Review of 10 Best Bathroom Floor Cleaning Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The bathroom is one of the places most inhabited by germs because it is most often used to clean things even when the body is dirty. However, many people ignore this place and it is rarely cleaned, causing an unpleasant and pungent smell. Dirt will also accumulate more and allow it to cause scale or stubborn stains. The solution you have to clean the bathroom with the help of tools such as brushes and bathroom floor cleaners.

Best Bathroom Floor Cleaner
Bathroom Floor Cleaning Illustration / Dreamstime

There have been many brands of bathroom cleaners on the market. However, the brand may not necessarily match the specifications you are looking for. A careless brand will make your ceramic color fade. Therefore, this article will provide you with some information about bathroom floor cleaners.

Tips for Choosing a Good Bathroom Floor Cleaner

So that you can find a bathroom cleaner with good quality, then you need to pay attention to the following tips for choosing bathroom floor cleaning products.

1. Floor Type

Pay attention to the type of floor in your bathroom. Different materials require different treatments. If the bathroom floor is made of ceramic, then avoid using cleaning fluids that have a high acid pH which can erode the glazing layer on the ceramics.

For this type of vinyl floor, use a mixture of emulsifier liquid and water in a ratio of 4:1 to get maximum results. For this type of marble floor, it is highly recommended to choose a cleaner with a neutral pH.

2. Floor Cleaner Scent

Of course you have your own favorite scent that makes you feel comfortable and fresh. Likewise, floor cleaners are presented with several variants of a soft and pleasant aroma. There are many fragrances to choose from, ranging from fruits and flowers. For the bathroom area, you are advised to choose a more concentrated scent so that it can cover the new unpleasant smell from the bathroom.

3. Antibacterial or Disinfectant Content

Usually children really like to play on the floor while bathing. The floor is a favorite place for toddlers to crawl, roll and sit while bathing. Children love to play with the foam produced by their bath soap.

Therefore, to prevent germs from sticking back into children’s bodies which can be a source of disease, it is highly recommended to use floor cleaners that contain antibacterial properties. If the bathroom floor is free from germs, then you no longer need to worry about the potential for disease.

10 Best Bathroom Floor Cleaners Recommendations

The following is a list of some recommended brands of bathroom floor cleaners that you can use as a reference before buying them. You can choose the selected product from Ainun below according to your needs.

1. Crust-crushing Harpic

Best Bathroom Floor Cleaner Harpic Descaler
Crust Breaking Harpic

Thoroughly clean without scale, Harpic’s powerful bathroom floor cleaner is available in various citrus and original variants. 
In addition to cleaning the toilet, this product is also effective at killing germs so that your toilet can be clean 100 times compared to before use. Flush the liquid from this product around and every corner of the toilet, then let it sit for 20 minutes after that use a brush to gently clean and flush. After that your toilet will be clean fragrant and free from germs.

This toilet cleaner is also safe to use on sitting and squatting toilets, besides it will not damage your septic tank. Make sure this powerful harpic bathroom floor cleaner is out of the reach of children. In case of contact with eyes or skin, wash immediately with running water. If accidentally swallowed, you are expected to immediately drink a lot of water and seek medical help.

2. SOS Karbol Classic Pine

Best Bathroom Floor Cleaner SOS Karbol Classic Pine
SOS Karbol Classic Pine

The next effective bathroom floor cleaning product is the SOS brand with its Karbol Classing Pine variant. 
You can have this product in various sizes and refill or jerrycan packaging. It has been tested in the laboratory against germs with a 99% formula that kills germs on floor surfaces such as Aures which can cause skin problems, Coli which causes diarrhea, Aeruginosa which causes respiratory tract infections and Typhimuriom which causes typhoid fever.

In addition to the bathroom, this product can also be used to clean and remove unpleasant odors from marble or carbolic floor surfaces in living rooms, animal cages and other sources of odor. Equipped with several variants of fragrances such as Apple Wonder, Lemon Twist, Orange Splash, Floral Breeze, and Magic Pine which makes it easy for you to choose the product according to your taste so that it provides freshness and long-lasting fragrance.

3. Vixal Bathroom Cleaner

Vixal Best Bathroom Floor Cleaner

The next bathroom cleaning fluid which has the advantage of being 10x stronger for cleaning stubborn scale in the bathroom is Vixal from the Unilever Indonesia brand which has generated a lot of positive reviews from its customers. 
In addition to cleaning, this porcelain can also remove unpleasant odors and provide a long-lasting fragrance. Claimed to be the number 1 bathroom cleaner in Indonesia, this powerful bathroom floor cleaner has earned the MUI halal certificate.

There is an active ingredient of 100 percent HCL in this product which is very effective in eradicating germs and toilet floor crust. It’s quite easy to use, just by spraying the liquid all over the toilet floor and then letting it sit for a while and scrubbing with a brush and then rinsing. For maximum results you can use this product every day. Please always wear gloves to avoid direct contact with liquids which can be hazardous to health.

4. Snap Clean Karbol

Snap Clean Best Bathroom Floor Cleaner
Snap Clean

Floor cleaners with high concentrations can be found in Snap clean products. 
This powerful bathroom floor cleaner contains a combination of surface active agents, non-ionic surfactants and natural scents. This product is very effective for cleaning dirt and killing germs on the floor with bactericidal and antiseptic properties. You will be in a clean, healthy and fresh toilet.

Snap clean products are very environmentally friendly with packaging that is easy to decompose and will not cause environmental pollution. It has a thick texture that is formulated not only to kill germs but also to make the room smell good. This powerful bathroom floor cleaner has received a safety certificate from MSDS, a PKRT Health Office permit, halal certification from MUI and SUCOFINDO certification. There are various sizes that you can buy according to your needs. There are several fragrance options such as Lemon, Lavender, Sere and Apple.

5. Mr. Muscle Axi Triguna

Best Bathroom Floor Cleaner Mr.  Muscle Axi Triguna
Mr. Muscle Axi Triguna

You can get a clean and germ-free toilet with the help of floor cleaner from Mr. 
Muscle Axi Triguna. Floor cleaning liquid formulated with various types of content such as Benzalkonium Chloride, Polymer which is useful for cleaning floors thoroughly and killing germs. Your toilet will be clean, shiny and comfortable when in the toilet. There are several variants of contents ranging from 400 ml, 800 ml and others with various packaging options such as refill and gallon.

Besides being clean, the toilet will also be fresher with several choices of fragrances such as lemon, orange and others. The extra strong cleaning power of this liquid is able to remove dust, dirt and oil stains, so it is also suitable for cleaning kitchen floors, living rooms and even rooms.

6. Napoclean

Best Bathroom Floor Cleaner Napoclean

You can get very easy use with maximum results from a powerful bathroom floor cleaner from Napoclean. 
Available in several variants such as Strong – Green, Heavy Duty – Red and Limescale – Blue. The Strong variant is very reliable for patterned and colored ceramic and porcelain pliers, Heavy Duty is very reliable for white ceramic floors and Limescale reacts with lime scale on ceramics, non-ferrous surfaces such as stainless, aluminum and glass in aquariums.

This Napoclean does not contain HCL such as hydrochloric acid so it is harmless and safe for various types of ceramics and grout. Very fast and easy use, just by using a brush without being brushed and no need to wait long, you will get a clean, hygienic bathroom floor and a refreshing scent. please mix Napoclean in water in a ratio of 1:1 for heavy scale problems, 1:2 for medium scale problems and 1:3 for light scale problems. This powerful bathroom floor cleaner Napoclean is not recommended for use on granite, tile, marble and terrazzo.

7. Magic Clean

Best Bathroom Floor Cleaner Magic Clean
Magic Clean

Magic Clean bathroom floor cleaner is effective in cleaning light to difficult stains practically and easily. 
No need to spend maximum energy and take a long time, you only need to clean the scale stains using tools such as brushes. It is not recommended to use a brush and pour the liquid directly on the ceramic.

This liquid will make your bathroom floor shiny clean without damaging the ceramic grout with proper usage rules. Besides being able to be used on floors, this cleaning fluid can also be used to clean rust and blood stains on fabrics. It is suitable for removing stains from iron scale, but not recommended for use on car windshields. After using this powerful bathroom floor cleaner, it will not cause a strong odor.

8. Wipol Karbol Fir

Best Bathroom Floor Cleaner Wipol Karbol Cemara
Wipol Carbol Cemara

Have a clean, shiny, clean, germ-free and long-lasting bathroom floor with the help of Wipol Karbol Cemara. 
This carbolic floor cleaner has been widely used by the Indonesian people and has received many positive reviews after use. This disinfectant Wipol can be 100x more effective at killing germs with five benefits in one package. This powerful bathroom floor cleaner is made with anti-bacterial ingredients derived from nature such as Fir, Lemon and others.

The active ingredient Pine Oil (2.5%) in this liquid is effective for removing unpleasant odors on bathroom floors, trash cans, toilets, sewers and others. Besides being used to clean toilets, you can also use this product for mopping by simply dissolving 2 bottle caps of liquid into 1 liter of water, or it can be splashed directly without mixing with water.

9. Gurilap Stain & Scale Cleaning Liquid

Best Bathroom Floor Cleaner Gurilap

The latest breakthrough Gurilap cleaning fluid which is very powerful and advanced to eradicate scale, stubborn dirt and fungus in an instant at 10x the speed. 
This liquid will not damage your ceramic porcelain. In addition, it can clean your items made of metal. Simply by pouring the liquid on the surface of the porcelain, then wipe with a brush until evenly distributed and rinse with water until clean then you will get maximum results.

There are active substances such as Hydrofluoric Acid 9%, Hydrochloric Acid 1% and Citric Acid 0.1% which are effective in cleaning floors from crust. This powerful bathroom floor cleaner has received an official certificate from the Indonesian Ministry of Health so that it is safe and legal to distribute. You will already get a brush and gloves for free in one purchase.

10. Cleer Antibacteria Poreclain Cleaner

Best Bathroom Floor Cleaner Cleaner Antibacteria
Cleer Antibacteria

Restore bathroom and toilet tiles to a glowing glow without being brushed using only tools such as brushes with the help of Cleer. 
A powerful and fast bathroom floor cleaner to clean crust or dirt on various machines such as ceramic, stainless, plastic, iron or metal and others. In one purchase package you are given a free brush and gloves.

Available in bottled form, this liquid does not contain HCL and will not cause a pungent odor after use. There are already many circulating in the market and even e-commerce, you will be given various offers. Save energy and time making your homework faster and more effective.

How to Choose a Bathroom Floor

For those of you who want to build or renovate your bathroom, it is very important to pay attention to choosing the right bathroom floor so that it is not slippery and comfortable to use. The following are some ways that you can consider to choose the right bathroom floor.

1. Texture

There are several bathroom floor textures that you need to pay attention to before installing them, such as natural stone textures, coral, hexagonal, maroccan and others. The texture of natural stone is generally uneven and rough, so you won’t slip easily even when splashed with water and soap. Coral floors feel rough, not slippery, but have a brighter color. The maroccan texture will make the bathroom look more exotic and elegant, this texture will not make you slip easily. For a hexagonal texture, it is more suitable if used in a bathroom with a smaller size so that it keeps you safe from slipping but the color tends to be dark.

2. Ceramic Size

The size of the tiles is also an important consideration when you want to make a bathroom. Calculate the area of ​​your bathroom first. For a large bathroom, you can choose tiles with a larger size. However, for the limited size of the bathroom, it is highly recommended if you choose a smaller ceramic size so that it is more efficient because it is not wasted too much during the cutting process and the process of arranging ceramics is also easier.

3. Motif and Color

Bathroom lighting will also affect the process of choosing the motif and color of the bathroom floor. If the bathroom gets less sunlight, it is highly recommended to choose ceramics with fast colors such as white, yellow and others so that they can reflect light so that it spreads throughout the room. For a minimalist design, it is highly recommended to choose a simpler ceramic motif with neutral colors so that it is not too overwhelming and boring


There has been a lot of information presented above about bathroom floor cleaners, you can also use this article as a reference starting from tips on choosing the right bathroom floor cleaner, a list of brands that are recommended with the best quality to how to choose the right bathroom floor. For more information about recommendations, you can visit other web pages.

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