10 Best Refrigerator Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A refrigerator is an important electronics that should be owned by everyone, especially for those who are married. Its role in keeping food and drinks fresh for days is its main use value. Therefore, do you have this one thing at home, whether you live in your own house or a boarding house?

Electronics manufacturers such as Panasonic , Samsung , Mitsubishi , LG and Hitachi develop many of the best refrigerators. You may find it difficult to choose because of the variety of choices, ranging from capacity, model, size, to embedded functions. So that you don’t get confused anymore, you can read this article because we will discuss it thoroughly!

Tips and How to Choose a Good Refrigerator

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The first step before buying a refrigerator that you should know is how to choose it. How much capacity do you really need, what size is it, and what are the advantages of each refrigerator are important points that you should pay attention to. So, here we review in detail how to choose a good and right refrigerator.

1. Choose a capacity according to the occupants of the house

The refrigerator will feel its maximum use if it can be used by all residents of the house. However, each house has a different number of occupants. Therefore, it is important to know this before you buy the best refrigerator.

If you live alone, then the best refrigerator with a capacity of 100 liters or less is sufficient, especially if you rarely cook at home. In addition, a 45-liter refrigerator is also quite sufficient if you are rarely at home. So, the presence of a refrigerator is only for cooling drinks or snacks.

However, it is different if you are already married. For a family of more than 3 people, the best refrigerator capacity starting from 300 liters will meet the needs of every occupant of the house. You can consider a smaller or larger size based on the frequency of use of the refrigerator itself. If you use the refrigerator only . to store groceries, a refrigerator with a capacity of 300 – 500 liters is sufficient.

2. Choose based on installation space and user height

The location where you install the refrigerator also needs to be taken into consideration. Since the refrigerator generates heat on the outside, you need to provide a gap so that the heat is not directly applied to the walls or nearby furniture.

It is recommended to leave a distance of 50 mm from the top of the refrigerator and 5 mm on the right, left and rear. Do not place the refrigerator too close to the wall because it will burden the refrigerator in cooling the inside.

Besides that, you also need to check the height of the refrigerator directly at the store or read the product description carefully when buying it online. The ideal refrigerator height should be no more than 160 – 170 meters. This value refers to the average height of Indonesians. If the refrigerator is too high, it will be difficult for you to reach the food that is placed on it.

3. Choose by model and how to open the door

It will be even more fun if you can reach the contents of the fridge easily. That’s why you have to know the best refrigerator model you want to buy, whether one door or two doors. Each refrigerator model offers ease of use depending on where it is placed.

On a single-door refrigerator, you want to place it in a corner of the wall, so make sure that when you open the refrigerator door, the back or inside faces the wall. That way, you can open the door even further if you want to see more food stored in the refrigerator.

While the best two-door refrigerator can also be placed in the corner of the kitchen. Because the door is designed with right and left openings, you can be more flexible if one part of the door touches the wall when you open it.

4. Choose to save on energy use and not be noisy

As electronics that require a large amount of electricity, you must know how effective the refrigerator is in cutting electricity. So that the electricity bill does not get too high every month, you need to make sure the best refrigerator you buy has the ECS (Energy Conservation Standard) standard.

A higher ECS value indicates that the product meets good energy saving standards. If possible, look for the best refrigerator that has an Energy Conservation Standard rating of 100% and above. To make this easier, manufacturers usually put a star on the label of the best refrigerator as a sign to find out the level of energy savings it has.

If you already understand the use of electrical energy, another important point to consider is the sound produced by the refrigerator. In order not to be disturbed while you are doing your activities in the kitchen, choose a refrigerator that only produces about 20-30 dB of sound. Read this description in the product catalog carefully so you don’t regret that the refrigerator is noisy when it is turned on.

10 Best Refrigerator Recommendations

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Below, Ainun has collected the ten best refrigerators with their respective advantages. Every manufacturer certainly claims that their products are superior to the others. Therefore, you must carefully read the embedded specifications as well as check the truth for yourself by looking at the reviews of people who have used them. Happy choosing!

1. Panasonic NR-AF17AN-SS Refrigerator


Best Refrigerator Panasonic Refrigerator NR-AF17AN-SS
Brand Panasonic NR-AF17AN-SS

Panasonic presents a nice one-door refrigerator with a minimalist concept that you can rely on as a place to preserve your food ingredients. Its modern design will make your kitchen space look more lively and futuristic.

This product is equipped with fast and efficient cooling technology so you can keep meat and fish fresh for a longer time. Not only that, this refrigerator will also be protected from oxidation which can reduce its freshness. With a selling price that is quite economical, you will get the best refrigerator with a very large vegetable storage drawer too!

2. Kulkas Panasonic NR-BB258G

Best Refrigerator Panasonic Refrigerator NR-BB258G
Merk Panasonic NR-BB258G

Still with the same brand, here we recommend a 2-door refrigerator with top and bottom opening. 
This refrigerator with a capacity of 224 liters is equipped with the Ag Clean Filter and Ag Clean Meat Box features which will prevent the fridge from smelling. The food ingredients stored in it are still fresh even though they consist of many types.

Because Panasonic is known for its good refrigerator products that consume little electricity, you don’t have to spend more money to pay high monthly electricity bills. If you need a large capacity refrigerator, able to keep food ingredients fresh and hygienic, and save electricity, then this product is the answer!

3. Kulkas Electrolux EME3500MG

Best Refrigerator Electrolux Refrigerator EME3500MG
Merk Electrolux EME3500MG

This refrigerator created by Electrolux will accommodate the daily needs of your family which is occupied by 4-5 people. 
You can use a very large compartment capacity to store a lot of groceries.

This product is designed with the concept of 3 doors, you can arrange your own food storage based on its type. The Electrolux EME3500MG has been equipped with a feature called the 360 ​​Cooling System which can circulate air throughout all parts of the refrigerator so that the cold temperature in each compartment is maintained, so that the food lasts longer!

4. Kulkas Samsung RT46 Twin Cooling Plus

Best Refrigerator Samsung RT46 Twin Cooling Plus Refrigerator
Merk Samsung RT46 Twin Cooling Plus

If you need a refrigerator that can keep vegetables and fruits from wilting quickly even if they are stored for more than 2 days in the refrigerator, of course this product makes it possible. 
The reason is that Samsung plans the following products with Twin Cooling Plus technology.

This technology plays a role in cooling the best refrigerators with two separate cooling systems. As a result, every food ingredient, whether meat, fish, chicken, fruit and vegetables will stay fresh and last longer. This product is also equipped with Smart Conversion to change the function of freezing and cooling with 5 setting modes.

5. Kulkas Mitsubishi Electric MR-L72EH-BRW

The Best Refrigerator Mitsubishi Electric Refrigerator MR-L72EH-BRW
Merk Mitsubishi Electric MR-L72EH-BRW

For those of you who are not burdened with financial problems, this 650 liter capacity refrigerator is ideal to accommodate the needs of you and other family members. 
Because of its large size, this refrigerator is suitable for a family of 5-7 people.

This refrigerator with a super large capacity has a 4 door concept with a side-by-side model. One of the advantages of this best refrigerator is the shelf and tray components that you can adjust the height according to your height. Thus, you will no longer have trouble putting or taking food and drinks into it.

6. Cooler LG GC-M247SLUV

Best Refrigerator Refrigerator LG GC-M247SLUV
Brand LG GC-M247SLUV

Feel less suitable with the previous product? 
You can switch to this LG refrigerator. This refrigerator has a compressor that is perfectly designed to produce less vibration. As a result, the sound generated was not excessive. It’s perfect for those of you who don’t like noisy refrigerators!

In addition, one of the best refrigerators with a capacity of 626 liters is also equipped with a 32% electricity saving feature. Given its enormous capacity, you can count on it as storage space for all the groceries you have bought at the supermarket to cook another day.

7. Kulkas Hitachi R-W70PGD3

Best Refrigerator Hitachi Refrigerator R-W70PGD3
Merk Hitachi R-W70PGD3

Vegetables often smell bad as a result of being stored in a refrigerator that also contains meat. 
If you want to avoid this problem, use Hitachi R-W70PGD3. This nifty refrigerator has been designed with the Selectable Mode Compartements feature so you can separate meat and vegetables in separate spaces.

This product, which provides a 78 cm wide main storage space, is equipped with a cooling mode setting feature based on stored food ingredients. If you store vegetables, then activate vegetable mode. Meanwhile, to protect meat, you can turn on the dairy mode feature.

8. Kulkas Modena Centurion – RF 2241S

Best Refrigerator Modena Centurion Refrigerator – RF 2241 S
Merk Modena Centurion – RF 2241 S

Modena introduces its best collection, Centurion RF 2241 S. The compressor in this refrigerator does not use CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons so that it can reduce the risk of damage to the ozone layer. 
When you use this product, you are not only satisfied because you can keep food for a long time, but at the same time help keep the earth habitable.

The best refrigerator at a fairly low price is embedded with advanced features. One that many people like is the control panel to adjust the temperature and lighting in the refrigerator. Because of its capacity of up to 450 liters, this good refrigerator will be suitable for those of you who live three or more at home.

9. Kulkas Toshiba GR-WG66ED

Best Refrigerator Toshiba Refrigerator GR-WG66ED
Merk Toshiba GR-WG66ED

After looking at our eight previously selected refrigerator products, some of you may still not get the right product for price reasons. 
Therefore, at this point we introduce you to the Toshiba GR-WG66ED. This nice fridge in metallic blue is so pocket-friendly, you can still get good quality products!

This refrigerator measuring 80.3 x 73.9 x 184.8 cm contains a capacity of up to 608 liters. The net capacity is divided into 163 liters of freezer and 445 liters of main storage compartment. If you want the best large capacity refrigerator at an affordable price, this product is worth considering.

10. Kulkas Sharp Shine Series SJ-195MD-SR/SG

The Best Refrigerator Refrigerator Sharp Shine Series SJ-195MD-SR
Merk Sharp Shine Series SJ-195MD-SR

The Sharp Shine Series SJ-195MD-SR/SG is equipped with an automatic defrost system feature so that frost that usually collects in poor quality refrigerators will not occur. 
If you want to switch products to a good refrigerator that doesn’t store ice in the freezer, this product from Sharp is the solution!

Besides being equipped with an automatic defrosting feature, this best refrigerator also makes it easier for you to see the food ingredients in it because there is a fairly bright LED light. The freezer section of this refrigerator has a capacity of 34 liters, which is enough for those of you who want to store a few pieces of meat or chicken in it.


Considering that refrigerators are electronics that are turned on very often, don’t just focus on selecting the design, model, capacity or size. More than that, so that your finances don’t have problems, then think carefully about spending more budget to get products that save electricity.

Not only that, products that don’t emit a noisy compressor sound are also a consideration that shouldn’t be missed. By choosing a refrigerator that is good and quiet enough, you can certainly do your activities without being disturbed by the sound of the refrigerator. Especially if your room is close to the kitchen, then a quiet refrigerator can make you sleep soundly.

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