10 Best Tapioca Flour Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The use of the best tapioca flour is of course a type of flour that is sought after by many people, especially culinary business owners. There are several products that can be made from processed tapioca flour, including cimol, cireng, cenil, cilok, cilor, cork eggs, and many more. Well, tapioca flour itself has another name related to the basic ingredient, namely cassava flour.

The Best Tapioca Flour
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Apart from that, people also usually call it starch which has a smoother texture than other flours. If water is poured on this one flour, usually this flour will stick. Now, there are already some of the best brands of tapioca flour that are sold in the market in various sizes and of course, they are sold at various prices. Then, how do you choose tapioca flour with good quality?

How to Choose Good Tapioca Flour

If you want to find a good quality product, then you shouldn’t just choose. So, here are some ways to choose the best tapioca flour that you can apply to find the right product.

1. Pay close attention to the texture and color of the tapioca flour

The important thing that you need to pay attention to before deciding to choose a brand of tapioca flour is the texture and color. Make sure that you don’t choose tapioca flour or starch that has a rough texture, let alone lumpy. If you find flour like that, of course the flour is not suitable for use. The texture of tapioca flour that you should choose is smooth and slightly slippery.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the color of the flour because starch has a whiter color than other flours. If the color is not pure white, then you should just choose another brand. This shows that the quality of the product is not the best tapioca flour anymore. Well, usually it happens because the flour was not stored in the right place or even past its expiration date.

If you are going to buy tapioca starch online, then the important thing to do is to read the description carefully as well. In addition, pay attention to any reviews given by buyers before you. If the majority gives a good rating, then you may buy it. That way, you can use the tapioca flour properly.

2. Make sure the tapioca flour packaging is still in good condition

Not only texture and color, the packaging of the best tapioca flour brands also needs attention. This is because the resistance of the packaging can also affect the resistance of the tapioca flour you choose. For example, the packaging used is very thin and easily torn. So, fleas and dirt will easily enter and reduce the quality of the flour. You certainly don’t want to make food with low quality flour, do you?

In addition, also choose packaging that is still intact to ensure the product is of good quality. Usually, permission from BPOM, LPPOM MUI, and P-IRT is written on the packaging. If the brand of tapioca flour that you are going to buy has at least one of these permits, you can be sure that the product is safe. Also make sure the expiration date printed on the packaging is still far from the expiration date, OK!

3. Adjust the size of the best tapioca flour to your needs

Buying something excessive is certainly not a good move, right? Therefore, adjust tapioca flour to your needs. So, the quality of the flour can be maintained properly. If at the time you are holding an event that will be attended by many people, then choose a package that is large enough.

For those of you who have a large shop and one of the products sold is tapioca flour, then choose large flour. If the available sizes still don’t meet your needs, then buy a larger quantity. That way you will get a lower price, right? After that, you can sell them at retail and get the desired profit.

10 Best Tapioca Flour Brand Recommendations

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It is undeniable that Indonesia has fertile soil so that a lot of cassava can be harvested with the best quality. Therefore, it is not surprising that currently there are many good brands of tapioca flour offered to the public. So, here are ten recommendations for the best tapioca flour brands from Ainun which can add to your reference.

1. Rose Brand Tapioca Flour

The Best Tapioca Flour Rose Brand Tapioca Flour
Rose Brand Tapioca Flour

You are certainly no stranger to this legendary brand, right? 
Rose Brand does sell various kinds of kitchen needs, such as sugar, oil, vermicelli, and various kinds of flour. Well, Rose Brand itself is also known as one of the best tapioca flour brands on the market. Currently there are various sizes to choose from so you can more easily adjust it to your needs.

You can use flour extracted from cassava tubers to make traditional to modern foods, you know! In order to provide the best quality for your family, you can cook salak seed compote, pempek, or other cake dishes at home. In addition, tapioca flour also contains iron which is low in sodium and other nutrients. That way your children will be happier to eat food at home than snacking outside, right?

2. Deli Tapioca Ball Flour

Best Tapioca Flour Deli Tapioca Flour
Deli Tapioca Ball Flour

Not only Rose Brand, Bola Deli also has a variety of flour products that are sold in the market. 
There’s rice flour, sticky rice, cornstarch, and of course tapioca flour. Well, another recommendation for tapioca flour brands that you can choose is Bola Deli because it is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certified. So, you don’t need to doubt the quality if you want to use this cassava flour as an ingredient for making various kinds of snacks.

Not only that, this flour also has a BPOM registration number! Interestingly, on the back of the package not only the ingredients for making this best tapioca flour are listed. There are recipes which of course consist of various ingredients and ways of making that you can practice at home. That way, your skills in cooking can be honed more.

3. Tapioca Flour Cap Pak Tani Gunung

The Best Tapioca Flour Cap Pak Tani Gunung
Tapioca Flour Cap Pak Tani Gunung

How do you feel when you see fleas on the tapioca flour you have purchased? 
One of the contributing factors is the flour packaging which is thin and easily damaged. However, you won’t regret it if you choose Cap Pak Tani Gunung tapioca flour because it has thick packaging. So, you can make pempek, crackers, bika ambon, meatballs, and other foods using good quality flour.

You don’t need to worry if you are not too skilled in food processing because the recipe is printed on the back of the package. Of course, there are already written the various ingredients you need along with the order of how to cook them. Not only that, there is also a little explanation about one of the best tapioca flour and also the composition used to make it.

4. Mount Agung Tapioca Flour

Mount Agung's Best Tapioca Flour
Mount Agung Tapioca Flour

Besides the tapioca flour brands Rose Brand and Cap Pak Tani Gunung, there is another brand of tapioca flour which is a product of the same company. 
The brand is Gunung Agung, whose quality is no less good than the others. One of them is because this product with a BPOM permit is still widely used by the public to make various kinds of dishes.

This soft cassava flour is produced in Lampung and is sold at a relatively affordable price. You can find it easily too, you know! This is of course a profitable thing for you culinary business owners. You can still maintain product quality properly because you don’t change the raw materials. That way, customers will still love your dish for a longer period of time because the taste doesn’t change.

5. Five Cassava Flour Fields

Best Tapioca Flour Five Fields Cassava Flour
Tapioca Flour Five Fields Cassava Flour

The next tapioca flour brand recommendation is Ladang Lima which uses eye-catching packaging. 
Apart from the color combination on the packaging, what makes it interesting is the information written on the packaging. The advantages of this product are listed on the front. Then, on the right and left side it contains nutritional value content, composition, basic cake recipes, and the Ladang Lima website. Meanwhile, there is various other information written on the back of the packaging.

The best brand of tapioca flour is safe for consumption by anyone, including people who have gluten intolerance. That’s because this product does not contain gluten and is free of preservatives and synthetic dyes. The main ingredient for making this flour is cassava which is cultivated without using chemicals. So, don’t be surprised if cassava flour still contains iron, calcium, and fiber.

6. Cassava Flour Mocafine

Best Tapioca Flour Mocafine Cassava Flour
Mocafine Flour Cassava Flour

Another healthy cassava-based flour brand is Mocafine with its various advantages. 
Although tapioca flour and mocaf are slightly different, this product is made from the same basic ingredient, namely cassava root. In 
tapioca flour , flour production is sourced from cassava which is extracted to produce cassava starch, while mocaf flour is made from the whole tuber. This product which is purely processed from cassava is odorless, low in sugar, and of course gluten free. Therefore, this flour is safe for consumption by people with diabetes and autism, can improve the digestive system, prevent premature aging, and also menopause.

Mocafine, which is one of the best cassava-based flour brands, has an INOFICE Organic certificate, you know! Well, INOFICE itself stands for Indonesian Organic Farming Certification which is an Organic Food Certification Body. Of course the selection is not easy because the product will be consumed by the wider community. So, you don’t need to hesitate anymore if you want to use this high fiber, phosphorus and calcium flour to make dishes. From now on you can be calmer and more comfortable cooking at home, huh!

7. Mocaf Flour Organic Circle

Best Tapioca Flour Organic Circle Mocaf Flour
Organic Circle Flour Mocaf Flour

You certainly know that Indonesia has fertile soil, right? 
So, it is not surprising that many people depend on agriculture for their livelihood. One of the plants that is easy to grow in lowland areas is cassava. Well, Lingkar Organik from Yogyakarta is now also one of the best brands of cassava-based flour. One of the features of this brand is that it is written on the packaging that the sale of its products is dedicated to Indonesian farmers and children.

This product is the right choice for those of you who don’t like the smell of cassava, but want to consume it. This organic cassava flour has high fiber and calcium content, and low fat content. This of course can have a good impact on the body, right? Not that you can consume it excessively, OK!

8. Rabbit House Kanji Flour

The Best Tapioca Flour Kanji House Rabbit Flour
Tapioca Flour Kanji House Rabbit Flour

Not only from Sumatra and Java, you can also look for tapioca flour brands from Sulawesi Island. 
More precisely in Makassar, you will find it easier to find tapioca flour from Rumah Kelinci. For those of you who are outside the city of Makassar, you can buy it through the mainstay marketplace. Same with other starch or tapioca flour, you can also prepare various snacks using this flour brand.

Don’t worry, because the best brand of tapioca flour is an official product that already has permission from the Health Service. You can know this immediately when you see the front packaging. Even though the packaging is quite simple, that doesn’t mean the quality isn’t good. Products packaged by Sentral Gemilang are also sold in various sizes so you can choose according to your needs.

9. Liauw Liong Pit

Liauw Liong Pit's Best Tapioca Flour
Liauw Liong Pit Tapioca Flour

Have you ever heard of this tapioca flour brand? 
Liauw Liong Pit is one of the legendary brands that still exists today which is processed traditionally. Even though it is processed traditionally, this does not reduce the quality of this tapioca flour even though it has been around for decades. Liauw Liong Pit has a popular name in the market, namely Sago Tapioca Cap Orang Tani.

This can be seen from the packaging of this product which displays a farmer on the front of the packaging. So, for those of you who want to buy this tapioca flour product, it is enough to mention the keyword sago stamped by the farmer. This flour produced by Sumber Mas in Bogor has been used by many people to make various chewy dishes, namely sago cakes, pempek, cireng, dumplings and other chewy dishes. This is of course due to the texture of the best tapioca flour which is chewy when processed using a mixture of water.

10. Liauw Tjoei Kang

Liauw Tjoei Kang's Best Tapioca Flour
Tapioca Flour Liauw Tjoei Kang

A recommendation for a tapioca flour brand that should be used as an alternative choice is Liauw Tjoei Kang. 
Similar to the Liauw Liong Pit brand, this product has also become a legendary brand in the world of tapioca flour. The quality of Liauw Tjoei Kang certainly doesn’t need to be doubted. This is because this flour is processed and processed through two stages of laboratory tests and one stage of cooking tests for efflorescence and viscosity.

The superiority of this product lies in its taste, crunchy texture, and level of elasticity, which makes this flour different from other brands. Therefore, Liauw Tjoei Kang is perfect for those of you who want to make preparations that have a chewy texture. So, you can find the popular name of the best tapioca flour brand on the packaging where Tapioca No. is written. 1 Stamp Mr. Farmer. If you want it even easier, you can mention Tirta Kencana tapioca flour.


So, that’s a review of ten recommendations for the best tapioca flour brands. Now of course you already know that tapioca flour is a type of flour made from cassava, right? So, don’t be surprised if someone writes cassava flour on the package. Then, which good brand of tapioca flour would you choose to make various kinds of dishes? Happy choosing, yes!

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