10 Best Microwave Oven Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A microwave oven will make it easier for you to make bread, pastries, cakes, or other foods that are processed through baking. Whether you want to open a business or provide snacks for guests visiting your home, a microwave oven can do everything!

In contrast to ordinary microwaves, microwave ovens can produce a more even maturity level. If you are interested in owning a microwave oven, we will provide the best product recommendations for your reference. However, before that, we discussed how to choose a microwave oven so you don’t choose the wrong one. Therefore, don’t miss this article, okay!

Best Microwave Ovens
Microwave Oven Illustration Image 

How to choose a good microwave oven

Specifications determine the price of a microwave oven. Meanwhile, you will feel the convenience thanks to the features included in each product. Therefore, make sure you consider several things before choosing one of the microwave ovens on the market. In the following, you can see a number of points to consider when choosing a microwave oven.

1. Think about the storage capacity for optimal use

The greater the food capacity in the microwave oven will affect the power used and the price tag of the product itself. So that the product of your choice is not in vain, it is better to first determine what your needs are for a microwave oven.

Adjust to the number of people or family members where you live. The more people, of course you need a microwave oven with a larger capacity. For more details, you can refer to the following information.

  • Less than 20 liters . For those of you who live alone, it is better to have a microwave oven with a capacity of < 20 liters. In addition to its size which is not too large, this small capacity product also does not reduce large electric power. A more affordable price is also one of the advantages that you can count on.
  • Between 20 – 25 liters . A microwave oven with a capacity of 25 – 30 liters will help you put more food in. Due to its medium capacity, this product can be used between 2-3 people. Minimalist size and shape you can place anywhere you want.
  • Between 25 – 30 liters . If you need a microwave oven for a family of 3 – 4 people, then it is very fitting to choose a product with a capacity of 25 – 30 liters. But remember, even though the features of a large capacity microwave oven are more numerous, you also need to prepare a large enough room to store this microwave oven.
  • Above 30 liters . If your need for a microwave oven for more people (5 people or more), we recommend that you choose a super-large microwave with a capacity of over 30 liters. But remember, the larger product size sometimes affects operational costs. In fact, some products that are cheap but have a large capacity are not able to heat food evenly.
Best Microwaves
Microwave / Standard Illustration Image

2. Choose based on the model of the table, turntable or flat table

To place the food you want to heat, there is a mat called a table or table for each microwave oven. Generally, this table consists of several types, such as turn tables and flat tables. What are the advantages of one type over another and which one is the most suitable for you?

  • Turntable . This type of table will make the food you put on rotate 360 ​​o . The purpose of this screening is none other than to cook the food evenly. Although capable of serving the perfect level of doneness, the turntable is more difficult to clean. In addition, if one side of the plate or food container is too wide, then when it rotates it will get stuck and the rotation will stop. So, you could say that a microwave oven with a turntable is less flexible and more complicated.
  • Flat Table . Other models modified after the turntable may have problems when the food container is larger than the wall in the microwave. This type of flat table can also make hot and cooked food evenly without having to rotate it. There is no problem putting food with a wider container because the cooking process can take place without problems.

3. Pay attention to the functionality of your chosen microwave oven

In addition to cooking and steaming food, nowadays there are also many microwave ovens with the function of frying food without using oil or commonly called non-fried. By utilizing hot steam, you can make French fries taste delicious without having to use oil to fry them.

In addition to the function of frying without oil (non-fried), microwave ovens are also created with the ability to cook more than one type of food. Usually there are two compartments lined up or level up and down. With this kind of microwave, it will be very helpful when you have to steam, cook or reheat food in the morning.

Then, there are also other types of microwave ovens that can help cook food automatically. Usually there is a control button to set the heating time and temperature automatically when the ingredients are added. However, a microwave oven with these features is quite expensive.

10 Best Microwave Oven Recommendations

Here we go

After discussing how to choose a microwave oven, Ainun continues by looking at the ten best products from well-known brands, such as LG , Panasonic , Sharp , Electrolux , to Samsung. Come on, find the most suitable microwave oven for your daily needs right now!

1. Bosch HMT84G654 25 L

Microwave Oven Terbaik Bosch HMT84G654 25 L
Brand Bosch HMT84G654 25 L

Besides being able to adjust the room temperature, Bosch also allows you to make automatic settings based on the type of food and its weight. 
You can operate the embedded AutoPilot 8 feature to control your needs based on the desired results.

With windows that don’t fill the entire door, you may need to try a little to see the degree of doneness of the food being processed. However, this product is designed with a side opening door making it easier to put various containers into it.

2. LG MH6843BAK 28L

Best Microwave Oven LG MH6843BAK 28 L
Brand LG MH6843BAK 28 L

LG created a microwave oven with a minimalist and sleek appearance. 
Placed in addition to the kitchen room will also beautify the concept of your room. This product is equipped with extra fast maturation technology with a feature called Quartz Heater.

In addition, this product is able to distribute heat waves evenly with its l-wave feature. Then, this microwave oven from LG is also easy to clean because it uses a special powder coating on the wall surface.

3. Modena Good MV 3002 30 L

Microwave Oven Terbaik Modena Good MV 3002 30 L
Merk Modena Good MV 3002 30 L

If you need a microwave oven that is equipped with multiple functions, the Modena Buono MV 3002 is the product you are looking for. 
Equipped with multilevel shelves and trays, you can enter several dishes to speed up the cooking process.

On busy mornings, you can prepare breakfast for your children and husband more easily with this tool. The grill oven and convection functions also allow you to cook a variety of ingredients. Rely on this product for various purposes, from making fried rice to sponge cakes!

4. Panasonic NN-ST324M Straight 25 L

Microwave Oven Terbaik Panasonic NN-ST324M Straight 25 L
Merk Panasonic NN-ST324M Straight 25 L

This product from Panasonic is not only marketed at affordable prices. 
With an electric power of 450 watts, this product is one of the most energy efficient microwave ovens. What’s no less great, this product is also equipped with a defrost feature, you know!

So, you can directly put frozen meat or food from the freezer into this microwave oven. With a capacity of 25 liters, this tool will be suitable for use by those of you who live alone or just the two of you. In addition, Panasonic also provides an automatic menu control feature with easy operation.

5. Electrolux EMS3087X 30 L

Microwave Oven Terbaik Electrolux EMS3087X 30 L
Merk Electrolux EMS3087X 30 L

Versatile is the right word to describe this microwave oven. 
There are 4 features in one unit, you can serve various menus without having to cook for a long time. This product is very reliable for steaming with an even, fast and perfect level of cooking.

Besides that, those of you who are lazy to cook can also take advantage of the auto cook feature. Electrolux EMS3087X is also equipped with a child lock function to protect your child from danger. In addition, the quick start program feature can also make the microwave oven reach its peak temperature more quickly.

6. Ariston Freestanding MWHA 2824X 28 L

Microwave Oven Terbaik Ariston Freestanding MWHA 2824X 28 L
Merk Ariston Freestanding MWHA 2824X 28 L

If you want a microwave oven that can be used by the whole family, this product from Ariston should be added to your shopping list. 
With a durability guarantee of more than 4 years of use, you also don’t have to worry about buying a new microwave oven when it’s worn out and damaged.

Ariston equips its products with many features, ranging from setting temperature, time and other features that can be adjusted simply by operating the rotary knob or the digit buttons. Also designed with the child lock function, this tool is sure to be safe for those of you who have children with high curiosity.

7. Oxone OX-77D 20 L

Best Microwave Oven Oxone OX-77D 20 L
Merk Oxone OX-77D 20 L

Oxone has made it easier for many people in their daily needs. 
He has made various products for kitchen purposes, and the microwave oven is one of the products he has also made. We recommend Oxone OX-77D for those of you who live alone and need a microwave oven for daily use.

This product can be relied upon for simply cooking, defrosting, heating, and even baking bread or cakes. Because it is made with a minimal capacity, of course this product only consumes a small amount of electric power to operate, which is only 500 watts!

8. Sharp R-728R(S)-IN 25 L

Microwave Oven Terbaik Sharp R-728R(S)-IN 25 L
Merk Sharp R-728R(S)-IN 25 L

Even though it has been trusted by many people, Sharp still launches this product at a reasonable price. 
Those of you who like products made by Sharp must buy this Sharp R-728R(S)-IN microwave oven with a capacity of 25 liters. The existence of 11 power levels allows you to save every time you use it.

Besides being useful for heating, Sharp also designed this product to be able to bake various dishes properly. The large capacity makes this product ideal for those of you who are married. Moreover, the embedded child lock feature makes you not worried when you leave your child unattended in the kitchen.

9. Hitachi MRO-NBK5000E 33 L

Microwave Oven Terbaik Hitachi MRO-NBK5000E 33 L
Merk Hitachi MRO-NBK5000E 33 L

Starting from the components, features, to the performance offered, the Hitachi MRO-NBK5000E is the ideal microwave oven. 
Multipurpose! This product is capable of roasting various types of dishes through superheat steam technology.

The existence of 2 layers of oven and infrared sensors can heat and cook food without fear of burning or overheating. In addition, this product is also equipped with technology that allows you to control salt and fat too, you know!

10. Samsung MG23H3185PK

Best Microwave Oven Samsung MG23H3185PK
Brand Samsung MG23H3185PK

Samsung also released its flagship microwave oven product at a friendly price. 
If you are looking for a medium capacity product that can be relied on for various types of cooking, the Samsung MG23H3185PK is the choice.

There is an auto cook feature for 16 healthy menu recipes that you can choose according to your taste. Even though it’s cheap, this microwave oven with a capacity of 23 L is equipped with a sensor that detects cooking doneness through the moisture level of the processed food. Interested?


After looking at the selected microwave oven products, you also have to think about where you will put the microwave oven that you just bought. Make sure you also check the type of door used, whether it opens sideways or opens forward.

Besides that, the placement of items around will also affect your use of the microwave oven. Then, the placement of the microwave oven must also be adjusted to your height or the closest plug source. By paying attention to these placement aspects, you can use the microwave oven more easily.

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