10 Best Wooden Watches Recommendation (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Besides being useful as a timepiece, watches are also one of the fashion items to support one’s appearance. Nowadays, wooden watches are increasingly being produced. The demand is also increasing, making you have to be smart in choosing a wooden watch. In addition to paying attention to originality, it is also important to see how the product is made.

The average wooden watch is made by hand , but not a few are manufactured by machine. You can choose from well-known wooden watch manufacturers, such as Tense, Bewell, to local brands Lanccelot and Matoa. Each has different characteristics. Come on, find the right wooden watch for you!

Best Wooden Watches
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How to Choose a Good Wooden Watch

It’s easy to choose a wooden watch, you just need to look at the design that is highlighted by each product. However, what about the quality of the wood used? You also need to know with whom manufacturers work with mechanically moving clock movements, because some manufacturers only focus on creating frame or chassis designs.

The wood material not only determines its special value, but also its strength. Only a few types of wood are commonly used because they have proven quality. Likewise, the patterns that are owned are generally different, so you can wear a watch with a rare pattern. For more details, you need to understand the following points.

1. Look at the type of wood used, here are the qualities

Although made by hand, watches made of wood require good quality wood. The beauty of the watch is influenced by the main bracelet that goes around the wrist. Style is the main aspect that is highlighted in terms of visuals. You need to pay attention to the wood pattern of the watch product you buy, make sure it suits your taste.

Behind the unique wood pattern or motif, it is more important to check the type of wood used. Wood materials such as sandalwood, maple wood, zebra wood, and wallnut, are generally chosen as the main material for the clock frame. These materials have also been proven for their quality, including attractive patterns that make them worthy and fit to be used as watches.

2. Always check the performance of your chosen watch

You may have found a beautiful wood pattern or suit your taste, but you are still not sure about the quality. For that, ask the shop staff about the characteristics of the wood used. If you want to get more information, you can go to the official website and go to a special page for the watch series of your choice. On the website, it is usually displayed more clearly about the quality of the wood used.

In addition, also pay attention to the clock machine that is used. Who do manufacturers work with? Usually, countries such as Japan and Switzerland are chosen as clockwork manufacturers to explore cooperation with wooden watch manufacturers. So, make sure the product of your choice is really good in terms of engine performance, yes!

3. If you are still confused, it is better to choose an experienced brand

Are you not sure which product to choose? As a solution, you can prioritize wooden watches from famous brands. Maybe you often hear several brands, but not all of them also issue wooden watches. Therefore, get to know some well-known wooden watch brands, such as Tense, Lanccelot, and Bewell.

If you like imported products, you can choose Tense watches which are manufactured in Vancouver, Canada. However, if you feel the selling price is too high, you can switch to Bewell products, a brand from China that is famous for its cheap wooden watches. Meanwhile, for those of you who want to wear a watch made of local wood, you can try a watch created by Lanccelot or Matoa Indonesia.

With the presence of a watch made of wood, you can be more stylish with a casual and simple look. While most wooden watches are more ideal for non-formal activities, some are also suitable for formal occasions. So, are you ready to be casual at any event? Use the best wooden watches, here are Ainun recommendations !

1. Bobo Bird PO4 Luminous Watch

Bobo Bird PO4 Luminous Watch
Produk Bobo Bird PO4 Luminous Watch

You can look stunning in a casual style while wearing this wooden watch. 
Designed for all ages, both adults and teens fit it. Bobo Bird designed this timepiece and fashion item from zebra wood.

Having a unique style, you don’t have to worry about using products with market designs. Besides zebra wood, Bobo Bird also designs watches in the same series as ebony wood because it has darker characteristics, in contrast to zebra wood which is lighter.

2. Bewell Princess Fashion Colored Bamboo Wooden Watch

Bewell Princess Fashion Colored Bamboo Wooden Watch
Produk Bewell Princess Fashion Colored Bamboo Wooden Watch

Instead of using wood, Bewell applies bamboo material to this homemade watch. 
Distinctive natural aroma provides peace when you inhale. This product is also friendly to the skin, those of you who have allergy problems with metal materials can certainly make this watch an option!

In addition, this product is sold in packages. In one package there are a pair of watches for mother and child. Natural wood patterns combined with additional colors give a bright and pleasant impression when worn. Want to look matched with your child? Bewell Princess Fashion Colored Bamboo Wooden Watch the choice!

3. Lanccelot Aegis Bali

Lanccelot Aegis Bali
Lanccelot Aegis Bali Products

Lanccelot seeks to introduce Indonesia to the international arena through fashion, especially watches. 
In this series, Lanccelot designed a wooden watch with the name Aegis of Bali. The formation of this watch was initiated by inspiration from the land of Bali which is famous for its diversity of religions, cultures, and people.

Who doesn’t know Bali? It is certain that most local and foreign residents have heard of one of the names of this tourist island in Indonesia. With a distinctive dark red color, this product represents passion, love and passion in life. Suitable for all ages!

4. Tense Solid Sandalwood Unisex Watch Natural Wood Watch Retro

Tense Solid Sandalwood Unisex Watch Natural Wood Watch Retro
Produk Tense Solid Sandalwood Unisex Watch Natural Wood Watch Retro

If you like watches with boxy timekeeping layouts, this product is a worthy choice. 
Tense brings a retro feel to the wearer of this watch. The simple design is derived from the natural pattern of sandalwood which is also strong. In the manufacturing process, the wood material is inlaid so that it has two different color patterns.

The sturdy characteristics of sandalwood do not necessarily make the weight of this watch heavy, even on the contrary, it is light so it is comfortable to wear. You can do activities outside the home using this watch or for various events. The unisex design can also be used by all ages, you know!

5. G Blife Mens Auto Mechanical Wood Watch

G Blife Mens Auto Mechanical Wood Watch
Product G Blife Mens Auto Mechanical Wood Watch

Specifically created for today’s men, G Blife watches will increase the coolness of each wearer many times over. 
Do you like analog watches? This product is not only designed with quality materials, but also comes with a masculine analog look.

As a needle protector, G Blife applies scratch-resistant sapphire glass. Even so, this product is not water-resistant so it cannot be used for swimming, bathing, or when it rains. When kissed, you will feel a distinctive aroma due to the selection of olive wood as the main material of this watch. Designed with skilled hands, this product is perfect for those of you who love authenticity.

6. Indonesian Sundanese Matoa

Indonesian Sundanese Matoa
Indonesian Sundanese Matoa Products

Matoa Indonesia has produced many handmade wooden watches. 
Its products have been widely used by artists to celebrities who may be one of your idols. One of the famous is Matoa Indonesia Sunda.

Sunda series watches are made of maple wood which has a characteristic light color. For the engine, Matoa relies on Japan Miyota Quarts so that the level of durability is unquestionable. The watch case glass is made of anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint material, you don’t have to worry about the main layout being dirty or having lots of scratches!

7. BOBO BIRD EO3 LED Digital Wood Case Watch Night Vision LED

BOBO BIRD EO3 LED Digital Wood Case Watch Night Vision LED
Produk BOBO BIRD EO3 LED Digital Wood Case Watch Night Vision LED

Appearing to bring new innovations, BOBO BIRD has succeeded in hitting the market with this one wooden watch. 
How not, this clock implements a digital timekeeping system. So, you need to press the button to turn on the LED on the clock screen until a digital number appears.

In addition to displaying the clock, the date also appears when you press the button on the side of the clock. From the main frame, BOBO BIRD uses premium light colored wood. If you plan to buy a wooden watch as a gift to a friend or partner, just buy this product, it can be for women and men, really!

8. Bewell ZS-100B Couple Wooden Quartz Watch

Bewell ZS-100B Couple Wooden Quartz Watch
Produk Bewell ZS-100B Couple Wooden Quartz Watch

Bewell designed a timepiece with a fluorescent light. 
In other words, this product allows you to see the time even when in a dimly lit room. The unique pattern on this watch is obtained from solid wood which is proven to be strong and anti-termite.

Although expensive, you will get a pair of watches. So, this product is highly recommended for you and your partner who want to buy a couple watch. Its sporty and casual design is perfect for wearing to various activities.

9. Bewell W109D Sub-dials for Men

Bewell W109D Sub-dials for Men
Produk Bewell W109D Sub-dials for Men

Still from the same brand, BeWell, this time we recommend another collection of wooden watches, namely the W109D. 
This is a watch for men who love outdoor sports. The size is quite large, 3 adjustment buttons, and the clock hands can light up, this product is very suitable for use by men who are active in sports.

Why is it said to be suitable for sports? Because the hands of the watch that glow in the dark and the large size allows you to see the clock without having to focus. Guaranteed accurate time and long-lasting performance thanks to Japanese PE903 Quarts, giving you the opportunity to look good without worrying about the clock getting troubled easily.

10. Redear-SJ1448 All Ebony Wood Quartz Business Watch

Redear-SJ1448 All Ebony Wood Quartz Business Watch
Produk Redear-SJ1448 All Ebony Wood Quartz Business Watch

This watch is made of ebony so it has a dark color. 
You can mix and match this product with a suit to come to the party. An elegant impression is also obtained thanks to the mineral glass that protects the hands and dial.

The Redear-SJ1448 is essentially tailor-made for both business and style. If you want to hold a business meeting or other formal event, you can look more attractive thanks to this wrist strap. With a fairly affordable price, it feels like you can get more benefits every time you use it.


We remind you again, wooden watches are the result of recycled products (some also use new wood). Because the average selling price is quite high, prioritize your choice on watches whose mechanical engines are obtained from well-known manufacturers. That way, you will not be disappointed because the wooden watch of your choice often has problems or even breaks.

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