10 Best Wardrobe Fragrance Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Have you ever been shunned by friends because of an unpleasant smell coming from your body? Even though if you think about it again, you are sure that you take a clean bath and the clothes you wear are guaranteed to be clean. If so, try checking your wardrobe, it turns out that clothes that are stored for a long time in the wardrobe even though they have been thoroughly washed can cause an unpleasant odor.

Wardrobe Deodorizer
Wardrobe Fragrance Illustration Image

One solution that you can use is to use a wardrobe deodorizer. Even so, you need to understand how to use it because each cupboard has a different type to get the maximum fragrance. In addition, there are many variants of clothing fragrances which will certainly make it difficult for you to choose one. Come on, take a peek at tips on how to choose the best perfume for clothes and also a discussion of recommendations for wardrobe fragrances for you.

Tips for choosing a Good Wardrobe Deodorizer

For ordinary people in general, they think that all wardrobe perfumes are the same. Here we will explain in detail the types of wardrobe deodorizers, which turn out to be different in shape, so they also have different functions and how to use them. Here’s how to choose the best wardrobe deodorizer which is explained in the form of the following points.

1. Choose a Wardrobe Fragrance based on How to Use it

Wardrobe certainly has a different shape right? For each form of wardrobe you must identify the appropriate type of fragrance. For example, deodorizers for clothes that are used in hanging clothes, such as dresses and jackets, will work optimally in hanging cabinets. This type of camphor fragrance is very suitable for use on t-shirts, pants which are usually stored by folding. Placement should also be placed near the pile by tucking it in between clothes.

There are also wardrobe deodorizers that are used in cabinets that may have a large space. This type of moisture absorber usually has a container that can be placed in the corner of the cupboard. It is very good to be used to keep moisture in the closet so that your clothes avoid musty and mildew odors. For those of you who prefer simple things, this type is highly recommended.

2. Choose based on the fragrance you like

As previously explained, the use of a type of wardrobe deodorizer that is in accordance with the section (layout) of the clothing certainly maximizes its use. Make your clothes awake, even add fragrance to the clothes in your closet. That’s why, it would be better if the fragrance variant you choose is adjusted to the fragrance you like. Especially if you are also a perfume user, of course the fragrance you choose should not collide with each other.

Neutral scent is highly recommended for those of you who have a sensitive smell and don’t like strong scents. Neutral scents are usually found in wardrobe fragrances with a moisture absorber type. Neutral fragrance will certainly keep the original scent on your clothes or the perfume you will use.

In addition to neutral scents, there are also variants with stronger fragrances to help make your clothes smell fresher. Strong scents that you can choose from, such as lavender, citrus, coffee and many more.

Those are some tips on choosing a wardrobe fragrance that you can apply. Next, there are some product recommendations from the best wardrobe fragrances.

10 Best Wardrobe Fragrance Recommendations

Here we go

USA is a country with people who have high consumption values. This causes USA to become a place for various products with different brands as well as various variants. It’s not wrong if this causes some of you to be confused because it’s quite difficult to find products that suit your needs. That’s why, in the following, Ainun will review some of the best wardrobe fragrance products that you can consider, complete with their discussion.

1. Nice The Moth Balls

Best Wardrobe Deodorizer - Great For The Moth Balls
Wardrobe Deodorizer – Great For Moth Balls

The first recommended product is quite widely known because it is a good brand that has produced many types of wardrobe fragrances. 
Apart from anti-smelling and mildew, this product can also protect your clothes from moth attacks when stored in a cupboard. Its small shape is easy to place or tuck in a cupboard.

It lasts a long time because a ziplock function is available to regulate the fragrance so it doesn’t evaporate or break easily. Available in small and large sizes, namely 150 gr and 300 gr, so they last longer in the cupboard. It has a neutral scent and is available in various pink, blue and white packages.

The price is quite affordable and easy to get so you can save money. The downside may be that this fragrance shrinks easily in an open room.

2. Summerspring Leaf Brand Summerscent

Best Wardrobe Fragrance - Summerspring leaf brand summerscent
Wardrobe Fragrance – Summerspring leaf brand summerscent

Do you have a sensitive smell? 
This is of course disturbing for this type of deodorizer with a strong enough fragrance, right? You have to try this one product, namely SummerSpring Leaf from the Summerscent Brand because of its soft and distinctive fragrance. It smells just right and won’t make you dizzy when inhaled even at close range. This product has a shape that is designed like a leaf.

This product turns out to be much eyed because it has not been released for a long time. The minimalist size, which weighs 20 grams, allows you to replace it with another variant so you don’t get bored. Able to survive within 14 days with the type that can be hung. The aroma is available in various variants such as lavender delight, sparkling woods, vanilla waffle, floral, blue ice, orange juice and many more. Even though some of the fragrance variants seem strong, when used the fragrance is thin and soothing.

3. Anti Smell Good Brand Wardrobe

The Best Wardrobe Deodorizer - Good Brand Wardrobe Odor
Wardrobe Deodorizer – Anti-Odor Good Brand Wardrobe

Still in the same product brand, which is good, there is also an anti-odor that you can choose from. This product contains activated carbon which can kill the odor in the wardrobe because its function is to absorb odors in the wardrobe. It has a neutral scent that doesn’t even smell a bit so it doesn’t spoil the fragrance on your clothes.

This product is widely used in wooden cabinets because it has an anti-bacterial function that suppresses the growth of bacteria in cabinets. This product can last in the cupboard for 6 months with a moisture absorber type. The wood in the cupboard that is easily weathered and produces a musty and damp smell disappears instantly. The downside is that the smell on clothes that have been ironed also disappears and is absorbed.

4. Stella Fogo Princess

Best Wardrobe Fragrance - Stella Fogo Princess
Wardrobe Fragrance – Stella Fogo Princess

Wardrobe deodorizer for adults should be different from children. 
This is because as parents certainly want to provide the best for children. Now the product from Stella, namely Fogo Princess, is actually prohibited for children, especially women. Dress designs also vary with pictures of dresses that vary in color as well. The unique design is a princess-style dress that is loved by children.

It is not harmful to children’s health because it is made from natural ingredients, one of which is citronella. The fresh fragrance is able to add fragrance to children’s clothes so that they are fresher when used for activities all day long. This wardrobe fragrance is a hanging type that can be hung on the child’s collection of dresses and jackets. Able to last for 6 weeks

5. Bayfresh from SC Johnson Variant Morning Coffee

Best Wardrobe Fragrance - Bayfresh from SC Johnson Variant Morning Coffee
Wardrobe Fragrance – Bayfresh from SC Johnson Variant of Morning Coffee

Coffee lovers must know this one product. 
This wardrobe fragrance product has a delicious coffee aroma that will increase your enthusiasm for activities. This distinctive aroma is able to kill the unpleasant odor in the cupboard. Many have indeed proven the efficacy of coffee in eliminating unpleasant odors.

With this product you can also use it in other areas such as the bathroom, or even the living room because it can cover a large area. Coffee in general can lift your spirits just by its aroma, like coffee brewed in the morning.

6. Glade from SC Johnson Variant Floral Fresh

The Best Wardrobe Fragrance - Glade from SC Johnson, Floral Fresh variant
Wardrobe Fragrance – Glade from SC Johnson, Floral Fresh variant

The aroma of flowers is usually widely used as an ingredient in perfumes such as perfume, clothing fragrance, food and much more. 
One of them is as a wardrobe perfume from Glade. The scent of flowers is soft and refreshing can improve your mood. This is because the strong fragrance is also useful for adding fragrance to your clothes.

This product is also multifunctional because it can be used to freshen other areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, rooms and even the living room. Save space and easy to place because it can be hung anywhere. Able to last 30 days in 1 use 1 pcs weighing up to 8 grams.

The price is also quite affordable, you can find it in mini markets or grocery stores. If you want to buy in large quantities and stock it at home, you can also buy it online at marketplaces in Indonesia.

7. Robijn Geurbuiltjes Zwitsal Geur from Unilever

The Best Wardrobe Fragrance - Robyjn Geurbuiltjes Zwitsal Geur from the Unilever Brand
Wardrobe Fragrance – Robyjn Geurbuiltjes Zwitsal Geur from the Unilever Brand

This product may rarely be found by ordinary people. 
Even so, don’t miss the benefits of this product, as it turns out, it shouldn’t be underestimated for those of you who are looking for a wardrobe deodorizer. The reason why it is rarely found is because it is usually used in children’s and baby wardrobes.

Children, especially babies, are of course quite sensitive to chemicals, so many mothers recommend this one fragrance product. This is because the material does not contain harmful compounds so it is safe for baby clothes.

This wardrobe deodorizer is usually hung with the scent of a baby, namely zwitsal. Able to last 6 weeks for 3 sachets. Even though the price is expensive compared to the others, it is very worth it for the benefits, functions and safety for your baby. It would be nice if you stocked up a lot at home because it’s hard to find in supermarkets and usually bought online.

8. Scotch Brite Air Freshener Cheerful Berries Variant

Best Wardrobe Fragrance - Scotch Brite Air Freshener Cheerfull Beries Variant
Wardrobe Fragrance – Scotch Brite Air Freshener Cheerfull Beries Variant

Wardrobe deodorizer with fragrances that have many variants that you can choose from. 
Starting from the aroma of jasmine, coffee and sweet berries. For lovers of fresh and relaxing scents that don’t leave a scent on clothes. Serves to remove musty, unpleasant and damp odors from wardrobes which are usually made of wood.

Able to last 30 days with a paper-shaped hanging type that can be tucked into your clothes. Some of the weaknesses of this wardrobe deodorizer may be that in terms of price it is quite expensive when compared to other types of paper perfume. In addition, this paper can leave stains on the clothes tucked in.

9. Wardrobe Elephant from Fumakilla

Best Wardrobe Fragrance - Elephant Wardrobe from Pumakilla
Wardrobe Fragrances – Elephant Wardrobe from Pumakilla

The next wardrobe fragrance product recommendation comes from the Fumakilla production house. 
Famous for its pest control products, it turns out that it has product recommendations for wardrobe fragrances. It is used to remove musty odors in wardrobes and can also help kill germs that cause mold on clothes. Its content consists of fifty carbon so it eliminates the strong smell in the cupboard.

Even though it seems that it contains a lot of chemicals, in fact this product is safe and non-toxic when inhaled at a fairly close distance. It is very economical to use because it can last for a fairly long period of time, namely six months or half a year. Highly recommended for those of you who like neutral scents.

10. Ambi Pur Closet Fresh

The Best Wardrobe Fragrance - Ambi Pur Closet Fresh
Wardrobe Fragrance – Ambi Pur Closet Fresh

The Ambipur brand is one of the most famous perfume products for cars. 
Many do not know, ambi pur also has a wardrobe fragrance. This recommended product is used by hanging it in a wardrobe so it is practical and saves space. The shape is elegant so it makes a beautiful impression on your wardrobe.

With its soft aroma, it will not damage the perfume or clothes used. Even though the scent is mild, the quality of the fragrance is able to get rid of the musty smell on clothes. It can be used up to 60 days despite its minimalist size. Available in various variants such as sunbeam fruity, lavender, oxygen floral, living white and many more.

Things You Need to apply so that the Wardrobe Fragrance Lasts Long

We have previously been informed that wardrobe deodorizers can be a solution so that your wardrobe becomes fragrant and odorless. However, there are a number of things that you should pay attention to to make your wardrobe fragrance last longer. These points are actually basic things that are not too difficult to implement. Here is the explanation!

1. Diligently clean the contents of the wardrobe

Simple things like diligently cleaning the contents of the cupboards are very useful in keeping the cupboards from smelling. Cleaning the cupboards can certainly stop mold from multiplying. Especially if the wardrobe is old or hasn’t been used for a long time. Frequent cleaning of the wardrobe also allows us to sort out clothes that have been stored in the wardrobe for too long.

2. Dry the cloth until dry

The next point is drying clothes to dry. In fact, mold can grow quickly in damp areas. Similarly, clothes that have been taken from the clothesline are damp. These clothes can promote mold growth when stored in a closet for a long time. Therefore, you should take the cloth from the sun when it is completely dry.

3. Check the State of the Cabinet

One of the reasons clothes smell musty and moldy is the state of the wardrobe. It could be that the actual wardrobe that you are using is already in a state that is not suitable for use. Wardrobes that are in bad condition are usually a nest of mold, of course, making your clothes smell bad and easily damaged.


How? Did this information help you find the wardrobe perfume you are going to buy? If so, don’t forget to buy and stock it at your home. No need to worry because this product is easy to find both offline and online. Available throughout your favorite marketplace. Don’t forget to check out various other interesting information in informative articles.

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