10 Best Vitamin Recommendations for Cats (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Keeping a cat is not just providing food and then being left alone, but also paying attention to nutrition for cats. Vitamins are one of the cat’s essential nutrients. With good and adequate nutrition, the cat will not be susceptible to disease. There are many types of cat vitamins on the market. Choose the best vitamins and according to the needs of the cat.

In this article, we will discuss 10 recommendations for the best cat vitamins that can be an option for the cat. Check out the following description in order to get a quality product and according to your needs. Before explaining the best vitamin products, here are the benefits of each of the nutrients that cats need and tips on how to choose vitamin products

Types of vitamins and their benefits .

  • Vitamin A: functions for healthy skin, eyes and immunity.
  • Protein: helps enzymes, body tissues, antibodies, and to arouse cat lust.
  • Vitamin E + C: helps the development of bones and teeth.
  • Vitamin D: helps prevent bone disorders and paralysis in cats.
  • Vitamin K: prevent blood clotting
  • Omega 3+6 fats: make cat books grow healthy and beautiful.

Giving the cat vitamins is not just one type. Because the provision of vitamins has several purposes including, for growth, maintaining the digestive system, keeping the immune system healthy, maintaining healthy skin, and helping increase appetite.

Picture Illustration of Cat Vitamins
Picture Illustration of Cat Vitamins

How to choose a Good cat vitamin

Various types of cat vitamins have been circulating, including products from VITA-Gel, Neovitamax, Nutri-Plus Gel and so on. Before buying make sure the product according to the needs of the cat and suitable for consumption. Here’s how to choose cat vitamins.

1. Choose according to age and condition

Don’t make the wrong choice, choose adult cat vitamins that are made for adult vitamins, as well as for cats that are still new, not the other way around. If forced and not according to age, it can have harmful effects on the cat’s health. Here’s the explanation.

2. Young cats, choose vitamins A, B, D, E, K and fish oil

Kittens or kittens that are seven to eight weeks old are usually weaned from their mother. In this weaning phase, cats need additional nutrients to help grow and maintain their immune system. For growth, cats need vitamins A, B, D, E, K and to increase their appetite, fish oil can be added. Thus the cat will have complete nutrition and a healthy body.

3. For fat cats, choose vitamins A, B, C, and E with a combination of fish oil

Not only food full of nutrients, vitamins are also necessary for a healthy and fat cat. Vitamins should also be consumed regularly and not just occasionally so that the benefits can be seen. Vitamins that can help fatten cats are vitamins A, B, C and E combined with fish oil. The combination of the two will increase the cat’s appetite, so the cat will be hungry to eat and quickly fat and healthy.

4. For pregnant cats, choose vitamins A, D and E

Cats in conditions only need vitamins, so pregnant cats also really need vitamins. Because in addition to the power of the cat’s body stage, vitamins also aim to supplement the fetus they contain. That way the kitten will be born safe and healthy. Vitamins that are suitable for kittens are vitamins A, D and E.

5. Choose vitamins that are suitable for cats in shape and texture

Cat vitamins have various forms and textures ranging from powder, liquid, tablet to gel forms. Choose products that are easy to consume for the cat and according to their needs.

Powder type vitamins are actually not that difficult, just mix them with water and add them to their drink containers. So that the cat can take vitamins as well as drink. Liquid vitamins are also almost the same, mixed directly in a cat’s drink or simply by dripping it in the cat’s mouth. As for vitamins that have a gel texture, it’s a bit difficult because they have to hold the cat. However, some are packaged in the form of a snack , so it is likely that the cat will like it. and lastly are vitamin tablets. This type of vitamin takes a long time because it must be ground first. after being crushed mixed with cat food or snacks at home.

10 Best Cat Vitamins Recommendations

Here are the best cat vitamin products that Ainun has reviewed. For readers who are looking for cat vitamins, check out the reviews!

1. Nutri-Plus Gel

Nutri-Plus Gel
Nutri-Plus Gel

Vitamin Nutri Plus Gel is a product of Virbac, a type of vitamin nutritional supplement that combines minerals, vitamins and trace elements. 
This vitamin is beneficial for animals that are in their infancy, such as young animals, working animals, lactating animals, animals who are recovering after surgery or are sick. Its use by giving 1-2 teaspoons per day per 5 kg of cat weight. The composition of this product includes Vitamins A, D, E, and B12.

2. Dinovite


Dinovite is a liquid form of vitamin so it is easy when the cat swallows it and will not vomit again. 
This vitamin contains 
Feline liquid which is a combination of nutrients, fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids and zinc. The combination helps the cat to boost its immunity. It also avoids itching due to hair loss. Suitable for cats of all ages.

3. Kitzyme


This one vitamin is especially for external cats, such as Angora cats, Persian cats or cats resulting from crossbreeding. 
It is in tablet form and must be crushed before giving it to the cat. Kitzyme contains vitamin B complex which can increase the cat’s appetite. It also stimulates the growth of the cat’s fur so that it is dense and the cat is more active. In a healthy state give this vitamin in the morning so that the cat does not get sick easily. If the cat looks weak or lazy to move give 2-3 times a day.

4. KiS-KiS Cat Patilles Green Seaweed

KiS-KiS Cat Patilles Green Seaweed
KiS-KiS Cat Patilles Green Seaweed

This natural cat vitamin product from KiS-KiS is 100 percent natural. 
So you don’t have to worry about giving it to the cat. The natural ingredients in Cat Pattilles Green Seaweed can help the cat’s metabolism to be smooth so that it has a good impact on the cat’s skin and coat. If you are looking for a natural, safe, natural cat vitamin, this product is the right choice.

The composition of the product contains vitamins A, B and protein and can be consumed by all breeds and after cats. The form of tablets and one bottle usually consists of 100 tablets.

5. Golden Hill Neovitamax

Golden Hill Neovitamax
Golden Hill Neovitamax

Although known as a dog vitamin, Golden Hill Neovitamax can actually be consumed for cats. 
This product is specially made for cats who are thin and have lost their appetite. In addition, this vitamin contains minerals that can maintain a cat’s immune system, and increase appetite. Therefore, this product is recommended so that the cat’s digestion is smooth and the cat gains fat.

The composition of this product is vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K and minerals. Liquid texture and can be consumed by cats of all ages.

6. Fish O Plus

Fish O Plus
Fish O Plus

Unlike the previous products, Fish O Plus is a special supplement from fish oil. 
Fish oil benefits to beautify the cat’s fur. It is also useful for preventing heart and joint disease. By avoiding these two diseases, the cat will be more active and agile. Packaged in capsule form, this vitamin has a composition of vitamins A, D, omega 3 and 6.



If you are confused about choosing too many products, just take the VITA-GEL pill, which is a vitamin with many benefits. 
This product has many benefits ranging from increasing appetite, fattening the body, increasing immunity to preventing disease.

With an economical price and very affordable, this vitamin can also be consumed for other animals such as hamsters, birds to iguanas. Packed in the form of a vitamin gel, it contains vitamins A, B, D, E and K.

8. Ketol


Vitamin Ketwol is a vitamin in the form of a gel, and serves to reduce hair loss, increase appetite and restore the health of the cat’s body. 
Cats can become active and the fleas attached to the cat’s fur disappear instantly. So that your pet cat will be protected from disease.

This vitamin can also restore the mood of a stressed cat after being left far away by its owner or if it is in a new environment that is unfamiliar to the cat.

9. NuPro Health Nuggets for Cats

NuPro Health Nuggets for Cats
NuPro Health Nuggets for Cats

This one vitamin brand is specifically for cats in the process of restoring their body condition, so they can return to being fat and agile. 
With various types of vitamins but the main benefit is that it helps to increase the cat’s weight quickly. Health Nuggets for Cats contain quite complex nutrients including minerals, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins to omega fatty acids.

This vitamin can be given to all types of cats. Especially cats that have good fur like Persians and Angoras. The cream shape makes it easy when giving it to the cat. Vitamins can be given directly every day by mixing in the food.

10. NutriGen


NutriGen brand vitamins can be mixed in food because they are in gel form. 
This vitamin contains Collagen which can make cat hair grow thick and smooth. It also contains omega-3 which can increase appetite, and the cat will be more proficient with proper nutrition and lower cholesterol.

Suitable for outdoor cats such as Angora and Persian Cats, but can also be consumed by all types of cats. Another advantage of this one vitamin is that it can overcome digestive system problems, and can eradicate bacteria in the cat’s body.

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Among the products above, the most interesting product is VITA-GEL. Because one of the vitamins with the benefits of a complete package. But the price is still affordable.

Those are some types of vitamins from various manufacturers that can be your favorite cat’s vitamin choices. There are still various other brands that may not match the above products. But remember to always give vitamins to cats at the right dose and according to the recommendations, not carelessly. Also consult with the nearest veterinarian so as not to harm the cat. Thus the article 10 recommendations for the best cat vitamins. May be useful.

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