10 Best Philips Blender Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Philips Blender is one of the popular blender brands with the best quality and is owned by almost every household. Where a blender is a practical electronic device for smoothing and softening drinks and food.

With a blender in your home, it can help you make juices, smoothies, and grind spices. Therefore, the best blender is very useful to make it easier for you when in the kitchen, especially when cooking. That way it’s mandatory for you to have a blender at home, one of the best Philips blenders.

Best Philips Blender
Philips / Yt Blender Illustration Image

But you also need to know that the best Philips blender has several different shapes and designs. So, before you buy a Philips blender, it would be nice for you to know the reasons for choosing a Philips blender compared to other blenders and know how to choose one. Here’s an explanation.

Reasons to Choose a Philips Blender

Of the many blender brands on the market, Philips is one of the most popular and popular brands, why? Because Philips is the largest manufacturer of electronic products in the world that comes from the Netherlands. The advantage of this best Philips blender is that it has various speed settings.

That way you can adjust the speed according to the type of drink or food. In addition, the Philips blender is also known for its durability and is not easily damaged even if you use it every day.

Moreover, the Philips blender blade is serrated and super sharp so it can smooth and soften including ice cubes. Not only that, if you have problems with the blender machine, Philips has official service centers in various cities that can help you fix it.

How to Choose a Good Philips Blender

All you need to know is that the Philips blender has different series with their respective advantages. So, before you choose a good Philips blender, you should first find out how to choose a good and right Philips blender. What are they?

1. Adjust to capacity

Before you buy a blender, pay attention to your daily capacity when using a blender, why? Because in general, blenders have a tube capacity of 2 liters. Even so, some of the best Philips blenders provide tubes that have a capacity of approximately 1 liter or 1.5 liters.

For those of you who have a business or often make juice at home for family members, we recommend that you use a 2 liter tabun capacity. However, if you rarely use a blender, then use only a 1 liter jug ​​capacity.

2. Check the Blender Tube Material

There are two types of blender jars that you can choose from, namely glass tubes and plastic tubes. Where glass tubes have the advantage of being easy to clean without leaving stains or dull colors. Even so, you have to be careful when you are going to save it, why? Because this glass jar blender is prone to breakage.

Moreover, the glass jar blender is also much heavier, even though it looks stylish and elegant. It is also different from plastic tubes which have the advantage of being lighter and not easily broken. It’s just that, if you use it often, the plastic tube will turn dull over time. For the selling price itself, plastic blenders have an affordable price compared to glass tubes.

3. Note the Additional Accessories Provided

In general, blenders are equipped with additional accessories. Some of these additional accessories are a chopper that is used to crush food ingredients, a filter that can filter out the dregs and a mill that functions to soften cooking spices.

It will be much more practical if you buy a blender that is equipped with some of these additional accessories. That way you don’t have to buy a blender separately.

4. Pay attention to the Speed ​​Settings

Each blender must have different strengths to puree food and drinks. Especially if you want to destroy food ingredients that taste tough at a standard speed, the results won’t be smooth.

Therefore, it is mandatory for you to choose a blender that has various speed settings. That way you can set it yourself according to your needs and the type of food or drink you want. This also makes the blender not easily damaged because you don’t force it to work above its power level.

Top 10 Philips Blender Recommendations

Here we go

Now, after you know the reasons and how to choose a good and right Philips blender, now is the time for Ainun to recommend some of the best Philips blenders that can be your consideration. Choose the Philips blender that best suits your needs.

1. Philips Series 5000 Inti Blender

Best Philips Blender Recommendations - Philips series 5000 core blender
Philips series 5000 inti blender

Do you like cleanliness and don’t want stains to stick to your blender? 
If so, this Philips blender can be the right choice. With a glass tube, this blender can be used for a long time and is free from adhering stains. Even though the tube has a fairly heavy weight, you can still wash it easily, just wipe it once, so your blender is clean instantly.

In addition, this Philips blender is also equipped with a spatula which makes it easier for you to stir and scoop food in the blender so that it is easily mixed evenly. So, especially if you want to realize your favorite dessert, this blender can be a consideration for you.

2. Philips Daily Collection Blender

Best Philips Blender Recommendations - Philips Daily Collection Blender
Philips Daily Collection Blender

The factors that determine the quality of a blender are not only its power and electric power, right? 
There is another thing that can be the determining factor, namely the chopping knife. Then choose this Philips blender, namely the Philips daily collection blender, why?

Because this blender has a 5-star serrated blade that is able to smooth drinks or food perfectly according to your wishes. So, if you don’t have a lot of free time to smooth and soften food or drinks, this Philips best blender can be your choice.

3. Philips Series 5000 Blender Core

Best Philips Blender Recommendations - Philips series 5000 blender core
Philips series 5000 blender core

By having super complete accessories for the blender you buy, it definitely saves more on your pocket, right? 
Then you can buy this Philips blender as your choice. Where this blender does not only have a large tube and a small grinder, but this best Philips blender is also equipped with a chopper and filter.

That way each of your food or drink can be prepared differently. Besides that, you don’t have to bother having to buy everything one by one. Besides you being extravagant, also less practical.

4. Philips Daily Collection Blender Tangan Pro Mix

Best Philips Blender Recommendations - Philips daily collection pro mix hand blender
Philips daily collection blender tangan pro mix

Do you like traveling and want to serve healthy homemade drinks? 
If so, you don’t need to be confused, this product can be the right choice, namely the Philips daily collection pro mix hand blender. In addition to its practical shape, the capacity provided is just right for one glass. You also don’t have to worry about your food or drink scattering and falling apart, why?

Because on the underside of the best philips blender blade there are waves that protect the food from splashing out. With an electric power of 650 W, this blender can provide great power with maximum results, you know.

5. Philips Viva Collection Blender

Best Philips Blender Recommendations - Philips viva collection blender
Philips viva collection blender

For those of you who are looking for a lightweight blender, a plastic tube can be your choice. 
However, usually a blender with a plastic tube is easier to leave scratch marks. Well, it’s different from the best Philips blender on this one, this blender has high quality because it’s made of tritan material.

Compared to plastic materials, tritan materials provide clarity to the tube like glass. In fact, tritan is more durable and not easily broken. You also don’t have to worry about using it many times, why? Because the ingredients in this blender will not make the tube easily scratched and will not leave food stains.

6. Blender Philips Hr 2057

Best Philips Blender Recommendation - Blender Philips HR 2157
Blender Philips HR 2157

This Philips blender is suitable for those of you who need a blender at an economical price. 
Even though the price offered is affordable, it doesn’t mean that this blender doesn’t have good quality.

Where the best Philips blender has 4 blades made of stainless steel and has a high rotation speed and a 1.2 liter blender container. In addition, this blender is also energy efficient, why? Because it only requires 280 watts of electricity with a cable length of 1.2 meters. Isn’t this blender practical enough for everyday use?

7. Blender Philips Mini HR 2874

Best Philips Blender Recommendation - Blender Philips mini HR 2874
Blender Philips mini HR 2874

Blender Philips mini HR 2874 is the latest model blender that can help you prepare everything from soup to smoothies. 
Equipped with additional accessories, namely a multi chopper that can grind meat and also seasonings.

In addition, this blender also has a portable bottle that is easy to carry anywhere. With this bottle, you can enjoy all drinks wherever and whenever you want. Besides that, this best Philips blender has detachable blades making it easier for you to clean the blender. With the required power of 350 watts, this blender is reliable for blending and mixing all processed ingredients, you know.

8. Blender Philips HR 2096

Best Philips Blender Recommendation - Blender Philips HR 2096
Blender Philips HR 2096

Are you looking for a high quality Philips blender with an elegant design? 
Then you can choose this one blender. Not only is it used to make juice, but this blender can also process cooking spices to become smoother.

In addition, this best Philips blender has a 1.2 liter container and is equipped with 6 serrated blades made of stainless steel which can smooth and blend perfectly. Where this blender is designed with a container made of glass so that it is more hygienic and durable.

9. Blender Philips Hr 2106

Best Philips Blender Recommendation - Blender Philips HR 2106
Blender Philips HR 2106

Blender Philips HR 2106 is a blender that provides smooth grinding results. 
Elegantly designed and equipped with 4 serrated blades that can function perfectly. In addition, this blender has a container made of clear glass which functions to prevent other materials from mixing in processed food.

The electric power consumed by the best Philips blender is also 400 watts with a relatively large glass capacity of 1.5 liters. In addition, this blender has a mini chopper that can grind coarse food ingredients, then a fulle feature that provides perfect mixing results.

10. Blender Philips 4-1 Scf875

Best Philips Blender Recommendations - Blender Philips 4-1 SCF875
Blender Philips 4-1 SCF875

Well, for those of you who want a versatile blender, you don’t need to be confused anymore, why? 
Because the Philips Blender 4-1 SCF875 blender is here for you. Where this blender can perform 4 cooking functions in one tube at once.

These functions are blending, steaming, defrosting, and heating. This best Philips blender also has a tube capacity of 1 liter which is suitable for processing baby food. By requiring 400 watts of electricity and extract protection that can ensure safety when you use this blender.


That’s an explanation of the 10 best Philips blender recommendations that can be considered for you. So, have you found a Philips blender that you can use at home? May be useful.

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