Review of 10 Best Portable Kids Swimming Pool Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Swimming is a fun activity. Especially for children, spending time off by swimming will never end with bored words. However, the location of the public swimming pool which is always full on holidays makes you discouraged, right? Therefore, we advise you to buy a portable children’s pool that can be used at home.

This children’s pool is generally made of vinyl. Various sizes and features of swimming pools are presented by a number of manufacturers such as Bestway and Intex . You can choose the pool according to the installation location as well as the recommended age match. On this page, we will invite you to directly choose and determine the best children’s pool.

The Best Portable Kids Swimming Pool
Portable Children’s Swimming Pool Illustration Gambar

How to Choose a Good Children’s Pool

There are aspects or points that we think are important for you to pay attention to. Things such as safety, convenience, and product features will determine how comfortable your child will be playing in it. You can also swim together if you choose a large enough pool size.

However, there are still considerations when choosing a pool with a large or small size. You should first look at the section on how to choose this children’s pool carefully. If necessary, write down some of the things that you feel are most important so that it will be easier for you to choose the list of products we recommend afterwards.

1. Pay attention to the location where you will put the swimming pool

Generally, people place swimming pools in their yards, verandas, or balconies. If so, which installation location would you choose? Wherever you place the pool, make sure the sides of the pool do not stick to the wall so that friction occurs which risks tearing the pool lining material.

Buy a smaller pool if you want to put the pool on the upstairs balcony. Then, try to buy a pool with a safety fence that is high enough so that it is safer when placed on the balcony. While on the veranda or yard of the house, you can buy a size that is large enough because there is no dividing wall.

2. Choose a pool that has double layers to ensure the pool is stronger

Another aspect that you also need to consider is checking whether the product consists of only one layer or two layers. A pool that is designed with two layers is definitely stronger, durable, and most importantly does not leak easily. If you want a pool that can be used by children to swim and you play in it, the use of a pool with a double layer is a mandatory requirement that must be met.

Large pools that have a double layer are now very easy for you to find. The average is sold with a price range of half a million and above. However, some producers also market it with a selling value below that. If you have made up your mind to choose a pool that has two layers, make sure you also provide an electric pump to make it easier to fill air in each part of the pool.

3. Choose a pool that has a soft cushion

The bearing here is not part of the wall or side of the pool, but the surface mat. Considering that vinyl is slippery when exposed to water, especially with bare feet, of course, when you step on vinyl, you will easily slip. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a pool that has a contour at the bottom in the form of soft pads.

To inflate the bearing required a pump. With a soft base, you can calmly watch your child play in the water in the pool. However, you can ignore this one point, for example, if you place the pool in a location that has a non-hard ground, such as on the ground in the yard of the house with grass.

Don’t you agree that choosing a children’s pool is easy? Now, Ainun will share the search results that we have summarized regarding the best children’s pools for you. Always prioritize products that offer security, yes! Congratulations on choosing the most appropriate product for you.

1. Bestway Up, In & Over Baby Tub

Bestway Up In & Over Baby Tub Portable Kids Swimming Pool
Bestway Up In & Over Baby Tub

Bestway offers a swimming pool that has a square size. 
With a height of 25 cm, this swimming pool is safe for those of you who have children who are less than three years old. The compact size makes this pool ideal for you to place on the veranda or balcony of the house. In fact, you can also place it in a corner without fear of the child slipping and falling out of the pool.

However, you need to know that the area of ​​this pool is not too big. For this reason, we do not recommend using the pool for more than one child. If you have siblings who, even though they are still small, it is not recommended that they enter the pool at the same time. However, for those of you who only have one child, of course this product is the right choice.

2. Bestway Fantastic Aquarium Play Pool

Bestway Portable Kids Swimming Pool Fantastic Aquarium Play Pool
Bestway Fantastic Aquarium Play Pool

A swimming pool without a slide can certainly make some children get bored quickly. 
But not with this product, the Bestway Fantastic Aquarium Play Pool is a swimming pool equipped with a slippery slide. With this slide, your child can slide into the pool like swimming in a public swimming pool.

Not only that, this product is also equipped with other exciting games. The existence of a plastic doll that can float in the water will add to the fun when your child is swimming in the pool. The cute and adorable dolls in the form of dolphins and clown fish will surely be liked by your child.

3. Bestway Steel Pro MAX Round Pool

Bestway Steel Pro MAX Round Pool Portable Children's Pool
Bestway Steel Pro MAX Round Pool

Provide a large enough budget if you want to use this one swimming pool. 
Presented again by Bestway, this swimming pool is classified as a premium class. Spacious, this pool can be used for swimming for children and you as a parent. No need to worry about the pool easily tearing because this pool is not pumped.

The side of the pool can be connected to a support pole so that it can stand strong and stable. You just need to slip these poles into the straps that have been provided. This swimming pool is equipped with a faucet or drain. With this channel, you will not feel bothered when you want to drain the water in the pool.

4. Intex Sun Shade Pool

Intex Sun Shade Pool
Intex Sun Shade Pool

You can invite your children to swim in this pool outside the house even though the weather is hot. 
The reason is, this Intex swimming pool provides a roof or canopy that can ward off the heat of the sun directly on your child’s body. Swimming in this pool under the morning sun will not make your child hot, but the benefits of the sun can still be felt.

Intex presents this pool with a cute motif on the dividing wall. There is a touch of marine biota character which is illustrated with beautiful colors. This one pool has a size of 1.5 meters so it can only be used by one child. For user age recommendations, Intex includes a description of the age of children aged 2 years and over who can use this pool.

5. Intex Easy Set Pool 28132

Intex Easy Set Pool Children's Pool 28132
Intex Easy Set Pool 28132

It would be so much fun if you could dip into the water with the kids, wouldn’t it? 
You can use this swimming pool from Intex to make that dream come true. Intex Easy Set Pool 28132 was created with large dimensions, which are 366 cm in diameter and 76 cm in wall height. Thus, you can accompany your child to play water together directly in the pool.

This pool is relatively easy to install. You only need to pump the top of the pool, you can immediately fill the water to the brim and enter it. With the cushioning on the soft ring, you can lean against the pool wall as if you were sunbathing in the water. If you are of playing age, this pool is also easy to tidy up, you know!

6. Bestway My First Frame Pool

Bestway My First Frame Pool Portable Children's Pool
Bestway My First Frame Pool

What’s interesting about this one pool is that it can not only be used as a human bathing pool, but it can also be used as a pool to cool canned drinks. 
You may like to have garden parties at home and invite office colleagues. Simply fill ice cubes into this pool, you can keep canned drinks cold in it as a meal for guests.

However, if you want to use it as a children’s pool, this product can do it! You only need to design a framework to build this square-shaped pool. You don’t need an electric pump to inflate this pool thanks to the different models. This pool can be used to accommodate two children because of its fairly standard size.

7. Bestway Viking Play Pool

Bestway Viking Play Pool Portable Children's Pool
Bestway Viking Play Pool

Even though it is equipped with a slide, installing and dismantling this pool is fairly easy! 
With a friendly market value, do you want to miss it? Bestway Viking Play Pool is the ideal choice for every parent who wants to see their children play freely in the water. This 2 meter swimming pool is complete with a slide and dragon balloons attached to the pool wall as decoration.

Sturdy slides can make your child slide happily. You can also train your child’s courage with this slide before he dares to try a bigger slide in a public swimming pool. Then, the presence of a balloon attached to the pool wall can release water splashes from its mouth. Your child is guaranteed to feel comfortable playing in the water for a long time in this pool!

8. Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool 58924

Best Portable Kids Pool Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool 58924
Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool 58924

Simple, funny, and fun, those are three words that can describe this product. 
The following swimming pool from Intex is designed with a round shape that seems standard and simple. However, Intex accompanies this product with a vinyl material that is thick enough on all parts to ensure product durability in the long term.

Attractive colors on each layer of the ring can add visual value when this pool stands firmly on the veranda of the house. This 86 x 25 cm pool provides a soft base so that your child remains safe even if they fall into the pool. Intex recommends this product for small children aged 1 – 3 years/

9. Bestway Deluxe Blue Rectangular Family Pool

The Best Children's Pool Bestway Deluxe Blue Rectangular Family Pool
Bestway Deluxe Blue Rectangular Family Pool

Rectangular in shape, this children’s pool looks like a representation of the original form of a swimming pool in a sports center or something. 
Bestway designed this pool with a size of 305 cm x 183 xm x 56 cm so seriously. The large size allows the pool to be used for two adults and three children aged 2 years and over.

For those of you who want to build closeness with children in a fun way, we highly recommend this one product. You will not be bothered in terms of installation. Just provide an electric pump, you can use this swimming pool immediately after the ring that surrounds the pool is completely filled.

10. Intex Stargaze Pool Set

Portable Swimming Pool for Children Intex Stargaze Pool Set
Intex Stargaze Pool Set

The motif of the stars is not only pinned to the wall of this circular swimming pool, but also to the swimming tires and toy balls. 
In the eyes of children, this swimming pool certainly looks very attractive and tempting. You can buy your child this swimming pool as a place to play water in the yard.

This 147 x 33 cm swimming pool can accommodate up to two small children. So, it is suitable for those of you who have siblings. Or, for example, if your child wants to invite a friend, the Intex Stargaze Pool Set is also willing to accommodate him. That way, your child can play as well as practice their communication skills with their brothers, sisters, or peers.


Playing in the pool will be an activity that children really like. As a parent, of course you will do anything to make your child happy, right? Therefore, buying a vinyl swimming pool to install at home isn’t just about making your child happy. You can also be calmer because you have full control to ensure the safety of children while playing in the pool.

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