Review of 10 Best Flashlight Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A flashlight is very useful when there is a power outage, disaster, or other emergency. Of course you should be able to choose the best type of flashlight.

Today, flashlights not only function as lights in an emergency, but also include other features that allow you to receive information via radio to flash a beam to let people know your whereabouts.

Behind its usefulness, of course it will be maximized if you use the right product. Also know how the ideal flashlight is used, whether to light up the surroundings or use it down a dark street? Each flashlight is designed with different specifications. Therefore, see how to choose a flashlight in this review.

Best Flashlight
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How to Choose a Good Flashlight

We will review first how you should choose a flashlight. At least there are several aspects that you should know as a consideration for choosing. After understanding these things, then you can buy the best flashlight directly, which we will also recommend through this article. Come on, find the right flashlight for you!

1. Choose an LED flashlight with an emitting power of 150 – 200 lumens

It is better for you to prioritize a flashlight that uses LED lights (light emitting diodes) rather than incandescent lamps. In addition to producing brighter light, LED lights are also smaller in size so that it affects the overall size of the flashlight. Suitable for use for a long time without making hands sore when holding it.

When choosing an LED flashlight, make sure you know the emitting power. The unit used to measure the power of light is the lumen (lm). Usually, a flashlight with a light of 50 – 100 lumens is good enough to illuminate the surrounding area. However, when you want to walk in the dark, you need a flashlight of 200 lumens. Therefore, it is better to choose a flashlight with an emitting power of 150 – 200 lumens.

2. Choose a wide lighting and can be lit up to a dozen hours

When a disaster or emergency occurs, not only do you use a flashlight to illuminate yourself and the area around you, but it can also shine far enough into your field of view. We recommend choosing a flashlight whose light can radiate up to a distance of 60 meters ahead. That way, you can lead the way when you are in an emergency or when you are outdoors.

You can also consider a flashlight with a zoom function because it can extend the lighting distance up to several meters ahead. Also, to be on the safe side, make sure the flashlight of your choice has a long battery life. A good flashlight can at least last between 10-15 hours of use without recharging the battery.

3. Pay attention to the type and adjust it to the current situation

Currently, flashlights have two forms, namely lanterns and pen lights. This type of lantern has a wide light distribution making it suitable for illuminating you and the area around you. While the other type, namely the pen light, has the characteristic of focusing the light on one point, so it will be very good for highlighting something from a distance.

This type of lantern itself does not have too bright a light, but is ideal for use during power outages or disaster conditions. While the pen light type flashlight will help you walk or look for something in the dark. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you buy two flashlights, each of which is a lantern type and a pen light.

4. Pay attention to the type of battery used, prioritize rechargeable ones

The battery is the energy source for turning on the light in the flashlight. In general, flashlight batteries are divided into two types, namely rechargable and non-rechargeable. If you want to save on operating costs, we recommend choosing a snter lamp with a rechargeable battery. Although the initial investment of funds is quite high, in the future you will not have to incur additional costs.

In addition, disposable batteries are also not environmentally friendly, so it is better to choose batteries that can be recharged. Generally, flashlight batteries can be recharged by cranking the dynamo, exposed to sunlight, until recharged using a USB cable. To make it easier for you, choose a flashlight that can be recharged without the need for a direct power source.

5. Check out additional features that can help you in various conditions

It is important to pay attention to the strength of the transmit power to the distance of the lighting. However, what is no less important to check are the additional functions of each product. Today, flashlights are equipped with various features that can help users. There is a radio feature which is useful for users to receive information without relying on cell phones and internet.

If you want to carry out outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, mountain climbing, to fishing, your default flashlight should have waterproof and anti-shock features. Then, also pay attention to other features such as flickering lights that can be a signal for others to know your whereabouts.

10 Best Flashlight Recommendations

We are sure you already understand about the type of flashlight, the power of light emission, to the lighting distance. In addition, the essential functions of each product will also help you even more. Now, you can directly choose a flashlight based on your needs through the following Ainun recommendations .

1. Flashlight with AM/FM Radio

Best Flashlight with AM FM Radio
Flashlight Products with AM FM Radio

When there is a power outage at night and forget to charge the flashlight battery, you can crank the dynamo to recharge the flashlight battery. 
But when the sun comes up, you can recharge the battery with the solar panel listed on the product.

This survival light is very reliable in an emergency, whether at home or in an open location. The AM and FM tuning features allow you to receive real-time news from various radio channels. In other words, you can still be up to date even if the electricity is off.

2. Emergency Lantern Flashlight

Best Flashlight Emergency Lantern
Lantern Emergency Flashlight Product

If your need for a flashlight is its broad transmittance, we recommend that you choose a lantern type flashlight. 
You can use this product to hang it on a tent. That way, when you’re camping in a super-dark area, this lamp will be your only source of light.

You can take this emergency flashlight with you when you go on a hike or vacation while staying at the beach. Featuring two bright color options, this lamp is easier to find when covered in bushes or leaves. With a relatively affordable price, you can already use this sonar-paneled incandescent flashlight.

3. Cree Flashlight C8

Best Flashlight Cree Flashlight C8
Cree Flashlight C8 product

Your hands will not feel sore when using this flashlight for a long time. 
The reason is, Cree Flashlight C8 only weighs 250 grams. With pen light type lighting, this lamp is very focused on highlighting people, roads, or other objects.

The light emitting itself reaches 3,800 lumens! You are also possible to explore the road without fear of tripping over by various obstacles. The battery in this flashlight is rechargeable, perfect for those of you who want to save on operating costs.

4. Police Flashlight with Compass

Best Police Flashlight with Compass
Police Flashlight Products with Compass

This flashlight is equipped with a compass located under the body. 
If you’re looking for a flashlight that can guide you on your outdoor adventures, this one is worth considering. Having a compass will help you pinpoint your direction when you get lost.

In addition, this flashlight is also equipped with a flashing function so that you can signal passers-by or team groups about your whereabouts. There are two flashing colors of this product, namely blue and red which make you easy to find when separated from the group.

5. Xiaomi Mini LED Flashlight

Best Flashlight Xiaomi Mini LED Flashlight
Product Xiaomi Mini LED Flashlight

Xiaomi designed this flashlight with a minimalist concept, so it looks very futuristic and modern. 
If you are a person who prioritizes style and design when choosing a product, there is nothing wrong with choosing this LED flashlight from Xiaomi.

In addition to having a charming visual, this product is also capable of performance. It is stated that this product can be adjusted to the level of illumination by simply turning the head of the flashlight. In addition, this product has been equipped with a flicker mode to make it easier for you to signal that you need help in an emergency.

6. Nitecore TM28

Best Flashlight Nitecore TM28
Nitecore TM28 product

If you need a battery that can last for decades, the Nitecore TM28 is the right choice. 
This flashlight is small in size, but its capabilities are enormous. With just one grip of your hand, you can aim the lamp head to highlight multiple objects with excellent focus.

This product is equipped with three flashing functions, namely strobe, SOS, and beacon. That way, you can adjust the type of flicker based on the signal you want to send. In addition, this product is also made of aerospace grade aluminum alloy which is strong, making it not easily damaged and suitable for military activities.

7. XM-L2 . LED Flashlight

Best Flashlight LED Flashlight XM-L2
XM-L2 LED Flashlight Products

The XM-L2 is a flashlight capable of emitting light of up to 8,000 lm. 
You don’t need to hesitate to take a step when using this product. You can also use the following lighting tools for outdoor activities. The presence of a waterproof feature will help you get outdoor lighting when needed.

Furthermore, this flashlight is also suitable for you to take to a very dark place thanks to its optimal lighting. Each object you highlight will be clearly visible so you can decide whether to continue the activity/journey or not. Equipped with a holster, you can store the tool safely when not in use.

8. Pocketman LED Flashlight

Pocketman's Best Flashlight LED Flashlight
Pocketman LED Flashlight Products

This flashlight with LED light is ergonomically designed on the handle so your hands won’t be slippery when holding it. 
Thanks to the ergonomic design, you don’t have to worry about the flashlight falling and breaking. Coupled with an economical price, of course you will fall in love with it.

This light is quite reliable when there is a power outage at home. You can find items easily because this product has a light emitting power of 2,000 lumens. However, this product is not equipped with a battery recharging feature, so the operational costs are quite high.

9. Mini LED Flashlight

Best Flashlight Mini LED Flashlight
Mini LED Flashlight Products

You need a flashlight that can be recharged via a USB port? 
This one product you should embed in your list of choices. You can recharge the battery via a laptop like a flash drive or with the default adapter.

This flashlight is mini in size so it’s comfortable to hold and easy for you to store, even in your trouser pocket! Marketed with a selling value of under hundreds of thousands, this lighting device is good enough for emergency lamps, you know. Plus with the zoom function up to 4x, you can adjust the light from focus to diffuse mode.

10. Baseball Stick Shaped LED Flashlight

Best Baseball Stick Shaped LED Flashlight
Baseball Stick Shaped LED Flashlight Products

Designed with an additional function as a self-defense tool, this tool will be suitable for securing you when you are in a situation that threatens your safety. 
When it’s dark, you can’t predict what will happen. There may be animals that can harm you, which is why you can hit them with this stick-shaped flashlight.

The material is made of aluminum alloy which is strong enough so that it is not easily broken. The lighting level is quite strong, reaching 350 lumens. In other words, this flashlight is still classified as a flashlight that helps lighting you when you are on the road.


A wise proverb says: “Prepare an umbrella before it rains”. But now, maybe it would make sense to say “Prepare a flashlight before the power goes out and disaster strikes”, given the importance of this one item when an emergency situation strikes. With a flashlight, you can still do some activities or even evacuate when things get really bad.

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