10 Recommended Vitamins to Increase Children’s Appetite (2024 Latest)

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Best Blog Review – Parents who see their children doing GTM (Shut Up Movement) are usually used to increase children’s appetite. What’s more, if the GTM makes the child’s weight decrease from day to day.

Children's Appetite Booster Vitamins
Illustration of a Child with No Appetite / emedihealth

There are several factors that cause this to happen, including teething, not liking the food, consuming too many snacks, constipation, dealing with gadgets too often, and so on. The GTM movement is experienced by many babies who have time to consume complementary foods, children aged 1 year, 2 years, even 12 years who are still in their infancy.

Tips for choosing good children’s appetite enhancing vitamins

Selection of a product certainly needs to be done more selectively in order to find a suitable product. In addition, make sure that the product is not only of good quality, but also safe for consumption. So, here’s Ainun to share some important things to consider when choosing the best children’s appetite enhancing vitamins.

1. Know the ingredients in appetite enhancing vitamins

Each vitamin product that enhances children’s appetite certainly contains different ingredients. Well, some of the ingredients that are usually chosen to make these vitamins include fish oil which is known to be effective in stimulating appetite, calcium to increase bone density, and vitamin D to strengthen bones and teeth. In addition, there are also manufacturers who supplement their products with zinc because it can increase appetite and zinc levels in the blood.

The other selected ingredients are curcuma, lysine, and temulawak because they can improve a child’s appetite. It is undeniable that there are children who have food allergies, so the ingredients in these vitamins must really be considered and adjusted to their needs.

2. Consider products with more benefits

Apart from being vitamins to increase children’s appetite, there are also several products that will maintain the immune system and help develop the brain for learning. Then, some products also have an important role for bones and teeth. The more the composition of the beneficial ingredients, the more the good impact for children who are in their infancy.

Appetite Enhancer Supplements for Children
Illustration Picture of Appetite Enhancer Vitamins / Thebeet

3. Choose product variants that are liked by children

Children in their infancy who like to play usually prefer fruit. That’s because fruits tend to have a sweet and refreshing taste. So, it’s no wonder that lots of appetite-stimulating vitamins are provided in orange, raspberry, and so on.

Apart from the flavor variants, there are also other forms of the best appetite enhancing vitamins. Some products are made into syrup which is packaged in glass bottles for easy drinking, but some are in the form of capsules, lozenges, powders, resembling candy, and others.

4. Pay attention to the age that is allowed to consume these vitamins

The difference in the composition of each child’s appetite enhancing vitamin will certainly be different from one another. There are products that can be consumed by children under 1 year and 2 years and over. Therefore, it is very important to see information about this on the packaging and product descriptions listed when buying online.

5. Make sure to choose a product whose price is within your budget

Whether it’s local or imported children’s appetite enhancing vitamins, these products are usually pegged at relatively cheap to expensive prices. When viewed from the good impact received, then the expensive price can be affordable. Several products are available in pharmacies, minimarkets, supermarkets and marketplaces. Even though the product purchased is the same brand and size, a different place to buy can make the selling price different.

10 Best Appetite Enhancing Vitamin Recommendations for Children

Here we go

There are several big brands that have provided vitamin products to increase children’s appetite. It is definitely safe for consumption because it has official permits, such as BPOM and LPPOM MUI. So, here are ten product recommendations that you can choose from and are easy to find.

1. Curcuma Plus Syrup Appetite

Children's Appetite Enhancer Vitamins - Curcuma Plus Syrup Appetite
Curcuma Plus Syrup Appetite

Of course, this brand is already familiar to the people of Indonesia because it has been around for decades. 
Curcuma Plus is known as a provider of special supplements for children who are in their infancy with a variety of useful ingredients. So, the vitamin variant that can increase your child’s appetite is Curcuma Plus Syrup Appetite Orange Flavor, 60 ml in size. As the name implies, the syrup was chosen to be easy to drink and the orange flavor is one of the children’s favorites.

It contains Organic Temulawak, Lysine, Vitamin B Complex, and Beta-carotene. This child’s appetite enhancing vitamin can be consumed by children aged 6 months to 12 years. However, the dosage given will certainly vary because reading the instructions for use is very important. Usually this information will be written on the back of the package and the paper tucked inside the package.

2. Blackmores Koalakids Fruity Fishies

Vitamins to increase appetite for children - blackmores koalakids fruity fishies
Blackmores Koalakids Fruity Fishies

Switching from local products, this vitamin to increase children’s appetite is a product made in Australia since 1932. The presence of this product in other countries indirectly proves the quality of the product is good. 
Therefore, it is not surprising that Blackmores Koalakids Fruity Fishies are priced quite expensive. Even though it is not a local product, this Blackmores variant has obtained permission from BPOM and LPPOM MUI so it is very safe for consumption.

There is an Omega-3 content in it which is made from fish oil concentrate with orange, raspberry flavors, and the natural sweetener xylitol which is safe for children’s teeth. Even though it is made in capsule form, it is very tasty to chew. Well, the capsules are packaged in environmentally friendly glass bottles so that the good quality of the product is maintained. Apart from acting as a vitamin to increase children’s appetite, this product variant can also be consumed to maintain health and help develop the brain for learning.

3. Vidoran Smart Frugie

Vitamins to increase appetite for children - Vidoran Smart Frugie
Vidoran Smart Frugie

Another recommended brand that also provides vitamins to increase children’s appetite is Vidoran. 
Well, this syrup is made with the best selected ingredients, namely Curcuma and Lysine which can help improve a child’s appetite while they are growing. Basically, the majority of young children really like fruit, so it’s not surprising that there are many fruit-flavored products. In order not to seem like taking bitter medicine, oranges were chosen as the Vidoran Smart Frugie flavor variant.

This vitamin to increase children’s appetite is quite well known among Indonesian people because it is available in various places so it is easy to find. It’s easiest to find it in a trusted marketplace, but the risk is having to wait some time before the product arrives. If you have more free time and want to give it to your little one right away, just go to the nearest pharmacy, mini market or supermarket.

4. Scott’s Emulsion Vita Orange

Children's Appetite Enhancement Vitamins - Scotts Emulsion Vita Orange
 Scotts Emulsion Vita Orange

This vitamin brand is certainly very familiar and available in various places. 
Each 15 ml of Scott’s Emulsion Vita Orange contains 17 mg of cod liver oil, 850 IU of vitamin A, 85 IU of vitamin D, and 414 mg of calcium hypophosphite. Therefore, this product will not only help improve a child’s appetite, but is also able to maintain immunity, maintain healthy eyes, teeth and bones of your child. Each age range that is allowed to consume this child’s appetite enhancing vitamin will of course be given a different dose.

If your child is under 1 year old and needs to be given vitamins to increase the child’s appetite, then just choose another product. Before choosing this product, make sure that the child does not have an allergy to the ingredients in it. If side effects occur in the form of stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea after consumption, consult a doctor immediately to minimize adverse conditions that occur.

5. Apialis

Children's Appetite Booster Vitamin - Apialys

The next recommended vitamin to increase children’s appetite is Apialys, which is produced by PT Lapi Laboratories in Serang, Banten. 
Just like the previous products, Apialys in the form of syrup is also made with orange flavor so that children will like it. Don’t worry, because the syrup that is packaged in this glass bottle can be used for several times. Some contain 10 ml and are equipped with a pipette, but there is also a 100 ml option without a pipette.

So, vitamins to increase your child’s appetite can be consumed before or after meals. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Nicotinamide, Vitamin C, D-Panthenol, Lysine HCl, Sucrose, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Sodium CMC, and Dry Orange as fragrance.

6. Asedas Syrup

Children's Appetite Enhancement Vitamins - Asedas Syrup
Asedas Syrup

Not only adults, your little one can also feel a lack of appetite, so they need to be given vitamins to increase their appetite. 
Well, one of the best products worth choosing is Asedas Syrup with a composition of Omega 3 powder, curcuminoid, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 HCl, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6 HCl, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3. Apart from that, there are also Nicotinamide, Calcium pantothenate, Choline bitartrate, Inositol, Calcium gluconate, Calcium hypophosphite, Sodium hypophosphite, and L-Lysine HCl.

This product should not be given to children under 1 year of age because it contains the artificial sweetener Sucralose and less than 1% alcohol. In one glass bottle pack there is 60 ml of syrup which can be taken a maximum of 2 times a day with each dose of 5 ml.

7. Snakehead Fish Honey Vitabumin

Children's Appetite Enhancement Vitamins - Vitabumin Snakehead Fish Honey
Snakehead Fish Honey Vitabumin

Different from vitamins that increase the appetite of other children, this Vitabumin is pure snakehead fish honey, the texture of which is a thick and sweet liquid. 
The composition of the ingredients in this product include snakehead fish albumin extract and temulawak. Not only does it stimulate a child’s appetite so that they gain weight, Vitabumin can also boost the immune system.

In addition, this product is able to accelerate the healing of sick children and make children’s concentration and intelligence better. The combination of honey and temulawak in vitamins to increase children’s appetite is also very effective in warding off free radicals due to the presence of natural antibiotics and antioxidants. This product made by PT Aksamala Adi Andana in Yogyakarta has a net weight of 60 ml.

8. Biolysin

Children's Appetite Booster Vitamin - Biolysin

The next recommendation for vitamins to increase children’s appetite comes from the Biolysin brand. 
When your little one gets good nutrition, you can be sure that his immune system will also increase. That way, your little one is also not susceptible to diseases that will lose weight. This orange-flavored Biolysin syrup contains honey, temulawak, various kinds of multivitamins, and lysine.

This vitamin to increase appetite for children, produced by PT Bernofarm in Surabaya, is available in several sizes, namely 30, 60 and 100 ml. Choose the size of the product according to your needs so it won’t be stored for too long if you don’t consume it regularly. Biolysin is widely available at the nearest pharmacy so that it can be given more quickly to your little one.

9. Likurmin Syrup

Children's Appetite Enhancer Vitamins - Licurmin Syrup
Likurmin Syrup

Children who are malnourished due to lack of appetite will certainly make parents worry. 
Well, one of the products made as a vitamin to increase children’s appetite is Licurmin Syrup. Of course, before consumption, make sure you shake it first. It contains vitamin B complex, niacinamide, pantothenic acid, curcuminoids which will maintain nitrogen balance in the body, as well as amino acids.

Not only that, this Licurmin brand children’s appetite enhancing vitamin also contains Lysine HCL to support your little one’s body functions. This product should only be consumed once a day or according to doctor’s instructions. When the packaging has been opened, it is best to store the remaining product at a temperature below 30 degrees so that its quality is maintained properly.

10. Rinsing

Vitamins to Increase Children's Appetite - Kurkur

Another recommendation for children’s appetite enhancing vitamins in the form of syrup is Kurkur. 
Fill the syrup in the glass bottle of this product as much as 120 ml. Well, it contains Curcuminoid, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Dexpanthenol, Beta Carotene, Ca gluconate, Lysine, and FOS. Just like the previous products, Kurkur can also be consumed to maintain the health of your little one.

So far there have been no reports of side effects experienced after consuming this child’s appetite enhancing vitamin. If that happens to your little one, then go straight to the doctor to get help. However, still make sure the child has no indication of hypersensitivity to the composition before choosing to consume Kurkur.

Important information about vitamins to increase children’s appetite

Here is some other important information about vitamins that increase appetite for children that you need to know.

1. Can’t be consumed excessively

Everything that is excessive is certainly not good, as well as vitamins that increase children’s appetite. Although the purpose of making these products is good, it does not mean that they should be consumed in excess. There are instructions that need attention, including the rules for use and the use of artificial sweeteners so that they are not recommended for babies. Well, usually this information is included on the product packaging.

2. Only complementary not substitute

Although vitamins to increase children’s appetite have a good effect, it should be understood that these products are only a complement and not a substitute for nutritious food. Therefore, continue to provide food with balanced nutrition for children so that their immunity is maintained, the health of bones and teeth is also not neglected, and so on.


The majority hope of parents who give vitamins to increase their appetite for children is to see their children feel enthusiastic about eating so that they are more enthusiastic about doing activities, they don’t get sick easily, and their weight doesn’t decrease drastically. Therefore, the selection needs to be done more selectively in order to find products of good quality, safe for consumption, and suitable.

With a review of ten recommendations for the best children’s appetite enhancing vitamins from several brands, it is hoped that this can add references and provide an overview of the products that are worth choosing. Be sure to always read the instructions for use in order to minimize the occurrence of side effects.

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