10 Best Heating Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – For a country with a tropical climate like Indonesia, a room heater may sound like a tool that is not mandatory to have. Even so, if you live in a highland area or often get cold in the face of the rainy season, then a room heater or air heater in this case can be the best investment to heat your home.

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Currently, there are many brands of heating products on the market, ranging from online platforms to offline stores such as Ace Hardware. These various products are priced at various prices, with various attractive features as well. If you are interested in owning it, here we will recommend the best heaters that you can choose. Even so, you should listen to the following tips on how to choose a room heater.

How to Choose a Good Heating

In order not to make the wrong choice when buying, there are several things you need to pay attention to when choosing the best heating device. Here are some of them.

1. Select the desired type of heating

The first thing to consider when buying a heater is to make sure the type of heating you want and according to the needs of the room at home. In this case, there are 2 types of heating that you need to know, namely infrared heating and conventional heating.

In addition, there are also types of portable heating models that can be moved easily, as well as non-portable ones that are permanent and you can place them in your bedroom or family room.

2. Know the noise-level of the heater

Please note, that the room heater is an electronic device that is capable of causing noise or noise that is quite high when it is working. For some people, this can be very annoying, but also has no effect at all.

Therefore, it is important for you to adjust your personal preferences regarding the noise-level of each heating product. If you plan to use this heater in the nursery or for your workspace, you should consider the type of heating that does not produce high levels of noise, and avoid choosing a fan or fan model, because in general it often produces loud noises. quite noisy.

3. Make sure the location of the heating area is wide

Apart from considering the type and noise level of the heater, the next thing you need to pay attention to is the area of ​​the room where the heater will be placed.

If you are going to use this heater for a fairly large room, then you should consider choosing conventional heating, which is able to provide overall warmth to the entire room. In contrast, this type of infrared heating is perfect for smaller rooms.

Those are some ways to choose the best room heaters that you can consider when buying. In addition to these three things, you can also consider the consumption of electric power, safety features such as anti-flaming which can prevent fires, to overheated protection which can protect you and your family from the risk of being exposed to temperatures that are too hot.

10 Best Heating Recommendations

After knowing how to choose a good heater, here is Ainun, which recommends a variety of the best heating products that can be an alternative for you to have. These products have received positive reviews from various users, and will be ready to provide warmth to your home.

1. Baseus Warm Little White Fan Heater

The Best Baseus Warm Little White Fan Heater
Baseus Warm Little White Fan Heater

In the first position, the best recommendation for a warm room that can make a room warm is the Baseus Warm Little White Fan Heater product. 
Tiny and mini products can be said to be small cayenne peppers, because of their ability to heat up the room very quickly, which only takes 3 seconds. In addition, because of its small shape, this Baseus Warm Little White Fan Heater can be carried anywhere easily.

The Baseus Warm Little White Fan Heater also comes with quite sophisticated features, where this tool already has a temperature controller. Plus, the heating material already uses high-quality materials and is Anti-Flaming, so you don’t have to worry if this heater can catch fire. If you are interested, this heater that only requires 500 watts of power can be found easily on various e-commerce platforms to other electronic equipment stores.

2. Kris Eco Heater – White

Kris Eco Heater Best Room - White
Kris Eco Heater – White

Are you looking for a good heater that can fight the cold weather during the rainy season? 
If so, then this Kris Eco Heater – White, can be the best alternative. Kris Eco Heater – White comes with a simple and minimalist design, so it can create a modern and clean impression, and is suitable for every room.

As for its own features, Kris Eco Heater – White is equipped with quite sophisticated features, namely the body sensor feature which will immediately turn off the device automatically when no one is detected around the heating unit. Not only that, this room heater with a power of 1300 to 2000 watts is also equipped with an ECO Mode sensor that can streamline your room heating process, as well as a remote that can be used to easily control this appliance remotely.

3. Mitsuyama MS-5556

Mitsuyama Best Room Heater MS-5556
Mitsuyama MS-5556 heater

If you prefer a mini-sized, 
portable, and affordable heating device, then the Mitsuyama MS-5556 can be the solution. Apart from warming your body, you can also use this heating product for drying your hair like a hair dryer. In this regard, you only need to shake your wet hair in front of this tool, it’s very practical isn’t it?

Although classified as a mini, this heating product from the Mitsuyama brand has a fan-like shape, is made of heat-resistant material, and has a strong fan. In addition, the operation of the Mitsuyama MS-5556 is also fairly quiet or can be said to have a low noise level , and only consumes about 400 watts of electricity.

4. DAH-50A-FB Air Heater

Best Heating DAH-50A-FB Air Heater
DAH-50A-FB Air Heater

DAH-50A-FB Air Heater is the next good recommendation for a 
portable heater, so you can move it easily anywhere. The shape of the DAH-50A-FB Air Heater is like a diesel engine, and therefore it is quite commonly used as a room heater to warm livestock or poultry on farms, or used in wood warehouses where goods are stored and greenhouses.

This room heater has been registered and verified by SNI (Indonesian National Standard), KAN (National Accreditation Committee), and AMCA International. Weighing 28 kg, the DAH-50A-FB Air Heater uses 50,000 watts of electricity, and requires around 4.7 liters of fuel every hour.

5. Maven Deck 220V 650W-1300W Mini Heater Fan

Best Heating Maven Deck 220V 650W-1300W Mini Heater Fan
Heating Maven Deck 220V 650W-1300W Mini Heater Fan

The next heater that can be an option for your family is the Maven Deck 220V 650W-1300W Mini Heater Fan. 
As the name suggests, this one is a type of mini heater that is 
portable so you can move it and place it wherever you like. In addition, the heater from the Maven Deck brand is also capable of consuming power ranging from 650 to 1300 watts.

Coming in a golden orange color, this room heater, which has received many good reviews, uses the PTC heating element heating method, so it can heat up the room quickly and efficiently. The square shape also makes this room heater not easy to fall and easy to carry around. In addition, this Maven Deck 220V 650W-1300W Mini Heater Fan features over temperature protections, so it can protect you and your family from overheating.

6. Xiaomi 3life Electric Heater 

Best Heating Xiaomi 3life Electric Heater
Xiaomi 3life Electric Heater

The Xiaomi brand has never been left behind in presenting various innovations to produce sophisticated household products. 
A good heating product from Xiaomi is the Xiaomi 3life Electric Heater, which is a type of mini-shaped 
portable heater.

In terms of appearance, this product comes with a simple and minimalist design, but it’s still cute because it comes in a soft color. The main features of this space heater are intelligent temperature control, soft air supply, large wide angle air supply. Apart from that, there is also an automatic shutdown feature in 6 hours, temperature heating speed measurement up to 9 times, and many more. This room heater, which can last up to more than 8 hours of operation, consumes only 500 watts of power.

7. jGENIX 200-500W Portable Room Floor Upright Flat Electric Fan Heater 

Best Heating jGENIX 200-500W Portable Room Floor Upright Flat Electric Fan Heater
Penghangat Ruangan jGENIX 200-500W Portable Room Floor Upright Flat Electric Fan Heater

The next heating option that can be an alternative for you and your family is the jGENIX 200-500W Portable Room Floor Upright Flat Electric Fan Heater. 
This electric heating product has 3 temperature level 
settings to make the room feel warm, cold, or windy.

As for its own features, jGENIX 200-500W Portable Room Floor Upright Flat Electric Fan Heater is equipped with anti-fire safety protection that can protect you from the risk of fire, overheat protection that can protect you from overheating, to a handy carry handle that will make it easier You when moving this heating product from one place to another. This heater, which is suitable for bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms, consumes 200 to 500 watts of power.

8. AUGIENB 600W Portable Electric Heater

Best Heating AUGIENB 600W Portable Electric Heater
AUGINB 600W Portable Electric Heater

If you are looking for a room heater with a nice fan shape, then a product from the AUGIENB brand, namely the AUGIENB 600W Portable Electric Heater can be an alternative. 
This room heater is a type of electric heater that can be placed to keep bedrooms, living rooms and living rooms of your house warm.

Comes with a red display, this AUGINB 600W Portable Electric Heater heating product can have a fast heating feature that can make the room warm in a short time. In addition, this heater which has a fairly minimalist design is also equipped with a portable handle that will make it easier for you when you have to carry this heating product from one place to another.

9. Panasonic CS-220DEXBK-W

Best Heating Panasonic CS-220DEXBK-W
Heater Panasonic CS-220DEXBK-W

The next heating recommendation that you cannot miss is the Panasonic CS-220DEXBK-W. 
This heater is a 
compact AC type heater, which already has a built in wireless LAN network , so you can control it using an application called Aeolia App from your device.

In addition, another feature that this heater has is the automatic filter cleaning robot, Nanoe X, which can clean dirt and dust from inside the unit. If you are an economical type, the Panasonic CS-220DEXBK-W is also equipped with an ECO mode that can save energy consumption.

10. Xiaomi Mini Warmbaby Fan Heater

Best Heating Xiaomi Mini Warmbaby Fan Heater
Xiaomi Mini Warmbaby Fan Heater

One more recommendation for heating from the Xiaomi brand, namely the Xiaomi Mini Warmbaby Fan Heater. 
It is called so because this product that can make a warm room is small enough, so you can take it anywhere with ease.

Consuming about 500 watts of power, the Xiaomi Mini Warmbaby Fan Heater is equipped with a PTC heating element which can streamline the heating process. In addition, its mini and cute shape makes this tool very easy to use, both to accompany your activities while reading a book or while having coffee with your partner at home.

The models of heating you need to know

Before deciding to buy a heater, it is important that you are aware of the several models available in the market. By knowing this model, you can get an idea of ​​the product that will be used later, and adapt it to the needs at home. The most common heating models are as follows.

1. AC model heating

The first heating model is the air conditioner (AC) model. Therefore, heating with this model is more permanent and can only be placed in one particular room, so you cannot move it to another room.

Even so, the advantage of this heating model with this AC model is that it is classified as safe from the reach of children, because it is placed in a high place. In addition, this AC model can easily make the room warm evenly and thoroughly.

2. Ceramic fan model heating

There are lots of heating products produced by various brands and sold at various prices with ceramic fan models. This is because this ceramic fan model is more compact in shape, making it suitable for use in narrow spaces. In addition, usually this ceramic model heater comes in a portable form so it’s easy to move.

Since most heating products are ceramic fan models, you have many options when it comes to their designs ranging from fashionable to simple and minimalist, as well as with regards to their prices, from affordable to relatively more expensive.


That’s an explanation of the recommendations for the best room heaters that you can choose. How about, of the 10 choices of heating products above, which one is your favorite and is already on your to buy list ?

Whatever the choice, make sure that the product chosen is in accordance with the needs and budget you have. You can adjust the features it has, its power consumption, and the model of the heater itself.

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