10 Recommended Best Quality Washing Machines (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A washing machine is a household electronic device that has an important role in keeping family members’ clothes clean. There are at least 3 types of washing machines on the market, namely 1-tube washing machines, 2-tube washing machines , and 1-tube front loading or top loading washing machines .

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For the manufacturers themselves, there are various well-known companies whose products are always in demand in the market, such as Sharp , Samsung , Midea , and many more. The power from the washing machine also varies, ranging from low watts or small watts, some may also require high enough power. If you are currently in need of the best washing machine for home use, here is Best Blog Review which summarizes some of the best and quality choices of washing machine brands that can be considered as well as tips in choosing your preferred washing machine.

1. Sharp Twin Tub Washing Machine ES-T65MW-BK

Best Washing Machine Sharp Twin Tub ES-T65MW-BK
Merk Sharp Twin Tub ES-T65MW-BK

This Sharp clothes washing tool is here to help every user get clean and brilliant clothes washing results. 
The advantage of this washing machine from the Sharp brand is that it has a strong rotating pulsator that is specially designed so as not to damage clothes, but still produces clean laundry.

Not only that, the Sharp ES-T65MW-BK 2-tube washing machine also guarantees clothes that are free from bacteria and fungi with AG+Ion protection on the pulsator. Besides being effective in washing clothes, this best washing machine is also equipped with a feature to soak clothes so you no longer have to bother soaking clothes before putting them in the tub.

2. Aqua Twin Tub Washing Machine QW-880XT

Best Washing Machine Aqua Twin Tub QW-880XT
Merk Aqua Twin Tub QW-880XT
The tight competition between manufacturers of electronic products makes them have to continue to maintain the quality of their products. Just like Aqua, who doesn’t seem to want to be outdone by other brands , Aqua also issued a series of two-tube washing machines that are presented with many advanced features, one of which is the immersion feature that can lift dirt that sticks and slips on the fibers of the material.

The rotary power of the pulsator with a large size in this quality washing machine Aqua Twin Tub QW-880XT provides washing results that are cleaner than washing machines in general. While the most advanced feature that makes this washing machine preferred by many people is the fuzzy logic feature that can adjust the amount of water and washing time to the weight of the clothes.

3. Aqua Top Loading Washing Machine AQW 77DH

Aqua Top Loading Quality Washing Machine AQW 77DH
Merk Aqua Top Loading AQW-77DH

Aqua Top Loading AQW 77DH is a hijab series washing machine that can be an alternative for those of you who don’t want to use a two-tube washing machine. 
As the name implies, this hijab series washing machine is presented by Aqua for Muslim women who want to keep the material from their headscarves intact and not damaged.

Although it looks like it was made specifically for the purpose of washing hijab materials, which are generally soft, this top-loading 1-tube washing machine can in fact be used to wash other clothes such as clothes and pants. The capacity of up to 7 kg on this washing machine can speed up the process of washing clothes which in turn will make the washing machine more energy efficient and save water.

4. LG P160R Washing Machine

Best Washing Machine LG P160R
Brand LG P160R

Who is not familiar with high-quality electronic products from the LG brand? 
This famous South Korean manufacturer also doesn’t want to miss the production of the best washing machines, one of which is the LG P160R. This washing machine can maximize the washing process thanks to the 
roller jet pulsator feature which is touted as a 3-dimensional washing system.

This washing system provides better washing results compared to other types of pulsators, namely the level of creasing of clothes is reduced, clothes become softer and also cleaner like conventional hand washing. In the main pulsator of the LG P160R washing machine, there are also 3 mini pulsators that work repeatedly to move clothes up and down to ensure dirt leaves the clothes.

5. Denpoo Washing Machine DW-898 W

Best Washing Machine Denpoo DW-898 W
Merk Denpoo DW-898 W

In need of a washing machine that is not only good and quality, but more than that? 
Then the Denpoo DW-898 W of choice. This washing machine has a capacity of up to 8.5 kg which can certainly make the washing process shorter. That much capacity of course also makes this product classified as a washing machine that saves electricity.

Not only does it save electricity, this Denpoo DW-898 W 2-tube washing machine is also made with a sturdy plastic material design. The positive impact resulting from the selection of these materials is to make the engine sound smoother and the washing machine to be more durable and anti-rust.

6. Polaris XPB18-45C Cuci Washing Machine

Best Washing Machine Polaris XPB18-45C
Merk Polaris XPB18-45C

Especially for those of you who live in boarding houses or need a washing machine product that is easy to carry everywhere, we have chosen the Polaris XPB18-45C that is right for you. 
This Polaris washing machine is a portable washing machine that has a mini size. The compact and portable design makes this washing machine easy to move.

The body of this washing machine is made of plastic which is certainly rust-free. Talking about the capacity, the Polaris XPB18-45C is equipped with a load capacity of 3.5 kg – 3.8 kg. For its own features there are washing and drying features. This washing machine is very appropriate when used to wash fabrics such as towels, underwear, and the like.

7. Sanken TW 8700 . Washing Machine

Best Washing Machine Sanken TW 8700
Brand Sanken TW 8700

An electronic appliance maker from Indonesia, Sanken, is also famous for its good washing machine products. 
One of the best choices for washing machines from the Sanken brand is the Sanken TW8700 series. There is a choice of purple and black transparent lid colors that can be chosen according to taste. This washing machine is a twin tub washing machine which has a tubing capacity of 7 kg.

The elegant design makes the Sanken TW8700 not bored to look at. Continuing to discuss its features, this washing machine from Sanken has the latest technology called X-Tor which is accompanied by a silver ion filter to make clothes clean and free of germs or bacteria. In the dryer, this washing machine is equipped with a super spin dry feature which produces super fast airflow so that clothes dry faster after rinsing.

8. Midea Washing Machine MTA77-P1302S

Best Washing Machine Midea MTA77-P1302S
Brand Midea MTA77-P1302S

No need to spend a big budget to get a quality washing machine. 
Enough to spend around 1 million, you can get a good and cheap washing machine from Midea with the MTA77-P1302S series. This best washing machine is known for its anti-rust and durable body design. Not only that, the best 2 tube washing machine is also widely chosen because it provides maximum washing results.

You can get clean and shiny clothes when you use Midea MTA77-P1302S. How not, this product is equipped with a strong roller pulsator that is able to play 2 types of washing, namely regular and heavy duty . With these two types of washing, you can adjust the type of material that is easily damaged and not so that the quality of the clothing material is maintained.

9. Samsung WA70H4000SG Cuci Washing Machine

Samsung WA70H4000SG Best Washing Machine Pictures
Brand Samsung WA70H4000SG

Not only superior in terms of its smartphone products, Samsung also competes with other well-known manufacturers in creating superior washing machine products. 
Of the many washing machines that come out, we recommend you to choose the Samsung WA70H4000SG which has a unique tube-side design that resembles a diamond so that it gives a different washing sensation.

Coupled with the soft texture of the drum with small holes, making it easier to drain water without making the fabric prone to snagging. In the dryer, Samsung applies air turbo drying technology which helps dry clothes faster.

Another technology called eco tub clean in this washing machine makes the tub in the washing section more durable because it is free from the pile of dirt released by clothes. The tempered glass material that covers the outside makes this washing machine look more beautiful and resistant to damage or scratches for a long time.

10. Midea Washing Machine MAS90-S501G

Picture of the Best Washing Machine Midea MAS90-S501G
Brand Midea MAS90-S501G

On the last point we recommend you the Midea MAS90-S501G washing machine. 
This washing machine is equipped with various advanced features such as 8 washing programs, 6 water level options, and 7 kg washing capacity. Having a choice of washing programs makes washing activities easier and more enjoyable.

Not only that, during the washing process, you can also lock the lid of the tube so that it is safe for children. Of the 7 kg capacity listed in the specifications of this product, it is actually for dry clothes, while wet can reach 9 kg.

Now you don’t have to worry about washing clothes anymore if you can afford to buy a washing machine based on the recommendations we have given above. In choosing the best washing machine you need to make considerations such as features that are tailored to your needs, capacity, type of machine, durability, and of course the price and brand of the washing machine itself.

Then for the best type of washing machine itself, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, there is a choice of 2 tubes and 1 tube. For the type of 1 tube itself, there are 2 kinds, namely top loading and front loading , each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, make sure you have thought about it carefully before making a choice on a washing machine product.

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