10 Best Mozzarella Cheese Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Mozzarella cheese is a food ingredient originating from Italy. Previously, the material used to make it was buffalo milk, but now more cow’s milk is used. Its soft and delicious texture when eaten, makes it often used as a typical Italian food ingredient. People also use it as a topping, such as on pizza, lasagna and baked pasta. In addition to its delicious taste, this cheese is also good for the body, because there are many healthful ingredients in it.

Best Mozzarella Cheese
Illustration of Mozzarella Cheese

As a food made from milk, mozzarella cheese has a high calcium content. Calcium itself is very good for the growth of bones and teeth, so it is suitable for children. Other ingredients in it include protein which is good for muscles, vitamin B7, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, and phosphorus. Thanks to its many and beneficial nutritional content, you and your family can consume mozzarella cheese to make it healthier.

Best Mozzarella Cheese
Food Illustration Image with Mozzarella Cheese

10 Best Mozzarella Cheese Recommendations

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To get mozzarella cheese is actually quite easy, because in Indonesia there are already many brands that sell it. Brands such as Kraft, Indrakila, Eurial, and others sell these dairy products. You who want it, can buy it to be used as a healthy food ingredient. However, if it is difficult to determine which product is right, then you can listen to the recommendations for the best mozzarella cheese, selected by the following Ainun.

1. Kraft Quick Melt

Best Mozzarella Cheese Kraft Quick Melt
Kraft Quick Melt

Kraft Quick Melt is a cheddar cheese made from mozzarella. 
Even though it is a type of cheddar cheese, it has characteristics that resemble mozzarella cheese, which can melt when baked or heated. It also tastes similar to mozzarella in general, which is savory with a very distinctive chewy taste when it enters the mouth. For this reason, many call this product mozaralla cheese instead of cheddar. In fact, people often use it to be used as a pizza and lasagna topping.

You can serve this mozzarella cheese by grilling it, but it’s better to grate or slice it first. For 3 seconds to 5 minutes, the cheese can melt perfectly, so it can be used as a delicious and tempting food. The content of calcium in it is quite good, because in 30 grams, it can provide 20% of daily calcium needs. MUI has also provided halal certification, so there is no need to hesitate to consume it. This product can be found at Indomaret, Alfamart, or supermarkets.

2. Perfect Mozzarella

Best Mozzarella Cheese Perfetto Mozzarella
Perfect Mozzarella

Sukanda Djaya is an importer from Indonesia who frequently imports mozzarella cheese. They did a rebranding by renaming it Perfetto Mozzarella. The two brands of cheese they import are Bega and Saputo, which have different characteristics. For Bega, it has a slightly white color, is softer, but tastes less salty. Meanwhile, Saputo has a yellowish color with a saltier taste. Both come from Australia, which is also famous for its dairy products.

Despite the rebranding, Perfetto Mozzarella has been tested by BPOM, so it is suitable for consumption. You can even melt the delicious moozzarella cheese with a torch or oven. That way, you can immediately use it as a pizza topping, taichan, spaghetti, and other dishes. The price is cheap for the size of an original imported product, making this the best mozzarella cheese has many loyal fans.

3. Indrakila Mozzarella

The Best Mozzarella Cheese Indrakila Mozzarella
Indrakila Mozzarella

If you want to find mozzarella cheese made in a domestic factory, then the answer is Indrakila Mozzarella. 
The factory itself is located in Boyolali, and is the first cheese factory to be established in Central Java. Boyolali is indeed famous for its cow’s milk, so the founder of this factory, Novriyanto, wants to bring welfare to the cattle breeders by producing cheese from the milk of local people’s cows. In addition to cheese, the factory also produces yogurt, both of which are made from cow’s milk owned by local residents.

The taste itself is not inferior to mozzarella cheese made abroad, because it is both delicious and the most delicious when eaten. The nutritional content in it is also good, because it is made from real cow’s milk mixed with other harmless ingredients. The existence of halal certification from the MUI, makes it more suitable for consumption. Those of you who want to promote local products, then you can buy Indrakila Mozzarella which can be found easily, either in supermarkets or online shops in Indonesia.

4. Eurial France Mozzarella

Eurial France Mozzarella Best Mozzarella Cheese
Eurial France Mozzarella

Eurial France Mozzarella is mozzarella cheese that comes from France. 
As an imported cheese, the quality of this cheese should not be underestimated, because it has a softer and more chewy texture than cheese in general. So, when it is eaten, the cheese melts in the mouth with a savory taste that is so distinctive. Because of this, many professional chefs make it a food ingredient for their preparation.

Even though the product is from France, you can still enjoy it as an ingredient in your dishes. There are already many who import it and sell it in several online stores with various prices and sizes. Take it easy, this cheese has received halal recognition from the relevant agency, so don’t doubt its halalness if you want to eat it. Besides being halal, the nutritional content in it is also abundant, so it becomes one of the best mozzarella cheeses.

5. Kareem Cheese Mozzarella

Best Mozzarella Cheese Kareem Cheese Mozzarella
Kareem Cheese Mozzarella

Even though it has a slightly Eastern name, Kareem Cheese Mozzarella is an original Indonesian mozzarella cheese product. 
The manufacture is carried out in Indonesia with materials obtained from within the country. The milk used is even raised specifically in the highlands, so that the results are more satisfying. After melting, the taste that is released is very tasty and soft in the mouth.

As cheap mozzarella cheese, this local product can be enjoyed by all levels of society. Even so, the producers still pay attention to the taste and aroma, so that people can enjoy delicious cheese at an economical price. In addition, nutrition is also considered, they even use ingredients without preservatives to make it. If you want to get this cheese, you can look for it on several online buying and selling sites in Indonesia at affordable prices.

6. KPBS Canned Mozzarella Cheese

Best Mozzarella Cheese KPBS Canned Mozzarella Cheese
KPBS Canned Mozzarella Cheese

South Bandung Animal Husbandry Cooperative or abbreviated KPBS issued a dairy product called KPBS Pangalengan Mozzarella Cheese. 
As a local mozzarella cheese product, this product is highly recommended for consumption, because apart from being cheap, it also tastes as good as imported products. To make this cheese, KPBS uses pure cow’s milk without a mixture of weird and dangerous ingredients. Because of this, a chewy textured cheese with a yellowish color is created.

Like other products, this mozzarella cheese product also has a savory and soft taste when eaten. Even though the texture is harder than imported products, the taste and aroma they produce are still delicious. The nutritional content in it is also good, because it is from real cow’s milk without a mixture of imitation dyes and flavours. Those of you who want to buy halal cheese can take advantage of online stores at economical prices.

7. Greenfields Mozzarella Cheese

Best Mozzarella Cheese Greenfields Mozzarella Chees
Greenfields Mozzarella Cheese

Greenfields Mozzarella Cheese is a quality mozzarella cheese product made by a local producer, precisely in Malang. 
Its production requires fresh cow’s milk imported from selected cows. The fresh milk is then mixed with other ingredients to form a tempting mozzarella cheese. After it is melted, the cheese can be used as a food ingredient or as a companion for eating salads with a savory and soft taste in the mouth.

Because the milk used is fresh cow’s milk, the calcium content in the product made by Greenfields is very good. You or your baby who consumes it regularly will make your teeth and bones grow properly. The product is also labeled as MUI, so its halal is guaranteed. Those of you who want to buy mozzarella cheese can get it at online stores or supermarkets, the price itself is quite affordable.

8. Anchor Mozzarella Cheese

Best Mozzarella Cheese Anchor Mozzarella Cheese
Anchor Mozzarella Cheese

The best mozzarella cheese products come from New Zealand, because that country is the best milk producer. 
For this reason, Anchor Mozzarella Cheese is highly recommended because it comes from New Zealend. Besides being delicious in terms of taste, it is also good in terms of nutritional content, that’s why many are hunting for it. It is very tasty and has good ingredients, some restaurants and cafes use this cheese to be used as an ingredient in their dishes.

Even though it comes from New Zealand, Indonesians can still enjoy it easily. There are already many who sell it in online shops or hypermarts with varied packaging and prices. Take it easy when consuming it, because the ingredients used are without any weird additions. This made the MUI and NZIDT (New Zealand Islamic Development Trust) compact to give it a halal label.

9. Arla Finello Mozzarella

Best Mozzarella Cheese Arla Finelo Mozzarella
Arla Finello Mozzarella

To meet your daily needs for calcium and vitamins, you can eat mozzarella cheese every day. 
One product that is recommended for consumption is Arla Finelo Mozzarella, which has a high content of calcium and vitamin B12. Calcium itself is good for the growth of bones and teeth, while vitamin B12 is suitable for healthy skin and eyes. You can give these cheese-based foods to your children or your family.

This cheese is made using buffalo milk, so it tastes better and has better nutritional content. In addition, the cheese it produces is more premium, because it is chewier, tastier, and softer in the mouth. To get this mozzarella cheese, you can look for it in supermarkets or several online stores. There are two packaging options, namely one that is in solid form, some that have been sliced, just choose what you want.

10. Perfect Italian Shredded Mozzarella

The Best Mozzarella Cheese Perfect Italiano Shredded Mozzarella
Perfect Italian Shredded Mozzarella

For those of you who want to taste mozzarella cheese made in their country of origin, Italy, then you can try Perfect Italiano Shredded Mozzarella. 
The cheese gives a perfect taste sensation, because the taste it gives off is neither too salty nor too bland. Those of you who enjoy it will definitely be addicted, because the taste is so unique. The texture is soft and melts when eaten, giving it a more premium taste.

Even though it is very tasty and suitable for various types of food such as geprek chicken and pizza hut, getting one of the best mozzarella cheese is very difficult. In several Indonesian supermarkets and online stores, it is very rare to sell it. If you want it, then the only way is to buy it abroad. You can also do it online, so that the desire to taste this cheese can be realized.


As a food ingredient with a savory taste, mozzarella cheese is widely used as a topping for Italian and western dishes. Besides being able to produce a good taste and aroma, food made with this cheese will be healthier. For this reason, those of you who want to buy the best mozzarella cheese must choose a product that is truly healthy, delicious and has a halal label. That way, dishes made using it can be more enjoyable when eaten.

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