10 Best Perfume for Women in 20th Recommendations (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – The scent of perfume for women in their 20s will be different from perfume for teenage girls who are still in their twenties. The need to understand the right kind of scent will help you look like a grown woman. It is recommended for women in their 20s to wear a perfume that combines maturity and innocence with the condition that it doesn’t have a strong fruity fragrance.

It’s a bit tricky to use perfume for women who are entering a transitional period from teenage girls to mature women who are required to be independent. However, the arrival of perfume choices from Christian Dior , The Body Shop , to Victoria’s Secret will make it easier for you. Let’s find the most suitable perfume for women in their 20s in this article!

Best Fragrant Women's Perfume
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How to choose a good perfume for women in their 20s

Even though it’s a little difficult to determine a perfume with the right scent, you are still not advised to use fragrances with an overpowering aroma, such as those from fruit or natural fragrances with high concentrations. It’s best to choose a more subdued, feminine scent. To be clearer, let’s take a closer look at perfume scents that are suitable for women in their 20s.

1. A scent that combines mature and clean impressions is the right choice

Back in your teens, you might have liked perfumes that exuded fruity, natural notes. However, when you grow two heads, it will be less suitable if you are still wearing perfume with the same fragrance.

You should start highlighting your adult character when you are in your 20s. That’s why it is recommended to wear perfume with a scent that gives off a clean and mature impression. It would also be nice if the scent seemed elegant, your presence began to be noticed by the people around you.

However, each perfume has a different aroma level. Usually this is divided into three stages of aroma emission, namely base notes, middle notes and top notes. For best results, look for a perfume where the top notes are fresh and clean, and the middle notes are feminine and mature.

2. Choose a type of perfume to keep the scent longer

Each perfume has a different level or concentration. In perfume type perfume, this type offers the strongest and longest lasting aroma . Due to the use of high concentrations of ingredients, perfume type perfumes have the most expensive prices.

The fragrance of this type of perfume can last up to dozens of hours. You can use this type if you don’t want to re-spray perfume. To attend a wedding or other formal party, you can spray this type of perfume so that people will feel at home talking to you for a long time.

3. This type of eau de parfum is an inexpensive option for a romantic date

Basically, using perfume with a perfume concentrate is also suitable for use on a date or other personal moments. It’s just that the selling price is too high and generally, dating events or other private moments don’t take up to a day, it’s more advisable to choose a perfume with less concentration of the eau de parfum type.

This type of perfume offers a fragrant aroma that lasts for 4-6 hours. Because the price is cheaper when compared to other types of perfume, you can still wear this perfume every time you have a date or romantic dinner.

4. For daily activities, it is better to choose a perfume of the eau de toilette type

The concentration of this perfume which is categorized as EDT or eau de toilette will be ideal for everyday activities. You can go to the office, birthday party, or to come to a wedding invitation too. This type of perfume is capable of emitting a scent with a resistance of about 2 – 4 hours.

The characteristic of EDT perfume is a soft scent that will suit you when you wear it in an office environment. Even so, the aroma will be gently smelled by you so that it provides comfort every time you wear it. If you need a perfume that is suitable for everyday use with an unobtrusive fragrance, choose EDT perfume.

5. Pay attention to the change in aroma in each note

Each perfume leaves a final note that is different from its initial and middle scents. You can find out about this change in aroma by asking the shop staff or reading the product description directly on the packaging (if any) and on the perfume’s official website. Generally, every perfume is equipped with 3 stages of aroma change, namely base, middle and top notes.

The scent that lasts until the end is called the top notes. This is the level of fragrance that will create an impression on the wearer. So, it will be difficult when you spray the perfume tester before it reaches the top notes. It’s better to check the packaging regarding the aroma components on the top notes and make sure it matches your character.

10 Best Perfume Recommendations for Women in their 20s

Here we go

Next, Ainun will introduce the ten best perfumes for women in their 20s. Although the average perfume offers three different stages, you also need to know that some perfumes are designed without changing the scent. So, research before buying by checking the product information of your choice by asking store staff or reading the product description.

1. Women’s perfume : Clinique Aromatics Elixir™ Perfume Spray

Best Women's Perfume
Brand Clinique Aromatics Elixir™ Perfume Spray

Clinique combines the fragrances of rose, jasmine, vetiver and ylang ylang, resulting in a fresh and pleasant aroma. 
The character that you feel will be highlighted when you wear this perfume. It is very appropriate to wear on important occasions that require you to look fashionable and have a nice body.

The aromatic fragrance of this perfume is contained in a concise and simple bottle packaging. Those of you who like the design of fashion items by prioritizing simplicity will be satisfied with this product. Its elegant appearance is also suitable for use anywhere you want.

2. Women’s perfume: Bvlgari Eau Parfumée Au Thé Bleu

Best Women's Perfumes Bvlgari Eau Parfumée Au Thé Bleu
Brand Bvlgari Eau Parfumée Au Thé Bleu

Products from Bvlgari have traveled all over the world, including Indonesia, which is one of its target markets. 
The perfume collection for women in their 20s that we recommend from Bvlgari is Eau Parfumee Au The Bleu. This perfume has a unisex scent so it can be worn by men or women.

If you want to feel a slightly masculine, refreshing scent, this perfume is worth your choice. The quality of the aromatic fragrance offered will make anyone distracted when you run into them. Accented with the soft aroma of Chinese oolong tea, this product is also suitable for daily use.

3. Women’s perfume: Davidoff Cool Water Woman Eau de Toilette

Best Women's Perfume Davidoff Cool Water Woman Eau de Toilette
Brand Davidoff Cool Water Woman Eau de Toilette

If you need a perfume that at every level exudes the impression of a mature, mature, and feminine woman, this product from Davidoff is what you’re looking for. 
On its top notes, Cool Water Woman EDT spreads a refreshing aquatic fragrance with notes of pineapple and watermelon.

Your makeup will feel more enchanting when combined with a refreshing scent that emanates from your body. This is the perfume that best suits a mature woman like you. In fact, the freshness released by this perfume is immediately felt from the first spray.

4. Women’s perfume: Hugo Boss BOSS Jour Eau de Parfum

Best Women's Perfume Hugo Boss BOSS Jour Eau de Parfum
Brand Hugo Boss BOSS Jour Eau de Parfum

The combination of citrus and floral notes from this perfume will keep your mood awake. 
Designed for a bright and soft finish, this perfume always brightens and brightens your day. Even though the packaging looks simple, the golden accents with the “BOSS” label convey an element of elegance to this product.

In addition, Hugo Boss also combines this perfume with other scents in the form of musk to create a feminine and elegant female atmosphere. With a scent that does not pierce the nose, this perfume is suitable for all occasions.

5. Women’s perfume: Marc Jacobs Daisy

Best Women's Perfume Marc Jacobs Daisy
Mark Jacobs Daisy

The glass bottle design that appears with vibrant flowers on the lid makes this perfume look elegant and classy at the same time. 
Carrying the EDT concentration, this perfume is not only luxurious and exclusive, but also offers a longer lasting scent.

In it, Marc Jacobs blends a number of signature sandalwood fragrance components to enhance the intensity of the scent. While the main formula consists of white violets, wild berries and jasmine flowers, this perfume will emit a bright and feminine fragrance.

6. Women’s perfume: Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Eau de Parfum

Best Women's Perfume Victorias Secret Bombshell Eau de Parfum
Brand Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Eau de Parfum

If you like the world of fashion, of course you are no stranger to this one brand. 
Besides being famous for its luxurious clothing, Victoria’s Secret also collects perfumes for mature women without losing the young and fun impression on each wearer.

Concentrating on EDP, this perfume is not as expensive as other EDP perfume brands. This product emits a fruity floral fragrance that has exotic freshness and a mixture of various fruity fragrances. Besides that, the beautiful pink bottle will also beautify your dressing table.

7. Women’s perfume: Christian Dior Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

Best Women's Perfume Christian Dior Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming
Brand Christian Dior Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

Present an exclusive feel every time you spray perfume. 
Christian Dior designed this perfume in a tiny and sparkling glass bottle. Accompanied by a ribbon decoration, this perfume makes you look like a classy lady.

Speaking of scents, Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming has a scent that seems cheerful and colorful, and you don’t get bored easily even if you wear it many times. Based on eau de parfum, this product is worth considering if you want to accentuate a long lasting fragrance.

8. Women’s perfume: Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum

Guerlain's Best Women's Perfumes La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum
Brand Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum

For those of you who are looking for perfume with unique, luxurious, and modern packaging, you really need to consider this product. 
The heart-shaped bottle packaging that wraps gives a modern impression with color gradations and crystal transparency in the bottle.

Apart from presenting a stunning impression from the bottle, this perfume will emit a soft and refreshing fruity floral fragrance from your body. In its top notes of cherry, berry and bergamot, get ready because you’re about to become a crowd pleaser.

9. Women’s perfume: Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Eau de Parfum

Best Women's Perfume Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Eau de Parfum
Brand Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Eau de Parfum

You can also consider glass bottles with a combination of gold and pink colors that create a spoiled and mature impression at the same time. 
Designed specifically to emit a glamorous impression on most idol artists, you will appear more confident and impressive.

This perfume has a concentration of eau de parfum which can last up to more than 6 hours. In other words, you don’t need to repeatedly spray perfume when attending various events. The combination of creamy vanilla scent and crispy wild berry aroma creates a light impression that is fun and playful.

10. Women’s perfume: The Body Shop British Rose Eau de Toilette

Best Women's Perfumes The Body Shop British Rose Eau de Toilette
Brand The Body Shop British Rose Eau de Toilette

You don’t need to discourage yourself when you find out that the average perfume price is quite expensive. 
The Body Shop prepares a perfume at an affordable price. This perfume presents a fresh aroma of a mixture of ingredients such as orange, lily water, rose water, peach, bergamot and peony.

EDT type, you can use this perfume to attend a short party or when having dinner with your partner. The non-stinging aroma will keep the atmosphere comfortable. This product is also suitable for outdoor activities thanks to its fresh floral scent.


Of the ten choices, have you found a women’s perfume that suits you? Make sure you wear perfume as needed, OK? When using perfume, think first for what activities you wear it. If you want to have dinner, avoid wearing perfume with a high concentration of aroma because it can interfere with comfort.

However, if you want to attend a formal event, such as a wedding or night party, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a perfume with a strong enough scent. This way, you can set yourself when to be the center of attention and not.

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