10 Recommendations for the Best Effective Cockroach Killing Products (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – No wonder cockroaches are one of the nuisance animals at home and even in your car, why? Because usually cockroaches are synonymous with something dirty so most people are disgusted and afraid when cockroaches pass in front of them. His behavior also makes people restless, especially when the cockroach begins to fly or run without direction and without knowing the time.

So for that, you need to use a cockroach exterminator or anti-cockroach product that you can find at online and offline outlets. However, you must still pay attention to the content contained in the cockroach exterminator product so that your family remains safe when using the product.

However, have you ever been confused about what brand to buy a powerful cockroach exterminator product with? Here we will show you how to choose the right cockroach exterminator product and recommend it for you. Check out the following explanation, yes!

How to choose a powerful cockroach control product based on its type

There are various types of cockroach exterminator products that are sold in the market, ranging from tools and cockroach exterminators. However, not all repellent products are effective at killing cockroaches. So, you have to be selective when buying exterminator products, right?

Powerful Cockroach Killer
Cockroach Killer Illustration

Not only that, you also have to consider the content in the exterminator product so that it doesn’t have a bad effect on you. So, so that everything doesn’t happen, you should know in advance how to choose a cockroach exterminator product that is suitable for you to use. Here are the points on how to choose the best cockroach repellent product.

1. Choose an exterminator in the form of an adhesive device

As the name implies, this trap-type exterminator is shaped like a very strong adhesive sheet that can catch cockroaches. You only need to place this tool in a place where cockroaches often enter or leave. Next you have to lure the cockroaches to come by putting things that smell good and cockroaches like. So that the cockroach will be trapped when passing through the tool.

Usually, this type is used to kill cockroaches in the house. In addition, you also have to pay attention to the shape and size of the trap according to the place you will place it. If usually cockroaches are often in a narrow and dark place, then you should place the trap between the furniture. That way, the trap will be more effective to use, you know.

2. Choose an exterminator in the form of a spray

Does the cockroach not go away even though it has been given an adhesive? So the last solution you can do is use an exterminator with a spray type. Products with this type of spray have various types, such as exterminator products that have high levels of toxins to exterminators without toxic content. You can choose between these content depending on your needs.

3. Choose a Smoke Exterminator

For those of you who have just settled in a house, it is recommended to use exterminator products in the form of smoke, why? Because this type of product produces smoke that can spread to the corner of the room so that it can kill cockroaches in hidden places at once.

However, to find this smoke repellent, you have to buy it online because it is difficult to find in the market. And also In using this product, you must avoid this product from food, cutlery and cooking utensils. Because this product contains ingredients that are harmful if swallowed.

4. Choose Exterminators With Ultrasonic Wave Type

This type of exterminator uses ultrasonic waves to repel cockroaches. The frequency of this wave is approximately 20 kilohertz. That way, this type of exterminator can only be heard by certain types of animals and not humans.

Therefore, the use of this type is very practical, you only need to plug it into the socket. What is certain is that this product does not cause smoke, odor and also does not endanger your health. Moreover, among all types of exterminators, this type of product is the safest to use for cockroach repellent.

10 Recommendations for the Best Effective Cockroach Control Products

After you know about how to choose a cockroach exterminator product based on the type, then Ainun will provide several products that can be a reference for you. Well, in this article we will provide 10 recommendations for the best effective cockroach exterminator products that you can use at home or in your car.

1. HIT Anti Cockroach Gel

The Best Cockroach Killer HIT Anti Cockroach Gel
HIT Anti Cockroach Gel

This product from HIT anti-cockroach gel is a product that has active ingredients that are able to infect cockroaches that eat it. 
Where this product has a substance that is able to attract other cockroaches to eat dead cockroaches so that it will cause a domino effect.

Not only that, this cockroach exterminator product has a practical packaging that is shaped like an injection, making it easier for you to use this product. You only need to remove the contents of the gel, then apply it in the places where cockroaches usually pass. That way even cockroaches can be effectively eradicated by using this product.

2. Cyclone Aerosol

The Best Effective Cockroach Killer Bagyon Aerosol
Cyclone Aerosol

For those of you who want to find a product with a spray type, then Baygon is here for you. 
Baygon aerosol is an insect-killing spray that you can find in supermarkets and supermarkets at an affordable price.

Cockroach control products can not only be used to kill cockroaches but also flies and mosquitoes. The use of this product is also quite practical, you only need to spray a cockroach that suddenly appears in your house. In addition, this product also has several variants of floral fragrance. So, you can eradicate cockroaches while inhaling the fresh and calming fragrance of this product.

3. Nice Magic Chalk

Best Cockroach Killer Good Magic Chalk
Good Magic Chalk

Are you looking for a product in the form of chalk? 
Then good magic chalk can be your choice. This product is basically a poison that can paralyze and eradicate insects, one of which is cockroaches. How to use it is by smoothing or scraping chalk in areas that are often passed by cockroaches.

So that the cockroach will be paralyzed and then die. For those of you who want to effectively eradicate cockroaches, this product is suitable for you to use, why? Because this product is toxic so it is easy to eradicate cockroaches in your home. However, what you need to know is that this product must be kept away from children and pets.

4. HIT Anti Cockroach Spray

The Best Cockroach Killer HIT Anti Cockroach Spray
HIT Anti Cockroach Spray

Not only in the form of a gel, HIT also releases products in the form of a spray. 
Where this product is highly recommended for those of you who have a lot of furniture that can become a cockroach nest.

No need to worry if you want to spray in places that are not visible, why? Because the cockroach control product is equipped with a small connection hose so that it can reach it.

5. Riddex Quad

Best Cockroach Killer Riddex Quad
Riddex Quad

Are you hesitant or worried about using a spray or chalk type cockroach exterminator for fear of disturbing your breathing? 
If yes, then you can use a tool from riddex quad which is a cockroach repellent device with ultrasonic waves.

Where the ultrasonic waves provided by this product can only be heard by cockroaches so it is safe for your hearing. In addition, this product is not only effective in getting rid of cockroaches but also repels mosquitoes as well as other nuisance animals, such as rats.

6. Longhua Insect Killer Smoke

Longhua Best Cockroach Killer Smoke Insect Killer
Longhua Insect Killer Smoke

This product is an effective product to kill insects in the corners of the room. 
Especially if you have left the house for a few days, then most likely your house has cockroaches in it.

Therefore, the killer smoke from this product is perfect for you to use at home. In its use, you only need to leave the room where there is a cockroach nest for about 4 hours because the smoke works in a closed room. However, before you return to activities in the room, it would be nice to clean the air in the room by opening your doors and windows first. Then after that, you can use the room again.

7. Maxforce Forte 0.05 Gel

Maxforce Forte 0.05 Gel Best Cockroach Repellent
Maxforce Forte 0.05 Gel

Not only HIT has a cockroach extermination product in the form of a gel, but Bayer has also issued a gel product under the name MaxForte. 
What are the advantages of this product? where this product can last after 1 month of use and can also kill cockroaches in a short time, why? Because this product is toxic which is attractive to cockroaches, so it is effective to eradicate cockroaches.

However, for the use of this product, you should keep it out of reach of children because it contains hazardous ingredients. Well, for those of you who want to get instant results, this product is the right choice.

8. San Great Bye Bye Kecoa

Best Cockroach Killer San Great Bye Bye Cockroach
San Great Bye Bye Kecoa

Are you looking for a natural exterminator? 
Then san great is the solution. Where this product is made from essential oils and aromas that cockroaches don’t like so that they can make cockroaches leave your home. In addition, by using this product regularly where cockroaches usually appear, the cockroaches will be expelled by themselves.

Although it cannot kill cockroaches, cockroach exterminator products can be the right choice to reduce the use of toxins in your home. By using this product, you no longer need to clean dead cockroaches, why? because this product serves to repel cockroaches not to kill cockroaches.

9. Bayer Solvac 10WP

Bayer Solfac 10WP Best Cockroach Killer
Bayer Solvac 10WP

Well, if you need a cockroach exterminator for outdoor areas, then Bayer Solfac 10wp can be the right choice. 
Where this product is also often used for office purposes where cockroaches appear. In the form of a whitish brownish powder, you only need to mix this product with water and it can be used as a spray.

Because it includes insecticides, this product is effective at killing cockroaches and various other insects that must be bothering you. This product is also practical for use outside and indoors. So you no longer need to buy a cockroach repellent product separately.

10. Family Cockroach & Lizard Glue Trap

Cockroach and Lizard Killer Family Cockroach & Lizard Glue Trap
Family Cockroach & Lizard Glue Trap

Want to use cockroach control products in the form of adhesives? 
Family cockroach is the choice. Where in using this product, you only need to remove the glue cover and put it in a place where cockroaches usually pass.

Not only that, if the repellent product has been installed, it will be effective and effective for a long period of time, which is approximately 3-4 weeks. Well, if you want to get rid of cockroaches without spray, without poison, without smell, then this product can be the right choice for you to use at home.


Well, those are the 10 best anti-cockroach product recommendations that can be a reference for you. What is certain is that before buying a cockroach exterminator product, you should first seek information on how to use it properly and correctly so that you are not wrong in using the product. May be useful!

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