10 Best Long Lasting Clothes Fragrance Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Washing clothes using detergent alone makes clothes smell good. But can the fragrance last longer when the clothes are dry and ironed? Of course the smell will diminish. Therefore, so that clothes have a lasting fragrance even after drying until they are stored in the cupboard you can use softener and clothes deodorizer.

Best & Long Lasting Clothes Fragrance
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This clothes deodorizer has many benefits for clothes, one of which is to reduce wrinkles. This is also very useful in making the process of ironing clothes easier and looking like new.

However, you still feel confused about what kind of perfume to use. This article will provide some information about clothes perfume, starting from tips on choosing clothes fragrances, recommendations for some of the best clothes perfumes, to ways you can do it so that clothes fragrance lasts longer.

Tips for Choosing a Good Clothes Fragrance

So that you are not confused about choosing the right clothing fragrance product, here are tips on choosing clothing fragrance that you must pay attention to.

1. Content of Fragrance Products

Before you buy a clothing fragrance product, make sure you check the product content first. Choose clothing fragrance products that contain natural ingredients, especially if you want to use them for baby clothes. This natural material can maintain the texture of clothes more durable, is soft in the hands, does not break quickly and does not irritate the skin. Choose a fragrance for clothes from flower, fruit, and leaf extracts. In addition, fragrances made from natural ingredients are very environmentally friendly, you know.

2. Choose a fragrance that contains anti-bacterial

One of the things that can make clothes smell musty is because there are bacteria that settle in clothes. To avoid this, you can choose a clothes deodorizer that contains anti-bacterial so that the clothes still smell good after washing. Apart from making clothes smell good, this antibacterial can also fight germs so it doesn’t smell musty anymore.

3. Preferred fragrance

There are lots of clothes fragrance products with a very wide variety of scents that can be adjusted according to taste. Choose a fragrance that you like and is not too overpowering, so that when you spray it on your clothes, you don’t get a headache and your smell isn’t disturbed. The stinging fragrance can also trigger irritation such as itching and redness for those of you who have sensitive skin types, you know. In addition, also choose soft and long-lasting clothing fragrance products so that the clothes don’t smell musty and even have been stored for a long time in the cupboard.

4. Choose One Rinse Technology

Nowadays, clothes deodorizers are very practical to use with one-rinse technology. With this technology, you no longer need to waste water and also the time needed for the rinsing process is also very efficient. In addition, you can also choose clothing fragrance products that can be sprayed directly on clothes when they want to be ironed.

10 Best, Long Lasting Clothes Fragrance Recommendations

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After knowing the tips that need to be considered when choosing perfume products for use, the following Ainun discusses some recommendations for good clothes fragrances and some of them also last a long time when used.

1. Downy Fresh Bouquet

Best Clothes Fragrance, Long Lasting - Downy Fresh Bouquet
Clothes Fragrance – Downy Fresh Bouquet

The best Downy Fabric Softener & Fragrance Fresh Bouquet that is highly trusted for its quality. 
The fresh and soft fragrance of various selected flower and fruit blends from the natural essential oils contained in the product. Feel the fragrance like in a flower garden every day by using the long-lasting Downy Fresh Bouquet clothes fragrance after washing clothes.

This product is formulated so that clothes remain soft even after drying and the sticky fragrance on clothes can be smelled slowly. Even though you sweat while on the move, you can still feel the fragrance from Downy Fresh Bouquet, making you more confident to do various activities. The refreshing blend of violet, green apple and rose scents can be felt throughout the day. You can have the best, long-lasting, downy fresh bouquet fragrance from 550 ml – 900 ml.

2. Downy Perfume Collection Mystique

The Best, Long Lasting Clothing Fragrance - Downy Parfum Collection Mystique
Fabric Fragrance – Downy Parfum Collection Mystique

Downy Parfum Collection Mystique is also one of the best perfumes for clothes that you can choose. 
You can feel the blend of floral, amber and fruity notes from this product. This product will keep your everyday clothes smelling nice, clean and free of bacteria. The perfume content in it will give you a long-lasting sensation of freshness throughout the day.

It contains micro-perfume capsules that can keep clothes soft even when they are dry. The scent of the perfume will gradually be released from the clothes so that you can still feel the freshness even though you are sweating. It’s quite easy to use the best, long-lasting, downy parfum collection Mystique, just by pouring the liquid according to the number of clothes, then letting it sit for 10-15 minutes, then drying it for drying.

3. Molto Trika Japanese Peach

The Best, Long Lasting Clothes Fragrance - Molto Trika Japanese Peach Fabric Fragrance
Clothes Fragrance – Molto Trika Japanese Peach Fabric Fragrance

Who else doesn’t know this brand, Molto is one of the best clothing fragrances that many people choose. 
Molto is the first brand of fragrance and softener for clothes in Indonesia, so it’s not surprising that the quality is also very good and mothers are very understanding. This brand always produces new innovations with its newest product, Molto Trika Japanese Peach Clothing Fragrance.

This product can produce a typical Japanese pach fruit fragrance combined with Sakura flowers. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the fresh fragrance on clothes can last up to 72 hours. Apart from that, this is the best, long-lasting clothing fragrance that will help speed up your ironing work because it is also used as a lubricant for clothes, making the ironing process easier to do. Give an unforgettable impression throughout the day to the people around you with this Jaoanese Peach Molto Trika.

4. Royale Hot Summer Fabric Softener

Best Long Lasting Fabric Fragrance - Royale Fabric Softener Hot Summer
Fabric Fragrance – Royale Fabric Softener Hot Summer

Radiate your elegance and fragrance all day long with products from Royale Hot Summer Softener. 
This Royale Softener is one of So Klin’s products that can make clothes soft and smell luxurious even after washing. You will smell a mixture of orange, brown and apple which blend together so that it can raise enthusiasm for activities.

Apart from that, you will also feel a blend of floral scents such as cedarwood, jasmine, lilac and vanilla so that the days you pass are even more special. This Royale product has also received good reviews from consumers because of its long-lasting fragrance, even when you are active all day inside or outside the room. Once used, then you will be addicted to using it continuously.

5. So Klin Softener Fine

The Best, Long Lasting Fabric Fragrance - So Klin Softener Fine
Clothes Fragrance – So Klin Softener Fine

Increase confidence in carrying out daily activities by using So Clinical Softener Fine on clothes after washing. 
This best, long lasting fragrance is perfect for use on all types of fabrics such as towels, shirts, bed sheets, skirts, blouses, even baby clothes. This fragrance has been dermatologically tested with the evidence that it does not irritate the skin.

This product is very effective at removing all kinds of unpleasant odors attached to fabric fibers such as the smell of urine and is able to keep fabrics smelling fresh for a long time. There is a 2x double soft formula formulation that can make the fabric softer to its deepest fibers. This makes it very comfortable to use even babies. The product smells floral and musky which is powdery, so it is very comfortable to use.

6. Glamorous Gold Kispray

The Best, Long Lasting Clothes Fragrance - Kispray Glamorous Gold
Clothes Fragrance – Kispray Glamorous Gold

Kispray is an Ironing Aid product that is able to give a long-lasting fragrance to clothes and is also able to help the process of ironing clothes more easily. 
Kispray Glamorous Gold is one of the long-lasting fragrances for clothes, so it is liked by many consumers. This product is equipped with a 3 in 1 formula, namely as, deodorizer, lubricant and softener so that slippery clothes are faster and the ironing process is also easier.

This Kispray contains the active ingredient ADBAC (alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride) which is very effective in killing germs that cause odor. The best, long lasting fragrance for clothes, Kispray Glamorous Gold is available in pouches and sachets so you can customize it according to your needs. In addition, this product also smells very gentle on the nose.

7. Smoothing and Deodorizing Sakura Strawberry Clothes

The Best, Long Lasting Laundry Deodorizer - Sakura Strawberry Smoothie and Fabric Fragrance
Clothes Fragrance – Sakura Strawberry Smoothie and Clothes Fragrance

The next best clothes fragrance comes from the Rapika brand. 
This brand has indeed been releasing clothing fragrance products for a long time which have been liked by many Indonesian consumers. Currently, Rapika is also increasingly developing their innovation by releasing Rapika Sakura Strawberry lubricant and clothing fragrance products so that you will feel the sensation as if you are in Japan.

This product has three functions in one product, namely as a fabric softener, lubricant and clothing fragrance. In addition, this product has also been formulated with fast smoothing action technology which can remove wrinkles from clothes in just 1 second. Anti-odor and anti-fungal formulations that can keep clothes from fungi so they are always fresh and fragrant. The best, long lasting fragrance product. Rapika Sakuka Strawberry is very soft and long lasting.

8. Rose Super Laundry Fragrance Yellow Variant

The Best, Long Lasting Clothes Fragrance - Mawar Super Laundry Fragrance Yellow Variant
Clothes Fragrance – Mawar Super Laundry Fragrance Yellow Variant

This product is perfect for those of you who want to open a laundry business or even want their clothes to smell like after they’ve been laundered, especially if they don’t use the Yellow variant of Mawar Super Laundry Fragrant. 
It is enough to pour just one bottle cap of liquid, so the fragrance of this product can stick to clothes in large quantities. Not only used when rinsing clothes, you can also use this best long-lasting clothes deodorizer as a clothes lubricant when ironing, you know.

Get clothes that smell good all day long by using this Yellow Variant Fragrant Rose Super Laundry. This Yellow variant of roses is made from a blend of flora, fruity aldehydic and woody so it is fresher all day long. The fragrance produced by this product is very soft and comfortable to inhale on the nose. This product is priced at a fairly cheap and affordable price, you know, considering the quality that can’t be doubted.

9. Only Yasmin Concentrate Softener and Fragrance

The Best, Long Lasting Fabric Fragrance - Sahaja Softener and Yasmin Flower Concentrate Fragrance
Fabric Fragrance – Only Softener and Yasmin Flower Concentrate Fragrance

The next best clothes fragrances are Sahaja Softener and Yasmin Flower Concentrate Fragrance. 
You will get 4 goodness at once in 1 product to care for your clothes. Produced legally, this product uses materials that are safe for sensitive skin and are environmentally friendly. You will get more value every time you wash it using Sahaja Yasmin Flower Concentrate.

This product is produced with the aroma of jasmine flowers in it. There is also the best formula content to remove all stubborn dirt and stains on clothes so that they are cleaner and also smell good. This product has a thick texture like other products used after washing and rinsing clothes. The price for the best, long-lasting clothes fragrance Sahaja Yasmin Flower Concentrate is very affordable.

10. Attack Fresh Up Softener Sakura Blossom Fragrance

The Best, Long Lasting Clothes Fragrance - Attack Fresh Up Softener Sakura Blossom Fragrance
Clothes Fragrance – Attack Fresh Up Softener Sakura Blossom Fragrance

Attack is a brand that is very well known for its best quality. 
Not only does it produce detergent products that are effective in cleaning stubborn stains on clothes, it turns out that this brand also produces a clothes fragrance product, you know, Attack Fresh Up Softener Sakura Blossom Fragrance. You will feel the fragrance and tenderness of the cherry blossoms blooming on your clothes if you use this fragrance.

The best, long-lasting clothes fragrance from Attack is produced with anti-odor technology that can provide protection to clothes so that they avoid the growth of germs. The micro-capsule formulation in the product can release a feeling of freshness throughout clothes for up to 48 hours. In addition, clothes become softer and easier to iron without having to use other lubricating products. This product is available in 680 ml and 700 ml pouches that you can choose from.

Ways to Make Long Lasting Clothes Fragrance

Have you used clothes deodorizer after the last rinse, but the fragrance doesn’t last long? Here are some ways that can be considered so that the fragrance of clothes can last longer.

1. Avoid Soaking Too Long

Do you think soaking clothes in a perfumed solution for too long can make clothes smell better? Of course this isn’t true. Soaking clothes for too long can cause a musty smell on clothes, you know. Soak the clothes for about 10 minutes for maximum results.

2. Avoid Delaying Drying Clothes

The next thing that needs to be done after soaking the clothes in the deodorizer solution is to dry the clothes directly in the sun. This is done so that the fragrance that sticks to the clothes can last longer. In addition, delaying drying clothes can lead to the growth of bacteria that cause odor on clothes

3. Spraying Lubricant Clothes

So that the fragrance sticks to the clothes for maximum results, you can spray the fragrance again on the clothes when you want to iron them. This is also done so that the clothes are less wrinkled and easier to iron. This lubricant also makes the texture of the clothes softer, you know.


Currently, clothing fragrances are very widespread in the market with a variety of various fragrances and various prices. This article has provided you with some information about deodorizing clothes. Hopefully this information can help you to choose the best product. If you want to find out other information about recommendations, you can visit other pages.

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