10 Best Passive Speaker Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Passive speakers have a more compact size due to the absence of an amplifier in them. You can find a line of passive speakers from leading brands, such as Audioengine, Behringer, Bose, and JBL, to name a few. Each brand emphasizes quality in different aspects, so it needs to be adjusted according to needs.

To determine the desired speaker quality, of course you need to know the elements that are important to pay attention to when choosing a product. Various considerations such as sound quality, product design, to speaker size are the determining factors that provide optimal satisfaction in its use. Keep watching this article because we will explain how to choose a passive speaker followed by our version of the 10 best recommended products.

Passive Speaker Illustration Image
Passive Speaker Illustration Image

How to choose a good passive speaker

Before considering the product, we will tell you a little about this passive speaker. Called a passive speaker because of the absence of an amplifier on the speaker component. In contrast to active speakers which are equipped with active speakers, making the size also larger. If you want to get the sound quality you want, you can buy a separate amplifier to add to your passive speakers.

Now, let’s discuss further how best to choose passive speakers on the market. You can focus on any number of aspects, but we recommend prioritizing sound quality to suit your musical tastes. For more details, please read carefully the following review.

1. Select the speaker sound quality according to the music being played

Everyone has different preferences for music and songs. Some like jazz, orchestral, pop, and so on. Well, how about you? Although each speaker can be used for various genres of music, people who are sensitive to music flow certainly have their own limitations on the speaker products used.

If you want to listen to pop songs or highlight the quality of the vocals in a song, we recommend choosing passive speakers with a mid-high range tone design. Meanwhile, if what you play is an operatic sound stream, you need to choose a product with a capable treble. The type of jazz or orchestral music will feel optimal if you use passive speakers with a balanced sound character.

2. Don’t forget to choose a product based on your favorite design

Various materials are used to cover the main components of a speaker, such as wood, plastic and other materials. If you like a warm impression in a room, you can choose a product covered in wood grain motifs so that it looks shiny and luxurious like a piano.

Speakers with an elegant design are also presented if you want to place the speakers as a setup in a minimalist room. No matter what design you choose, be sure to choose a speaker housing that is sturdy and does not peel easily.

3. Check the size and reviews of consumers who have used it

In electronics shopping malls, passive speakers are designed in different styles. What you need to pay attention to is not the model, but the size of the product itself. Some are designed with a vertical size and some are horizontal. In order for your passive speakers to fit in the room, of course you have to adjust the size of the speakers and their placement location to fit.

In addition, don’t forget to check the experiences of consumers who have used your target passive speaker. You can visit the official website or see consumer reviews on online stores that are busy with visitors. Direct information from these users can convince you of the product you want to choose.

10 Best passive speaker recommendations

Here we go

Next, Ainun will introduce the 10 best passive speakers along with a description of each product. Let’s find speakers that match your taste in music genres!

1. Nakamichi N-Power

Nakamichi N-Power's Best Passive Speakers
Nakamichi N-Power

Nakamichi is a manufacturer of high-quality audio devices. 
This N-Power passive speaker is one of the superior products made by many people. Having the size of the palm of the hand, this product weighing 700 grams is very compact and easy to store.

You can enjoy your favorite songs for 6 hours just by preparing the battery which will be full when it is recharged for 2 hours. Even though it’s small, Nakamichi has embedded a passive bass to provide a blaring bass listening experience. Already receiving IP66 certification, this product is not easily damaged by dust and water, so it is very suitable to be taken out into nature.

2. Nakamichi My Meiryo Space Speaker Wireless Bluetooth

Speaker Pasif Terbaik Nakamichi My Meiryo Space Speaker Wireless Bluetooth
Nakamichi My Meiryo Space Speaker Wireless Bluetooth

The passive speaker which is still issued by the brand is the same as the previous product. It is designed from aluminum material as the outer frame. 
You don’t have to worry about rust, which can damage the appearance and shorten the life of the product. In addition, the aluminum frame is also light and strong enough for regular use.

Weighing around 583 grams, this product at a friendly price doesn’t bother you when you travel. Its elegant and simple design also looks charming when placed indoors. Nakamichi adopts a mid-high range tone in this speaker, enabling him to produce clear and stunning vocal effects.

3. Behringer EUROCOM SL4240

Best Passive Speaker Behringer EUROCOM SL4240
Behringer EUROCOM SL4240

The Behringer EUROCOM SL4240 has a quite unique design. 
The reason, this product has a dual axis mounting to transmit sound in all directions. Not only that, the front of the speaker can also be changed to an angle of 
90o vertical and 180o horizontal . Thanks to this, this passive speaker is very flexible when used.

Behringer designs products with selected materials so they are tough even though they are often used outdoors. Not only are you given access to playing music, but you can also play AV (audio-visual) files with amazing sound quality and spread evenly in many directions. Perfect to bring to a party!

4. Audioengine P4 Passive Speakers

Speaker Pasif Terbaik Audioengine P4 Passive Speakers
Audioengine P4 Passive Speakers

If you need passive speakers that offer the best quality, we recommend Audioengine P4 Passive Speakers for you. 
Products that are categorized as bookshelf speakers can be placed indoors on tables, bookshelves, or other areas.

It is also said that this speaker is quite versatile because the inside is easy to modify. You can also combine it with hybrid, tube and integrated stereo receivers and amplifiers. For sound quality, Audioengine guarantees a touch of mid-range effects with balanced bass and treble.

5. Audioengine HDP6 Passive Speakers

Best Passive Speakers Audioengine HDP6 Passive Speakers
Audioengine HDP6 Passive Speakers

Audioengine still has other variants of passive speakers for you, HDP6 Passive Speaker is one of them. 
This product, which is sold with high selling points, can fulfill your desire for very smooth sound quality even at high pitches or when the volume is turned up.

In addition, the woofers that accompany these passive speakers rely on aramid fiber and are wrapped in rubber to ensure they are free from resonance. Then, you can remove and install the outer frame of the speaker according to your mood and the need for the interior concept of your room.

6. Bose FreeSpace 3 Surface-Mount Satellites

Speaker Pasif Terbaik Bose FreeSpace 3 Surface-Mount Satellites
Bose FreeSpace 3 Surface-Mount Satellites

Bose has never played games in formulating every audio device. 
These FreeSpace 3 Surface-Mount Satellites are a manifestation of Bose’s seriousness. If you buy this product, you will get 1 unit of Acoustimass Bass Module and 4 Mount Satellites which are only the size of a coffee cup.

The mount provided can be used to install these speakers so you don’t need to prepare a special space. Take it easy, the resulting sound delivery will be evenly distributed throughout the room. Even though it’s small, Bose offers an SPL value of 99 dB on this speaker, enabling it to create a balanced, clear, dense, and full of energy-filled mix of pounding bass and tones.

7. harman/kardon Go + Play

Best Passive Speaker harman kardon Go + Play
harman kardon Go + Play

Have you been looking for passive speakers that are capable of providing qualified and balanced sound quality for jazz or orchestral music? 
You can pin this product offered by harman/kardon to your wishlist. This passive speaker with wireless technology has a compact size so it fits anywhere you want.

Equipped with a handle or top handle made of stainless steel and finished with a fabric that makes you carry the speaker. A luxurious and elegant design is not enough for harman/kardon, because the 2 included tweeters and 2 woofers give it a full and balanced sound.

8. JBL Control 25AV

The Best Passive Speaker JBL Control 25AV
JBL Control 25AV

The JBL Control 25AV is equipped with an SPL of 113dB complete with the SonicGuard overload protection feature. 
This technology ensures that the product remains safe even when used indoors or outdoors. The quality of smooth vocals and music is still felt even though it has been used for a long time thanks to the titanium plated tweeter.

If you don’t like changing speakers and want a product that is tough and durable, you must include the JBL Control 25AV on your shopping list. The stainless steel material on the speaker grill gives more satisfaction because it makes the speaker not rust.

9. BMB CS-252 V

Best Passive Speaker BMB CS-252 V
BMB CS-252 V

If you like doing karaoke on weekends, you can choose this passive speaker. 
The BMB CS-252 V offers a sound frequency of 50 Hz – 20 kHz. Thanks to the wide frequency range, this speaker can provide you with amazing sound effects from low bass notes to even high treble notes.

BMB has equipped a cone-type woofer into it which allows this speaker to emit low-pitched sound with a quality that sounds round, clear and stomping. Not to forget, the presence of the tweeter also clarifies the sound played in high pitches. Knowing all this, it is clear that the BMB CS-252 V is the ideal choice for karaoke.

10.Yamaha VS6

Best Passive Speaker Yamaha VS6
Yamaha VS6

Yamaha VS6 weighs 2.8 kg with dimensions of 19 x 30.8 x 21.9 cm. 
That means, this one passive speaker has a physical appearance that is designed horizontally. Even though the body is fairly wide, this product is still portable because of its minimal weight. You can even take it outdoors for various purposes.

Yamaha has tweaked the speakers to make them resilient from pressure, impact, and splashes of water thanks to their HIPS (high impact polystyrene sheet) material. The SPL value of 110 dB is not limited to producing blaring sound transmissions, but also ensures that the important components inside are protected thanks to the embedded overload protection circuit feature.


So far, we’ve reviewed tips on choosing passive speakers and featured a range of recommended products in the list above. In order for the sound quality from the speaker of your choice to be amazing or to your liking, always check the sound quality and it is more suitable for the music genre for which the product is used.

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