Review of 10 Best Ukulele Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Ukulele can be used for those of you who want to try playing music with stringed instruments other than guitar. The smaller size of the ukulele makes it easy to carry anywhere, while also making it an advantage that other musical instruments, such as guitars and pianos, don’t have. Even though the guitar can be carried, it still takes more effort than carrying a ukulele.

Ukulele can be used to play Hawaiian music. But who would have thought that this instrument could also play Jazz to Pop music . So as not to be mistaken, we will describe how to choose a ukulele followed by a list of the best ukulele recommendations. Let’s jump into the core of the first article of this article!

Ukulele Illustration Image
Ukulele Illustration Image

How to choose a good ukulele

Small and unique is the main impression that every ukulele has. However, did you know that the ukulele has many fingerboard sizes and tunings? This distinction gives the characteristics of the resulting sound different from one another.

In addition to different sizes, ukuleles are also distinguished based on the basic ingredients of manufacture. If you don’t want to make the wrong purchase, let’s first identify the types of ukuleles based on their size and different sound characteristics based on the use of the material.

1. Get to know the five types of ukulele that are commonly used

Until now, the ukulele is divided into five types, namely soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, and bass. Each type of ukulele is grouped into several kinds of tuning. For example, for the soprano, concert, and tenor ukulele, the tune is the same, namely GCEA. Meanwhile, the baritone and bass types have different tunings. Choose the type of ukulele with the character of the music you want to play.

  • soprano . The smallest type of ukulele with a fingerboard size of 35 cm. So concise, this type is the easiest to take to your practice or hangout if you want to sing with friends. This ukulele is suitable for those of you who have small fingers. The soprano ukulele type can be the first step for beginners who want to practice the ukulele.
  • Concert . The fingerboard size on the concert type ukulele is 38 cm, perfect for those of you with larger fingers. The size of the fingerboard on the concert type makes this ukulele easy to adjust the pitch. One more thing, this type is the most widely used.
  • tenors . Ukulele which has a fngerboard 43 cm long. The character of the sound created by the tenor type is stronger and you can play a more stable pitch.
  • Baritone . The sound character of the baritone type ukulele is stronger. This type has the same tuning as the guitar, namely DGB-E’. The powder, the baritone ukulele only has a fingerboard size of 50 cm. Compared to the three previous types, this type of ukulele is played the least.
  • bass . If you need a ukulele instrument that plays the character of a bass sound, this type that first appeared in 2007 can be tried. The ukulele bass has an EA-D’-G’ tuning with a baritone-sized fingertone.

2. Choose the material according to your preferences

Most ukuleles are made of wood. However, each type of wood has a different sound character. Currently, the usual ukulele is made of 3 types of wood, namely mahogany, Hawaiian core, and mango wood. What is the difference between the three materials?

  • Mahogany . Mahogany is the most widely used material for making ukuleles. This type of wood produces stringed instruments with a soft sound and is suitable for various types of music. In addition, ukulele from mahogany is also more affordable because the raw materials for making it are easy to find and abundant.
  • Hawaiian Core . You can enjoy the identical sound of Hawaiian music from the ukulele by buying a ukulele made of Hawaiian core. However, ukuleles from this material are generally sold at very expensive prices and their availability is limited in Indonesia. You should think again if you don’t want to play Hawaiian music.
  • Mango wood . This material is said to be able to produce a soft and “crispy” sound so that you are more comfortable playing various types of music with a ukulele made of mango wood. The characteristics of mango wood that have different patterns will make your ukulele unique.

Top 10 ukulele recommendations

Want to buy a ukulele online or at a live instrument store? All options in your hands! But most importantly, you have to make sure that the ukulele of your choice has good quality sound and is comfortable to use. Here are the 10 best ukuleles from well-known brands that you can use as references.

1. Cowboy 25″Tenor

Best Ukulele Cowboy 25″Tenor
Cowboy 25″Tenor

Ukulele is generally sold at a high price, especially if it is made of good quality wood. 
If you want to feel the excitement of playing the ukulele with a sound character that is qualified and made of wood with good quality, this musical instrument from Cowboy is worth a try.

This tenor-type ukulele will not cut much of your savings. Although economical, this ukulele will not disappoint you. Stunning sound with a high level of comfort it provides, making learning activities or playing various types of music even more enjoyable.

2. Kmise Professional

Kmise Professional's Best Ukulele
Kmise Professional

Kmise Professional is designed to produce a crisper sound intensity. 
This is due to the sapele base material which has a higher density than mahogany wood. The laminated exterior gives this ukulele an elegant feel.

Kmise, which is a brand from Hong Kong, wrapped the black color on this ukulele so that it makes you look like a professional musician when performing on “stage”. With a tuer and bag, this ukulele makes it possible to take it to the rehearsal or concert stage without the hassle.

3. Uke Economic Soprano Ukulele Start Pack

Best Ukulele Uke Economic Soprano Ukulele Start Pack
Uke Economic Soprano Ukulele Start Pack
With a pocket of less than 300 thousand, this soprano-type ukulele has been sold as a complete package. For one set, you will get a soprano ukulele, additional strings, strap, pick, tuner and bag. The type of pinch tuner offered makes it easy for you to use it.

It can be said that the Uke Economic Soprano Ukulele is a starter kit or starter pack because of the complete package. Not to mention the headstock which is composed of stainless steel and basswood, making the product more durable for a long time.

4. Solid Flame Acacia Glue

Best Ukulele Solid Flame Acacia Glue
Solid Flame Acacia Glue

Ukulele glue is a local product created by a manufacturer from Yogyakarta. 
This tenor type ukulele is formulated from acacia material for the body and rosewood which is used to occupy the neck, bridge, fretboard, and saddle positions.

The wood from the acacia tree used makes this ukulele produce a more melodious sound. However, this ukulele has a fairly heavy weight, which is 7 kg. While ukulele resonance holes are generally round in shape, Solid Flame Acacia Pelem is made with a resonance hole in the shape of a map of Indonesia. Unique!

5. Lanikai LU 21 Soprano

Best Ukulele Lanikai LU 21 Soprano
Lanikai LU 21 Soprano

If you prioritize quality and comfort in playing, this ukulele from the Hawaiian brand is worth considering. 
Lanikai is a brand that many skilled ukulele players recommend. This LU 21 Soprano ukulele type is suitable for those of you who have small fingers.

Its body which is composed of Nato wood and rosewood on the fingerboard makes this ukulele create a beautiful sound that is sweet and warm to the ear. One more thing, the ukulele which is popular among musicians can be used by intermediate players or even beginners. Dare to try?

6. Lanikai LU 21CE

Best Ukulele Lanikai LU 21CE
Lanikai LU 21CE

Make your choice on the Lanikai LU 21CE if you prioritize the beautiful and melodious sound that other products rarely have. 
As a leading brand from the land of Hawaii, Lanikai released this series as a manifestation of his long journey to produce Hawaiian musical instruments.

This electric-acoustic concert ukulele is also made of Nato wood obtained from the Mora tree. Lamination that covers the whole point makes this product look classy. A slick appearance is supported by excellent sound quality, making it ideal for those of you who want to seriously learn to be a good musician.

7. Mahalo U-320P Deluxe Pineapple

Best Ukulele Mahalo U-320P Deluxe Pineapple
Mahalo U-320P Deluxe Pineapple

The Mahalo U-320P Deluxe Pineapple is a ukulele that has a classic and unique build. 
The combination of these designs makes the appearance so traditional. Composed of wood, rosewood, and mahogany for a number of parts, this ukulele also manages to release a touching sound character.

Gold plated pegs make this instrument even more dazzling. You can get all the uniqueness and added value that you can get only by spending money in the range of half a million. Every time they buy the Mahalo U-320P, consumers will get a video tutorial that will help beginners practice activities.

8. Ukulele U Mini Electric Acoustic Bass

Best Ukulele Ukulele U Mini Electric Acoustic Bass
Ukulele U Mini Electric Acoustic Bass

As the name implies, this ukulele is an electric acoustic bass type. 
With this instrument you can play acoustic, jazz and pop music. Despite being present as a new player, the Ukulele U Mini Electric Acoustic Bass was successfully caught by many musicians to try out the feel of strumming the strings on this product.

Since it is not widely sold in Indonesia, you may need to wait up to a month to import this ukulele. There are two choices of materials from this ukulele, namely sapele wood and picea asperata with different sound characteristics.

9. Ukulele Baritone Fiber Acoustic Ovation Style

Best Ukulele Baritone Fiber Acoustic Ukulele Ovation Style
Ukulele Baritone Fiber Acoustic Ovation Style

This baritone-type ukulele is perfect for those of you who want to play the same tuning as the guitar. 
In other words, the sensation of strumming the guitar is simply transferred to a smaller stringed instrument. The Ukulele Baritone Fiber Acoustic Ovation Style only needs a short adaptation time for those of you who are used to playing guitar.

This product is composed of wood material which makes this electric acoustic durable for a long time. One thing that is unique about this baritone ukulele is the large number of resonance holes, designed with random sizes on both sides, making it very unique and attractive.

10. Grande Ukulele Concert 23″

Best Ukulele Grande Ukulele Concert 23″
Grande Ukulele Concert 23″

Grande produces a concert ukulele that uses spruce as the basic wood material for its manufacture. 
This type of wood has a medium density with light weight. In addition, the quality of the spruce wood used makes this ukulele lightweight, durable to use, and has a fairly good sound quality.

If your budget is not that big, this 23” Grand Ukulele Concer is really worth buying. With a price range of only IDR 300,000, you already have a concert type ukulele ready to be played. Easy to buy in Indonesian online stores, it doesn’t take long to wait for the goods to arrive.


So far, we’ve explained how to choose a ukulele and shared our recommendations for the best ukulele. If you want to be good at playing the ukulele, study consistently and patiently. Don’t expect instant results so you can enjoy the learning process.

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