Review of 10 Best Acoustic Guitar Recommendations for Beginners (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Even though both are acoustic, most people prefer an acoustic guitar to learn to the advanced stage. For those who want to learn guitar, we recommend you to use an acoustic guitar. There are many kinds of acoustic guitars that need to be adapted to your needs, please read this article first to the end.

You can gradually learn better with an acoustic guitar. Choose a good guitar and the most appropriate for you. In Indonesia, you will find quite a large selection of well-known brands with various products such as guitars from Yamaha , Ibanez , Fender, Cort, Gibson, Apx  etc. So that your guitar practice or playing activity doesn’t disappoint, you need to use the right product.

Good Acoustic Guitar
Illustration Drawing Acoustic Guitar Strings

Tips and How to Choose a Good Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

For beginners, choosing the right and right acoustic guitar must be met. Therefore, we will help you get to know the various acoustic guitars on the market. In general, acoustic guitars are divided into four types, namely steel string type, standard, acoustic electric, and silent guitar. Which one is right for you? Let’s understand the following explanation!

1. For small people, choose a steel string acoustic guitar

The acoustic guitar is not only played by men. Currently, there are also many female musicians who are proficient in strumming the guitar. If you are a girl who wants to learn to play acoustic guitar, we recommend you to use a steel string acoustic guitar. This guitar, also known as folk, has a compact size.

The slimmer neck makes it comfortable to play and grip. This type of steel string guitar will be right for people with small bodies because the body has a deeper curve. So, steel string acoustic guitar is more suitable for women, small people, or even children.

2. For a dynamic and characterful sound, use a standard acoustic guitar

The most striking difference between the steel string type guitar and the standard type is its size. The size of a standard acoustic guitar is 1.5 times thicker so it weighs more than the steel string type. The added weight on this guitar is not simply due to the thicker material, but the sound chamber or soundboard has less deep grooves. This curved shape can produce a guitar sound that is more dynamic and characterized.

If you want to play up to a professional level, standard-type acoustic guitars can be relied on. You can play various genres of music with a standard acoustic guitar, ranging from rock , jazz , blues , to rock-inspired songs. This is because the acoustic guitar is specially designed to sharpen the bass and intonation dynamically.

3. Bigger and clearer sound volume with electric acoustic guitar

Steel string and standard acoustic guitars can actually be attached to an amplifier to create a bigger sound effect. The only way is to add a pickup or microphone to the main body. However, if this guitar is not designed for electric-acoustic purposes, then when connected to an amplifier, there will be many shortcomings such as annoying feedback.

If you are already good at playing the guitar and want to practice with a personal acoustic guitar, use an acoustic electric guitar. This kind of guitar has been perfectly designed so that low-frequency sounds and annoying feedback effects don’t bother your ears. Thus, the sound created will remain clear and clear even though the volume is increased.

4. Voice control or listen through headphones with silent guitar

Although rarely owned by people, this silent type of acoustic guitar will be suitable for those of you who want to play guitar at night without disturbing family members or neighbors who are resting. Silent guitar, as the name implies is an acoustic guitar that can be adjusted high and low.

This guitar is perfect for those of you who live in an apartment or rental house. Not only can you control the volume, but you can also attach headphones to the body of the guitar so that the sound doesn’t spread throughout the room.

10 Best Acoustic Guitar Recommendations for Beginners

Well, after understanding the various acoustic guitars on the market, you must already know what kind of guitar to buy, right? Here, Best Blog Review presents the ten best acoustic guitar brands that you can choose and play with your favorite chords. Especially for those of you who are beginners, the following guitar choices are sure to be your favorite!

1. Cowboy Acoustic Folk Guitar

Cowboy Acoustic Folk Guitar Pictures
Cowboy Acoustic Folk Guitar Pictures

The advantage of an acoustic guitar is that it can be used with strings of many materials, whether steel, nylon, or otherwise. 
This is evidenced by the Cowboy Acoustic Folk Guitar whose strings are made of stainless steel. Steel string or folk type, this acoustic guitar is perfect for those of you who need a durable and long-lasting guitar.

The durability of the guitar is not only supported by quality and soft string material, but also the guitar body made of basswood and the fingerboard made of maho wood which is famous for being sturdy. For beginners, women, or children who are not yet proficient at playing the guitar, this product will provide comfort thanks to its size which is only 38 inches.

2. Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG200S

Image of Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG200S (Acoustic Guitar)
Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG200S Pictures

When looking for a modern musical instrument, you might think of Yamaha products. 
The quality presented by Yamaha’s products does not need to be doubted. Like this product, the Silent Guitar SLG200S is an acoustic guitar that is recommended for anyone who wants to practice guitar anytime, even at night.

Yamaha added a sound control feature via headphones or an amplifier on this guitar. Besides being able to adjust the volume, this acoustic guitar can also be played in electric mode. The classic design but still elegant makes you look cool when playing it.

3. Yamaha APXT2 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha APXT2 Acoustic Guitar Pictures
Yamaha APXT2 Pictures

If you want to enliven the night atmosphere while at the inn, you can bring a Yamaha APXT2 acoustic guitar. 
This acoustic guitar will not take up much space in your private or public vehicle. The reason is, Yamaha designed this stringed instrument with a compact size and slim body.

The practical value on offer makes this guitar perfect for travelers who want to play guitar wherever they are. This guitar can produce a distinctive natural sound through the amplifier thanks to the active preamp and ART-based pickup system. Not only that, Yamaha also mentions that this product can create sharp sound through its mid-boost EQ and chromatic tuner.

4. Ibanez AEG15II LG

LG Ibanez AEG15II Acoustic Guitar Pictures
LG Ibanez AEG15II Acoustic Guitar Pictures

If you need an acoustic guitar that promises clear and great sound quality even if you don’t use an amplifier, this product is the answer! 
Ibanez launches an acoustic guitar with a slim size that makes it comfortable to play for a long time. As we mentioned earlier, this acoustic guitar is still capable of producing a beautiful sound with a large volume even without using an amplifier.

Even if you want to use an amplifier, this product will certainly provide an even better experience. To produce clear sound, Ibanez relies on Fishman Sonicore pickups and pIbanez preamps. The soundboard of this guitar is made of cedar wood for the front. For the back and sides, Ibanez applies mahogany wood which makes this guitar not easily crushed even if it falls and hits a hard surface.

5. Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha F310 Nice Acoustic Guitar Pictures
Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar Pictures

Yamaha F310 is an acoustic guitar that is presented at a more friendly price. 
For those of you who are looking for a cheap acoustic guitar, you should consider this product. Yamaha designed the front of the guitar in spruce, the back and sides in mahogany, and the neck in rosewood.

The combination of sturdy materials on the three main parts of this acoustic guitar makes it very good at producing a clear sound. For those of you who want to practice guitar but don’t want to have trouble reaching all the strings, the Yamaha F310 has designed the fingerboard with the right size so even those of you who are not used to it will be comfortable playing it.

6. Yamaha APX500II

Yamaha APX500II Original Acoustic Guitar Pictures
Yamaha APX500II Acoustic Guitar Pictures

Playing guitar with the Yamaha APX500II takes you back to the 80s. 
The reason, this guitar looks so classic but still classy. The eye-catching white color is the hallmark of this guitar. Another attraction possessed by this acoustic guitar from Yamaha can be seen in the uniquely shaped product body.

Your guitar playing experience will be more enjoyable with this product. The existence of a modern x-type bracing pattern system makes this guitar capable of producing optimal and natural sound quality. Not to forget, Yamaha has also equipped this acoustic guitar with a modern SRT pickup and preamp system that is able to provide studio-quality sound effects.

7. Fender Ron Emory Loyalty Parlor Acoustic Guitar

Fender Ron Emory Loyalty Parlor Acoustic Guitar Pictures
Fender Ron Emory Loyalty Parlor Acoustic Guitar Pictures

Ron Emory is a famous guitarist who is part of the band True Sounds of Liberty. 
Inspired by the guitarist, Fender released a guitar under the name Ron Emory Loyalty Parlor Acoustic Guitar. Its classic appearance with a touch of vintage 1930s style makes it very interesting and a pity to miss it.

Not only accentuating the classic impression, this acoustic guitar is also made of mahogany on the back, neck and sides and spruce wood on the surface of the guitar. The choice of materials will support you to play punk or rock songs with maximum bass sound effects.

8. Taylor Guitars Taylor Swift Baby Taylor

Image of Taylor Guitars Taylor Swift Baby Taylor
Image of Taylor Guitars Taylor Swift Baby Taylor

Unlike Fender, Taylor Guitars collaborated with Taylor Swift in formulating this acoustic guitar. 
This guitar is quite rare you can make a collection because it has a high artistic value. Not only is it Taylor Swift’s original signature, on this guitar you’ll also find a beautiful vine pattern motif on the earpiece.

Playing guitar with Taylor Guitars Taylor Swift Baby Taylor will make you shine like this famous American artist. Designed with a size of of the standard type and its 11/16 inch long neck makes this guitar suitable for women, children, or beginners to play.

9. Cort SFX-ME-OP

Cort SFX-ME-OP Acoustic Guitar Pictures
Cort SFX-ME-OP Acoustic Guitar Pictures

No matter how good a player is, if it is not supported by a quality guitar, the performance will be bad. 
For that, we advise you to be smart in choosing an acoustic guitar. Cort provides a selection of guitars that guarantee good sound quality.

This is realized through the use of mahogany wood on the sides and back and spruce wood for the surface. The perfect combination can suppress the noise that appears when the guitar is played. The sturdy spruce type not only makes this guitar durable, but it’s perfect for singing any genre!

10. Legend YH-36C

Legend Acoustic Guitar YH-36C
Legend Acoustic Guitar YH-36C

Our final recommendation for you goes to the Legend YH-36C. 
This product is recommended for beginners who want to practice guitar to the professional stage. This acoustic guitar from Legend will support beginners thanks to the hook at the end of the guitar body for attaching the strap.

With a strap, you can play guitar without having to hold it on your lap. Your practice activities will be maximized without being disturbed by a guitar that easily shifts. If you are already proficient in playing it, then you can release the strap for example if you want to play guitar while sitting.


Choose the best acoustic guitar that gives you comfort while playing. Especially for the practice process, look for a guitar that has a hook so you can hang it around your neck if you want to play guitar while standing. Also, consider other features of the guitar such as voice control if you want to practice at night without worrying about disturbing the people around you.

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