10 Best Iodized Salt Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Choosing the best iodized salt seems to have become the main mission of housewives. This is important considering that iodized salt is a type of salt that has been enriched with iodine. In contrast to ordinary salt, high iodized salt besides being able to make dishes delicious, can also provide various benefits for the health of the body.

The Best Brands of Iodized Salt
Illustration of Iodized Salt / handynews

Apart from these benefits, there are many brands of iodized salt available in the market. As a consumer, you will be faced with a choice of various brands, each with its own characteristics. So, to make it easier to make a choice, in the following we will explain 10 recommendations for brands of iodized salt that you can consume. But before that, let’s look at the following explanation on how to choose high-iodized salt.

How to Choose Good Iodized Salt

Choosing salt for cooking is actually not just salty. In this case, so you don’t make the wrong choice, you need to consider a number of things regarding the best BPOM iodized salt brands. Some of the important things to consider include the following.

1. Check the iodine label on the package

The first thing to consider when choosing the best iodized salt is to pay attention to whether or not there is an iodine label on the package. It should be noted that the best brands of iodized salt will definitely include a label or statement containing iodine on the packaging. In fact, the packaging also usually states the amount of iodine content in the salt itself.

If you are looking for a high iodized salt brand, try to choose a product that has an iodine content of 30 to 80 ppm. This is the amount that has been determined by the Indonesian National Standards Agency (SNI) as sufficient for household consumption. That means, if the brand of salt that you encounter contains more or less content than that range, then you can be sure that the product does not pass the SNI.

2. Choose salt according to your needs

The next way to choose high-iodized salt that you need to pay attention to is to choose salt that suits your needs. In the market there are many types of salt circulating, ranging from rock salt, coarse salt, table salt and others. Each of these types of course has its own characteristics and designations.

For that, try to determine your salt needs at home, then choose the best brand of iodized salt that fits the criteria for these needs. For example, if you like experimenting with various European dishes, then the type of salt needed is coarse salt. For people with hypertension and diet fighters, the recommended type of salt is low sodium salt.

Iodized Salt for Cooking
Illustration of Iodized Salt for Cooking / saltwellsalt

3. Choose salt with the best conditions

The brand of high-iodized salt that is definitely the best, of course, we can confirm for ourselves by checking its condition. In this case, choose a salt product that has a long expiry date, has a tightly closed and leak-free packaging, and has a good appearance.

The condition of iodized salt which is still good and in the best condition can also be known from its texture. In this case, the best salt is one that has a dry texture and doesn’t have lumps. If the condition of the salt is found to be lumpy or wet, then this could be caused by the high levels of calcium and magnesium in it which are easy to absorb water.

10 Best Iodized Salt Brand Recommendations

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After reading the tips on how to choose good iodized salt above, have you got an idea of ​​the ideal salt product that you want to buy later? If so, then below will Ainun recommend some good brands of iodized salt to be an alternative choice.

Certainly, the product that will be recommended is already BPOM and guaranteed safety and quality. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the explanation of the following 10 recommended brands of BPOM iodized salt.

1. Garam Pura

BPOM Pura Iodized Salt
Pura Brand Salt

The first recommendation for the best iodized salt brand comes from the Pura brand. 
This brand has a claim to use quality raw materials with grade S which can only be harvested once a year. This maintained quality makes Pura salt the best and purest sea salt product.

One of the sea salt products produced by Pura is Pura Purest Sea Salt, an organic and natural sea salt. This low-iodized salt brand claims that Pura Purest Sea Salt is made without going through a bleaching process and without the addition of other chemicals. Pura also claims that the salt contains many benefits, including being able to improve sleep quality, good for diet and skin, bone and muscle health.

2. Garam Dolina

BPOM Dolina Iodized Salt
Salt Brand Dolina

In the second position recommended for brands of iodized salt that have been approved by BPOM is Dolina salt. 
Dolina herself claims a more modern production process, prioritizing the quality of the salt it produces. The best quality of Dolina salt can be seen directly in terms of its size which tends to be smooth, dry and pure white in color.

Having an iodine content of at least 30 ppm, Dolina salt can be the right choice for those of you who are in need of iodized salt that can meet your family’s iodine intake needs at home. By choosing Dolina salt, you no longer need to worry about its quality, because this brand of iodized salt has met SNI quality, and has even received Halal certification from the MUI.

3. Lososa Salt

BPOM Lososa Iodized Salt
Lososa Brand Salt

For people with hypertension, a salt diet is one of the solutions that must be lived. 
Even so, of course cooking without added salt will taste bland. In this case, you don’t need to worry because this brand of iodized salt can be the solution.

Not only is it able to give flavor to food, Lososa salt will be able to make food richer in nutrients, because it contains sodium, potassium, and of course iodine which is good for the body. Not only good for hypertension sufferers, this brand of iodized salt can also serve an extraordinary function in inhibiting bone loss.

4. Miwon salt

BPOM Miwon Iodized Salt
Miwon Brand Salt

The next best choice of iodized salt brands that you can choose comes from the Miwon brand. 
In Indonesia itself, Miwon is quite well-known for its vitsin or MSG (Mononodium Glutamate) products which are believed to be able to give a stronger savory taste to dishes, so that food can be enjoyed with the right delicacy.

This best iodized salt brand has produced its own salt, namely Miwon Savory Salt. This salt is a bit different, as it has a stronger savory taste, while the saltiness is noticeably lighter. The salty and savory taste of salt, which is different from other salts, is produced from a combination of fine salt and MSG, which has been adjusted in terms of dosage. Having an MSG content of 10% and approximately 40 ppm of iodine, Miwon Savory Salt can still meet the needs of the family’s iodine intake at home.

5. Nutrisalin Salt

BPOM Nutrisaliin Iodized Salt
BPOM Nutrisaliin Iodized Salt

For those of you who are looking for a good brand of iodized salt for people with high blood pressure or suitable for low-salt diet fighters, Nutrisalin salt can be the answer. 
The sodium content in this salt is 50% lower than regular salt, but still has sufficient iodine content to meet the family’s daily intake needs.

As for the taste itself, Nutrisalin salt has a delicious salty taste like common table salt. This brand of iodized salt has also met the quality requirements of SNI and can be said to be suitable for consumption. Until now, Nutrisalin salt continues to be committed to being faithful in helping and preventing cases of premature death in stroke and hypertension sufferers in Indonesia.

6. Garam Refine

BPOM Refina Iodized Salt
Garam Merk Refine

The next recommended iodized salt is Refina salt. 
The Refina brand can be said to be the only brand of iodized salt that has gone through a refinery process, including the process of dissolving, settling impurities, and filtering heavy metals. As a result, Refina salt becomes a kitchen spice that doesn’t easily agglomerate, and guarantees its quality and safety for consumption.

Apart from going through the refinery process, this iodized salt brand continues to control product quality by carrying out a crystallization process. The result of this crystallization process is what makes Refina salt a smoother, whiter, and cleaner form.

7. Salt MamaSuka

BPOM MamaSuka Iodized Salt
Salt Brand MamaSuka

Who doesn’t know the MamaSuka brand? 
This next recommended brand of iodized salt is very familiar to housewives, because of the variety of delicious seasoning products. Among these products, MamaSuka also presents iodized salt products that you should consider.

This brand of iodized salt is well known for its best quality. Not only present as cooking salt, MamaSuka salt can also be used as a sprinkling salt that can be placed on the dining table. That way, each family member at home can adjust the salty taste of the dish according to their individual tastes.

8. Ship Stamp Salt

Iodized Salt BPOM Cap Kapal
Ship Brand Salt

For those of you who need salt from iodized salt brands that have affordable prices, Cap Kapal salt can be the right choice. 
The affordable price does not necessarily mean that this salt is of low quality. On the contrary, this Cap Kapal salt is included in the ranks of the best quality salt.

The advantage that this brand of iodized salt has is its function, which is not only a food flavouring agent, but can also provide many health benefits. This is because the content of iodine in it is able to maintain the function of the thyroid gland remains stable. By consuming this Cap Kapal salt, it is hoped that families can avoid health problems, such as goiter, constipation, or just feeling tired easily.

9. Garam Redmond

BPOM Redmond Iodized Salt
Redmond Brand Salt

The next recommended brand of iodized salt that you can consider is Redmond salt. 
This brand is quite foreign and rarely heard of, because it is produced in the United States. Even so, considering Redmond as the best salt recommendation is certainly not without reason.

Present with premium quality salt products, Redmond has become the number one choice of chefs in European cuisine restaurants. For this reason, salt with a coarse texture is perfect for those of you who often create and serve European dishes to your family at home. The taste which is not so salty makes this brand of iodized salt the best mainstay for garnishes in cooking at home.

10. Garam Dolphin

BPOM Dolphin Iodized Salt
Dolphin Brand Salt

Choosing salt should not only be salty, but also need to consider its quality and safety when consumed. 
This recommended brand of iodized salt is suitable for those of you who are confused about choosing quality salt that is affordable and easy to obtain. The texture of Dolphin salt is quite smooth and soluble, so it can blend with dishes quickly.

Dolphin is one of the best iodized salt brands in its class that pays great attention to the cleanliness of the production process. In addition, the production process has been assisted by modern purification technology. This then produces quality salt products which are the favorites of the Indonesian people.

Benefits of Iodized Salt for Health

Unlike other types, iodized salt has many health benefits. This is because iodized salt is a type of salt that contains minerals that can help produce thyroid hormone in the body. The function of the thyroid hormone itself is as follows.

  • Able to regulate body temperature.
  • Able to stabilize heart rate.
  • Able to regulate energy absorption.
  • Able to regulate blood pressure.
  • Able to regulate the development of muscles and the fetus in pregnant women.

If thyroid function is maintained, then all the benefits above can be maintained properly. This is because thyroid hormone is one of the important hormones that can support growth and development, especially in children’s bones and muscles. In the end, this will be able to prevent the onset of thyroid diseases such as hypothyroidism and goiter. Consumption of high iodized salt is also believed to reduce the risk of thyroid cancer.

To be able to achieve the benefits of high-iodized salt, you need to ensure that your daily intake of iodine is fulfilled. This amount of daily iodine intake can vary for everyone, depending on their age and gender. As a guide, the following are recommendations for daily iodine intake that need to be met based on gender and age.

  • In infants aged > 1 year: as much as 90 to 120 micrograms / day.
  • In children aged 1-11 years: as much as 120 micrograms / day.
  • In teenagers and adults: as much as 150 micrograms/day.
  • In pregnant women: as much as 220 micrograms/day.
  • In breastfeeding mothers: as much as 250 micrograms/day.


That’s a brief explanation of the 10 recommendations for the best BPOM iodized salt brands that you can choose. We hope that the explanation above can make it easier for you to choose salt products from the best brands that can make food delicious for your family at home.

In the end, we all know that salt, which is often used in almost every dish, does not only have a function as a flavor enhancer, but can also be a source of nutrition in food, especially for this type of iodized salt. In the previous explanation, it has also been explained why we need to meet the needs of daily iodine intake, because this is closely related to maintaining the function of the thyroid gland.

For that, don’t forget to continue to ensure that your family’s daily iodine intake is fulfilled at home by using the high-iodized salt of your choice in cooking. As a guide, you can re-read the recommended iodine intake recommendations based on gender and age.

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