10 Recommended Brands of Sugar-Free Chewing Gum (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Consuming candy is often accompanied by a toothache when consumed continuously. This is because the sweetness of candy can make teeth become cavities. However, this does not apply when you consume sugar-free gum. This type of candy is an alternative for those of you who like to eat candy but don’t want to have problems with dental health.

Best Sugar Free Chewing Gum
Illustration of Sugar Free Chewing Gum / wallsheaven

Apart from not damaging your teeth, please note that this sugar-free gum is also recognized to reduce the bitter taste in the mouth and suppress stomach acid. So, for those of you who are curious about this sugar-free gum, don’t miss this article. In this article, we will explain how to choose sugar-free gum and 10 brands of sugar-free gum and a full review. Curious? Here’s the review.

How to Choose Good Sugar Free Gum

There have been many variants that have been presented from many brands, take a peek at the following tips so you can choose the best sugar-free gum.

1. Make sure there is a “Sugar Free” label on the package

To find out whether the candy you want to buy is a type of sugar-free gum, you can check it from the label on the candy package. Make sure the packaging says “Sugar Free” or “Sugar Free”. With this label, you can be sure that the gum product is free from sugar content.

In addition, you can also check the composition of the gum. Usually sugar-free gum comes from xylitol and sorbitol. No wonder this sugar-free gum can be consumed by pregnant women, this is because xylitol and sorbitol are safe for consumption by pregnant women.

2. Choose packaging according to taste

Present in different packages, you can choose candy packaging according to your taste. For those of you who want to be practical, you can choose the type of unit or sheet packaging that is easy to carry anywhere. However, to get more candy content, you can choose the type of product with bottle packaging. Usually, bubble gum with this bottle is in the form of small grains so that the bottle can contain a lot of candy.

3. Choose a flavor that suits your taste

If usually sugar-free gum is often identified with mint candy, please note that gum products also come in various flavors. So these sugar free gums come in different flavors. That way you can choose according to the taste you want.

Some sugar-free gums come in blueberry, strawberry, lime and more. So, besides the freshness of the mint, you can also get a sweet fruity aroma from the sugar-free gum. How? Have you ever tried fruit-flavored sugar-free gum?

4. Know the calorie content

When running a diet program, limiting the number of calories consumed is the most important thing to do. And usually candy is something to avoid because it is high in sugar and not filling at all. One of them is the calories that come from chewing gum.

Great Sugar Free Chewing Gum
Sugar Free Chewing Gum Illustration Image / lafitness.com

You don’t have to avoid chewing gum, what you need to do is know the calorie content of each package and adjust it to the calorie needs of your body. One alternative is sugar-free gum.

Usually, sugar-free gum contains 5 calories in each unit pack. Very much different from chewing gum that contains sugar can reach 10 calories in each package. By knowing the number of calories in each package, you can properly limit your daily calories. You can still consume gum and also get maximum results for your diet program.

Those are some tips that you can use to choose sugar-free gum products. Come on, now is the time for you to find out the best brands of the best sugar-free gum.

Here we go

Already knowing how to choose sugar-free gum products, now you will be presented with the 10 best brands of sugar-free gum. What brands are you curious about? Don’t miss the following Ainun reviews .

1. Happydent X-pert Sugar Free

Best Sugar Free Chewing Gum Happydent X-pert Sugar Free
Happydent X-pert Sugar Free

The first sugar-free gum from the happydent brand, Happydent X-pert Sugar Free. 
Besides being able to increase concentration, this candy is also recognized to help maintain healthy teeth. One of them is reducing the risk of dental caries due to the accumulation of residual sugar and food that accumulates between the teeth.

The happydent x-pert sugar free candy product is made from a combination of calcium fluoride and microgranules which are claimed to make teeth whiter and stronger. This product itself is packaged in 2 types of packaging, namely bottle packaging and strip packaging. For each serving, Happydent’s sugar-free gum product contains 10 calories.

2. Lotte Xylitol

Lotte Xylitol Best Sugar Free Chewing Gum
Lotte Xylitol

Next, there is sugar-free gum from the Lotte brand, namely Lotte Xylitol. 
This candy comes in various flavors such as Mint Lime, Mint Blueberry, Mint Strawberry and also Breezy Mint. You can freely choose the flavor according to taste. Please note, this xylitol is a sugar-free gum product that is priced at a price that can be considered low compared to other sugar-free gum products.

That’s why not a few people call this product a pocket-friendly candy. For those of you who have a limited budget, this product can be your first choice. Made from natural ingredients, this product only contains 4 calories in each package.

3. Mentos Pure Fresh Chewing Gum

Best Sugar Free Chewing Gum Mentos Pure Fresh Chewing Gum
Mentos Pure Fresh Chewing Gum

Can freshen the mouth for quite a long time, the next sugar-free gum comes from the Mentos brand, namely Mentos Pure Fresh Chewing Gum. 
Can provide long-lasting freshness because this one gum product has pure mint content in it. As for the packaging, this candy is packaged in a curvy bottle that is easy to hold.

This mentos gum comes in various flavors such as Pure White Sweet Mint, Pure Fresh Spearmint and also Pure Fresh Mint. So, you can change flavors if you feel bored with 1 flavour. And the size of the packaging is also available in various variants. Some contain 50, some contain 15.

4. Wrigley’s Extra

Wrigley's Extra Best Sugar Free Gum
Wrigley’s Extra

If you want your teeth to be free of spots without having to go to the doctor, you can get them by consuming sugar-free gum from Wrigley’s Extra. 
This gum comes in only 1 flavor which is packed in the form of sticks. Please note, this Wrigley’s Extra unit product contains up to 18 calories, you know. So, for those of you who run a diet program, be careful with this one gum.

Capable of providing care to teeth, this Wrigley’s Extra product is claimed to be able to neutralize the acid produced by bacteria in dental plaque. In addition, oral health and breath can be maintained properly.

5. Wrigley Doublemint Spearmint

Wrigley Doublemint Spearmint Best Sugar Free Gum
Wrigley Doublemint Spearmint

Formulated with double mint, the next sugar free gum comes from Wrigley Doublemint Spearmint. 
You know, Wrigley Doublemint Spearmint gum has been booming since the 90s. This candy is claimed to eliminate bad breath and keep breath fresh. The double mint sensation from this candy provides a long-lasting cold sensation.

The main ingredients for this product are Sorbitol, gum base, glycerol, mannitol, natural and artificial flavors which are packed in stick form. In 1 stick there are 5 sticks that are easy to carry anywhere. For the price, this product is priced at an affordable price.

6. Nicorette Gum

Best Sugar Free Chewing Gum Nicorette Gum
Nicorette Gum

For those of you who are currently trying to quit smoking and are looking for a gum product that can reduce your intention to smoke, Nicorette Gum is the first choice for you. 
This sugar-free gum is specifically for smokers. So, this product has been formulated so that when chewed it can not only maintain healthy teeth, freshen the mouth, but also suppress the urge to smoke. Wow, so cool isn’t it?

Not only one flavor variant, Nicorette Gum sugar-free gum is also available in various flavors such as White Ice Mint, Fruit Chill, Cinnamon Surge and Spearmint Burst which are packaged in strips.

7. Orbit Sugar Free Gum

Best Sugar Free Gum Orbit Sugarfree Gum
Orbit Sugarfree Gum

Already licensed by the American Dental Association, the next sugar-free gum comes from Orbit Sugarfree Gum. 
From this acknowledgment, it is certain that this candy product is safe for dental health. If you want fresher breath, you can get it by consuming Orbit Sugarfree Gum candy.

Present in various flavors, you can freely choose the flavor according to your taste. If you get bored with one flavor, you can switch to another. The available flavor variants of this sugar-free gum are strawberry, spearmint, wintermint and cinnamint which are then packaged in bottles that are easy to carry anywhere.

8. Habitrol Chewing Gum

Best Sugar Free Chewing Gum Habitrol Chewing Gum
Habitrol Chewing Gum

Suitable for smokers, this gum product contains nicotine which when chewed can replace nicotine from cigarettes. 
This sugar-free gum comes from Denmark which can dampen the cravings of smokers. This gum product contains Nicotine, chewing gum base, calcium carbonate, sorbitol and xylitol in it. As for the taste, this candy comes in 1 type of flavor, namely mint which is packaged in strip packaging consisting of 12 pieces/strip.

How? Is it true that with this product smokers can reduce their desire to smoke? Well, to be able to find out, just try to chew the gum directly.

9. Trident Sugar Free Gum

Best Sugar Free Chewing Gum Trident Sugar Free Gum
Trident Sugar Free Gum

Still on the same topic about sugar free gum, the next product is from Trident Sugar Free Gum. 
This gum has received permission from the American Dental Association, where this product can be consumed by children from 4 years and over. That’s why sugar-free gum is often referred to as all generation candy because it can be consumed by anyone, from children to adults.

As for the taste, this candy comes with Original flavour, Spearmint and Tropical Twist. Which is then packed into sticks. For the unit, this product contains calories <5 calories. Wow, this is perfect for those of you who are running a diet program.

10. The Hershey Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Sugar Free Gum

The Best Sugar Free Gum The Hershey Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Sugar Free Gum
The Hershey Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Sugar Free Gum

Finally, there is a sugar-free gum product from The Hershey Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Sugar Free Gum. 
One of the interesting things about this candy is the unique packaging and also the unique chewing gum. The uniqueness of the gum is that it has a dice-like shape.

As for the taste, this product comes in flavors such as Spearmint, Peppermint, Tropical Breeze, Cinnamon , Arctic Grape and Lemon Gum. So you can freely choose according to your taste. And for packaging, this product is packaged in bottles with 5 calories per serving.

The Less Known Benefits of Sugar-Free Chewing Gum

Previously, the 10 best brands of sugar-free gum were explained. Do you know what are the benefits of the candy? Please note, sugar-free gum has a very good function. Consuming this candy is claimed to be able to maintain healthy teeth, free from bad breath and also prevent cavities. In addition, this candy can also help suppress stomach acid. How? Are you increasingly curious about these types of sugar-free gum products?

Do you know how sugar-free gum can maintain healthy teeth instead of damaging them? Not a few people will think that consuming candy, whether it’s chewing gum or not, will damage dental health. One of them is cavities. However, this sugar-free gum is claimed to protect teeth from cavities.

Here’s how the candy works to maintain healthy teeth. So, when consuming this sugar-free gum, you will produce more saliva than usual. So, when you eat other foods, the remaining food stuck in your mouth will be lifted more optimally. That way you can be free from tartar as well as cavities. Did you know this beforehand?

Not only that, chewing gum can also be used as an alternative for smokers, you know. Especially when these smokers are unable to smoke or want to quit smoking, they usually chew gum. To maintain blood sugar stability and get maximum mouth freshness, smokers certainly prefer sugar-free gum. That way, the desire to smoke can be reduced and even disappear slowly.


This article has explained in full about sugar-free gum. Starting from how to choose the right product to 10 complete reviews of the best brands of these products. How? Have you found a product according to your taste? Hopefully yes. And don’t just add to your shopping cart, check out now at your favorite store.

For those of you who still want to browse other recommended products, you can visit other article pages only at checklist.id. Happy reading.

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