10 Best Small Bulb LED Lamp Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – One of the uses of small LED light bulbs is to keep the room bright at night when it’s bedtime, because not everyone can sleep in dark conditions.

As a lamp with a small power, the electricity bill for a small LED lamp is certainly not too big. If you are looking for a small LED light bulb product, this article will discuss in full the product recommendations.

Tips for Choosing a Great Small LED Bulb

Small Round LED Light Bulb
Illustration of a small round LED bulb

LED lights are arguably more economical, offer better performance, and last longer than ordinary light bulbs. This makes the price of this lamp more expensive, but comparable to its “power consumption” and “life span”. If you have an incandescent lamp that consumes 5 watts of power, then that power consumption is equivalent to 0.5 watts in an LED light bulb. That is, the cost of electricity from the lamp can be reduced to about one-tenth.

Small incandescent lamps generally have a lifespan of around 2,000 hours, but this also depends on the brand of the lamp. Meanwhile, small LED lights can have a lifespan of up to 40,000 hours, or can last for more than 1,600 days which is equivalent to five and a half years if only used as a night light. Thus, you can save consumption, time, and energy because you don’t have to replace the lamp too often.

The various advantages above have made small LED lamps increasingly in demand by Indonesians. To be able to get the best quality products, you can consider the following things.

1. Confirm the light color of the lamp

Generally, the colors of LED bulbs are made in white, yellow, and RGB colors. White lights are best used in certain tools, such as flashlights and bicycles because the light is strong. Many people choose white light LED lamps to illuminate rooms at home, especially workspaces.

The small LED lights that produce a yellow color will give a warm impression so they are suitable for installation in a room with a wooden feel. The light which is similar to a candle makes the yellow LED light match the feel of a classic style house and will make it look more beautiful.

There are also several manufacturers of small LED lights that make their products produce RGB light and are often intended as night lights. The light is warm and not too bright to create a relaxing impression, so sleeping at night won’t be disturbed if you turn on this lamp.

2. Check the size of the light bulb cap

The light bulb cap is the plug-in part of the light bulb, or the part that goes into the lighting device. If you find a product that says E17 on the product packaging, that means the size of the lamp thread plug is 17 mm.

To date, there are at least six thread plug sizes, ranging from E10 to E39. Sizes E17 and E27 are used for ordinary light bulbs, while E10, E11, E12 and E14 are used for small sized light bulbs. So before buying an LED lamp, make sure the size of the lamp socket first and identify the appropriate thread plug size.

3. Knowing the level of brightness offered

The brightness level of the bulb on an LED lamp is usually expressed in units of lumens (lm), but there are also manufacturers who use units of candela (cd). Lumens refers to the light that spreads out in all directions. That is, the greater the number of lumens, the area that receives the lighting of the lamp is also wider.

For example, there are small LED bulbs that offer a brightness of 230 and 760 lm, that’s equivalent to a brightness of 25 watts and 60 watts of incandescent lamps. But this figure is relative, depending on the lighting equipment used. The range of brightness levels of various LED lamps varies, from tens of lm to more than 1000 lm.

Meanwhile, the candela unit (cd) refers to how strong the radiation is emitted in a certain direction from the lamp. Small LED lamps that use this unit are generally found in lamps used by mechanics, because the light only focuses on one point and makes it easier to repair the tool. To make it easier for you to understand the difference between lumen and candela, the unit luman is used for indoor light bulbs and candela is used for lamps for flashlights.

10 Small LED Lamp Recommendations

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The power sizes of the various small LED lamps discussed below do not exceed 10 watts, so they are sold at relatively affordable prices in e-commerce. The following are recommendations for small size LED lamp products from complete Ainun.

1. Hannochs NEX 5 Watt LED Lamp

Small Round LED Bulb Lamp - Hannochs NEX LED lamp 5 watts
Hannochs NEX LED lamp 5 watts
Hannochs NEX 5 watt LED lights can operate at a voltage of 150-240 volts and produce white light with a lumen of up to 480 lm. At the top of this small LED lamp is equipped with a frosted cover that is resistant to impact so that the lamp can last longer, even up to 10 thousand hours. With product dimensions of 55 mm x 97 mm, you can use the lamp in various rooms, be it the living room, family, dining room, and others. Hannochs The 5 watt NEX LED lamp is sold for only IDR 15,000 and includes an official Hannochs Indonesia warranty for 1 year.

2. Midea Led Bulb Lamp 9 Watt Cool Day Light

Small Round LED Bulb Lamp - Midea 9 Watt Led Bulb Lamp Fitting E27 Cool Day Light
Midea Led Bulb Lamp 9 Watt Fitting E27 Cool Day Light

Midea 9 Watt LED Bulb provides a lumen power of up to 810 lm and can operate at a voltage of 220-240 volts. 
This small LED lamp has a Cool Day Light that will suit many rooms in the house. Made of aluminum and PC materials that are guaranteed anti-collision, Midea 9 Watt LED Bulb has dimensions of only 110 mm x 60 mm, so it’s easy to place anywhere.

The life expectancy of this small LED lamp is quite long, it can even reach 15,000 hours. In addition to being durable, Midea 9 Watt LED Bulbs are claimed to be recyclable. Very environmentally friendly, right? You can buy this lamp through Tokopedia or other e-commerce for only 36 thousand rupiahs.

Small Round LED Bulb Lamp - Ecolink LED Mini Bulb 4W Warm White
Ecolink LED Mini Bulb 4W Warm White

Coming in a warm yellow light color, the Ecolink LED Mini Bulb 4W is perfect for residential or office use. 
The voltage required for this small LED lamp to operate is around 100-250 volts and it is very easy to switch on and off. Like LED lamps in general, the lamp life offered by the Ecolink LED Mini Bulb 4W is also very long, even reaching 15,000 hours. With a price of only 9000 rupiah, you can already get a small lamp that is enough to illuminate the entire room.

4. AOKI LED Bulb Alphard 5W Series

Small Round LED Bulb Lamp - AOKI LED Bulb Alphard 5W Series
AOKI LED Bulb Alphard 5W Series

The Alphard Series AOKI LED Bulb is known to save up to 90% compared to incandescent lamps and offers up to 10,000 hours of durability. 
The outside is covered with 
a frosted cover which is known to be impact resistant, so it will be fine as long as it doesn’t fall from too high a place. This small LED lamp can operate at a voltage of 180-265 volts and produces enough white light to illuminate a room or workplace. The price for the 5 watt Alphard Series AOKI LED Bulb is very affordable, only around 10 thousand rupiah.

5. BARDI Smart Light LED Bulb 9W

Small Round LED Bulb Lamp - BARDI Smart Light LED Bulb 9W
BARDI Smart Light LED Bulb 9W

If you are looking for a small LED lamp which is a type of 
smart lamp, this product from BARDI can be the right choice. You don’t need to turn off, turn on, or adjust the brightness of the lights manually, but just set them through the BARDI Smart Home application, provided that the lights are connected to Bluetooth on your cellphone. But to do so, you need to be at least 10 meters from the lights and not be blocked by any walls.

BARDI Smart LED BT 9W has a brightness level of up to 806 lumens, equipped with a combination of 16 million RGB colors, as well as gradations of light from yellow to white to bright white. Interestingly, this small LED light is also equipped with a preset atmosphere feature that can change continuously according to the current settings and the music that is being played. BARDI Smart LED BT 9W RGBWW Bulb can be purchased through the official BARDI store at a price of 50 thousand rupiah.

6. In-Tech 5 Watt Yellow LED Bulb

Small Round LED Bulb Lamp - In-Tech 5 Watt Yellow LED Bulb
In-Tech 5 Watt Yellow LED Bulb

Comes with a yellow light, the in-Tech 5 Watt LED Bulb offers a brightness level of up to 400 lm, so it is suitable for use as a study lamp, bathroom, living room, bedroom and office. 
This product has a size of about 60 mm x 108 mm and can operate at a voltage of 100 – 250 volts. Because it saves up to 80% power compared to incandescent lamps, it provides protection against overheating. In-Tech 5 Watt LED Bulb can be purchased at the nearest electronics store or 
e-commerce and costs only 13 thousand rupiah.

7. Fanos Superbright LED 5W

Small Round LED Bulb Lamp - Fanos Superbright LED 5W
Fanos Superbright LED 5W

Fanos Super Bright 5 watts offers lumens up to 670 lm and produces a bright white light like daylight. 
With a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours, you don’t have to change lamps too often when using this small LED lamp. For its operation, a voltage of around 180 – 240 volts is required which is guaranteed not to burden your monthly electricity bill. The price for the Fanos Super Bright 5 watt is also very affordable, only around 21 thousand rupiahs.

8. Philips LED Stick 5.5W White

Small Round LED Bulb Lamp - Philips LED Stick 5.5W White
Philips LED Sticks 5.5W White

Offering a long life of up to 15,000 hours, this small LED light from Philips is made in a stick form that is light, slim and compact. 
Its brightness level reaches 600 lm, making it ideal for general lighting for the retail and hospitality industry, be it in elite shops, corridors, washrooms, lobbies, bars or rooms. The voltage required for the operation of this lamp is not much different from other products, around 220-240 volts. Philips LED Stick is sold for only 37 thousand rupiahs and includes an Official Philips Indonesia Guarantee for 3 years.

9. Eclat LED Bulb 5W Yellow

Small Round LED Bulb Lamp - Eclat LED Bulb 5W Yellow
Eclat LED Bulb 5W Yellow

Even though it has only 5 watts of power, Eclat’s small LED lamp is designed with a wider lamp glass to reach a larger area, even up to 220 degrees. 
The light produced by this product is yellow or 
warm white with a brightness level of around 650 lumens. The 5 watt Eclat LED Bulb measures only 58 mm x 107 mm and offers a lifetime of up to 15 thousand hours. Sold at only 15 thousand rupiahs, this product can operate in the voltage range of 170 – 240 volts.

10. HILED Yellow LED Bulb 3 Watt

Small Round LED Bulb Lamp - HILED Yellow LED Bulb Lamp 3 Watt
HILED Yellow LED Bulb Lamp 3 Watt

HILED LED Bulbs are manufactured using 
a Spectrum Test Machine to produce natural colored lights for all types of rooms, whether it’s a bedroom or an office full of computers. This product with a brightness level of 220 lm can last a maximum of 30 thousand hours, but it still depends on usage. The existence of a special coating on the outside allows the lamp to avoid cracking when it is hit lightly. HILED LED bulbs are sold for only IDR 13,000, including a 2-year warranty.

Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Lights

Small and large LED lamps are known to be more efficient and energy efficient compared to ordinary incandescent lamps. But that doesn’t mean this lamp doesn’t have any flaws at all. Let’s get to know some of the advantages and disadvantages of LED lights below.

Advantages of LED lights

  1. Reduces power consumption by about 5-8 times compared to ordinary incandescent bulbs, at the same lumen level. Only a small amount of energy consumed by LEDs is lost as heat, so the efficiency is also higher than traditional lamps.
  2. It has a longer service life than fluorescent tubes , which can even reach 15 years, depending on usage. That is, the life of LED lamps is 4 times longer than fluorescent tubes .
  3. LED bulbs emit light in one direction, so it’s easier to illuminate in the intended area.
  4. Offers a broad spectrum range of correlated color temperatures (CCT), from 1,000K to 10,000K.
  5. With a small and slim bulb shape, LED lights are easy to install in various places, they can even be arranged into various types of lights, such as vehicle lights, flashlights, and other electronic devices.
  6. Eco-friendly because it does not contain mercury.

Lack of LED lights

  1. Priced at a relatively higher price compared to traditional lamps, such as fluorescent lights. However, this is comparable to the efficiency and longevity offered by LED bulbs.
  2. It is more prone to failure if it is not designed properly, for example when it is forced at an unsuitable voltage, so the lifespan of an LED bulb can be very short.
  3. Not compatible with traditional lighting controllers, such as dimers which may have been installed in some homes because previously they used incandescent lighting . If you stick with dimers, you’ll need to pay extra to buy LEDs that are compatible with those dimers.
  4. If you want to buy a complete LED fixture instead of just replacing a lamp, it will be difficult to repair it when it becomes damaged. The resulting damage may result in the need to replace a complete lighting fixture or even replace a driver which is quite expensive.


The use of LED lamps is now becoming more and more widespread along with people’s awareness of the quality, efficiency and lamp life. Apart from being environmentally friendly because it does not contain mercury, this lamp is also known to not dissipate too much heat and can last up to tens of thousands of hours. In this article, we have discussed in full how to choose and recommend a good quality LED light bulb brand, as well as a review of the advantages and disadvantages of LED lights.

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