household appliances in the kitchen, so they need equipment that is easy to store. So for that, choose the best hand mixer that is compact and doesn’t take up much space. So, for those of you who rarely use a hand mixer, choose a product with a size that doesn’t bother you when you’re not using it.

Apart from that, with the right size, the best hand mixer can be stored easily. Furthermore, for those of you who often use a hand mixer, then choose a product that provides a storage container. That way, you can store the beater right under the main body of the hand mixer so it looks nice, neat and stays hygienic.

10 Best Hand Mixer Recommendations

Here we go

Well, after you know clearly how to choose a good hand mixer for you to buy. So next, Ainun will provide the 10 best hand mixer recommendations. So, these recommendations can be your consideration when buying and choosing a good hand mixer brand. What are they?

1. Kitchenaid 9-Speed Hand Mixer

The Best Hand Mixer Recommendations - Kitchenaid 9-Speed ​​Hand Mixer
Kitchenaid 9-Speed Hand Mixer

Well, for those of you who like to make cakes with quite hard ingredients such as nuts or chocolate, then you can use this hand mixer product from Kitchenid, why? 
Because it is equipped with a stainless steel turbo beater so that it is able to mix even the roughest dough.

This product is also suitable for mixing heavy dough such as bread dough to mashed potatoes. In addition, you don’t need to worry about splashes of dough when increasing the speed level because this best mixer has a soft start feature. If you, want to find a good product for the patisserie field, then you can consider this one product.

2. Cute Hand Mixer Oxone

Best Hand Mixer Recommendations - Cute Hand Mixer Oxone
Cute Hand Mixer Oxone

So, for those of you who are looking for a hand mixer with bright colors, we recommend buying products from the cute hand mixer oxone brand. 
Not only does it have a bright color, but this mixer also has a stylish design and is easy to hold.

This best mixer is suitable for those of you who like products with a modern impression. You don’t need to worry for quality problems, why? Because this product is made of selected premium materials. With its small and slim shape, it is very easy for you to use and easy to store in your home storage cupboard. Wow, very practical, huh.

3. Cosmos Hand Mixer

Best Hand Mixer Recommendations - Cosmos Hand Mixer
Cosmos Hand Mixer

Who doesn’t know this one product, a product that releases several electronic items, one of which is a hand mixer. 
Where this product is equipped with a container making it easier for you to store the beater after cleaning. This product can also smooth the dough quickly because of the turbo knob on the mixer.

In addition, with the thermostat overheat protection system, it can help you to cut off electricity automatically when the motor temperature has exceeded the limit. So, for those of you who are looking for the best mixer equipped with a container, you can try to buy this product because it can store beaters and kneaders neatly and stay hygienic.

4. Mixer Sharp Libre

The Best Hand Mixer Recommendations - Sharp Libre Hand Mixer
Mixer Sharp Libre

This one of the best mixer products has a design that looks normal. 
Even so, it actually makes you feel familiar and easier to use this stand mixer. In addition, this product is made of polycarbonate material so that it is sturdy and durable when used for a long time.

Not only that, this product has a beater that is easily removable but still made of quality materials and does not rust easily. In addition, there is a turbo button feature in the mixer section, making the rotation power increase in a short time. That way the dough is easy to smooth.

5. Miyako Mixer

Best Hand Mixer Recommendations - Miyako Mixer
Miyako Mixer

Are you looking for a hand mixer at an affordable price but still of good quality? 
If so, Miyako mixer is here for you. Where this product is equipped with a speed setting button that you only need to slide right and left so that it is more practical and effortless.

Not only that, this product is suitable for those of you who are still beginners in using the best hand mixer because the method of use is simple and easy. That way you will have no trouble when using this product. This product can also be used to mix semiliquid and semisolid mixtures.

6. Philips Daily Collection Mixer

Best Hand Mixer Recommendations - Philips Daily Collection Mixer
Philips Daily Collection Mixer

Well, for those of you who want to have a mixer with two uses at once, then you can buy this product from Philips, why? 
Because this product can be used as a stand mixer and when released from the stand it can be used as a hand mixer. Not only that, this best mixer can also soften the dough 30% faster. Because there is a turbo button to speed up the rotation so that even stirring will feel easier.

This mixer is equipped with a beater that is shaped like a cone so that the mixing of air in the dough is maximized and the resulting dough becomes smooth and soft. In addition, this product has a bowl that moves automatically but still has adhesive underneath. That way, the machine will not be easily shifted even though the rotation speed is getting bigger.

7. Midea HM-51R Hand Mixer

Best Hand Mixer Recommendations - Midea HM-51R Hand Mixer
Midea HM-51R Hand Mixer

Apart from Cosmos and Miyako, this hand mixer product can be a consideration for you, namely the Midea HM-51R. 
Where you can use this mixer to make sponge cake dough and layers. So, you don’t need to bother buying a hand mixer with a large capacity, just using the best mixer, the dough results are smooth and soft.

In addition, the use of this mixer is also fairly practical. Even though it is priced at a low price, this product still has excellent performance. One of them is providing 5 levels of speed at once. That way, the results of the dough given are smooth and easy to expand.

8. Electrolux Hand Mixer

Rekomendas Hand Mixer Terbaik - Electrolux Hand Mixer
Electrolux Hand Mixer

Do you like to find the ideal product from the previous product? 
If not, then we would recommend products from Electrolux hand mixers. This product has a secure, comfortable grip and is also easy to use. In addition, with a non-slip handle, it keeps you from getting into an accident when using it.

And also this mixer has a beater that is easy to clean. In using the best mixer, you don’t need to be afraid of the noise generated, why? Because this mixer has a motor that sounds quiet but still has strong power. One more thing, this product can make dough in less than a few minutes.

9. Black+Decker 300W Hand Mixer

Best Hand Mixer Recommendations - Black+Decker 300W Hand Mixer
Black+Decker 300W Hand Mixer

Black+decker is a mixer that emphasizes powerfulness in its products. 
By presenting the best powerful mixer in making dough so that your work becomes lighter.

In addition, this mixer can be stored and is very easy to maintain. Equipped with several beaters that are easily removed by simply pressing one button so that it is practical when used. So, if you don’t want to bother using a hand mixer, you can try this product.

10. Bosch Hand Mixer Styline 450 W White

Best Hand Mixer Recommendations - Bosch Hand Mixer Styline 450 W White
Bosch Hand Mixer Styline 450 W White

The last product we recommend is the hand mixer product from Bosch. 
Where this product is able to provide a smooth and silent sound when used. Not only silent, this product also has an ergonomic design and a powerful motor to give the best results.

This best hand mixer product also has a modern design with a comfortable grip. So that your hands will not feel sore even if you use this product for a long time. Well, if you want to make cakes with peace at home, you can choose this product as your choice.


That’s an explanation of the 10 best hand mixer recommendations that can be considered for you. Have you found a hand mixer that fits what you want? Then you can choose one of the products above for use at home. May be useful.

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