10 Best Recommendations for Delicious Dates Brands (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Good and tasty dates will of course be the product most sought after by the public, especially during the fasting month or holidays. There are dates that are sold at cheap to expensive prices, depending on the type and number of dates purchased. In addition, there are also those who sell dates dry or wet.

Good Dates Brand
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Well, sometimes the dates will be eaten immediately or processed first to add variety to the menu so you don’t get bored. Do you prefer to buy dates, date juice, or other processed dates? But before that, you need to find a good product first. Then, how do you choose a delicious and good date brand? Check out the following article review, OK!

How to Choose a Delicious and Good Date Brand

In order to find good and quality products, of course you have to be able to choose the right brand of good dates. Well, here are ways you can find the most delicious dates.

1. Know the type of dates to choose

Of course, you already know that dates are not native to Indonesia, right? However, there are various brands of delicious dates that are sold in various types. Well, there are several types of dates that you can buy in Indonesia, including Ajwa, Medjool, Sukari, Barhi, and Deglet Nour dates.

Well, the Ajwa dates, which have a black color with a soft texture and are not too sweet, are commonly known as the dates of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Meanwhile, Medjool dates, which have a large size with thick flesh and a sweet taste, are usually used as a substitute for sugar.

Then, there are also Sukari dates which are favored by Arab kings because these wet dates have a soft texture and taste sweet like caramel. Meanwhile, the size of the Barhi dates is smaller with a crunchy texture and of course soft. Interestingly, the Deglet Nour date is a type of date that is sold together with the stem. So, you are interested in what kind of good brand of delicious dates?

2. Pay attention to the quality of the best delicious date brands

The next thing you need to pay attention to when buying the best date brands is quality. You can see it for the first time by its expiration date. Usually this has been written on each packaging of dates so you can avoid products that are not fit to eat. Apart from that, you can also see the surface of each date that you want to choose. Usually shiny dates indicate that the fruit is fresh.

You certainly want to buy a good brand of dates that are not mixed with other sweeteners, right? Usually there are date traders who add liquid sugar or honey so that the dates appear more sticky. If you want dates that taste sweet for a long time, you can choose the best brands of dates that are sold together with the stalks. Well, the more important thing is to choose dates that are still intact.

3. Pay attention to the packaging of the delicious date brands to choose from

The packaging of a good date brand is also something you need to pay attention to before making a choice. You must be able to ensure that the dates are always stored neatly in a closed package so they don’t spoil easily. If you buy dates in cardboard packaging, then you should transfer them to a jar if you don’t use them right away.

However, you can buy dates in large cardboard packages if you want to resell them in repackaged packages. In addition, cardboard packaging should also be chosen by those of you who are on a pilgrimage and are serving dates or on vacation with your family. That way, the dates you buy can run out faster and you don’t have to worry about rotting.

10 Good Delicious Date Brand Recommendations

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Of course, you know that there are many brands and types of dates sold in various places in Indonesia, be it in mini-markets, supermarkets or marketplaces. This will sometimes make you confused in choosing. So, here are ten recommendations for the best delicious date brands from Ainun which can be used as an option to complement the nutritional content needed by your body.

1. Barari Bam Dates

Good and Tasty Dates Barari Mozafati Dates
Barari Mozafati Dates Brand

The first recommendation for a delicious date brand is the Barari Mozafati/Bam/Grape Dates, which are mostly grown in the province of Kerman, Iran. 
This date has a fairly large fruit size and a dark color. This one date fruit is suitable for consumption by those of you who like the sweet taste of dates that have soft flesh.

Then, the packaging of the bam dates themselves is usually cardboard of various sizes which still guarantees that the product remains hygienic. There are several ingredients in bam dates, such as minerals and fats which are certainly good for the body.

In addition, there are several benefits that you can get, namely increasing the body’s immunity so that it is very suitable for daily consumption, reducing blood pressure, and being safe for consumption by diabetics even though it has a sweet taste because the glucose content in it is not high.

2. Tunisian Hijra Dates

Good and Tasty Dates Tunisian Hijra Dates
Tunisian Hijra Dates Brand

This delicious date brand has 
eye-catching packaging with thick cardboard and additional pieces of mica on the front. That way, you can more easily see the condition of the freshness of the dates in the package. In addition, the packaging is also equipped with plastic wrap which makes this product more hygienic.

Tunisian hijra dates are a type of Tunisian Deglet Nour date which has a less sweet taste. Therefore, this delicious brand of dates is perfect for those of you who don’t like the sweetness of dates. There are several benefits that you will get if you regularly consume these dates, including maintaining a healthy body and preventing constipation.

That’s because dates contain high fiber so that it can launch the digestive system. In addition, these dates are also good for increasing fertility because they contain estradiol and flavonoids , making dates suitable for consumption by sufferers of sexual dysfunction. This brand of delicious dates is also claimed to be able to reduce high blood glucose levels, you know!

3. Tunisian golden palm dates

Nice and Tasty Dates Tunisian Golden Palm Dates
Tunisian Golden Palm Dates Brand

The next delicious brand of dates, namely Tunisian golden palm dates originating from Tunisia. 
These dates have thick flesh, thin, soft, dry and crunchy seeds. In addition, this one date also has a medium fruit size and an elongated oval shape.

The taste of the golden palm dates is sweet but not to the point of making your teeth ache, legit and slightly savory. Dates not only contain vitamins and fiber, but also contain 18% -22% water.

There are two variants of these golden palm dates, namely stemmed and non-stemmed dates. Among these two variants that have a lot of fans are stemmed dates. This date is very suitable to be consumed every day, especially during fasting because it has good benefits for the body. Well, these benefits include improving the digestive system, increasing stamina or energy, and as a natural source of glucose for the body.

4. Date Crown Lulu Dates

Good and Tasty Dates Date Crown Lulu Dates
Brand Date Crown Lulu Dates

The next good date brand that you can make as an alternative choice is the Date Crown Lulu date or commonly known as the Lulu date. 
These dates are imported directly from the United Arab Emirates, you know! This date is a good type of dry date and has a chewy texture and has thick flesh with small seed sizes. These dates have a natural sweet taste or do not contain artificial sweeteners.

Then, the packaging used for this product is a type of ziplock plastic that is easy to open and close. Well, the advantage of using ziplock plastic packaging itself is that it makes dates more hygienic and not easily damaged. Therefore, this product is suitable as a gift or for self-consumption. Like Ajwa dates, they have many benefits for our body. One of the benefits is that it can be used to treat neurological diseases because it contains phosphorus.

5. Golden Valley Dates

Good and Tasty Dates Golden Valley Dates
Golden Valley Dates Brand

A recommendation for a good date brand that can be used as an option is the Golden Valley date. 
Well, this date is one of the dates that has characteristics, such as a slightly rough texture, but has a delicious and sweet taste.

When compared to dates from Arab countries, Golden Valley dates have a fresher texture. Even though it has a sweet taste, these dates also contain sugar which is still in the safe category for diabetics. You can also use dates as a natural sugar intake, yes!

In addition, dates are a very good source of energy consumed by pregnant women, whether they are eaten directly or processed first. Usually dates are processed, such as juice, jam, cake accompaniment, or added to milk. Thus, pregnant women can fulfill their intake of sugar from natural, nutritious ingredients without preservatives.

6. Palm Frutt Dates

Good and Tasty Dates Palm Frutt Dates
Palm Frutt Dates Brand

Palm frutt dates are a good and delicious brand of dates recommended for you. 
This date is one of the most popular dates in its home country, namely Tunisia. One of its charms is the neat box packaging that makes it seem special.

Interestingly, these dates will also be placed on the front display at almost all supermarkets, especially during the month of Ramadan. Palm Frutt dates are commonly known as stalk dates because they are still attached to the stem.

In addition, the flesh of the Palm Frutt dates looks oval with a size that is quite large and has a soft texture and the taste is not too sweet. Another reason that makes these dates a recommendation for the best date brands is the many benefits they provide for health. One of them is as an energy booster, especially when breaking the fast which is good for anyone to consume, including pregnant women. The economical price makes this one a best-selling date in the market. Take it easy because it’s not too sweet, you know!

7. Bard Valley Premium Medjool Dates

Good and Tasty Dates Medjool Premium Bard Valley Dates
Brand Medjool Premium Bard Valley Dates

The brand of delicious dates that is recommended and in demand in the world market, including Indonesia, is Bard Valley. 
The appeal of this date is the large size of the fruit, which makes it suitable as an option for a stomach booster. That way, those of you who don’t have time to eat heavily because of your busy daily activities won’t feel sick to your stomach. This date is a very tempting type of wet date, you know!

In addition, these dates have a sweet taste not because of the addition of honey but from the original of these dates. As with other types of dates, Bard Valley also has the benefits of dates, namely to maintain heart health. Not only that, another benefit is that it helps lower bad cholesterol because it contains antioxidants. Then, expedite the digestive system because it contains high fiber and is very good for maintaining body stamina.

Well, those benefits make these dates suitable as a snack after breaking the fast. Its soft texture will make anyone who eats it become addicted. This Dates brand is packaged in a plastic jar that is light and easy to carry anywhere, you know!

8. Dates Sukari Al Medina

Good and Delicious Dates Sukari Al Madinah Dates
Brand Dates Sukari Al Madinah

Sukari Al Madinah dates are a delicious premium quality date brand and have a brown color which is perfect for snacking during Ramadan. 
The date known as the Arabian king date has meat with a soft and tender texture, and has a very sweet taste like honey.

However, of course these dates do not contain artificial sweeteners. Then, the packaging used is very simple and easy to store because it is in the form of a box containing 24 fruits with quite large dates.

One of the right and delicious ways to consume these dates is to store them in the refrigerator first. After it feels cold enough, then you can eat it with friends or family.

Well, some of the benefits of the Sukari date include increasing stamina in men and increasing energy because it contains sugar. In addition, this good brand of dates can also maintain the body’s immune system because it contains vitamin A and is useful as an antioxidant.

9. Khalas golden dates

Good and Tasty Dates Golden Dates Khalas Dates
Brand Dates Golden Dates Khalas

The next delicious date brand is the Golden Dates Khalas Dates. 
This date is a premium date because it uses a hygienic and attractive cardboard packaging. In addition, there is no need to doubt the quality of these dates because the selected dates are guaranteed to be of high quality.

The texture of the flesh is chewy and the dates have a naturally sweet taste. So, you don’t need to hesitate to consume this delicious brand of dates as a snack or as an addition to snacks. This brand of dates includes good quality dry dates, yes!

Some of the benefits that can be obtained from consuming these dates include maintaining the human body’s immune system and can also facilitate the digestive system. Not only that, this delicious brand of dates can also be used as a stamina enhancer because it has a sweet taste as a source of natural sugar intake.

10. Khalas Wisdom date

Good and Delicious Dates Khalas Wisdom Dates
Khalas Hikmah Dates Brand

The last recommended delicious date brand is the Khalas Hikmah Date. 
Well, this date has a meaning as a prayer for salvation aimed at someone. In accordance with its meaning, these dates are very suitable for consumption by those of you who are waiting for the arrival of a baby. The taste of khalas dates is the same as the taste of caramel, especially when the fruit is dry.

You can consume dates as an alternative food when on a diet or fasting. In addition, the Khalas wisdom date is also rich in fiber so it is good for digestion. Then, this delicious brand of dates is also useful for increasing fertility because it contains amino acids and zinc in it. You can also try to prevent anemia by consuming these dates as they contain iron which helps increase the production of red blood cells.

After reading the review of the ten recommendations for the best delicious date brands above, what brand of dates would you like to buy? I hope you succeed in choosing the right product, yes!

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