10 Best Body Mist Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The best brand of body mist, of course, has good and good quality too, so it is sought after by many people to make the body have a nice aroma. Usually cosmetic stores provide various brands of body mist so you can be more flexible in making choices.

Best Body Mist Brand
Illustration of the Best Body Mist Brands / Woman

You can also use it to replace perfume, you know! In addition, this product is also suitable for daily use. Then, what is the difference between body mist and perfume? Check out the following article reviews, yes!

The difference between body mist and perfume

Do you already know the difference between body mist and perfume? Usually body mist has a softer and lighter aroma than perfume so that the aroma can make you have a good mood to do various activities.

Body mist is indeed suitable for those of you who don’t like strong smells, huh! However, its durability is lower compared to perfume. If perfume can last for hours, then some of the best body mist brands can last for about 1 hour at most.

That’s because a good body mist brand contains the lowest essential oil and contains the least amount of water. That is one of the things that makes body mist more affordable than perfume. Usually perfumes that last a long time are also sold at high prices.

Tips so that the scent of body mist doesn’t disappear quickly

You certainly don’t want to smell an unpleasant odor due to a sweaty body, do you? So, you can use a body mist by applying the following tips so that the scent doesn’t disappear quickly.

1. Spray body mist when the body is clean

What do you think will happen if you spray body mist while sweating or your body is already polluted? This of course will affect the longevity of the body mist scent, even though you have bought the best and well-known brand of body mist.

However, it is different if you spray body mist after bathing and when your body is still fresh. The aroma will last much longer on your body. Having a fragrant aroma will certainly make you feel energized throughout the day, right?

2. Don’t forget to apply body lotion first

The main function of body lotion, of course, is to moisturize your skin. If the skin is well moisturized, then the best body mist brand can do its job well. The scent will stay on your skin longer.

However, you should choose a body lotion scent that is not too strong, neutral, or has the same scent as a body mist. That way, the aroma of the body mist that has been sprayed on your body won’t have a strange smell.

List of 10 Best Body Mist Brand Recommendations

You certainly know that currently there are many good brands of body mist that are sold in the market, right? If this makes you feel confused, then you can read a review of the ten recommendations for the best and good quality body mist brands from the following AinunThat way, you can consider the right product to buy.

1.  Victoria’s Secret Shimmer Fragrance Mist

Best Body Mist Brand Victoria Secret Shimmer Fragrance Mist
Brand Victoria Secret – Shimmer Fragrance Mist

You are certainly no stranger to this best and famous body mist brand, right? 
Victoria Secret is one of the most famous brands in Indonesia. Many women are interested in the products offered. One of the products is Victoria’s Secret Shimmer Fragrance Mist.

Well, this fragrance mist contains 3-7 percent essential oil, making it suitable for those of you who have dry skin types and live in the tropics. There are four variants of this fragrance, namely Pure Seduction which has a more fruity aroma, Velvet Petals with a floral aroma, Love Spell which is a combination of fruity and floral aromas, and Bare Vanilla with a soft aroma. Which is your favorite scent?

2. Wardah Scentsation Body Mist

The Best Brand of Body Mist Wardah Scentsation Body Mist
Wardah Brand – Scentsation Body Mist

There is no need to doubt the popularity and quality of this best body mist brand, because currently there are so many users of Wardah brand products. 
Halal products are one of the advantages of this popular brand. Well, one of their products is called Wardah Scentsation Body Mist which is of course alcohol-free so it’s safer to spray on your skin.

The aroma is natural and without coloring, you know! That way, you don’t need to worry that the body mist that has been sprayed will cause stains. There are four fragrance variants that you can choose from, namely Bliss with a floral and musk scent, Passion which is a fragrance with peach and orange notes, Joyful with a sweet aroma, and Peaceful with a fruity aroma.

3. The Body Shop Body Mist Brume Corps

The Best Body Mist Brands The Body Shop Body Mist Brume Corps
The Body Shop Brand – Body Mist Brume Corps

The next best recommended body mist brand is The Body Shop Body Mist Brume Corps with several variants. 
Well, the first variant is Moringa oleifera or commonly known as Moringa which smells quite fragrant flowers. Then, there is Satsuma which has a soft aroma and of course also smells good.

The body mist variant is suitable for those of you who are happy with distinctive and long-lasting fragrances. Furthermore, there is a Shea butter variant with a nutty scent that is not overpowering. If you like the smell of strawberries, then you can choose the Strawberry variant so you can feel the freshness of the natural aroma and not overpowering. Finally, there is the Vanilla variant which is suitable for those of you who like sweet, light, and fresh aromas.

4. Emina Body Mist

The Best Body Mist Brand Emina Body Mist
Brand Emina Body Mist

When you are on vacation out of town, carrying a large body mist will certainly be a hassle. 
Therefore, you can choose the best body mist brand from Emina which is available in four variants, namely Pixie Dust, Rain Forest, Ocean Mist and Indian Summer.

Just choose the aroma that suits your taste, yes! The size of the 10 ml Emina body mist is certainly very travel friendly, right? That way, you can still appear more confident because your body smells good. Take it easy because the fragrance can last a long time as long as you spray it when your body is clean.

5. Bali Ratih Body Mist

Bali's Best Body Mist Brand Ratih Body Mist
Brand Bali Ratih Body Mist

If the previous best body mist brand had four scent options, then Bali Ratih Body Mist is available in 14 scents with 60 ml each. 
Well, there is Almond Nut, which has a fresh, masculine aroma, making it suitable for men. Then, there are Apple, Avocado, Mango and Strawberry which smell soft, sweet and fresh.

The Strawberry variant is the Best Seller variant, you know! Furthermore, there are Chamomile, Green Tea, Lavender, Milk, and Olive variants which have soothing aromas and can make the mind more relaxed. You can choose the Cherry variant if you want a stronger scent! Men who love chocolate can choose the Chocolate variant, while adult women can choose the White Rose variant. Finally, there is White Musk, which smells like baby powder.

6. Zwitsal Kids Body Mist

Best Body Mist Brands Zwitsal Kids Body Mist
Brand Zwitsal Kids Body Mist

Unlike the previous best body mist brands used by adults, Zwitsal Kids Body Mist is specially produced for children and is suitable for everyday use. 
There are two variants offered, namely Zwitsal Kids Body Mist Fresh Touch with melon scent and Zwitsal Kids Body Mist Soft Touch with strawberry scent.

Both can make your children smell good and be more enthusiastic about activities. No need to worry because the content is safe for your little one, yes! Well, ideally, this body mist is used after bathing so that the skin also becomes soft and moist. In addition, the packaging is also travel friendly because it uses a practical spray bottle.

7. Miniso Beauty Scentsation Body Mist

The Best Body Mist Brand Miniso Beauty Scentsation Body Mist
Brand Miniso Beauty Scentsation Body Mist

You’ve heard of Miniso, right? 
Miniso is a brand that sells various kinds of goods, such as bags, wallets, power banks, toys, body mists, and many more. You can easily find recommendations for the best body mist brands when you are in big city malls, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and so on.

Even though it’s in a mall, the prices are still affordable. As with other brands, Miniso Beauty Scentsation Body Mist also has several variants that you can choose according to your taste. These variants include Moonlight Radiance, Cotton Cloud, Rainbow Fairyland, Twinkling Stars, and Sunshine Embrace.

8. Original Source Body Mist

Best Brand Body Mist Original Source Body Mist
Brand Original Source Body Mist

Are you looking for the best body mist brand that can also moisturize? 
Having moist and fragrant skin is certainly the desire of many people. Well, Original Source Body Mist can moisturize because of the moisturizer in it. Not only moist, your body skin will also smell good and fresh. The first body mist variant is Vanilla & Raspberry with a sweet fragrance sensation.

Then, there is the Mango variant which contains real manga fruit extract and is combined with fruit oil and natural oil. Not only that, there is Coconut & Shea Butter which can make your skin feel moisturised. All Original Source products offered are perfect for vegans as they are not tested on animals. In addition, this product also does not contain parabens so it is safe to use every day.

9. Eskulin Hijab Body Mist

Best Body Mist Brands Eskulin Hijab Body Mist
Brand Eskulin Hijab Body Mist

This legendary best body mist brand is indeed famous for its fragrance. 
One of the products is Eskulin Hijab Body Mist which is packaged in a 125 ml spray bottle. Products that are suitable for hijabers are available in several variants, namely Blue Temptation, Sparkling Yellow, Pink Blossom, Dazzling Purple, and Green Fantasy.

Just choose the scent that suits your preference, okay! That way, you can be regular and excited to pamper yourself by making yourself smell good all day long. This product is also easy to find at Alfamart, Indomart, various supermarkets, or your favorite marketplace.

10. Vivelle Body Mist

Best Body Mist Brands Vivelle Body Mist
Brand Vivelle Body Mist

The last recommendation for the best body mist brand is Vivele Body Mist with 8 scent variants, namely Vivelle Armor with a pink bottle, Splendid blue, Allegre tosca, Magique red, Jolie violet, Enchante green, Mignon orange, and Delice. the bottle is yellow.

Well, the aroma used, among others, from fruit, flowers, plants, and so on. How to use it is by spraying body mist on various areas, such as wrists, neck, and inner elbows. That way, you can look beautiful and smell good every day.

Body mist can indeed make your body have a delicious aroma and is suitable for everyday use. After reading the review of the ten best body mist brand recommendations, which product has caught your attention? Hope it helps, huh!

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