Review of 10 Best Baby Play Gym Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Baby play gym is a collection of baby toys that are attached to a support pole. Generally, every toy in a baby play gym is designed to design the sensory and motor nerves of children’s gross and fine. You can give this device when you are 3-6 months old or even more than that.

There are many kinds of baby play gyms from well-known brands , such as Good Friend, IKEA, and Little Tikes. You can adapt each baby play gym to the baby’s age group. You can know this by looking at the specifications listed on each product. Come on, follow this article to find out how to choose a baby play gym and which product is the most suitable for you!

Best Baby Play Gym
The Best Baby Play Gym Illustrations

How to Choose a Good Baby Play Gym

Each product has different characteristics. The overall support material, the quality of the mattress, and the accessories that a number of baby play gyms have are some of the points that need to be considered. For more clarity, you can listen to this short guide in choosing a baby play gym.

1. There are 2 main ingredients, choose based on your needs

In general, manufacturers design baby play gyms with two main raw materials, namely plastic and wood. Baby play gyms made of plastic are generally lighter. The frame used to support all baby toys can be assembled making it easier for you when you want to store things in a more compact body.

This plastic frame baby play gym is even safer. So, even if your baby tugs at toys until the baby play gym collapses, you don’t have to worry about when the pillars fall on your child. However, now many manufacturers have designed baby play gyms made of strong plastic even though your baby is tugging at the toys.

Then, wood material is also used to make a baby play gym. The advantage of this material lies in its ease of disassembly. Not only that, the wood material is also considered more durable so that it can be used by those of you who want a sister for your baby at this time. However, baby play gyms made of wood are generally more common and the selling price is more expensive than plastic ones.

2. Make sure the mattress provided is soft

To play with free space, your child can be positioned just below the baby play gym. Manufacturers provide a mattress for your child to lie on. Check how the quality of the mattress supplied by the manufacturer. Prioritize choosing a mattress that is made of soft and cool material so that it provides comfort when exposed to the baby’s skin as a whole.

The possibility of the mattress being exposed to vomit, bedwetting, or spilled milk can occur while the child is playing. Therefore, making sure the mattress is easy to clean and dry is also an important aspect to pay attention to. As much as possible, choose a mattress with soft, thick, and strong materials so that it is more durable even if you frequently wash the mattress.

3. Choose products with attractive colors and characters

The appearance of each baby play gym is so diverse. The many options available will make it easier for you to match your baby’s gender, preferences, and age. For newborns, they do not yet have perfect eyesight. For those of you who have a newborn , baby play gym that is suitable for choosing in terms of color, we recommend that you use contrasting monochrome colors, such as white, black, and gray.

As the baby’s age begins to grow, the ability to recognize colors begins to emerge. That’s when you can replace the new baby play gym that is designed in colorful . The reason manufacturers include many colors in one product is not just to attract the attention of parents or children, but can stimulate the baby’s sense of sight.

In addition to determining the color, you can also choose a baby play gym that has details in the form of cartoon characters, whether real animals or fictional characters that are commonly found in children’s cartoon series. Choose attractive color and character designs so that children are always entertained when playing with their baby play gym.

10 Best Baby Play Gym Recommendations

Take note of the points you found useful from our previous review. Next, Tomslad will introduce you to our ten best baby play gym recommendations. Are you ready to hunt for toys for your baby? Come on, just get started!

1. Baby Soft Play Mat Bear Folding Gym Blanket

Baby Play Gym Terbaik Baby Soft Play Mat Bear Folding Gym Blanket
Baby Soft Play Mat Bear Folding Gym Blanket

Some manufacturers create baby play gyms with plastic materials covered with soft fabrics. 
This product belongs to the characteristics of such a product. For those of you who want to see children playing happily, this baby play gym is the choice. By spending a budget of around 600 – 700 thousand, you can already bring home 1 set of skeletons, toys, and mattresses.

Baby Soft Play Mat Bear Folding Gym Blanket has a higher dividing wall or edge, so your baby will be safer and more comfortable while in it. The toys that are hung are various and all of them are soft textured and have a cute appearance. This product is suitable for those of you who want to prevent children from irritation because the mattress provided is made of smooth and flat.

2. Good Friend Baby’s Ocean Gym

Baby Play Gym Terbaik Good Friend Babys Ocean Gym
Good Friend Babys Ocean Gym

The mattress of this product has a length of 104 cm and a width of 42 cm. 
Big enough to be used by your baby who is in the 3-12 month age group. Just like our previous recommended products, Good Friend Baby’s Ocean Gym is also wrapped with soft cloth so that your baby can feel comfortable playing for a long time without worrying about the risk of hurting the skin.

The dominating blue color is so pleasing to the eye, even children will feel happy and calm when they are on it. With tactile details in the form of representations of life in the marine realm, your baby will also be able to recognize the names of marine animals. This product is equipped with a mat that can be spread out as a play mat for your baby who can’t crawl. However, once your child is able to crawl, you can turn the mattress into a tunnel shape.

3. Baby Soft Play Mat Gym Tiger Pattern

Baby Play Gym Terbaik Baby Soft Play Mat Gym Tiger Pattern
Baby Soft Play Mat Gym Tiger Pattern

A slightly hairy mattress with a soft texture will provide comfort for your baby who can’t crawl. 
At toddler age, babies spend more time lying down. You can stimulate the growth of children’s motor nerves by giving them this one baby play gym. Just lay the baby on the mat, he will feel at home playing with the toys provided.

There are lots of hanging toys. Children can play with dolls with various colored animal shapes. There is also a rattle that can develop a child’s sense of hearing. The middle position of the mattress from this baby play gym has a high enough thickness so that it will not make the child’s body hurt when moving a lot on it.

4. Kick & Play Piano Gym

Baby Play Gym Terbaik Kick & Play Piano Gym
Kick & Play Piano Gym

All hanging toys provided by the baby play gym are made of cloth filled with dacron so they are safe for babies to play. 
The strong hook makes each toy not easy to fall off even if your child is pulling it. This product can be used for babies aged 3 months and over. The crossed top frame is removable for easier storage.

For example, if your baby falls asleep after playing, you can remove this soft cloth-covered support and the baby can move freely without being limited by the support post. This baby play gym is equipped with a remote control to help you change the provided music without having to operate directly on the product body.

5. Baby Musical Play Gym

Baby Play Gym Terbaik Baby Musical Play Gym
Baby Musical Play Gym

Unlike other products, the Baby Musical Play Gym is only equipped with one curved pole that resembles a tunnel when babies play under it. 
The beautiful color design chosen makes this product look so adorable. This product can be used by your baby girl. There are hanging toys that are easy to reach.

The toy support poles are made of plastic covered by attractive colorful fabrics. At the end of one side there is a kind of backrest in the form of piano keys which can cause different musical sounds. So, when the baby’s feet kick the keys, there will be a sound that attracts the baby’s attention.

6. Little Tikes 5-in-1 Adjustable Gym

Baby Play Gym Terbaik Little Tikes 5-in-1 Adjustable Gym
Little Tikes 5-in-1 Adjustable Gym

Overall, Little Tikes designed this baby play gym from plastic. 
This product can be used in 5 ways, namely as a baby play gym, play table, activity center, stand up center, and easel. You can set each function according to the baby’s growing age. Thus, this product can be used for a long time, even up to 3 years of age.

To produce loud music, this baby play gym takes power from the battery. No need to worry about the battery running out quickly because this product is equipped with a sleep mode feature that can save battery power. You don’t need to change the battery often. A large selection of toys can also introduce children to more shapes. Very educational!

7. Baby Colorful Deluxe Play Gym

Baby Play Gym Terbaik Baby Colorful Deluxe Play Gym
Baby Colorful Deluxe Play Gym

Invite your children to play with this colorful baby play gym. 
The location of the toys provided is not only at the top, but on both sides (right and left) which can be rotated. This product can be the right choice for those of you who want to provide an exciting experience during the growth period of the baby.

This baby play gym is made of lightweight plastic. The compact-looking frame can be disassembled for easy storage. Besides being able to stimulate the child’s sense of sight, this product will also develop children’s ability to hold toys that consist of many shapes.

8. Good Friend Baby’s Forest Play Gym

Baby Play Gym Terbaik Good Friend Babys Forest Play Gym
Good Friend Babys Forest Play Gym

Now you are no longer difficult in matters of choosing a baby play gym. There are many interesting products that can stimulate children’s brain development. Good Friend Baby’s Forest Play Gym is presented with a beautiful and calm forest feel. There is a mat depicting a river flow flanked by fertile grass land.

This product is not only pleasing to the eyes of your child, but you will also feel calm when you see the beautiful colors attached to this product. Not to mention the other detailed images such as monkeys, birds, butterflies, and the sun that enliven, making your child’s sense of sight stimulated in knowing more living creatures.

9. BB Activity Rattle Playgym 209 AB

Baby Play Gym Terbaik BB Activity Rattle Playgym 209 AB
BB Activity Rattle Playgym 209 AB

In terms of design, the physical appearance of this baby play gym resembles a clothesline. 
On the top side there are three kinds of toys in the form of musical instruments and communication with attractive colors. There’s a guitar, phone receiver, and rattles that can be spun around. In addition, on the right and left of the pole, two kinds of toys are also hung that are easy for your child to reach.

This one product is marketed at an economical price, which is under 100 thousand only. Even though it has an economical value, the BB Activity Rattle Playgym 209 AB is able to support the motor skills of your baby who is over 12 months old. Not only that, this plastic product has also received the SNI (Indonesian National Standard) label, you don’t need to doubt anymore about its safety.

10. IKEA Leka Baby Gym

Best Baby Play Gym IKEA Leka Baby Gym
IKEA Leka Baby Gym

IKEA is known for its household products that are 
sleek , minimalist, and elegant in design. This baby play gym from IKEA is the same. The uniquely designed wooden frame section is designed in a streamlined shape. To maintain the stability of the product, IKEA applies support legs that are wide enough to ensure that the product does not fall easily even if your child moves it a lot.

IKEA does not accompany this baby play gym with a mat. However, you don’t need to worry because each mattress will fit in the middle of the two support posts. As for the toys themselves, your child can explore three kinds of high-detail toys. In this way, your baby will learn to coordinate hand and eye to reach for the toy he intended.


Of the ten products we have recommended, which one catches your eye the most? Baby play gym will be very helpful for your baby who can’t sit up yet. However, now there are several types available for babies who can crawl and sit. You just need to adjust the product to the baby’s condition. Most importantly, always prioritize the security guarantees provided by each product.

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