10 Best Motorcycle Safety Lock Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Cases of theft have been rampant lately. For those of you who are worried about experiencing this, immediately secure your motorbike by using a motorbike safety lock. Motorcycle safety locks can make criminals think twice about stealing your vehicle, especially when in a parking lot.

Motorcycle safety locks come in several types, including brands that are also categorized as well-known and international brands. If you want to buy a motorcycle safety lock, read this article until the end. Here we will explain how to choose a motorcycle safety lock as well as provide recommendations for the best products.

How to Choose a Good Motorcycle Safety Lock

Best Motorcycle Safety Lock
Motorcycle Safety Lock Illustration / Vehq . Image

Every motorcycle safety lock is intended to keep your motorcycle from being stolen. Why do we say easy to steal? Because thieves always have thousands of ways to launch their actions until they succeed. However, by providing security with a motorcycle safety lock, at least they have to work extra to be able to outsmart the lock to open it.

In this regard, it would be better for you to choose the right and appropriate product based on the location where you put the motor. There are various types of motorcycle safety locks to choose from. Make sure you choose one that not only guarantees safety, but also the quality of the product is very good so that it can be used for a long time. For more details, read this section carefully!

1. Choose a chain type lock to lock more than one motor

The chain type motorcycle safety lock is quite easy to use. You can lock your tires with a pole or wrap them around so that they don’t spin when attached to the chain. If you want to buy a chain-type security lock, choose one with a chain thickness of more than 10 mm.

The thicker the diameter of the link, the smaller the chance of the chain being crushed or broken. This type of lock also allows you to lock more than one motor. You can lock 2 motors with a chain length of about 2 meters and 1 meter is enough if you want to secure 1 motor. Very suitable for use at home.

2. 3Choose an easy-to-carry disc type lock

Unlike the case with chain locks, disc-type keys have a smaller size so you can take them anywhere by storing them in the trunk of a motorbike. This type of lock can only be used by motorcycles that use disc brakes. The size of a fist, you can attach it easily.

The use of a disc type motorcycle safety lock is of course on a motorcycle disc disc. With this lock, the thief will have a hard time pushing the motor. However, there is still a security gap because the motorbike can be lifted and carried into a pickup truck, even though there is a very small chance that a thief will steal it with an additional car.

3. Choose an invisible alarm and immobilizer type lock

If the previous two types are easy to see, this type of lock is different again. Alarm type, this product will make a loud sound when the motorbike is about to be stolen. A thief using a pattern lock may be able to easily open the handlebars of the motorcycle, but it will be difficult to start because of the immobilizer.

The immobilizer will help prevent the motor from starting in the event of theft. This type is also quite practical because you don’t have to lock the motorbike with a safety lock every time you leave the motorbike in the parking lot. However, be careful because thieves can know the shortcomings of this type of security lock, even if it is invisible.

4. Choose an anchor-type lock for the home

If your house doesn’t have a pole to lock the motorcycle tire, you can buy an anchor-type lock. The way this lock works is by attaching the chain to the ground where the hook has been planted. The anchor type safety lock has a function similar to an anchor so that the motor will be more difficult to steal, either driven or lifted.

5. Select the lock attached to the handlebar brake

This type of lock is one of the most popular. Its ease of use is an advantage of it. By attaching to the gas or brakes on the motorcycle handlebars, this lock will make thieves think twice about carrying out their evil intentions.

The reason is, the lock on the handlebars makes the thief’s position easy to see. When compared to other types of locks that are mounted on motorcycle tires, of course the thieves do not attract much attention because of their squatting position. For those of you who want to secure your motorbike more easily while making thieves think twice about committing theft, choose this type of security lock.

6. Prioritize products designed by experienced manufacturers

Currently, several types of locks are produced by quite a number of manufacturers, ranging from those with official names to those without official names. You will easily find motorcycle safety locks in Indonesian online stores. However, it would be better if you choose a product that has proven quality.

Manufacturers such as Masterlock, Kryptonite, and GripLock are among the more experienced. A good reputation requires them to continue to maintain the quality of the safety lock products they produce. It doesn’t matter if the price is more expensive as long as your motorbike can be guaranteed safe from the hands of thieves.

10 Best Motorcycle Safety Lock Recommendations

Secure your motorbike right now from the hands of criminals who intend to steal your motorbike! Here, Ainun recommends the ten best motorcycle safety locks that you can buy according to your needs. Choose one that is not only easy, but also guarantees the safety of your motorbike, yes!

1. Motorcycle Padlock Masterlock

Best Motorcycle Safety Lock Masterlock Motorcycle Padlock
Motorcycle Padlock Masterlock

Masterlock is a well-known motorcycle safety manufacturer in Indonesia. 
You can choose this product to secure your favorite motorcycle. This type of disc security lock, this product is easier for you to carry or store in the trunk of a motorcycle.

Made of quality zinc steel, Masterlock Motorcycle Padlock is not easy to rust so it is more durable. Interestingly, this product is equipped with a rope that can be attached to the handlebars. So, you will not forget that the key is still attached to the motorcycle. That way, cases of disc brakes or safety locks being damaged due to escape from memory can be avoided.

2. Heavy Duty Ground Anchor Lock

Best Motorcycle Safety Lock Heavy Duty Ground Anchor Lock
Heavy Duty Ground Anchor Lock

The following motorcycle safety locks can give you peace of mind when you have to leave your motorcycle longer in public places. 
There is a special padlock that connects the two ends of the chain that has been installed around the motorcycle tire.

This product is made of steel covered with cloth, your motorcycle wheels will not be in direct contact with the steel causing scratches on the surface. If your motorcycle is relatively light, we highly recommend this product for you.

3. MP GPS Tracker Alarm Motor

Best Motorcycle Safety Lock MP GPS Tracker Motorcycle Alarm
MP GPS Tracker Alarm Motor

Thieves can be fooled when they want to steal your motorbike. 
In fact, his evil actions can trigger a crowd when the alarm from your motorbike goes off due to the thief’s ignorance. That’s right, MP GPS Tracker Motorcycle Alarm is an alarm type safety lock that is installed directly on the motor operating system.

The following products can send SMS to your smartphone when your motorbike is burglarized. We don’t mean to wish you bad luck, but when one day you are robbed, just give your motorbike if you use this safety lock. Let the supervisor carry your motorbike, you will also know its position because of the GPS to track the whereabouts of the motorbike on your cellphone.

4. Kinbar Padlock Alarm

Best Motorcycle Safety Lock Kinbar Alarm Padlock
Alarm Padlock Kin

This safety lock from Kinbar has the shape of a padlock. 
Thanks to its shape that resembles a padlock, this product can not only be attached directly to the disc, but can also be used to lock the chain if you have this type of lock.

In addition, you can also use the Kinbar padlock to lock the fence. The multipurpose padlock has been equipped with an alarm that will sound when the lock is opened by force or without using a specially designed lock for it.

5. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 1415

New York Kryptonite Best Motorcycle Safety Lock Fahgettaboudit 1415
Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 1415

Motor chain crusher fluid will not work so easily on this product. 
Kryptonite has patented this product, primarily for its U-Lock design and materials. Each chain piece is 15 mm in diameter making this product difficult to damage.

Although it is preferred to lock off-road ATV motorbikes, those of you who have ordinary motorbikes can also use them. This product is of course expensive, but the extra security is the main guarantee that Kryptonite provides in this product. The LED light makes it easy for you to open or lock the lock in the dark.

6. Xena Alarm Padlock XZZ6L

Best Motorcycle Safety Lock Xena Alarm Padlock XZZ6L
Xena Alarm Padlock XZZ6L

Xena Alarm XZZ6L is a motorcycle safety lock in the form of a disc padlock made of stainless steel 304. This type is not easily damaged by corrosive liquids such as mercury. 
Those of you who are afraid of getting theft with this corrosive liquid can breathe a sigh of relief knowing the motorbike is not prone to being stolen.

Xena also ensures that this product is not easy to open with a combination lock or even a duplicate key. This uniqueness then makes you have to think twice about buying it. Do not lose the key or the product can no longer be used. With an alarm equipped with 2 types of sensors (motion and infrared), the alarm will sound when the alarm detects the presence of a thief.

7. Spy 5000m

Best Motorcycle Safety Lock Spy 5000m
Spy 5000m

For those of you who want to secure your motorbike without having to tie a chain or install a padlock on the disc or handlebars, this Spy 5000m product is worth a try. 
Immobilizer type and has an alarm, you can monitor the condition of the motor only through the remote provided.

When your motorbike is started by a thief or pushed without your permission, a notification appears in the form of a picture on the remote which then sounds a loud alarm. A guard like this can also help you find your bike when you forget which side to put it on.

8. Grip-Lock Handlebar Safety Lock

Best Motorcycle Safety Lock Grip-Lock Handlebar Safety Lock
Grip-Lock Handlebar Safety Lock

Lately, the handlebar safety lock is being hunted by the public. 
One of the best-selling products is the output of Grip-Lock. There are various color choices, you can adjust the color of the key with the color of your motorbike to match it. Because its use is at the top of the motorbike, the thief is easily suspected by people around who see it.

If your motorcycle does not use disc brakes, but gas brakes, this product is of course ideal to use. Its small size also makes it easy for you to store it, either in your motorcycle luggage or carry-on bag.

9. OnGuard Doberman 8031L

Best Motorcycle Safety Lock OnGuard Doberman 8031L
OnGuard Doberman 8031L

OnGuard Doberman 8031L has a shape resembling a chain, but precisely in the form of a cable that can be wrapped in such a way. 
With a length of up to 2.4 meters, you can use this product to secure more than 1 motorbike. The 2 motors linked by this lock make it difficult for thieves to carry out their actions.

Not to mention with a keyless security system, those of you who often forget to put the padlock will no longer experience this. It is enough to remember the combination number that has been set, in an instant you can open this lock. Due to its fairly large size, it may need a large enough space to store it.

10. Schone SC 210

Schone SC 210 . Best Motorcycle Safety Lock
Schone SC 210

This safety lock is so practical, you can use it both on motorcycles with disc brakes or without disc brakes. 
If your motorcycle applies a disc brake system, this product can be mounted on a motorcycle disc brake.

However, if your motorcycle uses a gas braking system, this lock can be attached to the front or rear wheels of a motorcycle that has standard sized tires. Steel material that fills the entirety of the key will be difficult to cut or saw with a tool. Do you need a safety lock that can be used on a motorcycle with disc brakes or not? Own this product!


Parking your motorbike in public or at home is indistinguishable, you still have to prioritize the safety of your motorbike. Not once or twice were found cases of theft that even the house had a fence. By using a motorcycle safety lock, you can be a little calmer when moving while leaving the motorcycle, especially when in public places.

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