10 Best Recommendations for Powder & Liquid Creamer Brands (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Not as a main ingredient, powdered and liquid creamer is usually chosen as a companion ingredient because it is useful for enhancing the taste of a dish. There are various brands, such as Nestle, MaxCreamer, Carnation, and many more. So, these products are easy to find at the nearest grocery store, minimarket, supermarket, or marketplace. No need to worry because the price is also quite affordable.

How to Choose a Good Powder & Liquid Creamer

Here are some considerations to consider when choosing the best powder and liquid creamer.

1. Type

There is a difference between powder and liquid creamer which will also affect how it is used. You can choose powdered creamer if you want to get a product with a long shelf life and it doesn’t affect the other flavors of the other ingredients. But it cannot be denied that liquid creamer is actually more practical when used in several dishes. The price is also more affordable.

Brand Liquid Creamer & Powder Creamer
Creamer / Intelligentblends Illustration Image

2. Intended use

Know the purpose of using powdered and liquid creamer so you can choose the right product because not all of them are suitable for certain dishes. Well, powdered creamer is widely chosen for drinks, such as tea , coffee, chocolate drinks , and contemporary drinks.

Meanwhile, liquid creamer is more widely used in food, such as toast, pudding, pancakes, martabak. However, it is possible that both types of creamer are used for certain foods or drinks.

3. Packaging

Considering the form of powder and liquid creamer packaging is also an important part when choosing because you can control the portion needed and the desired level of practicality. The majority of powdered creamer is indeed more packaged in sachets, large boxes, or standing pouches with ziplocks.

Some are sold by the kilo so that it is more profitable for the current drink seller. Meanwhile, many liquid creamers are sold in cans so they spoil faster if you don’t use them right away, unless you transfer them to a clean, airtight bottle.

4. Expiration date

Knowing the expiration date of each powder and liquid creamer can make it easier for you to calculate the right time to spend the product when it doesn’t run out immediately in one use.

Powder products usually expire about a year after the production process, while liquid products can go stale in a matter of months. It also depends on how you store it, yes.

5. Product features

This one consideration can be seen from the composition of the ingredients used to make powder and liquid creamer. In addition, good nutritional content can also be a feature of a product because it is beneficial for health.

For example, the creamer is made using non-dairy ingredients so it has low calorie and fat content. That would be happy news for people who are running a diet program, right?

10 Best Powder & Liquid Creamer Brand Recommendations

Here we go

All of the considerations regarding powder and liquid creamer above, of course, can affect the selling price of the product. After knowing how to choose, now is the time to find out the ten recommendations for the best powder and liquid creamer brands from Ainun to choose from.

1. Ellenka Multi-purpose Creamer

The Best Brand of Powder & Liquid Creamer llenka
Brand Creamer llenka

The use of coconut milk and milk certainly cannot be completely separated from human life because these two ingredients are also used to make various kinds of processed food and drinks. 
However, people who are on a diet need to avoid coconut milk and milk, especially if they have exceeded their daily consumption limit because they have quite high fat and calorie content in them. Instead, Ellenka provides a versatile powder creamer product that can make dishes more savory, softer and creamier even though no sugar is added.

Well, the product called FiberCreme contains food components in the form of oligosaccharides as fiber and healthy oils as delicious multifunctional raw materials. It’s no wonder that this powdered creamer is low in sugar but high in fiber, right? These products are also free of lactose, cholesterol, trans fat, gluten, and are products with a low glycemic index. That is the reason FiberCreme is suitable to help improve a healthy lifestyle, especially for diets. There are several options provided, namely jar packaging, sachets, boxes, and ziplock aluminum foil packs so that it can be more easily adapted to your needs.

2. Rich’s Non-Dairy Creamer

Richs Best Powder & Liquid Creamer Brand
Brand Creamer Rich’s

Switching from powdered creamer, this time there is a brand that has been operating for decades and is known for having a variety of non-dairy products. 
Initially, it only produced types of non-dairy 
whipped cream , but now there are also liquid creamer products. The packaging used is similar to products from Greenfields and other large liquid milk, yes. When marketed this product is frozen so it needs to be thawed before use. In fact, you need to be careful if you receive this product in a liquid state.

The way to melt it is not by heating it on the stove or in the microwave, but in the fridge with a temperature of 2°C-7°C for 24-36 hours before using it to get the best results. Rich’s Non Dairy Creamer, which is white in color and has a vanilla flavor, can be used as creamer, dollop or whipped cream, foam, or beverages base. So, it can be added to coffee, tea, smoothies, or other processed hot or cold dishes. Amazingly, the original taste of the dish is not covered by this liquid creamer, but it could taste even better. Of course there will be a soft and creamy texture that can be obtained from this product.

3. Nestlé Creamer Drink

Nestlé's Best Powder & Liquid Creamer Brand
Brand Creamer Nestlé

You are probably already familiar with this one brand, right? 
Nestlé is indeed one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world with more than 2,000 brands present in 191 countries. It’s also no wonder that Nestlé has become a legendary brand because it has been around since 1873 in Indonesia with three factories in three provinces and thousands of employees. To support the delicious, savory and creamy taste of coffee, a powdered creamer was made called the Nestlé Coffee Mate Creamer.

Of course, the soft cream comes from Nestlé’s experience in producing a variety of milk for many years. Well, the powdered creamer is made using glucose syrup, vegetable oil, hydrogenation, stabilizer, sodium caseinate or milk protein, emulsifiers, anti-caking agents, salt, natural flavours, synthetic flavours, and acidity regulators. Even though this product is free of lactose, cholesterol and gluten, this product should be enjoyed by people over 20 years old.

4. MaxCreamer Non Dairy Creamer

The Best Powder & Liquid Creamer Brand MaxCreamer
Brand Creamer MaxCreamer

PT Sari Incofood Corporation or PT SIF is a company that produces coffee, tea, cereal, creamer and cocoa drinks which has been operating since 1985 and has several brands. 
One of these brands is MaxCreamer which is no less popular among Indonesian people and its products have been marketed to various countries. The product is made with corn syrup, vegetable oil, caseinate, stabilizers including potassium phosphate and sodium phosphate, emulsifiers, and silicon dioxide anti-caking agents. There are no additional dyes, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives in this powdered creamer.

From this composition, it can be seen that this non-dairy product is equipped with vegetable fat and natural corn extract which is low in calories. Therefore, this product is safe for consumption by people who are worried about being overweight. All that’s left is to add this white MaxCreamer powder creamer to food or drinks according to taste. There is no need to doubt the quality because it has been guaranteed safe by BPOM, MUI, and several other agencies and has won various awards.

5. Creamer Nestle Carnation

Carnation's Best Powder & Liquid Creamer Brand
Merk Creamer Carnation

Who usually likes to add Carnation to the food or drink they make? 
Not only evaporated milk, this brand under the auspices of Nestle does provide sweetened thick creamer which is included in the type of liquid creamer. Apart from pocket-friendly prices, Carnation products are also easy to find in various places. You can look for it at grocery stores, Indomaret, Alfamart, Carrefour, Superindo, or trusted marketplaces.

It would be a big mistake if all this time you thought that Carnation only has one type of creamer because there are also variants of cheese. Usually, more original variants are added for coffee, oyen ice, mixed ice, pancakes, bread, pudding, and other menus. Meanwhile, sweet thick creamer, which is a type of liquid creamer, is usually used to complement dishes, such as grilled bananas, fruit salads, or as a companion to biscuits or crackers. There are cans of 380 grams and 500 grams, yes.

6. Non-Dairy Creamer Fire Ship

The Best Brand of Powder & Liquid Creamer Kapal Api
Ship’s Creamer Brand

Even though they both use the Kapal Api brand, the coffee and creamer are made by different companies. 
PT Santos Premium Creamer is a manufacturer of powdered creamer whose brand is Kapal Api Cream Cafe. This non-dairy creamer product is made with glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil, sodium caseinate emulsifier, stabilizer in the form of potassium phosphate and sodium hexametaphosphate, vegetable emulsifier, anti-caking agent, and synthetic milk cream flavor.

In order to become the best creamer producer in the local and international market, PT Santos Premium Creamer uses high-tech and advanced production machines from Europe. Not only that, efforts have also been made since 2006 to obtain halal certificates from MUI, ISO 9001 and 22000 for quality management systems and food safety from SAI Global. So, Kapal Api Cream Cafe is very safe for consumption if it is still within reasonable limits. So, the creamer powder packaging includes a box measuring 500 grams, a sachet weighing 100 grams, and a small sachet resembling a stick measuring 3 grams which is suitable for one time use.

7. Omela Sweetened Condensed Creamer

Omela's Best Powder & Liquid Creamer Brand
Brand Creamer Omela

This brand of liquid creamer is also definitely familiar because it is often used as an additional food and drink. 
Some add it to coffee, tea, mixed ice, fruit ice, cakes, martabak, bananas and toast. Well, Omela Sweetened Condensed Creamer is produced by PT Frisian Flag Indonesia, which is one of the largest dairy companies in Indonesia. At least it has been operating for almost 100 years, so it’s not surprising that there are thousands of employees working.

The standards used by PT Frisian Flag to make its products are not only national standards, but also international ones. Sweet thick creamer which is also a type of liquid creamer has various kinds of nutritional content, such as protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins A, B1, D3, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. Well, these nutrients are obtained from sugar, water, vegetable oil, whey powder, skimmed milk powder, powdered buttermilk, vegetable stabilizers, lactose, tricalcium phosphate, and three vitamins that contain the antioxidant tocopherol. Even though it is nutritious, this product should not be used as a substitute for breast milk, especially for babies under 12 months.

8. MultiBev Creamer Powder

The Best Powder & Liquid Creamer Brand MultiBev
Brand Creamer MultiBev

The next recommendation is MultiBev which is a local brand. 
So far, the MultiBev brand has been operating for about eight years and has a variety of products in the form of syrup, powdered drinks, and powdered creamer. There are many variants that are produced in order to spoil the tongue of its consumers more. Selection of good quality materials is of course done in order to produce good quality products as well.

So, you don’t need to be surprised anymore that MultiBev Creamer Powder has received a halal certificate from the MUI and official permission from the Health Service. This kiloan natural powder creamer is a versatile product with a unique taste and easy to mix with other flavors. If for example it doesn’t run out, then just store this 1 kg product in a clean and closed place. Then, place the creamer in a place with room temperature.

9. Creamer Kremer by Tiga Sapi

The Best Powder & Liquid Creamer Brand Kremer by Tiga Sapi
Brand Creamer Kremer by Tiga Sapi

Making dishes with a delicious taste is certainly the desire of many people because it can improve mood, prop up the stomach, and so on. 
So, this can be realized by adding Kremer by Tiga Sapi, which is a type of liquid creamer. This brand, which is part of Indofood, has products with a choice of cans and sachets. It contains nutrients, including calcium, vitamin D3, vitamin A and vitamin B1 which are good for the body.

There is no need to worry about the quality of its products because Indofood has become a Total Food Solutions company that operates at all stages of food production. Each stage must meet the standard, yes. So, you can calmly add the sweet thick creamer that is part of this liquid creamer to puddings, pancakes or bread.

10. Coffindo Creamer

Coffindo's Best Powder & Liquid Creamer Brand
Merk Creamer Coffindo

The last recommendation for the powdered creamer brand is Coffindo which has obtained permission from the local Health Service and has a halal certificate from LPPOM MUI. 
As the name implies, the first product made in 1999 was Indonesian coffee. Of course, these coffee beans are obtained from coffee plantations in Indonesia, so Coffindo’s development plays an important role in the lives of farmers. Coffindo has its own coffee plantation in Pakpak Bharat Regency, North Sumatra Province so that the quality is guaranteed to be good.

Many awards have been obtained as a result of Coffindo’s hard work in creating quality products. His low calorie Coffindo Creamer can add a rich creamy taste instantly, you know. On the back of the packaging, suggestions for serving several menus have been written, namely coffee and chocolate drinks. This powder creamer is also sold in 1 kg packaging, yes.

How To Use The Best Powder & Liquid Creamer

Are you still confused about how to use powder and liquid creamer? If so, just take a look at the following brief description.

1. Creamer powder

Basically, powdered creamer has a longer shelf life than liquid creamer. But for some dishes, the process will be a little longer because you have to defrost it first. But if it’s just added to coffee, tea, or contemporary drinks, you don’t need to do that. You can immediately put it in a glass and then mix it with other ingredients.

2. Creamer cair

The majority of liquid creamer is packaged in cans, yes. Usually the texture is thicker, so it is often called sweetened condensed milk. In order to open the package, you need a special knife or can opener which is sold in the market. After it has been successfully opened, the product can be poured directly on Oyen ice, mixed ice, pancakes, pudding, jelly, toast, or other dishes.


Powder and liquid creamer is usually added to food or drinks to obtain a creamier, softer texture and a delicious taste. However, each product has its own specifications, so the selection also needs to be done by considering various things. After reading a review of ten recommendations for the best powder and liquid creamer brands, which brand are you more interested in? Of course, each type of creamer has a different way of using it.

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