10 Best Mini Washing Machine Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Not only designed with attractive features, today’s washing machines are also designed with a variety of sizes. From large sizes for family needs, to portable washing machines and mini washing machines that are ideal for individual use. For those of you who live in a boarding house or apartment, it’s better to use a mini washing machine when there aren’t too many clothes piled up that need to be cleaned.

Are you confused about which product to choose? In fact, LG , Sharp , Kemei , or other brands try to present mini washing machines with advantages that can differ from one another. For this reason, on this occasion we will describe how to choose and introduce the ten best mini washing machines from these brands. So, read this article to the end!

Best Mini Washing Machine
Illustration of a Mini Washing Machine / Amazon

How to Choose a Good Mini Washing Machine

To get optimal benefits, you must pay attention to the needs of use. In addition, the shape, size and capacity of the mini washing machine also affect the duration of washing and the number of clothes that can be cleaned at one time. Therefore, you should understand more before buying a mini washing machine.

1. Choose based on the intended use

If you already have a standard-sized washing machine for your weekly washing needs, then a mini washing machine will help you keep some clothes clean in the event of an accident. For example, your clothes may have food, drink, or other dirt stains on one of the areas where you need to wear them in the near future.

By using a mini washing machine that is designed to partially clean clothing stains, you can still wear these dirty clothes without having to wash the entire material. Apart from that, you can also use the mini washing machine to clean stains on other than clothes, for example on dirty shoes or other fashion items . So, get to know more about the features offered by the mini washing machine of your choice first.

2. Consider the dryer feature of the washing machine

Naturally, the dryer feature is on a large-capacity washing machine, but what about a mini-washing machine? Basically, to answer this question, you need to look again at how big you need a washing machine. If you don’t wash every day, then there’s no problem choosing a product that doesn’t have a dryer feature.

However, if you need a mini washing machine to clean daily clothes, of course the dryer feature will be very helpful. But remember, the more features that are embedded, the impact on the increase in the size of the washing machine itself. That way, you might be able to wash anywhere – even on a table, so you need to set up your own washing room.

3. Equally important, check the weight and washing capacity

Because it is designed with a mini size, its use is only for small scale. Therefore, the average mini washing machine has a weight of 3 kg which is enough to wash 0.5 – 1 kg of clothes in a day. Keep in mind, mini washing machines have a more complicated mechanism that also affects their size.

Therefore, consider once again, do you really need a mini washing machine? Because, even if you live alone, when the clothes you want to clean have a large enough capacity, it will feel less effective when you wash them in a mini washing machine. However, even if you still want a mini washing machine, be sure to check its weight and size so that it fits even in a narrow room.

10 Best Mini Washing Machine Recommendations

Here we go

Before choosing a washing machine, re-determine what kind of washing machine you really need, does it work with partial or non-partial (thorough) cleaning? That way, you can determine the product that really suits your needs. In the following, Ainun reviews the 10 best mini washing machines designed for partial or full use. Happy choosing!

1. Mini Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner

Best Mini Washing Machine - Mini Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner
Product Mini Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner

It is only the size of the palm of your hand, you can even hold it easily. 
If you figure it out, this product has dimensions of 13 x 8.5 x 4.3 cm, very mini, right? Working with an ultrasonic vibration mechanism, this mini washing machine is able to partially clean stains.

Having a fish-like shape, those of you who like uniqueness can choose this product. It only requires 5 watts of electricity, you can operate this tool to wash clothes. Not even just clothes, fruit and drinking bottles can be cleaned by him.

2. Mini Ultrasonic Washing Device Titanium Alloy

Best Mini Washing Machine - Mini Ultrasonic Washing Device Titanium Alloy
Product Mini Ultrasonic Washing Device Titanium Alloy

You can still keep your clothes clean instantly even if you’re out of town. 
This mini-sized washing device only measures 10.2 x 5.5 x 2.1 cm which makes it ideal for storing in a suitcase or cupboard. Made of titanium alloy, this product is durable and strong.

When cleaning clothes, this tool emits ultrasonic waves so that even stubborn dirt can be lifted. Equipped with an automatic power-off protection feature, this machine can turn off automatically when there is a problem with the washing process. It weighs only 0.346 kg, so you can easily move it to other washes as you wish.

3. Haier Codo Mini Washing Machine MXG1C

Best Mini Washing Machine - Haier Codo Mini Washing Machine MXG1C
Product Haier Codo Mini Washing Machine MXG1C

Haier is very serious about working on this one mini washing machine. 
The size is made vertical to resemble a tube measuring 17.6 x 4.6 x 4.6 cm. This tool is proportional in terms of design. Even when held, it will feel ergonomic so it is comfortable in the hand.

With this tool, you can clean various stains attached to the surface of clothes, pants, sheets, and even curtains. There is a container that can store about 10 ml of water, this product is ready to be used up to 120 times without having to refill water, very economical! Besides that, Haier has also embedded a micro-sized motor that can clean stains down to the deepest fibers.

4. Sharp Ultrasonic Washer UW-A1Y-S/N/P

Best Mini Washing Machine - Sharp Ultrasonic Washer UW-A1Y
Sharp Ultrasonic Washer UW-A1Y product

Concentrate the washing machine directly on the stains that are contaminating your clothes, gradually the stains will disappear from the surface of the material. 
Sharp designed the following products with an ultrasonic wave generator system with a frequency of 38,000 vibrations per second. These specifications make it effective in removing stubborn noads from your clothes.

Ultrasonic Washer UW-A1Y-S/N/P may be a bit pricey compared to other mini washing machine products, but its ability has proven to be effective in cleaning stains. Specifically designed, this 16.8 x 4 x 4 cm product can also be taken anywhere you want. Even for storage, you don’t need to provide a large space in the cupboard.

5. LG T2735NTWV

Best Mini Washing Machine - LG T2735NTWV
Product LG T2735NTWV

It can be said that this product is categorized as a portable washing machine (not mini). 
Because it measures 70 x 36 x 77 cm, this washing machine is not ideal for taking out of the house. Because of that, we recommend the LG T2735NTWV for you to use in apparatus, boarding houses, or private homes.

Equipped with Slim Inverter DD technology, this product can operate with a maximum sound output of 52 dB. The Direct motor also has high durability, and even has a warranty of up to 10 years. If you want to wash with peace of mind and use products that last the long term, this mini washing machine is the option.

6. Daewoo DWD-M7301WPH

Best Mini Washing Machine - Daewoo DWD-M7301WPH
Daewoo product DWD-M7301WPH

Don’t have a special washing room where you live? 
Don’t hesitate to buy this one product. Daewoo designed this one mini washing machine with a wall mounted installation system. In other words, this tool you can install on the wall. There are 6 multi-purpose washing programs that still prioritize compact machines so that the “mini” impression is inseparable.

Apart from having many washing programs based on ingredients and duration, this product can also set the washing temperature level up to 95 o C. With dimensions of 55 x 60 x 29.2 cm, this tool can hold clothes up to 3 kg capacity in one wash, you know. So, you can really trust this washing machine for semi-large scale washing needs.

7. Geithainer XPB30-120R

Best Mini Washing Machine - Geithainer XPB30-120R
Product Geithainer XPB30-120R

This product is designed to be functional from many sides. 
At the time of washing, the tool works with a powerful engine to rotate the pulsator. In just 3 – 15 minutes of washing time, you can already get clean clothes. After that, the clothes that have been washed can also be dried directly in the removable bucket.

This detachable drying basket not only helps clothes dry quickly, but also prevents clothes that have been cleaned from being exposed to dirt, dust, or residual detergent left in the washing drum. The tube itself has a capacity of 3 kg so it is ideal for your daily use.

8. AQUA Japan Handy Washer HCW-HW1

Best Mini Washing Machine - AQUA Japan Handy Washer HCW-HW1
AQUA Japan Handy Washer HCW-HW1 product

Want to centrally remove spilled food or drink stains on the surface of the cloth? 
AQUA formulated a partially functional mini washing machine. So, you don’t have to get all the clothes wet like the washing process in general. Its attractive design allows you to operate the tool even in public spaces.

This original Japanese product can store 5 ml of water and detergent. The dimensions are 17.6 x 4.6 x 4.6 cm making this tool easy for you to control by hand. In addition, AQUA also applies a recharging system to AAA batteries which supply power to the engine when it runs out. So, you not only save electricity, but also save costs because you don’t have to replace the battery every time it runs out.

9. Mini Washing Machine XPB-45-C

Best Mini Washing Machine - XPB-45-C Mini Washing Machine
Product Mini Washing Machine XPB-45-C

You need a mini washing machine that can clean thoroughly with quite a lot of capacity? 
XPB-45-C Mini Washing Machine is perfect for you to choose. As a whole weighing 6.5 kg, this tool is capable of washing clothes made of thin fabrics up to 5.5 kg capacity. So, this product can be said to be a washing machine with a large capacity, but it is compact and easy to store.

In terms of size, this product has dimensions of 51 x 35 x 37 cm so you can operate it even in a narrow space or base. With this washing machine, you can also dry clothes that have been washed automatically. For both the dryer and the washer, this product is equipped with a timer so you can adjust the duration of each process.

10. Kemei KM – 9151 Mini Washing Machine

Best Mini Washing Machine - Kemei KM – 9151 Mini Washing Machine
Kemei KM product – 9151 Mini Washing Machine

If you are looking for a mini washing machine that is used to partially clean stains, Kemei KM – 9151 is the choice we recommend. 
Even stubborn stains will vanish in just 30 – 120 seconds of operation.

The price is also affordable, you can use it as a trial before moving on to products with more features. Designed to measure 17.5 x 4.5 cm, this tool is even more compact when held in the hand. Want to reach even the trickiest corners of clothing, this tool can easily do it!


As you can see, mini washing machines are presented in two forms, namely those that are operated to wash thoroughly to work on certain parts of the clothes. If you want to wash at home practically, you can choose a washing machine that is as useful as a regular washing machine . However, if you want to wash even when you are outside the house, you can choose a partial mini washing machine.

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