Review of 10 Best Baby Crib Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Unique Baby Crib , After giving birth to a child, one of the things parents must prepare is a baby box. Baby crib or crib is one of the important tools in the growth of the baby. Because, that’s where the baby will spend most of his time. For this reason, good parents must be able to choose the best baby box products that can provide a sense of security and comfort to its users.

Unique and Cute Wooden Baby Crib
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To choose the right baby cot product, the thing that must be done is to pay attention to the materials used. Make sure the material used is strong, does not contain harmful substances, and can last a long time. Also pay attention to the shape and size, so that the baby crib can fit in your room and give the baby a sense of security. Finally, you have to make sure that the product meets safety standards to be completely safe for your baby.

10 Best Baby Crib Recommendations

Currently, there are many good baby crib brands with various features and models. Even brands like IKEA, Joie, Graco, and others are competing to produce the best baby cots. You can be confused if you are still new to baby boxes. But don’t worry, you can see the recommendations for the best baby box options at Ainun below.

1. Babybelle Winney Crib

Best Wooden Baby Crib Babybelle Winney Crib
Brand Babybelle Winney Crib

Babybelle Winney Crib is a baby box that can be used until adulthood. 
You can adjust the size as you like, it can even be used until the age of 17 years. To change the shape is quite easy, you just need to use the conversion tool and just remove the fence. That way, you can continue to use this baby box until you grow up. The raw material for making it is also good, namely 
mahogany wood which is famous for being strong and durable.

Although designed to be able to reach adults, this baby crib is still safe and comfortable for toddlers to use. Apart from being a strong and safe material, there is also a guardrail so the baby doesn’t fall. You can also adjust the height of the mattress up to three levels, so you can find the right position to put your baby. To be more comfortable when using this bed, Babybelle provides three classic color choices that are pleasing to the eye.

2. Joie Excursion Change & Bounce

Box Bayi Terbaik Joie Excursion Change _ Bounce
Merk Joie Excursion Change & Bounce

If you want a multifunctional crib, then the answer is Joie Excursion Change & Bounce. 
This product has been equipped with a changer, a portable diaper changing table that can be used in a box or separately. In addition, you can also use this baby crib as a bouncer to calm the baby. You can also use the bouncer portable, either in a box or separately.

To make it seem more sophisticated, this best baby crib has an electronic mode. In that mode, you can play music that can soothe your baby, adjust the sleep light with 3 light settings, and set the vibration with two vibration options. The mattress can also be adjusted to the desired size, either in the up or down position. For those of you who want a sophisticated baby box that is easy to use, this product can be an option.

3. IKEA Solgul Cot

Best Wooden Crib IKEA Solgul Cot
Brand IKEA Solgul Cot

IKEA offers a European-style baby cot with a minimalist touch to the IKEA Solgul Cot. 
The white color of acrylic paint makes it suitable to be placed in various rooms. In addition, thanks to these colors, you can also mix and match them with various mattresses and sheets. So, it will still look beautiful and pleasing to the eye even though it is placed in various rooms with various mattresses.

Not only good because of the color, the product made by IKEA is also good in terms of material. Solid beech and fibreboard are the two main materials known for their strength and durability. To make it even safer for babies to use, this bed uses a fairly high guardrail. Thanks to all these things, this baby crib meets European safety standards EN 716-1 and Japan CPSA 0023. With an affordable price compared to other IKEA baby cribs, Solgul Baby Beds are the right choice to buy.

4. Nuna Sena Aire

The Best Baby Box Nuna Sena Aire
Merk Nuna Seine Air

To provide a comfortable feeling for the baby, the Nuna Sena Aire baby crib offers a bed with 360° ventilation. 
This means that every corner is ventilated to keep the baby in it feeling fresh and comfortable. To be more comfortable, the mattress used is made of a very soft material. The mattress is also equipped with ventilation holes, so the baby will always feel comfortable.

This ergonomic baby box is designed to be portable so that it can be folded at will for traveling. The material used is aluminum, so it is very sturdy to withstand the weight of the baby. There is also anti-slip on the legs, with the aim of maintaining the balance of the box when placed on uneven terrain. You can use this cot until the baby is three years old, because the levels can be adjusted, either in the middle for newborns, or at the bottom for those who are standing.

5. Babyminds Elle Baby Box

Best Wooden Baby Box Babyminds Elle Baby Box
Brand Babyminds Elle Baby Box

Babyminds Elle Baby Box is a baby crib made of solid mahogany wood. 
With this material, this bed will be very strong and can be used for a long time. It is also equipped with a mosquito net pole which is equally sturdy to keep the baby safe when in it. You can function this baby crib with two different levels, either in the middle or the bottom. That way, you can still use it when your baby is born, or when you can stand up.

One of the advantages of this baby box is that there is an iron rail drawer at the bottom. You can use it to store things, such as toys or other toddler gear. There are three color choices, namely white ivory, doff, and duco which are both pleasing to the eye. That way, you can make this baby box as a home interior to beautify the room.

6. Graco Pack n Play Contour Electra

Best Baby Box Graco Pack n Play Contour Electra
Merk Graco Pack n Play Contour Electra

As the name suggests, the Graco Pack n Play Contour Electra is a baby box that can also be used as a play area. 
In one product, you will find a baby cot with additional play areas and a diaper changing area. In fact, both are removable, meaning you can use them in the box, or separately. That way, raising a baby will feel easier if you use this one bed.

In addition, this best baby box is also safe when used. There are seven mounted legs, and two of them have wheels, so it’s easier to move. There’s also a night light, music, and two vibration modes, so your little one can always have fun in this box. The product can also be folded easily, so it can be carried wherever you go practically.

7. Cocolatte Deluxe CL 502

Best Baby Crib Cocolatte Deluxe CL 502
Brand Cocolatte Deluxe CL 502

For those of you who want a cheap baby box but with complete features, Cocolatte Deluxe CL 502 can be the right choice. 
This product is equipped with a place to change diapers and mosquito nets that are installed in one package. There is also a toy holder that is placed on top, so you can easily soothe your little one. So that your little one doesn’t wake up easily, this product is also equipped with music and vibrations that you can configure easily.

The design of this baby box is fairly ergonomic, in addition to being equipped with mosquito nets, it is also equipped with ventilation holes on each side. The existence of these small holes allows air to enter to provide a sense of comfort for your child. Not only comfortable, this product is also designed to provide a sense of security. For this reason, aluminum was deliberately chosen because it has strong durability and is anti-rust.

8. Baby Does Bravada 1740

Best Baby Boxes Baby Does Bravada 1740
Brand Baby Does Bravada 1740

Another affordable baby box product is the Baby Does Bravada 1740. Not only economical, but also very complete in terms of features. 
This baby cot is equipped with a taffel or diaper changing place to make it easier for you to take care of your baby. Also equipped with hanging doll toys, music, and vibrations for those of you who want to calm the baby easily. The height can also be adjusted up to three levels, so you can adjust it according to your little one’s circumstances.

The material used to make the Baby Does Bravada 1740 baby box is iron. With the use of iron as the material for making it, your baby’s place can be safer, because it is very strong. To add to the impression of security, the two wheel-shaped legs can be locked, so they can stay still even when the baby is actively moving. It is also equipped with a high mosquito net model, so that the baby is kept safe from mosquito attacks.

9. Hakari TTBA 066

Best Baby Box Hakari TTBA 066
Merk Hakari TTBA 066

Hakari is a local brand that is well known for making high-end furniture. 
The manufacturer from Tangerang also makes a variety of the best baby box products, one of which is Hakari TTBA 066. The product is made using ramin wood which has been tested strong. The paint used is also not just any paint, because it has been tested to be free from toxins. Because of these two things, this product is very suitable for use by the baby.

There are two color choices that you can choose, namely natural colors and distinctive mahogany colors. The coloring is also good, so you can make it to beautify your room. To make it even safer for babies to use, this baby cot is equipped with a mosquito net pole. You can even open one of them, making it easier for you to put your baby. The bottom is also equipped with wheels for easy transport.

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10. Bald Masterpiece 1289 XLR

Best Unique Baby Box Pliko Masterpiece 1289 XLR
Merk Pliko Masterpiece 1289 XLR

For those of you who want a baby box with many features, then one of the options is the Pliko Masterpiece 1289 XLR. 
In one package, you can get a baby tafel for changing clothes and diapers, supports music and vibrations, comes with toys, and comes with a mosquito net with one pole. All of these features make it easier for you to soothe your baby and make parenting easier.

Besides being great for the caregiver, this baby crib is also great for babies. The reason is simple, namely being able to provide comfort to the baby. The presence of ventilation holes on the sides is proof that this crib is very ergonomic. You can also adjust the height level, either at the top, middle, or bottom. You can adjust it according to your little one’s circumstances.


Each baby box product has various advantages and features. You can choose a product that suits your needs. However, make sure if the product can make your child feel comfortable and safe. To find such a product is quite easy, not only unique, you need to look at the features provided and the materials used.

Choose a material that is proven to be strong and durable, such as wood. Also choose products with features that make the baby feel comfortable. If you have paid attention to these things, then you can find the best baby box for your baby.

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