10 Best Mosquito Trap & Repellent Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – It is well known that mosquitoes can cause dengue fever and malaria and can even be transmitted through their bites. Therefore you have to be more vigilant and start pressing mosquito eradication in the environment. If you are too busy or too bothered to exterminate mosquitoes manually, then instead of using a mosquito racket using a mosquito repellent device or mosquito trap is one solution that can be applied.

UV light from the LED lights in these traps can kill mosquitoes more safely and will not pose a health risk. This UV light also has a shorter wavelength than visible light, making it more effective at preventing the proliferation of microorganisms and killing germs.

The Best Mosquito Traps
Gambar Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher

However, the many offers for various brands of the best mosquito traps on the market will make it even more difficult for you to choose the right and quality product. This article will provide an explanation, starting from tips on choosing mosquito traps, a list of recommendations for the best mosquito traps, to ways that you can pay attention to to make a room avoid the potential for mosquitoes to develop.

Tips for Choosing a Good Mosquito Trap & Repellent Tool

There are several things that need to be the focus of your attention to get a good quality mosquito trap. The following will explain some tips for choosing a mosquito trap that you can adjust to your needs.

1. Safety and Convenience

Make sure in advance that the mosquito trap you choose is free of chemicals so it is safe for babies. For mosquito traps that are free of chemicals, they are usually in the form of lamps. In contrast to the usual lighting lamps, this mosquito trap uses ultraviolet light which is useful for disturbing mosquitoes. In addition to electric light traps, there are also traps equipped with electric shocks.

Also consider the comfort factor, make sure the mosquito repellent/trap does not make noise while operating so it doesn’t disturb you and your family’s resting time. Mosquito traps using the electric shock method will generally be noisier, so it’s better to place them in an open space. Not only is it effective in killing mosquitoes, but insects and flies will also be trapped.

2. Long Time of Use

In general, mosquito traps are used at night while sleeping. Make sure the mosquito repellent you choose lasts overnight. Types of electric mats, bottles of liquid, and lamps are the right choices. The mat type usually lasts for six to eight hours, for liquid bottles it lasts longer. But your type must be routine to refill if using this type. To avoid hassles, you can choose the type of lamp that lasts for a long time with the help of electricity or batteries.

3. Range Range

Usually, before buying a mosquito trap, the seller will explain the specifications of the device offered, such as how far the tool can reach mosquitoes. If you have a large enough room, make sure the mosquito repellant/trap you buy has a wide range to attract mosquitoes. This will relieve you in terms of expenses so you don’t have to buy more than one mosquito trap to place in every corner of the room.

10 Best Mosquito Trap & Repellent Recommendations

After knowing the tips for choosing mosquito traps/repellents, it’s time for you to be given a list of recommendations for the best mosquito traps and repellents that you can use as a reference before buying them. Here are some reviews of Ainun.

1. Krisbow Mosquito Killer Moztec

Best Mosquito Trap Krisbow Mosquito Killer Moztec
Krisbow Mosquito Killer Moztec

The existence of the best mosquito trap from Krisbow Mosquito Killer Moztec makes you no longer have to worry about the presence of mosquitoes which really disturb activities in the house. 
This tool can repel mosquitoes and even small insects by using the UV lamp it produces. This bright UV lamp will lure mosquitoes and insects closer to the device and will then be electrocuted. The house will stay clean because this tool is equipped with a compartment that can accommodate dead insects or mosquitoes and can be easily opened for cleaning.

If you don’t want to put it on the floor, you can hang it in a standing position. It has a very economical 7 watt power to use. This best mosquito trap can be very suitable when used indoors such as living rooms, kitchens, living rooms, or bedrooms. This tool can last for a long time reaching 8000 hours. In addition, this mosquito repellent is very environmentally friendly, pollution-free and does not use chemical additives or poisons that can harm the body or living things around it.

2. Xiaomi ZMI Mini Hanging Portable

Best Mosquito Trap Xiaomi ZMI Mini Hanging Portable
Xiaomi ZMI Mini Hanging Portable Mosquito Repellent

Releases many electronic products that have good reviews from their users, Xiaomi also launches a mosquito repellent that many of its users recommend. 
Utilizing material in the form of metofluthrin with centrifugal action, this tool is known to be very effective. Measuring 6.1×6.1×2.5 cm and weighing only 50 grams, this mosquito repellent is relatively small so it is easy to carry anywhere. Not only indoors, this tool can also be used in open spaces.

Very economical because this best mosquito repellent tool does not require electricity when other operations only use 2 batteries. Very durable because it can be used up to 200 hours with 8 hours of use per day. There is a power button and indicator light that helps you to know how long this tool has been on. If the light is red, replace the metofluthrin cartridge and the battery immediately. There is a small rope so that it can be hung on the wall or even in a bag so that it is protected from mosquitoes wherever you are.

3. Idealife IL-300

Best Mosquito Trap Idealife IL-300
Idealife IL-300 Mosquito Repellent Tool

The best mosquito repellent that has been widely recommended is IdeaLife IL-300. 
Utilizing electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves to drive away mosquitoes from the house. These waves cannot be felt by humans so it is currently effective and safe. The waves will issue a signal that turns on and off every few seconds to affect the resistance of insects or mosquitoes that are around it.

This best mosquito repellent can only be used for 24 hours to 48 hours with a range of 25-30 meters. It is highly recommended to use this mosquito repellent in a closed room such as in a bedroom. No need to worry about safety, because this mosquito repellent is non-toxic, so you can put it anywhere, even near your pets. To own this product, you can buy it on the market, even in e-commerce, with various offers.

4. Sharp FP-GM30Y-B

Best Mosquito Trap Tool Sharp FP-GM30Y-B
Sharp Mosquito Trap FP-GM30Y-B

The next recommended brand that has issued a lot of good quality electrical equipment is Sharp. 
Supports the Go-Green movement, energy efficient and very environmentally friendly. Does not cause noise pollution because this product does not emit sounds that can disturb the surroundings and even sleep at night. Equipped with UV rays that can make mosquitoes and even other insects such as flies and others come closer so that mosquitoes will enter the air purifier machine with the help of glue sheets. Mosquitoes that have entered will stick to the glue without being able to escape again.

This Sharp FP-GM30Y-B best mosquito trap will cover a room area of ​​21 m 2 . In collaboration with the Malaysian Medical Research Institute, this product is confirmed to be effective in purifying the air in the room while killing mosquitoes that roam around. Works safely without the help of chemicals and effectively reduces 91% of culex mosquitoes, 72% of flies and 73% of Aedes mosquitoes. In addition, this mosquito killer is able to deactivate fungi, viruses, bacteria and eliminate unpleasant odors in the room. The HEPA filter in this product can last up to 10 years of use so dirt and dust as small as 0.3 microns can be filtered out.

5. Tenholy LED Strip USB Waterproof

The Best Mosquito Repellent Tool Tenholy LED Strip USB Waterproof
Mosquito Repellent Tool Tenholy LED Strip USB Waterproof

One of the best waterproof mosquito repellent tools, the Tenholy USB Waterproof Mosquito Dispeller LED Strip is shaped like an ordinary decorative lamp cable. 
When the orange light is on, the mosquito will immediately run away and not bother you anymore. Does not use chemicals so that its use will avoid pollution and is safe to use indoors and outdoors even in a child’s bedroom.

There is a waterproof level IP44 feature that is not flexible with a length of up to 2 meters, making it easier for you to bend it when installing. The shape is like a cable making this tool not look like a mosquito repellent but as a home decoration. The LED light on the best mosquito trap is able to reach mosquitoes up to 1 meter. Equipped with a USB port and designed to save electricity.

6. Caltech Insect Killer

Best Mosquito Trap Caltech Insect Killer
Mosquito Trap Tool Caltech Insect Killer

Just like the name Caltech Insect Killer, this electric tool is effective for killing mosquitoes, insects, flies and others. 
There are UV lamp devices that have been proven to save power with a capacity of only 2 x 10 Watts. This tool will also not emit odors and smoke when operating or even when mosquitoes are trapped and die in it. This best mosquito trap is also very environmentally friendly without using toxic ingredients in it.

The model is quite a stylist that can be easily placed anywhere. Made from the best materials from dalarized iron so it is resistant to rust. The strength of this mosquito trap can reach mosquitoes up to a distance of 30 m 2 . Has an input voltage of 220-240 Volts with a frequency of 50/60Hz and a grid output of 1800V.

7. SAP Mosquito Trap

Best Mosquito Trap SAP Tool
Mosquito Trap SAP Tool

The next best mosquito trap that is well known and has positive reviews from its users is a product from the SAP brand. 
Save on energy use, comfortable because it won’t cause disturbing sounds, is environmentally friendly and can be placed anywhere. Equipped with LED lights that only require 4 watts of power.

It is very effective at eradicating mosquitoes and preventing mosquitoes from roaming around the house with the titanium dioxide photocatalyst reaction embedded in it. In order for the mosquito eradication process to work optimally, it is highly recommended to use this electric device in a dark room. Weighing only 200 grams, this best mosquito trap can be hung and placed both indoors and outdoors.

8. Rinrei Hot – Black

The Best Mosquito Trap Tool Rinrei Hot - Black
Rinrei Hot Mosquito Trap Tool – Black

Having a unique shape like a lamp decoration in general, this best mosquito trap from Rinrei is widely recommended by its users. 
It does not use chemicals so it is environmentally friendly and safe for you and your family. Apart from being a mosquito repellent, this electric device is also useful for sterilizing indoor air. It only requires 4 watts of data, so this product can be said to save electricity.

With dimensions of 18.5cm x 18.5cm x 22cm, this tool effectively repels mosquitoes up to a maximum distance of 10 m2 . Using UV light to lure mosquitoes into the trap window and then being sucked into the trap net at the bottom of the tool then the flies that enter will die from the cold due to the wind waves generated by the tool without having to electrocute or burn mosquitoes.

9. Smart Sensor Original AR116 Double Ultrasonic

The Best Mosquito Repellent Tool Smart Sensor Original AR116 Double Ultrasonic
Original AR116 Double Ultrasonic Smart Sensor Mosquito Repellent Tool

The next best mosquito repellent tool is the Smart Sensor brand. 
This product is one of the recommendations for a very smart repellent tool. Designed using double ultrasonic waves so it is effective in eradicating mosquitoes up to a distance of 80 m 
2 . Does not cause foreign odors and is non-toxic, so this product is very safe to use anywhere, even in the area of ​​your family and loved ones.

Requiring only 2 watts to 9 watts of power, the Smart Sensor Original AR116 Double Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller is equipped with 2 modes to choose from. In one purchase pack you will already get a Retail Blister Pack and a Mosquito Repeller. Made of PC-ABS material. Power ultrasonic output up to 115 dB.

10. Thermacell MR-FJ Portable Mosquito Repeller

Thermacell MR-FJ Portable Best Mosquito Repellent Tool
Thermacell MR-FJ Portable Mosquito Repellent Tool

Having a concise shape like a handy talky, Thermacell MR-FJ Portable Mosquito Repeller is useful as a mosquito repellent. 
Its small shape makes this product easy to carry anywhere and anytime. There is no need to doubt the quality, this best mosquito repellent is able to keep you up to a distance of about 4.5 m so you will be safe from mosquito bites. Not only can it be used in closed spaces, but this product can also be used in open spaces such as parks, mountains, and others.

When operated, this electrical appliance will not emit odor or fire so it is safe to use. In one purchase package you will get a refill for 12 hours, 3 mosquito mats and 1 cartridge for fuel. In addition, this mosquito trap also provides a 1-year and 7-day warranty in the event of factory damage.

How to Reduce the Frequency of Mosquito Development

You don’t need to use the mosquito trap again non-stop all night or all day with the method below. The following are ways you can do so that the house is not visited by many mosquitoes.

1. Avoid Piles of Dirty Clothes

Piles of old and dirty clothes will attract mosquitoes to come to your room. This is due to the fact that mosquitoes are insects that like to be in dirty places and are happy with the smell of sweat from the human body. Therefore, it is not surprising that mosquitoes like to breed in piles of dirty linen. Make sure to wash clothes after use and don’t let clothes hang or pile up for too long.

2. Routinely Cleaning Water Container Furniture

If you have household items that are used as water containers such as bathtubs, clean water reservoirs for cooking, and others, make sure to clean them at least once a week. This is useful to prevent mosquito larvae from breeding. In addition, your residence will be cleaner and protected from various types of diseases.

3. Use Traditional Materials

Traditional ingredients are also very effective in preventing mosquitoes from coming. Natural ingredients such as citronella, orange peel, lavender and geranium flowers are believed to be very effective in repelling mosquitoes. You can cut lemon grass and orange peel and place them in a corner of the room where mosquitoes can potentially gather.

Lavender and geranium can be planted in front of the house, besides the yard looks more beautiful, the fragrance produced can also make mosquitoes dizzy and then leave your house.


That’s an explanation of mosquito traps, starting from tips on choosing mosquito traps, a list of recommended mosquito traps, to several ways to keep mosquitoes at home. Hopefully the information presented above can help you. To find out various information about recommendations, you can visit other article pages.

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